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  1. Aug 20, 2008 7:45 pm US/Eastern Diplomatic Eyesore Causing Uproar In New Rochelle Abandoned Home Owned By Somali Government Has Turned Into Haven For Mosquitoes, Teenage House Parties Sen. Clinton Asks Secretary Of State Rice To Intervene Reporting Tony Aiello NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBS) ― A diplomatic dilemma has residents in New Rochelle turning to Sen. Hillary Clinton for help. People who live near 250 Elk Ave. say the home -- owned by a foreign government -- is a threat to their health, safety and property values. It sits on a lot choked with weeds, the paint is peeling and the porch ceiling is falling down. The "home" sits in stark contrast to its elegant, well-tended neighbors. "It's an eyesore in the community," Forest Heights resident Stephen Landon said. "It's a health risk, and it's a safety risk." Landon said people are fed up with conditions here. The stockade fence has fallen down, allowing easy access to the decrepit backyard with its abandoned swimming pool. "Probably a haven for mosquitoes," Landon said. "More recently we've had teenagers having parties in the basement." The home is owned by the government of Somalia, which doesn't even have diplomatic relations with the United States. Somali United Nations diplomats moved out of the house five years ago and no one has cared for it since. But whacking down the weeds, cleaning up the yard, and fixing up the house is not a straightforward proposition, according to the Somali government. A spokesman said: "it is a complex issue" tied to a claim that the U.S. owes Somalia money for the sale of its former ambassador's residence in Washington. In other words, the New Rochelle house is a pawn in a diplomatic chess game. This week, Sen. Clinton wrote to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, complaining that "the Somali UN mission is abusing its privileges," and asking Rice to "revoke the diplomatic status of the home." That would allow the city to clean it up, send a bill to the Somalis and eventually seize the property if they don't pay up. While diplomats dither the weeds grow higher and residents grow ever more frustrated. The Somali real estate issues also extend to Manhattan. Two Midtown landlords are trying to collect more than $50,000 in unpaid rent from the Somali government. (© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.) This article among others settles the recognition issue that so many TFG-supporters throw around as a talking point. The TFG is allowed to sit at the UN seat but has no official recognition from the U.S. or any of the E.U. countries. CBS News web page
  2. The point is not what you or I have, but rather an observation of the fact that all the attributes/conditions you listed, which expatriate Somalis lack while outside, are existent today in Somaliland. Now given those attributes/conditions, we can't quite say they are present in Puntland (which we've both concurred, you and I, in a previous thread). Don't be emotional - just address the points of other posters as they are forwarded.
  3. Originally posted by General Duke: A Stable Somalia is in the interest of everyone. We Somali's, have many cyber Jihadi’s and clan warriors who like the fictitious Rambo want to bomb everyone and anyone all from the comfort of their living rooms, cursing ,making threats and sending military instructions from their PC. Even these very confused childish individuals need a stable Somalia; it is in their personal best interest to have a normal state in their motherland, for they will be at the forefront of the new society. Instead of day dreaming on their PC’s stuck in their living rooms isolated and alone they would have vastly better job opportunities and even better prospects of finding a mate and a better social status, considering how many Somali’s would love to see their peculiar traits, the many and strange languages they speak and not to mention all the lovely ladies and good gentlemen who would want to get to know these western Somali's. They would be the new icons and and the building blocks of the new elite of the country, instead of being the ethnic minorities of ethnic minorities which they happen to be in the cold west. Thus all this clan jihadi rhetoric and silly secessionist isolation is self defeating and not in the interest of the clan or the individual. Wake up people and start working for the national state and interest and stop with the silly nonsense, its not just Duke who benefits but all of us. Interesting, all this mentioned in the previous post is today available in Somaliland. Why not apply for citizenship there, even if you don't hail from there?
  4. The question of Somaliland's recognition is not up to Somalis, according to the major international institutions & world powers but rather based on their own interests. On all issues, concerning Somalis & the international world order, Somalis are the last to be consulted.
