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  1. But 2500 barrels is nothing to laugh at. With current prices of roughly $100 a barrel, that's $2.5 Million a day, and $912.5 Million a year(almost a $Billion). A few wells like that, and a poor African country is good to go I know I didn't factor in costs and profit-sharing with the 'operator', etc. ... But just pointing out the revenue levels for even a low-production well!
  2. Chimera, You're arguing with a crowd that finds logic and facts highly inconvenient Tutu, Chimera is referring to the disputed area(between Kenya & Somalia) where, due to the angle of the borders, there's an overlapping of the usual Exclusive Economic Zone demarcation line. Meanwhile, the Kenyan projects you've referred to are in sovereign Kenyan territories where there are no 'sovereignty' disputes. The Security Council members in their last Somalia meeting already deemed this an issue to be handled by international arbitration. The Mogadishu government's recent hard-line stance on the issue should be commended by all Somalis, regardless of whether they live in Djibouti or China.
  3. Anyone care to share the platforms of these politicians? Do they even have one, outside of the usual promises to make the sky rain riches?
  4. The Professor has always seemed a megalomaniac. If he wants to play a useful role for the Somali people, let him teach at Amoud or Hargeisa University. Even Mogadishu University. That's using his talents!
  5. XX, Don't you think this reception is a bit much? I mean what has Samater done to warrant this type of adulation? Put up hospitals, built schools, played a pivotal role in the armed struggle against Siyad? Believed in Somaliland during the times it was down(early to mid-1990's)?
  6. nuune;958797 wrote: I doubt they know the difference and refer all as ADDOON sanka-dhuudhi Afrikaaners are the White South Africans(descendants of the Dutch) - usually the most racist Whites in the world. Their behavior with darker peoples all over the world creates problems everywhere. A similar situation happened when one was killed in Puntland during the training of the Marine Force there by Saracen(the killed instructor was an Afrikaaner - white South African). Somalis trainees found it hard to deal with his demeaning, racist demeanor ..... so they shot him in the head....... This is the Pandora's box we're opening by inviting every foreigner or foreign forces to our lands in order to settle scores with each other without understanding the context of what kind of people we're dealing with(the foreigners).
  7. Was the accused an Afrikaaner or a Black South African?
  8. Chimera, Don't have much to disagree with your latest reply. However, it's not xenophobia, but rather vigilance that I expressed earlier (a point Nuune alludes to in the tension between the two business communities). While not minimizing your lofty goals for Somalis(like some others on this board), I believe we should first walk before running.... Nuune, No, I didn't get a chance to visit Kenya during 1992-1995. I have visited earlier and later than that time period. I was based out of the region only a couple years back(no longer there now). The Somalis have done very well for themselves in East Africa - that much I agree with you. However, the Indians simply moved up the value chain. Winning a military contract for supplying boots, clothes, and food is one thing(which a Somali-owned company holds in neighboring Tanzania as well), but to properly assess the difference in scale between the two communities, one must look at the key economic sectors in a country. We have yet to meaningfully penetrate those in Kenya. It's still Indian-dominated. However, we're rapidly moving up the 'value-chain' - which is quite amazing given we're a war-traumatized community with little initial financing in the early '90s. Having said that, I'm filled with nothing but pride in the accomplishments of my brothers and sisters in those countries.
