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  1. Jubba is a far more interesting story these days The Somaliland/Somalia story has become a boring storyline of 2 rightful leaderships(Hargeisa and Mogadishu) discussing their future relations in harmonious conferences Now back to Jubba.... P.S. I can also continue the little primer I gave you boys on the Puntland electioneering process, party ratification, and general support bases of the competing political groupings ;) I'm feeling charitable to my PL brothers today.....
  2. Jacpher;942917 wrote: Waryee be man enough to admit Che never supported any foreign army. Kadaabnimada waa xaraan doqonoow. Since the record is lacking, you failed miserably to provide any supporting evidence to your accusations. Learn from your mistake and say I made it all up. It takes a man to do so. Are you? Hypocracy at its best Why don't you show the thread where I claimed the Sierra Leonians were going to kick out/replace the Kenyans as you claimed in that earlier thread? Dhegihiisa iyo Afkiisu isma maqlaan Typical Xiin/Jacpher....
  3. Stoic, Often times, you lose the plot, sxb. This is a political Forum where the latest political happenings in the Somali Peninsula are reported and debated. Some desire only a certain narrative on the Jubba situation to be heard on this Forum. Others present alternative narratives. If the back-and-forth rankles the nerves of some, then they should stop reading and participating in a Somali political forum. We're all adults here... At least I hope so....
  4. Jacpher;943031 wrote: The SNM boys have been exporting their Al Qaeda trained terrorists to this region and after their terrorists cleared out; they pray for war and return of civil war. What kind of hateful monesters pray for war and more blood. Either Godane or let the D block finish off each other. Ok, Jacpher a.k.a. Xiin
  5. Thus far, the Bari-based Midnimo seems the only serious challenger to Faroole's Horseed party. We shall see how this plays out. Funding is key, so if my PL brothers are serious about ousting Faroole, vote with your wallets - which is the only effective thing you can do from Qurbaha. For my SL brothers, the whole exercise is a 'copy' of the SL experience. Just utilize your understanding of the SL registration and politicking system and apply it in PL. The PL Election Commission with the help of the Western donors took the SL blueprint and applied it to the letter in PL. Even the mechanism of having the local elections determine the official political parties. The final official political parties will be 3, just like the SL system.
  6. Let's not be hasty. There's a lot of work that still needs to be done....
  7. Careful, Carafaat... Both Ahmed Madoobe and Barre Hiraale are traditional Somali warlords. The effect of having both of them in town can be an explosive concoction! I hope all sides can resolve this issue without any spilling of Somali blood. I, personally, would have liked if the large 'ONLF' community in the area would have chosen Gandhi as their nominal leader. While pushing a clan-agenda, Gandhi, at least, has no blood on his hands(meaning was never a militia leader). We need more civilian leaders in the Somali peninsula and less of the military or warlord variety. Just as I would have liked if the Geddo community had strong civilian leadership. But, I'm just commenting from the sidelines...
  8. Overall, another significant diplomatic win for Hassan Sheikh's gov't. I keep telling some obtuse nomads which way the wind is blowing but some are comprehension challenged Ninka Xassan Sheekh, waa la wataa, mark my words
  9. Macallinka There will be some wailing and crying in certain corners for a few hours..... So far it seems Oodweyne's predictions regarding the Geddo community are coming to pass. Hopefully, the competition will stay in the political sphere and military actions will be avoided by all sides. There's been enough Somali blood shed in the Jubbas. Insha'Allah, kheyr!
