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  1. I admire this guy (Mudane deerow ***** ). After he realised that Cabdiqasbaaye was upto no good and not capable of contuining his rol as the president of Hotal Ramadan he had decided to sack him, as the draft constitution made in carta clearly indicates. It seems when all else had failed, Mudane Qasbaye, brought back the never ending saga of somaliland into the equation. Why :confused: becuase he wanted this talks to failed, making the somaliland issue as the obstacles. I wish my fellow southerner good luck in achieving good and peaceful somalia goverment, and we shall hope that the two countries somaliland and somalia would work together to consolidate the peace and create an economic link if possible.
  2. Libaax, I had spoken to my folks in Erigavo on sunday and asked about the troubles you have mentioned above. Magalada ceerigabo maha mesha wax la isku haystaa oo beesha bari sanagba ma jogaan oo waa wali kuma ay soo noqon kadib berigii colaada sokeeye. Beeraha la isku haystaa ay tahay Ceel-la-qoday oo ah bariga ceerigabo xagaa iyo Midhisho duleedkeda. Xaaladaa Beeraha waa arin dhow oo la xalin doono sidii berigii horeba Gawaadhi la kala haystey la isu soo siidayey, o ay ka danbeeyeen Boqor cisman awmaxmuud iyo suldan siciid. Magaladana wax ciidamo oo la keeney ma ay jiraan, waa huuha iyo been qayaxan.
  3. In 18 of may celebration in london 2003 Where is somaliland? .......Above somalia Enough said
  4. Admin, Oo adeer hadii aad joojisan afkaarteyda iyo eedhahdeyda iyo hadii kale ma dan baan ka leeyahay. I couldn't careless, but I know for sure some ppl here are beyond repair. Have you asked your self why somalilanders always have to be on the defending side? have you ever seen them mingling with your own affairs? why cann't southners accept somaliland as it was as on 26 of june 1960. As for somaliland we have forgiven and but not forgotten. We have moved forwards so please do the same. Is that too much to ask? Comming back on the topic in hand, Federalism is good idea for the southerners. Somaliland has already stated its position as separate country and has no roll in the business of somalia. But Somaliland shall always help thier brothers if needed. Already Boqor Cisman Aw-mahamud (Buurmadow) has managed to appease with the waring sides in Puntland region. But instead of crediting the somalilander's efforts the same ppl are relentlessly attacking and calling names. :confused: -------- Jaarkii an maamuus lahayn malihi baa dhaanta
  5. This is nothing but a hoax, and huuhaa, Just because North Korea stands on its own feet, and rejects the imperalism by the West, a propagnada is made against them. Doesn't this ring bells, the cold war and the Soviet era. ------ Nin laboonti sheegtaba sabaan laarriyaa heliye
  6. Hold on there! Now what an earth is gone on here? even the admin is joining in to lead the suppression of ppl's opinion here. I do not see any problem with her post. Let the sister creat a meaningful topic which those who have something to say can reply and contribute and those who are unaware can take notes. Her object is to educate the ill-inform southners. If one doesn't like the word somaliland then that is tough, because Somaliland will certainly be on our lips and no time will be lost to emphasis and and seize the chance to educate those who are blinded by somaliweyn. Just be open minded is what the message the sister is conveying. ------ Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies
  7. Nin-Yabaan, As a democratic country Somaliland shall not suppress one's right to express his/her opinions. Just make sure you abide and adhere to the rules and regulations in the country Mobb-Deeq, Perhaps that question should have been directed to Boqor Cisman Aw-maxmuud (Buurmadow), he would certainly grant you with a states. ooh just in case you do not follow events on the ground, the king is Somaliland citizen. Sami-Gyrl, I'am impressed the level of knowledge you have shown here, without even having the opportunity to grow up and live in Ceerigabo as I did.
  8. Kulmiy showed maturity, this is massive credit to them for swollowing thier pride and putting the country's interest to thier individual interets. Certainly Somalilanders have came along way and this is testimony to that and Kulmiye proved it. Well done
  9. Bashi, said..... "The only thing I can think of is Sheikh and Boorame schools" There were five main schools in the country 1.Amoud School, later converted to University 2.Sheikh school, still running. 3.Dayaxa school, no longer running. 4.technical institute of Burco; Germans built in 1920, still running. 5.School of Agriculture in Erigavo. ............. Nimanbaa maroodiga hunduda haamahuu sida'e Hayinnimo kolkii lagu arkay haraga saareene
  10. Some ppl here do seem to invest thier time on the issue of somaliland, and promate hatrate iyo huuuhaaa, iyo beri baan laf lahaa Following the post-conflict revival of Somaliland, the goal of the Somaliland people has moved from basic survival to securing a better life on a sustainable basis. Somaliland has clear and precise goals; . Accelerate economic growth to achieve higher per capita income . Increase employment opportunities and thereby reduce unemployment and under employment . Improve the availability and accessibility of social services and public utilities. . Ensure an equitable distribution of investment . Train and retrain the labour force to enable them to acquire marketable skills five priority areas have been identified for education. They are as follows: . Formal primary education for children aged between 6 to 14 years old. . Non-formal and vocational education for out-of-school youth. . Secondary education . Peace and civic education through formal and non-formal education channels. . Increase of number of Universities. Amoud, Hargeysa and Togdheer universities, Now we have no time to reply to someone blinded by tribilism and hatrate under the name of somalinimo. Move on for allah sake as we have clearly done so. We wish you the best of luck to get ppl back to your ghost towns.