  5. I disagree with you, my friend, that the budgetary issues of Puntland are a recent phenomena. From its inception, Puntland has had severe financial stress in comparison to either a Mogadishu-based gov't (if the warlords ever pooled their resource base) or the neighboring Somaliland which pays on time for over a decade. To further illustrate this point, I've listed some news items of the past from local Somali media (some are from non-Puntland sources and some are from Puntland local media). Nonetheless, thank you for keeping the exchange interesting and enjoyable. -------- Somalia: Forces deployed in disputed region between Puntland, Somaliland 228 words 31 December 2004 04:40 AM English © 2004 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation. Text of report by Somali Radio HornAfrik on 31 December Forces with battlewagons loyal to the semi-autonomous region of Puntland regional autonomous have since yesterday been deployed at the disputed area of Ari Adeye in Sool Region. In addition, some other reports from Puntland say that some Puntland mutineers have seized the parliament and conference hall in Garowe the capital of Puntland. For more details here is our reporter Nuh Muse Birjeb. [Reporter] Residents of Laas-Canood town in Sool Region fear there may be more fighting between Somaliland and Puntland at the disputed area of Ari Adeye. Last night many forces loyal to Puntland, armed with battlewagons, were seen moving from Laas-Canood to Ari Adeye village. People say that the movement of Puntland forces is in likely preparation of fighting against Somaliland. HornAfrik has tried to contact the Puntland military commander in vain. Others believe that the deployment of these forces at Ari Adeye was caused by unconfirmed reports that Puntland forces at Ari Adeye had threatened to withdraw from the area if they were not paid their outstanding eight month salaries. Also there are some other people in Puntland who think that the deployment was caused by political disputes related to elections in Puntland. Source: Radio HornAfrik, Mogadishu, in Somali 0500 gmt 31 Dec 04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guards seize Somalia's Boosaaso airport over pay dispute 162 words 14 September 2004 07:50 AM English © 2004 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication]. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation. Excerpt from report by Somali Puntland-based Radio Midnimo on 14 September The armed guards that protect Puntland's coast and who work for the Somcan company based outside Boosaaso, near the airport, today halted operations at the airport. The guards said the reason for seizing the airport is because they had not been receiving their salaries for several months. The guards have blocked all roads leading to the airport and have agreed to hold talks with the Bari Region Governor Yusuf Muhammad. There are no reports on the outcome of the talks being held at airport. Flights that were expected in Boosaaso, especially miraa [qat] flights, had to be rescheduled. This is not the first time that troops have seized the strategic area claiming to have done that because of lack of payment of salaries and bad working conditions. [Passage omitted] Source: Radio Midnimo, Boosaaso, in Somali 1030 gmt 14 Sep 04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puntland leader Yusuf reportedly blamed by supporters for problems. 193 words 24 April 2002 04:56 AM English © 2002 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication]. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation.Excerpt from report by Somali anti-Abdullahi Yusuf Puntland web site ( on 24 April Col Abdullahi Yusuf [former undisputed Puntland leader] has held talks with some of his supporters at his Garoowe residence. The supporters informed Col Yusuf about the hatred people of Puntland have developed for him as well as the troubles he caused in Garoowe town. Col Yusuf's supporters finally told him that they could no longer tolerate him, if he does not stop creating problems for them. Col Yusuf, on his part, responding to his supporters, said he would move out of Garoowe and requested his supporters to be patient. Col Yusuf's supporters showed great concern over their leader's final fate, blaming the whole situation on bad advice and poor training apparent amongst Col Yusuf's forces. On the other hand, Col Yusuf, whose militiamen have not received their salaries for several months, told them that ultimately he had nothing to pay them, a matter which has affected the morale of his forces... Source: web site in Somali 24 Apr 02. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puntland MPs accuse regional leader of failing to deliver services. 151 words 13 April 2002 01:17 PM English © 2002 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication]. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation.Excerpt from report by Somali newspaper Xog-Ogaal on 13 April A big rift has emerged between the [boosaaso-based Puntland leader] Jama Ali Jama's administration and the regional parliament over stalled development in the region. Twenty MPs, who yesterday blamed the Jama administration in a written statement, said the administration had failed to bring together various parts of the region. The statement also accused the administration of neglecting government institutions such as the police, the special forces, justice and other institutions, saying the welfare and salaries of the institutions were never taken into consideration. Abdiqadir Abdi Da'ad, one of the MPs, speaking to Radio Midnimo in Boosaaso, said Mr Jama's administration is unable to deliver the required services, adding that the administration is being run by irresponsible people. Source: Xog-Ogaal, Mogadishu, in Somali 13 Apr 02. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puntland courts reportedly closed for lack of finance. 117 words 24 March 2002 02:35 AM English © 2002 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication]. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation.Excerpt from report by Somali pro-Puntland web site on 23 March The acting chairman of Puntland's High Court has said the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal have been closed down. He said the courts have been closed down due to lack of funds to pay the salaries of staff and to run the courts since [boosaaso-based Puntland leader] Col Jama Ali Jama assumed office. Mr Jama Ali Jama criticized the courts for taking such a decision, saying it would sabotage law enforcement. He said the courts to enforce the laws... Source: web site in Somali 23 Mar 02. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Former Puntland leader's militiamen paid salaries. 97 words 30 December 2001 04:04 AM English © 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication]. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation.Excerpt from report by Somali newspaper Mogadishu Times on 30 December Reports from Garoowe [Puntland] say Col Abdullahi Yusuf [former Puntland president] yesterday started giving salaries to the special forces and police forces in Gaalkacyo, Garoowe and other places in the region. It was not clear whether Col Abdullahi Yusuf will also give salaries to his MPs and former cabinet members. The reports say Col Abdullahi Yusuf has indicated that salaries would be extended to all members of Puntland police force... Source: Mogadishu Times, Mogadishu, in Somali 30 Dec 01. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puntland police still occupying bank in Garoowe. 92 words 8 November 2001 01:22 PM English © 2001 The British Broadcasting Corporation [date of publication]. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation.Text of report by Somali HornAfrik Online text web site o n 8 November Reports from Garoowe [in northeastern Somalia, Puntland administrative HQ] say the special police force from the 54th Unit is still [forcibly] occupying the venue of the clan leaders conference. The police force has also occupied Garoowe's bank, and is reported to be protesting over unpaid salaries. However, other reports say the action by the force is related to politics. Source: HornAfrik Online text web site, Mogadishu, in Somali 8 Nov 01.
  6. Yet salaries are not paid. This is the worry. Before getting to the funds exchanging hands in birthing these deals, the internal income from having a coastline, port, and rudimentary taxation regimen seems to be disappearing. Adde Muse in all his latest interviews - the latest currently posted on the VOA website Interview with Adde re:Port Deal - admits as much and promises the problem of non-payment of security forces and civil services will soon be addressed. If a governing entity is not able to pay its own soldiers and bureaucracy, can it call itself a government? While your defense is well thought out and presented, the facts on the ground do not support the theory.
  7. Without offending anyone, do supporters of Puntland still believe these projects will bring economic progress to the region? Adde Muse has been promising a better economic future for the last 3 years(always around the corner) and it has yet to materialize. Salaries remain unpaid, insecurity is far worse than pre-2005, and the much-hyped oil deal has resulted in internal fighting within Range's Directorial Board. Liban Boqor has been dismissed from Range's Board while Managing Directory Peter Landau has been dismissed. Interestingly it was Peter Landau who originally brought Range to Puntland. We will see if the same fate awaits Africa Oil which 80% of drilling proceeds were sold to by Range. Internally, within Puntland there remains strong internal opposition to these deals mostly due to some Puntland constituencies having deals/potential deals with other outside economic entities other than Range/Africa Oil. So my question is, without any personal attacks, - How realistic are these economic good times around the corner?
  8. In my previous posts, I made some statements which others might disagree with. While attempting to stay clear of personal clashes with other posters, I present to you one excerpt from an 'Ask America Webchat (July31-2008)' recently conducted by the US State Dept. in which the US Special Envoy to Somalia, John Yates, answered posters questions. Question [Ahmed Omar]: Why does the United States Government, and specifically the State Department, support the Ethiopian occupation of Somalia, when it is abundantly clear that any Ethiopian occupation is unacceptable to the Somali population, given the history and enmity that is between these peoples? Would the people of the United States accept a communist or Russian occupation, even if a small number of mediocre politicians requested the occupation and domination of the United States? Also, how can the United States be silent on the atrocities and widely documented abuses of human rights and humanitarian laws in Somalia by the minority dictatorship in Addis, when it is the only superpower and the leader of the free world of democracies? Who can oppressed people all over the world look up to for support and relief? Ambassador Yates: Your view on this issue is clear, and I won't address each point with which I disagree. However, let me point out that the cornerstone of the Djibouti Agreement is the departure of the Ethiopian troops. I'm certain that the Ethiopians would like to leave Somalia as soon as possible. However, neither the TFG, many Somalis with whom we have spoken or most members of the international community including specifically the United States believe it would be wise for them to depart until conditions permit -- that is that their departure will not leave a security vacuum. The SRSG has been in New York recently to consult with the Security Council and we are backing the drafting of a resolution to provide a peace keeping operation. The assumption here is that TFG does not have the normal security capacities of a government, which according to the American official is even acknowledged by the TFG itself. Hence, the need for an outside power (either the Ethiopian military, AU forces, or UN Peacekeepers to maintain security. No one realistically sees the military capacity of the TFG to dramatically improve in the near future including the TFG.
