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  1. Here are some of the sites perhaps mentioned above.
  2. Thou I didn’t understand one word out of the article except the topic name, which is a funny coincidence that I’ve just finished watching a movie about llaria Alpi titled “The Cruelest Day †on SVT (Swedish Television). The Italian journalist llaria alpi was killed in 1994 along with her camera man in an ambush in Mogadishu. She was investigating hazardous waste dumping in Mogadishu, Garowe-Boosaaso, Kismayo and dozen other places in south and north Somalia when she was assassinated. I advice everyone to go and rent this movie if you can, its very informative and beautiful. Black hawk down doesn’t even come close to the environment and the surroundings the movie was shot in.
  3. Originally posted by Psycho_Sue: What are you on about? You can even watch MTV base in Somaliland. And no the satellite dishies don't have be some massive monstrosities, Somaliland isn’t on Mars. What really matters is which satellite the channel is on and the satellite focus region, the farther you are from the focus region the bigger satellite dish you would need to pick up the signal. As for MTV Base, well that channel is on the NSS 7 satellite at East hemi.
  4. Fyr, Sky Sports is available in the UAE Northerner I really don't know how people in UAE can get Sky Sports but according to these maps they can’t. Astra 2A/2B/2D Eurobird 1 at 28.2°E
  5. The Birth of the Somaliland Protectorate's own Postage Stamps For those of you whom don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader click on the link below to download it or you could just read the whole story in text version. Adobe Acrobat Reader Text Version
  6. Originally posted by Northerner: ps can one recieve Sky Sports there? you would need one hell of big satellite dish to get sky my friend
  7. LooooooooooooooooooooooL Can’t wait until tomorrow when I show these pictures to my father and stepmother. They gave 30min speech for noting yesterday, man somalis are easily to deceive.
  8. I’ am too surprised brother Abwaan, I was so eager to debate with my fellow nomads at that moment about the effects of khat on our social and economical life and ways of stopping this drug from consuming our future. I would be happy if someone could jumpstart this topic which is a very interesting and crucial subject concerning our future.
  9. How many times does one have to tell you to google before you post things you don’t know zilch about? Until next time please contract between SL and Total before you post. Sample contract between Somaliland and Total Company.
  10. Yes STOIC! it's owned by the government.
  11. I make prank phone calls form my cell phone to my relatives in Hargeisa and Mogadishu, call it bizarre/expensive I call it once in a life time moments.
  12. What a waste! couldn’t you find better things to do rather then dedicating an entire topic on a typo? What a lame attempt to humour SOL user, truly pathetic.
  13. Video Version (Starts: 1:30) Text Version
  14. Duke you either post something to praise or to despise, and I’m confident you can all guess which one the above fits in to.
  15. This is a internal Puntland matter, and Somaliland doesn’t room in this particular issue Good enough SOO MAAL, next time I better not catch you posting another Somaliland topic you hear? At least, Puntland security services don’t kill civilians, unlike Somaliland security services that slaughter Non-isaaks indiscriminately in the streets of Hargeysa. Most recently, Innocent Khadar Osman Dhabar (m), late 20s, married with 3 children was killed in daylight in the streets of Hargeysa, and Up to 100 demonstrators from the Gaboye minority group were arrested. Lets see how wonderful puntland really is ok! Human trafficking Piracy Kidnappings Criminal gangs Some areas people walk around with guns (law?) Killing of Imam in the mosque Dumping of hazardous waste Corruption Not safe enough for UNICEF Shutting down newspaper network Etc ect …… I can mention this in every thread but unlike you guys I utilize my precious time wisely. don't blame you when you defend Somaliland. But don't defend FYR when he pastes false reports. Wind no one is defending anyone here so chill out please! Now how is it that you can post an article containing misinformation but not me? Every time I posted inaccuracy information I’ve apologist for it, but you aren’t even a man enough to bring yourself to do it.
  16. Where did I say that Barre Hiiraale was near Baydhabo? I was merely referring to JVA as a hole or part of it, but accept my apology for my misinterpretation and for not checking the thread itself. Now Wind, you didn’t have any problems post the Borama article wish contained misinformation about the town and its citizens, but you do have problem me posting one? And please don’t tell me your reason as to why you posted the article. If the information in the article isn’t accurately then don’t post it right Wind.Talker? P.S. I'm surprised you even know who Col Barre Hiiraale is. I thought referring to such men (for sub-clan reasons) was treason in your democratic Somaliland. Generalizing Somaliland won’t make your resentment any less good Wind it just fuels it. I suppose nowadays the enemy isn't Hiiraale's sub-clan (as you feel you've defeated him in your so-called war of liberation ), but rather is Puntland. As I said before Somaliland has its share of enemies both internal and external and I wouldn’t go so far as to call puntland an enemy, it’s more like a obstruct on the road to success.