  11. Somaliweyn proponents never fail to amaze me, though the Somalis political and social landscape has been undergoing tremendous change. Beside stale pronouncement and emotional plea for a rosy yesterday that never was. Somaliland regained its sovereignty through the barrel of the gun and legitimized it by the power of the ballot. Forget about the fact, that Somaliland and its peoples are enjoying implausible peace, and prosperity. I shall once again empathise , the need to transform all of your negative energies to positive, and invest in your country Somalia, somaliland is certainly here to stay. Bashi, who are lagging behind now? Bashow..Nin is faanshey waa ri is nuugtey...! Angle-dust, Yufle waa duleedkee, dagaar baa beri anoo yar la i lugeysiisyey. Well, done it seems you are trushing the Southerners in thier own forum, now they are resorting to name calling and accusations , iyo shalaanu wacneyn iyo huuu haadii lagu yiqiin .................. Waxba yaanu xeerkay i marin xoolona i siine Xaashee nin libin kaa xistiyey xumihi waa yaabe
  12. Ayuup, Oo Meyeynu ka guri,loo joojin maaye... af nooli waa hadlaa eyna waa ciyaa Angle-Dust, Inaabti Horta indho quruxbadnidaa waa yaabe .................... La'da xarafka laankiyo ba'daan looyar ku ahaaye Mar hadduu Lillaahida ka baxo waa lisaan jabane.
  13. Somaliland at present enjoys peace and stability that is rare in the region if not in sub-Saharan Africa. This peace and stability has been the product of the tremendous efforts of the Somaliland people to rebuild their war-torn country using a combination of traditional Somali method of conflict resolution and modern governance. With the adoption and overwhelming approval of a constitution; the formation of political parties,such as KULMIYE (solidarity party), UDUB (unity party), UCID (Justice and Walfare party); the establishment of an independent Electoral Commission and the secussful of holding local and national elections, most of the basic conditions for the creation of a democratic society have been met. 1n 1887 Somaliland Clan elders and representatives of the British Government ratified treaties creating the British Protectorate of Somaliland. During the period between 1947 and 1950, the British allowed limited local government. Somaliland gained independence on June 26th, 1960 and joined the ill-fated union with the Italian Trusteeship Somalia on July 1, 1960, to form the Somali Republic. After official unification with Somalia a new provisional constitution was adopted with a parliamentary system of government, comprised of non-executive President elected by the parliament who then nominated a prime minister. The prime minister appointed a cabinet from leading parliamentary party, subject to the approval of the President and the parliament. A third organ of the state was the judiciary, with five Supreme Court judges appointed by the President. The new government was immediately confronted with the major challenge of consolidating the unification, through administrative integration and the harmonization of the socio-economic development of the tow different regions with their dual colonial heritage. This included different British and Italian systems of education, administration, security services, pay rates and legal systems. There were no agreed power sharing arrangements to facilitate amalgamation of the two states. :eek: Huge differences appeared hence cracks of unity, but since the President was from the Italian somalia, the ex-British Somalilander's were marginalised, thus creating huge misgivinigs. This political discontent felt by the ex-British Somalilander's found expression in June 20th, 1961 when the majority of the its people voted against a unitary constitution. This was soon followed by a failed coup attempt by a group of disgruntled officers from ex-British Somaliland in December the same year. The formation of the SNM (Somali National Movement) was a direct manifestation of the second-class citizenship statues of the Somalilanders. The SNM declared war on the government. In response to the SNM uprising, the military regime of the time launched both a military and economic war against the citizens of Somaliland. As the situation deteriorated, marital law and a dusk to dawn curfew were imposed on Hargeisa, Burco, and Erigavo . Civilians suspected of supporting the SNM were subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, torture and summary execution. Following the defeat of Siyad Barre forces in January 1991, the first task of SNM leadership was to seek peace and reconciliation between Somaliland clans. Between 15-27 February 1991; the SNM convened the first of several peace conferences under the banner of " Conference to re-establish the Brotherly relation among Somaliland Clans". A large conference of prominent clan elders and leaders was convened in Burao city between 27 April and 18 May 1991 known as the " Grand conference of the Northern clans". After extensive consultation lasting two months, the elders and the SNM approved the following: · The withdrawal of Somaliland from the 1960 union, and restoration of its sovereignty. · The declaration of the Republic of Somaliland · The continuation of the peace building process. The independence of the Republic of Somaliland and the formation of a transitional SNM administration to govern the country for two-year period was officially announced on 18 May, 1991. The incumbent SNM chairman became the first President of the Republic. The development that led to the present political state