  9. With the changing political,military, and economic tides in the larger world, the financial&military spigots that followed 'The War on Terror' are quickly drying up. Given that the TFG stands on 2 legs (Ethiopian military support and Western financial support for administrative salaries), there's a general frustration with the TFG leadership from its outside backers. Those who're insiders know that financial assistance has been dwindling as of late compared to 2006/2007 (excluding humanitarian assistance). Meanwhile the internal business community has not been as cooperative with the TFG as they were with the 'Courts', limiting the tax base needed for internal self-sufficiency. A.Yusuf's rearbase of Puntland has imploded administratively and financially (i.e. civil servants and security personel without wages, gov't militia raiding local banks to loot supply of shillings, etc.,) - even though that was limited to begin with, given the Herculean task of putting together a whole nation's administrative base. Lastly, A.Yusuf's faction within the TFG lacks the administrative and logistical skills and experience needed to move from warlordbush-fighteropposition to head administrator of a state. This is the reason Nur Adde was pushed on the Ethiopians and A.Yusuf, given Nur Adde's background in administrative issues. A case can be made that Nur Adde hasn't done much so far in capacity-building while Nur Adde's supporters believe peace-building comes before any capacity building projects. Meanwhile, central and southern Somalia continue in a cycle of conflict and famine. May Allah have mercy on his people and bring them to their senses!
  10. It's apparent that outside powers have put pressure on A. Yusuf. For a change, he's attempting to present himself as a democrat and strict constitutionalist. Contrasts with the 'strong man' image he campaigned on. Two possible sources of pressure - 1)Ethiopian military support 2)E.U. financing of administrative salaries. It's even possible that's it's a combination of both.
  11. Ciidmo gadoodey oo Bosaso gaarey Jul 23, 2008 - 8:41:21 AM Ciidmo gadoodey ayaa saaka Bosaaso soo gaadhay kuwaasi oo rasaas fara badan riday iyaga oo argagax xoogan ku abuurey shacabka Bosaaso, Ciidamdaan ayaa la sheegay inay ka soo boqoleen dhanka magaalada Laasqoray ee Gobolka Sanaag kuwaasi oo la sheegay inay waayeen wax Mushaharo iyo Raashin ah, taasina ay ku kaliftey inay soo baneeyeen Saldhigyadii ay ku sugnaayeen. Ciidamadaan ayaa watay Gaadiid dagaal kuwaasi oo qadar xirey wadooyinka magalada Bosaaso, waxaana horkacayey Laba Sarkaal. Askari ka mid ah Ciidamadaasi gadooday oo codsaday inaan magaciisa la shaacin ayaa GO u sheegay inay mudo la'aayeen mushaharadkodii ay xaq u lahayeen kadibna ay ka soo guureen fadhiisimihii horay loo geeyay. Sarakiisha ciidamada Booliska oo aanu la xidhiidhnay bal inay arinkaasi ka warbixiyan ayaa ka gaabsaday inay faah faahin ka bixiyaan ciidamadaasi soo gadooday, iyada oo maanta magaalada Bosaaso laga dareemayay dhaq dhaqaaq ciidan oo xoogan. Ciidamadaan ayaa bishan horaanteedii la geeyay degmada Laasqoray ee Gobolka Sanag kadib markii ay soo baxeen warar sheegaya in ciidamada Somaliland ay gudaha u soo galeen magaalada, taasi ayaa keentay in Puntland ay ciidamo ku daadgurayso jiidaha Sanaag. Xukumada Cadde Muse ayaa waxaa dhibato xoogan ka haysata bixinta mushaharadka shaqaalaha, ciidamada Darawiishta iyo Booliska taas oo sababtey amni daro ku baahda cariga Puntland. Garowe Online,Bosaaso