  9. Duufaan;957197 wrote: the fight of jubland will end up who is control in kismaayo. ahmed madoobe control the port and that is significant. however hassan and his supporters are aggressive and trying to get foot step in kismaanyo and that is the only way he can challenge the jubaland. As I pointed out yesterday, Kenya continues the verbal distancing from the project, claiming they had nothing to do with it(purely a local-driven project, according to the Kenyans).....I don't understand how they can seriously proclaim this given there are publicly available U.S. diplomatic cables re: the Kenyan origins of the Jubbaland project dating back some years in the past. And the head Kenyan General puts the lie to the claim that Ahmed Madobe's militia holds Kismayo. Kismayo and surrounding areas are secured by the Kenyan Armed Forces. Anyone wishing to enter Kismayo has to get the permission of the Kenyan military (hence Hassan Sheikh's complaints about Kenya, during the AU Summit, in the treatment of his delegation). __________________________________________________________________ Kenya denies imposing leadership on Jubaland Updated Thursday, May 30th 2013 at 23:05 GMT +3 By CYRUS OMBATI KENYA: Kenya has denied imposing leadership on Jubaland in a bid to deter terror activities from Somalia. The Chief of Defence Forces Gen Julius Karangi said on Thursday no Kenyan was involved in the election of Ahmed Mohamed Islam, best known as Ahmed Madobe, as the President of the regional State of Jubaland on May 15. Gen Karangi said the residents of the region held elections on their own and elected Madobe in accordance with their laws. “It is a decision of their own and I cannot comment further because their constitution allows them to do so the same way they cannot comment on our elections,” said Karangi. He also said Kenyan troops under Amisom still control large parts of Jubaland and in particular Kismayu. Protests Karangi was reacting to protests from leaders from Mogadishu who claimed the Kenya Defence Forces were imposing leadership in the region. Karangi said the troops control more than 300,000 square kilometres of the region and that they will leave the country after the African Union (AU) orders so. “We are under AU and we will leave there if and when the AU orders so. I cannot say when the Kenyan troops will withdraw,” he added. He spoke yesterday after officiating the graduation of 41 officers from 13 countries who have been undergoing a one-year course at the National Defence College. Karangi said the military in the area would remain neutral about the ongoing political process AU urged Mogadishu to “timely convene and lead a reconciliation conference” to chart out a way to set up an interim administration in regions recently liberated by Kenyan and allied forces. Friday’s decision was reached after the AU received a report from a confidence building team it sent to Mogadishu and Kismayu last week to sound out the various stakeholders on Jubaland state formation.
  10. Ok, Chimera, if you truly believe the Somali business community in E. Africa rivals the Indian business community. The Somalis simply replaced some of the lower to mid-tier players but those economies are still entirely controlled by the East African Asian community. From the Ismailis(Aga Khan's people), the Indian Shi'as, the Bokhari community, the Sikhs, etc., - they split up the pie of who gets to enter each 'mega-industry' through secretive annual conferences held in East African countries. They possess a further advantage by forming joint ventures with large-scale Indian industrial companies(based out of India proper), and then using African countries preferential export allowances(poor-country charity by the developed world) into the E.U. and U.S. markets. So they are no longer an Indian company but an African one. They're able to set up financing facilities worth in the $Billions with Barclays, Citibank, etc., and we're celebrating receiving $10 Million! Ask knowledgeable Somalis in the region and you'll get a more truer picture of the realities. We, Somalis, haven't even began to scratch the surface...
  11. Insha'Allah Kheyr! But I would post one warning! Somalis should be careful re: the East African Indian community gaining a foothold within Somalia(I've noticed the majority of the Kenyan presenters hail from this community). Many have observed the negative aspects of their role in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, etc. Giving them a foothold in Somalia will allow them to enslave future Somali generations in a world increasingly dominated by those with the most capital..... The most dangerous thing about the Indian business class in Africa is their lack of any blood, social, or emotional ties with the local populations they're living with!
  12. Chimera;956521 wrote: Inj. Yariisow ayaa hadalkiisa ku daray in madaxweynaha laga sugayo 15-ka bisha Juun ee soo socota magaalada London oo uu kaga qaybgalayo shirka dalalka ugu dhaqaalaha badan adduunka ee G8, shirkaasoo looga hadli doono horumarinta Soomaaliya. [/img] If Hassan Sheikh attends the G8 Summit this year, some SOL members might commit suicide
  13. Xaaji Xunjuf;957153 wrote: "Waxaanu maanta kala saxeexanay laba heshiis oo kala, ka kowaad waxa weeyaan tayeynta shaqaalaha laanta Socdaalka Somaliland iyo goobaha lagu shaqeynayo qalabeyntooda, iyada dhamaan goobaha xuduudaha laanta socdaalka dalka laga soo galo la dhigayo qalab lagu baadho basaboorada fojariga ah, iyada oo loogu deeqay qalab iyo Gadiid dhan lix Baabuur shaqaalahana la tababari doono, una sameyn doona qalab (Database) isku xidha xarumaha dalka laga soo galo oo dhan iyo dhismayaal cusub. Heshiiska labaad waxa weeyaan mid lagu maalgelinayo Ciidanka Booliska Somaliland, gaar ahaan qeybta baadhista danbiyada ee CID-da, waxaana Ciidamada danbi baadhista lagu darayaa ciidan baadha danbiyada culus oo la yidhaahdo SPU (Special Police Unit), waxaana loo dhisi doona xarun cusub oo loogu qalabeyn doono dhamaanba qalabka baadhista danbiyada oo dhan oo ay qalabkasta ku jiraan oo ay ka mid tahay Biritan-ka farta iyo waxyaalaha kale ee casriga ah ee wax lagu baadho" By building a Travellers Entry/Exit Database as well as providing border entry/exit equipment, Western donors seem to be cementing Somaliland's further separation from Somalia. Imagine when that equipment is installed in Eastern Somaliland, among other places...........