are summarized as follows: a) The first cabinet was formed at the end of May 1991. b) Within a year the nascent administration faced a serious security problem due to lack of a resources base to demobilize and reintegrate 73,000 ex-combatants and armed clan militiamen. c) The 1993 Boroma conference, which is often described as the watershed of peacemaking and political development in Somaliland; was convened. After five months of serious deliberations, the following were achieved: · A national Charter for Somaliland was adopted which served as a working constitution from 1993 to 1997. · A peace charter for the Somaliland clans was adopted which laid down provisions for peace agreements to be mediated by the GUURT (a committee of Wise man)), and set out methods and procedures for conflict resolutions. · A president and a Vice President were elected. · A parliament consisting of 150 voting delegates of the conference was formed. The government got into business by organizing itself and establishing national legitimacy. All these were a response to the decision of the people to follow an independent path to self-government. · The Hargeisa clan conference, which continued from October 1996 to February 1997, signaled the formal conclusion of the minor civil war in 1995/96 war. · The incumbent president and the parliament were re-instated in the Hargeisa conference. The parliament was increased to comprise of 82 members for the House of Representative and 82 for the House of Elders (GUURTI) for a period of five years and six years respectively. · On May 31, 2001, Somaliland provisional constitution was approved by 97% of the vote through a general referendum, superseding the national charter agreed to in Boroma in 1993, and signaling the transition from clan system to a multiparty system of government. . On 6 August 2002, the parliament passed the political parties Law No 14 which legalized the formation of 6 political parties to date. . On November 14, 2001 the electoral law was passed by the parliament establishing the legal basis for appointment of seven member Electoral Commission. . Between March and June 2002, the citizenship law; regional and district administration and council law, and demarcation of district electoral constituencies were passed. This paved the way for the local government elections held end of oct 2002, and the presidential and parliamentary election held in Arpil 2003. I hope this will clarify the situation for you all and perpahs you should all stop judging somaliland. Get facts before you make any comments with regards to somaliland independence. When would you get those heads that the marriage is offer No return....Good bye to my Fellow Southerners
  14. Entrepreneur, Said........ "Very right in saying that "we got rid of a fascist dictator" but isn't what you are saying the creation of another dictatorship" Brother, your questiond doesn't make any sence? Perhaps i should do an introduction to somaliland where democraticly elected gov'ment is in charge Ethnicity: Black Country: Somaliland Nationality: Somalilander ----------------- Waxba yaanu xeerkay i marin xoolona i siine Xaashee nin libin kaa xistiyey xumihi waa yaabe.
  15. To: Samurai,Entrepreneur, Hassan, Nomad, and the rest of Hate mongers! For your infor in somaliland; 1. There's peace; political stability 2. There's sound economic activity. 3. There's no killing, raping and looting innocent people. 4. There's a sense of normalcy. 5. There's more respect for multiculturalism. 6. There's more positive signs of progress, unlike the rest of Somalia which is self-destructing. For those of you who are crying Somali Nationalism: it's dead. If you have no respect for a Somali; if you murder, rape and loot a Somali, then where's this sense of "Somali Nationalism"? If being a Muslim can't let you leave in peace with your brother, then what can "Somali Nationalism" do? Somaliland's sustained positive progess in many fields (political, social, economic and etc.). Somaliland is a perfect model for the rest of Somalia; their unique system of governance offers the best solution. Those people who are crying Somali unity are the very ones who destroyed Somalia :eek: . They are the ones who murdered, raped and looted innocent Somalis. Somalilanders should be proud not to be like those savages. Those savages are full of hatred and envy; they can't see a group of Somalis living in peace and prosperity. That's why they attack Somaliland with Nationalistic rhetorics. It's the only weapon (Somali nationalism) that's left for them to use, though they know it's a dead concept. They're in self-denial and in shock of the atrocities they commited. That's why they blame anyone (Somaliland, Ethiopia, the West, Arabs, Europeans) except themselves. Ultimately, they will be the sole losers, because their empty rhetorics will not make a squat difference Now those who sacrificed to liberate their people and country from the enslavement of the fascist regime are branded terrorists, while the transgressors and perpetrators of mass murders, destruction and mayhem in Somaliland thier heros! You blind yourselves from the truth and facts and that is why 13 years after the fall of the murderers regime you are still in turmoil. As long as you do not want to come to terms with your murky past you will never succeed in your endeavours for peace. But the truth of the matter is that you will never learn from your experience. ----------------- Waxba yaanu xeerkay i marin xoolona i siine Xaashee nin libin kaa xistiyey xumihi waa yaabe.