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  1. Good advice, I will take your sound counsel
  2. Ngonge we have scientific backing to skive, I urge you to FYI the Mrs
  4. Many thanks for all the links guys. Alpha cheers buddy if the links don't work I will take you up on your offer.
  5. Hello All Would anyone know where one can buy childrens Somali story books? Online or store Cheers T
  6. A case of paralysis by analysis, the man wants it but cant debate, he lost the tug of war because of two reasons, a) underestimated his opponent b) more importantly Obama is an awful debater, he can read a script and woe audiences with speeches, but a debater that is quick on his feet he is not. Samafal - Whats happening buddy, i was expecting your email and skype details, how is KSA.
  7. lool Mabrouk again chief, go to know you are still going strong. If goals are a measure of productivity my namesake would be at the helm of small clan in his career span.
  8. My deepest congratulation to the New President and Prime Minster, I hope them all the best in the tough months and years to come. There is a new order in Somalia, no more strong men and no more self entitlement, if one wants to be selected or elected one has to have general consensus amongst all spectrum of our society and prove their metal in policy and action.
  9. Chief Mabrouk, hope mother and baby are doing well. PS i thought you were out of ammunition
  10. Loooooool, I have to come out of the wood works for this one.
  11. Danguud seems like a very good program that champions transparency and free of nepotism, let’s hope they stay on course. The future looks bright
  12. JZK everyone for all the warm wishes.
  13. AUN and grant the Colonel Jannah. For all my dislike of Abdullahi Yusuf and his politics, I respected the man’s strength & conviction I wish his family my condolences during this difficult time. The last of the Old Guards.
  14. Greetings Gents sending you this message from Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi, It is indeed a bundle of joy to see the Gunners have such a succesful form. I left the hotel lounge 20 minutes in the game againts Villa with full confidennce that we would win. Ngonge I am a trouble shooter in difficult times I am of no use when times are good.
  15. I have feeling Kenny thought you guys were doing well and could afford to let some players go and he turned to one of the few non British players. PS- Ngonge Lucas has been getting a lot of praise lately both in MOTD and news papers.
  16. Let the season begin gents, Arsenal were the biggest gainers last night. Liverpool lost a solid midfielder and gained an average forward.
  17. ^^ lool I saw that volley yesterday when I was at the Emirates, for a moment we thought Kenny was going to strip and personally replace Andy Carroll. It was a boring game gents, and showed more about Arsenal's lack of depth than any improvements from Liverpool. On a positive note for you guys Jordan Henderson is not bad. Carroll is a major flop who cant even control the ball. Frimpong funny enough was our third best player yesterday after Varmelan and Nasri, but Aaron Ramsy is all hype and Walcott cant play football period and dont remind of the waste of space Arshavin.
  18. It is a sad case but Ngonge is speaking about the reality on the ground, unless there is some tangible benefit (Financial rewards etc) the majority of our brethrens in the UK will not go out of their way to formalise their matrimony in eyes of the state.
  19. Sadly for large segments in our community saving the X amount precedes xalaal & xaraam.
  20. We shall hopefully get a clearer picture once the transfer window is closed, until then there is gagging order on me not to calacal on Arsene Wenger's transfer policy.
  21. Salaam Juxa The general argument is that if the husband works full time and the wife is on benefits they will save more, now unless the authority is willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that the hubby is earning and can sustain a family many people will not declare themselves as legally married. Is there any financial benefits for going legite? T
  22. Loooool Ngonge, one of the latest comments from Somali madmen in my FB "I’m going to shoot a cop then steal a 52 inch tv from Curry".
  23. Saxiib what is surprising to me is that they are taking such bold actions when they know Nottinghill Carnival is around the corner and no brother wants to be behind bars during London’s hottest street party.
  24. London is on Fire indeed, I was praying Taraweex at Edmonton Masjid at the time which is 200 metres away, Incidentally the only place not burnt down was the Job Center office lol (Brother got to get their pay check on Monday morning).