  10. Xiisad ka tagaan Magaalada Kismaayo, kaddib markii uu xalay halkaas gaaray Col. Barre Aadan Shire (Barre Hiiraale) Khamiis, Abriil 25, 2013 (HOL) — Xiisado ayaa ka taagan maanta magaalada Kismaayo ee xarunta gobolka Jubbada Hoose, kaddib markii uu halkaas xalay gaaray Col. Barre Aadan Shire (Hiiraale) oo ahaan jiray guddoomiyihii maamulkii dooxada Jubba oo halkaas horay uga talin jiray. Col. Hiiraale ayaa la sheegay in isaga iyo ilaaladiisa ay xalay galeen gudaha magaalada Kismaayo, iyadoo dadku ay saakay muujiyeen baqdin ay ka qabaan in dagaal uu ka dhaco degmadaas. “Inta badan goobaha ganacsiga way xiran yihiin, qof walba wuxuu dhegta u taagayaa isbedel dhici doona, magaaladuna waxay gashay badow iskeed ah,” ayuu yiri goobjooge ku sugan Kismaayo oo la hadlay HOL. Goobjoogaha ayaa sheegay in xalay sidoo kale ay soo galeen Kismaayo illaa 80-askari oo ka yimid dhinaca gobolka Jubbada Hoose, kuwaasoo aan la ogeyn ujeedka ay u socdaan. Inkastoo uusan jirin hadal kasoo baxay maamulka KMG ah ee Kismaayo ayaa haddana waxay dadka ku sugan degmada muujinayaan cabsi weyn, iyadoo dhawaanahanna ay degmada ka taagnaayeen isqabqabsi ku aaddan doorashada madaxweynaha maamulka Jubaland oo shirkii lagu dhisi lahaa uu bilihii uug dambeeyay ka socday degmadaas. Magaalada Kismaayo ayaa waxaa ka jiray xiisado kala duwan oo u dhexeeya dhinacyo isku haya gacan ku haynteeda iyo maamulkeeda, iyadoo ciidamada Kenya iyo kuwa dowladda ay Al-shabaab kala wareegeen bishii Oktoobar ee sannadkii hore. Col. Barre Hiiraale ayaan weli hadlin, waxaana la sheegay inuu ku sugan yaha magaalada iyadoo aysan jirin wax hadal ah oo isaga iyo mas’uuliyiinta maamulka KMG ah weli dhexmaray. Maxamed Xaaji Xuseen, Hiiraan Online Muqdisho, Soomaaliya
  11. Waranle_Warrior;942993 wrote: ^In short, . This deep fear of a looming alliance between Hargeisa and Mogadishu is driving certain corners into a deep, psychotic depression. Take it easy, gentlemen. Hargeisa and Mogadishu maintain cordial relations for the well-being of their people, not to gang up on other groups.
  12. Are you sure it's not about yesterday's melt down?.... Your use of the Jacpher script was amusing though. I wonder how many other scripts you have under the bed
  13. xiinfaniin;942534 wrote: ^^Spot on. Ethiopian's refused to come under AMISOM arrangement hence the decision of IC to let them withdraw their forces from Somalia. But I suspect they will be funded to buy time. Ninyahow, You really make me laugh. Weren't you arguing with me just a few weeks ago that this wasn't the case? That it was prepostorous of me to make the claim that Ethiopia's withdrawal from one town(Hudur, I think) was an Ethiopian frustration with lack of military funding from the IC? Talk about speaking out of both corners of your mouth 24/7.
  14. Glad to see that Xiin is back to his normal self after a minor failure of the nerves yesterday... Interesting that for all the land the proud clan of the Garads occupies, Xiin uses two border towns as his examples of what SL doesn't control(Buhodle and Taleex). One town, Buhodle, sits half on the Somali side of the border while the other half sits on the Ethiopian side(of the official border) - making it politically impossible for SL to ever have full control of the town. But these are only inconvenient little facts that serve only to depress the active story line at certain 'diaspora cafes' The anti-SL brigades have given up hope on the return of Sool to non-Somaliland hands and use a tenuous, temporary grip on marginal border towns as their last chance to pin their hopes on. I was embarassed as a Somali by the emotional outbursts of the radicalized diaspora asking questions during that video clip. They were effective, though, in showing to the interested American audience just how irrational the current diaspora opposition to Somaliland is. Very difficult to win sympathy or friends while speaking like an enraged lunatic in the Hargeisa 'suuq'.
  15. Gentlemen, Ka qalleeya Xiin, maanta.... He's had an emotional day (for some reason) and seemed unable to maintain his usual distortions of arguments. Give him a short holiday from the 'usual disrobing' he's subjected to here in this Forum. In other words, be charitable...