  14. Classified;957155 wrote: I didn't know Somalia's Federal States had the authority to sign agreements with Foreign Nations without the Federal Government's approval? Wink, wink.... ;)
  15. The Guru continues the educating process.... A&T, I didn't mean Hassan will bring the Parliament to his side, as you put it. I meant: He already has the majority of Parliament on his side when it comes to the Jubba issue. This argument will be presented by Hassan, not to you and I, but to the same Western donors we're all alluding to. Hassan will say: "If they wish to oppose me, they have to oppose me within the institutions(Parliament, elections, etc.,) set up by the collective roadmap agreed to by Southern stakeholders!" Not by setting up rogue states while Parliament is still working on drafting the 'Guidelines for Federalization'. I think you get the gist of the argument.... If the 'rumors of his incompetency have started in some influential corridors', as you put it, then we will see how that plays out. But thus far, he seems a far better player in the 'internationalized' Somalia quagmire than his current opposition. P.S. I believe you alluded to working for the UN in the distant past. I suggest you read the full, 'classified' minutes of the Security Council briefing of April 25 on the Somali situation(if you have access). It will give you a more firm idea of where each of the 'concerned' countries, as well as Security Council Members, stands on Hassan Sheikh and his administration. Interestingly, while the Ethiopians were allowed to give their take, the Kenyans were not invited to participate in the discussions. What's interesting about all this is the Kenyan reaction to the recent events of the last week. The Kenyan diplomatic effort has been sluggish and amateurish with increasing attempts to create some political distance between themselves and the Ahmed Madobe faction. I fear Hassan is aligning other powerful interests in conflict with the Jubbaland project to buttress his political and diplomatic leverage vis-a-vis the Kenyans. Overall, we'll see how it plays out soon enough. I do agree with you that if he fails to deliver on his other priorities back in Mogadishu (an area under his control), the international honeymoon could soon be over.
  16. xiinfaniin;956983 wrote: but your take on Southern politics is quite peculiar to say the least. Yet quite accurate(thus far) in predicting actual outcomes, as proven by past Forum postings. I guess that might come across as peculiar to the 'emotional'. Somalia entered the 'geopolitical' when it's problems affected the furthest continents. The powers-that-be in this world took notice & gone are the days when the Somalia portfolio was left to the Ethiopian and Kenyan 'securicrats'. Geopolitics plays a huge role in the current game - a reality Hassan Sheikh's team have understood better than any other Somali leadership, including Somaliland. For you see, Xiin, unlike you, I can set aside my wants and emotions - and see the situation for how it truly is.... not how I would like it to be!
  17. nuune;956975 wrote: ^^Carafaat, Meeting world leaders and inetersted parties in close neighbouring countries, President Hassan is now in Japan and just there for a conference staged for African Leaders by Japan, so to get something from there is zero while you have 50+ African leaders looking for Japan help. That is one thing, but you should know more dee, you have seen that omar guy of Somaliland FM is doing in Nairobi, sxb, reconstruction, investment and all that is what is needed, President Hassan is not doing any of that or not luring inetersted parties and entities into the country, what does he have other than Turkey whom invited herself into Somalia. Nuune, What you fail to understand, as you criticize Hassan Sheikh and backhandedly compliment the SL Foreign Minister for his industriousness, is that the two governments are at different stages. Somalia is still in the power consolidation stage of governance where political consolidation is paramount and poses an existential issue. Somaliland, on the other hand, has been in the developmental stage for a while and must now seek investment partners to develop an under-developed economy. No one is challenging Siilaanyo's leadership role within Somaliland. He & his administration will call the shots till the next election. There's universal agreement on that within Somaliland. So, sxb, it's a bit of an unfair comparison...
  18. Always attempting to muddy the waters, yaa Xiin. Show a single thread where Oodweyne or myself have claimed this is an Ethiopian project and the teacher will give you the 'The Good Boy of the Day Star'. As for the Kenyan involvement, well it's not Oodka and Mintid claiming that.... It's the whole entire world including Ahmed Madobe and co. This all ties in to the question I posed to you and others the other day: Who's IGAD? That's your homework, sxb.... Do a little research and all will make sense!