  17. Listen here buddy. This is what you wrote first: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tension is reportedly high in Laas Caanood...after two men from Somaliland were arrested -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I responded by highlighting the fact that these dead men (alaha u naxaristo) can't be "from Somaliland" because they were part of Puntland security services. Hence, highlighting the flawed part of your report. Then, defeated, you desperately write: When I posted this BBC Monitoring report ‘hence not written by me. It was the only report that I could find on the net at the time plus I couldn’t find any collaborating story in puntlands news outlets. You on the other hand didn’t post any news article to collaborate with your story which led me not care were they were from and who the they work for and directed my views unlike you on the unlawful killing at hand. It doesn't matter where or from which tribe they hailed from. What matters is presenting the information accurately. Remember a discussion about Barre Hiiraale in mid may, you posted an article from Allgedo which said Barre Hiiraale was near Baydhabo but turned out to be false? Funny, how that doesn’t apply to you my dear friend. However, like I said, the killing was unjust and wrong - and the culprits will be brought to justice. Unlike Somaliland, Puntland (the people and the government) has dignity. The illegal torture and rape of a Somali woman will never be tolerated. Nor will the illegal detention of over 100 peaceful protestors (for reasons of clan marginality and deep-rooted animosity). There you go again “unlike Somaliland this unlike Somaliland that†come on! I thought SOO MAAL was no. uno on this subject guess I was wrong again! We could sit all day and talk nonsense about Somaliland this Puntland this but it isn’t worth my time Wind.talker.
  18. Am I the only one who finds the guy sitting on the wheelbarrow extremely funny? He really looks like he is high on khat. Look what you've done Lake Da agony , you got everyone confused. This is why you should’ve posted this one on the joke section. Anyway it was funny
  19. hope more snow comes, so they could put the guns down, and all could think about how they gonna survive from this snowfall... also the cold could lower their hot tempered too... LOL They would queue Dahabshill in no time to receive winter cloths send by their relatives in the west, somalis know how to adapt.
  20. Snowfall in Somalia reported Wed. June 01, 2005 10:36 am. The first snowfall on this part of the world has claimed one life and caused extensive damage to properties. Puntland, northeastern part of Somalia has never recorded snowfall before last night when snow storms with high winds destroyed homes in Rako town. The storm left a blanket of snow on the ground, something residents had never seen in their lives before. Aside from this unexplained snowfall on this tropical land, Somalia has experienced very strange weather in the past few months. Floods killed people and forced rivers to overflow banks in almost all parts of the country. Many cities from Hargeisa in the north to Baladweyn in central were affected badly by heavy rains and floods. Many people were killed and thousands of livestock washed away by this strange weather. The country is still struggling to recover from last month’s killer weather. With no effective central government, Somalia doesn’t have weather prediction or climate monitoring systems in place. Somalis think this unusual weather and last night’s previously unheard of snowfall are part of the global warming phenomena.
  21. Add Somaliland to every post, you’re bound to find people like Wind.talker there kicking and screaming like a little kid who just has been teased. Who care’s if they were from Somaliland, Puntland or which clan they belong to. They were unlawfully killed, and you should’ve issued the same level of criticism as you do with Somaliland by blaming everyone whom was involved plus the top officials and don’t spare the president as usual. But noo all you hade to say was “The illegal and unjust slaying of these men is wrong†and focused the entire post about Somaliland
  22. Somali port for import of nerve gas against Eritrea, Somali site 31 May 2005 Text of report by Somali website Somaaljecel Secret reports we have obtained say that the Ethiopian ministers who recently visited Hargeysa, the capital of Somaliland administration, have signed an agreement with the Somaliland authorities allowing the Ethiopian Government to use Berbera Port to ship in nerve gas for use against Eritrea. The reports said that the Ethiopian ministers presented the Riyale administration with two proposals, one of which it accepted. One proposal sought the use of Berbera Port to import the dangerous chemical; the other sought permission for Ethiopia to develop a new natural harbour near Berbera Port, which would allow the neighbouring country to import anything it wants - arms or chemicals. The Riyale administration is said undecided about the latter proposal. Somaliland ministers have left for Ethiopia, accompanying the visiting Ethiopian ministers. There were no details about their trip to Ethiopia. The Somaliland ministers will deliver a message from President Dahir Riyale Kahin to Ethiopian Prime Minister Zenawi, as well as hold talks with senior Ethiopian Government officials on the [port development] issue. Nerve gas is extremely toxic. If a tiny hole is punctured in a barrel containing the gas, the chemical can escape putting people in the area at risk. Saddam Husayn was reported to have used the chemical against Kurds. The Ethiopian government is said to have bought the chemical from mercenaries. If Ethiopia, a long-time enemy of Somalia, lays its hands on nerve gas, it may use against the Somali people. Source: Somaaljecel website in Somali via BBC Monitoring Service, 30 May 05 Eritreadaily.net Could this be true? Or is it simple another propaganda directed against trade with Ethiopia.