  16. Ok, Gallery.... Let the record show that after Xiin expressed hurt feelings on April 23-2013, Mintid in his magnanimity decided to soothe the frayed political nerves of his fellow nomad by offering a traditional xaal and temporary truce. Instead of accepting the deal, Xiin decided to return to the thread as his other script named 'Jacpher' and distract from the personal matter at hand. :) You slipped up Xiin/Jacpher; your emotions got the best of you - The writing and insult style was too similar, even the creation dates for the two scripts are identical(Oct. 2004). Location for Jacpher: Bluegrass... As in Bluegrass music of the U.S. midwest, i.e. Minnesota... Location for Xiin: Cafe Calaacal, Minnesota Branch Well, let the record show what passed here on this day... Now let's continue
  17. Xaaji Xunjuf;942083 wrote: Hailemariam said Addis Ababa was paying for its military mission in Somalia from its own coffers and Western diplomats say financial issues are one of the main reasons behind Ethiopia's discontent...................African countries which sent troops into Somalia under the Amisom banner are compensated by the African Union but Ethiopian troops do not operate within that framework. We tried to educate the obtuse that it was a financial issue with the Ethiopians(some weeks earlier), but facts and reason are in short supply with some.
  18. Xaaji With one picture you demolished a myth told to many an impressionable young man
  19. Jacpher;942122 wrote: Macno-yare: Sxb ragga calaacalka uma fiicna, your views of Jubbaland were clear enough to the gallery and that Sierra Leone is coming to kick the Kenyans out ending Jubbaland initiatives. I'm waiting for that since you so bragged about being insider of issues of this nation that other prominent leaders like Sheikh Sharif and Hassan were clueless about. Stop backpedaling sxb. Ain't no body got time to dig up the archives . Woow For now, we'll put you in the 'liar' column till you present the evidence. So who's backpedaling now from their accusations? I would love to throw a few nuggets out there about Kismayo, but I won't out of respect for the wounds I seem to have caused on our good, old 'Xiin'. Who knows, this could be an attempt on your part to distract from the personal matter I was discussing with Xiin... Is that what's going on here??
  20. Jacpherooow, Oo adiguna xaggee baad ka timid? Oo yaad aheyd? It seems in your rage-filled lense, all SL posters seem as one poster to you. Find the post I referred to Sierra Leone replacing the Kenyans. Since that's the accusation you're throwing my way. Take it easy, sxb. I'm trying to calm down a nomad who took some back-and-forth to heart. Get in the back of the line, in the meantime....
  21. xiinfaniin;942092 wrote: ^^I am NOT buying your dramatic apology , I demand a change of behavior. You have been found naked many a times spewing nonsense and outright lies about entire communities. Xiinfaniin, the online persona, has proved very consistent in his push back , and it is having an effect. The apology however insincere, and call for a ceasefire are testimony for separatist propaganda limits Xiin, So glad to have the old you back I was worried there for a second.... The apology to you is sincere on a personal level. I gather the Kismayo issue is deeply personal for you. So I will lay off for a few days, at the very least. I will even throw in 5 negative posts on your part regarding SL and its people without replying back. Is that enough compensation for the 'xaal'? P.S. In order for the xaal to be binding and paid, you must accept.
  22. xiinfaniin;942044 wrote: Mintid, kaftan ku waa bannaanyahay, especially the Norther style kaftan but when it becomes habitual to get angry with others progress I don't see that is as healthy or kaftan. Xaaji Habaar's prayers and you and Oodweyne's wishes against certain communities goes beyond kaftan awoowe. Ee raggu ha is daba qabto. * I never made secret about my fierce opposition against dismembering Somalia. Xiin, You left me speechless with that post! Are you OK today? If you are serious,..... Xaal qaado, sxb! I didn't realize the 'kaftan' had affected you to that degree. Sometimes the 'Reer Waqooyi' kaftan can deeply wound the uninitiated. When that occurs, a proper Geeljire makes ammends for the hurt inflicted. There you have it: My apology... Now come back to the old Xiin I knew on this Forum. This one is a bore....