  19. The Ethiopians have never been on board with this Jubbaland project. They perceive a long term threat in the form of a natural reserve base for the ONLF. Unfortunately for them, they currently don't have the bandwidth to do much about it. Tomorrow might be a different situation, though... Speaking of which have you noticed the silence of our ONLF partisans on the Ethiopia issue as of lately (ever since the Jubbaland issue took the limelight)? All that talk of human rights violations and occupied land went out the window, as if the region is no longer occupied and has turned to a gleaming example of stellar human rights! The vilified Abdi Iley has turned into our boy ever since he endorsed the Jubbaland project
  20. Even official Kenyan government channels seem to be distancing themselves from a link with Ahmed Madobe and the current Jubbaland project. Below is a quote from Kenya Defence Forces Spokesman Cyrus Oguna(the man who actually speaks for the Kenyan military): Although Oguna said last week that Ahmed Madobe’s election was “worth applauding,” he refuted on Saturday, claims that Kenya supports anyone for the leadership of Kismayu, saying the Kenyan Defence Forces are non-partisan, impartial and neutral. The Kenyan power elite (irrespective of the few Somalis in the Kenyan gov't) are not permanently wedded to any particular leader in Jubbaland, nor any particular clan, but rather to the stabilization of the area - so that it poses no danger to their tourism industry & the future development of the Lamu Port Project and Turkana oil fields.
  21. Excellent points, Oodweyne. Unfortunately, you might be talking above the heads of some. I always knew Somalis were emotional but didn't realize the extent to which it clouds judgement in our people. The supporters of Jubbaland fail to realize that Hassan Sheikh has lined the majority of the parliament in opposition to the current Jubbaland project. He can legally claim that the 'House of the People' (the Parliament) is in majority agreement with the Executive branch in how to handle the federation of this region. He can further state that those who oppose this can legally challenge him through the agreed system by contesting his blueprint within Parliament. Just spelling it out.... P.S. There's a reason for that broad smile on his face all the time
  22. But neither your beloved Ahmed Madobe nor Hassan Sheikh can implement one single order in their claimed territories without the enforcement powers of the IGAD-member countries. So, do you see the relevance, finally? Or must we painstakingly explain everything to you, in the usual manner of previous threads?
  23. Who is IGAD? What power does it have as an organization? What can it effect in the region? These are all questions that need to be addressed given the recent discovery of "IGAD" in this Forum What I mean is: When we refer to the UN, it's understood that the UN as an entity does not have its own enforcement powers but, rather, is empowered by the economies and militaries of the 'Big Power' members of the UN (with a particular emphasis on the Security Council Permanent Five). So who's IGAD? What countries are members? Why are the communiques of IGAD anymore relevant than the communiques of any other multi-lateral organization? If Kenya is a member (and happens to be the member with the largest economy in IGAD - very relevant when it comes to determining the budgetary obligations of each country to the financing of IGAD's administration), why were its wishes sidelined by IGAD? Does IGAD's decision have any effect on Kenya's future actions in the Jubbas? If so, in what way? Something to think about for discerning minds....
  24. Back almost 3 months ago, I tried to warn Xiin, Nuune, Baashi, Waranle_Warrior, Apophis, etc., about the current tactic Xassan Sheikh pulled over the Jubbaland supporters, but all to no avail. Like I told them back then, I was simply being generous in divulging the game plan and how it would play out. One of the most disappointing things about SOL participants is the focus on personalities rather than the merits of the argument. Some never learn..... Mintid Farayar;923975 wrote: Fair enough about Hiiraan's sources... Careful not to fall into Xiin's emotional outbursts. It's simply an exchange of viewpoints across cyber keyboards.... But let me warn your side (since I don't have a horse in the game..LOL), Hassan Sheikh will be bringing overwhelming diplomatic pressure in the next few weeks(primarily Western, without going into specific details). After the Kenyan elections, this pressure will be brought to bear on the Kenyan gov't. Make sure you have your grassroots elders solidly in one camp b/c there will be attempts to pick off key stakeholders. Just don't say I didn't warn you.... Was feeling generous again posted on March 4, 2013 Rather than digest the merits of the supposition, this was the emotional response received: xiinfaniin;923978 wrote: ^^Macno Yare :D That is what that is . Jubbaland is a grassroots driven; waa is goys alshabaab iyo western interest ku kulmaan. the notion that western diplomats will abort this grand conference and support our clueless president to rule from Mogadishu is quite laughable. Waraa nuune ninka wax naga dheh ninyahow Followed by this: Mintid Farayar;923991 wrote: ;) It's like offering food to a starving, blind man, who quickly slaps it away, only to belatedly find out it was nourishment.... Priceless........ Maybe next time, some will be wiser......