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  1. This is definitely not good for our nomads living in london. Now be save and take good care of yourselves.
  2. but PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE NO MORE INDIAN MOVIES Good luck with that wish! I was exposed to this in Mogadishu and later in jigjiga as a child, but I still have a soft spot for Indian movies especially those with Somali dub. Anyway I like to see health education and some social programs which will help raise social and health problems before anything else.
  3. Foghorn Leghorn With Swedish dub this guy is hilarious as hell.
  4. As long as these immoral foreigner stay in djibouti more and more ethiopian prostitutes will arrive to earn some hard currency. Soon enough Djibouti’s aids population will increase and starts to spread to other Somali inhabited regions. Due to Somalis being pastoralist people it would be virtually impossible to stop these diseases from spreading to other regions. What good does the country's Islamic laws when this kind of things frequently occurs throughout the capital? If so called Islamic law doesn’t seriously enforce the laws they implemented for these kinds of activities then there is no stopping these diseases form spreading and destroying the country and its inhabitants.
  5. ETHIOPIA: ****** rebel group offers to end war 19 Jul 2005 15:16:16 GMT Source: IRIN ADDIS ABABA, 19 July (IRIN) - An armed rebel group waging a bloody guerrilla war in lawless eastern Ethiopia on Tuesday offered a truce to end its decade-old fight against the government. The ****** National Liberation Front (ONLF) offered peace talks in a neutral country to try to bring an end to the fighting that has plagued this arid region. The decision was announced in a statement following the exchange of letters between Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and ******i clan elders in an attempt to secure peace in one of the poorest and most remote parts of the country. Key elections are scheduled to take place in the region in just over a month, which could tip the balance in Ethiopia's 15 May national elections, where partial results have the government and opposition parties on level pegging. "The ONLF is ready to engage in negotiations with the government in order to find a just and lasting solution to the conflict between the people of the ****** and Ethiopian regime if such talks are conducted in a neutral country," the statement said. "It is also vital that an internationally recognised entity is present to moderate the process," it added. In a separate statement, Ethiopia's foreign affairs ministry said the government would "respond positively" provided the rebels laid down their arms. "Community elders and clan leaders have requested the government for its readiness to hold discussions with ONFL to support its efforts and help it realise its peace initiatives," the ministry said. The rebels, ethnic Muslim Somalis, have fought for the secession of the ****** region, an area of four million people, since the early 1990s. An expert on the ONLF, Medhane Tadesse, said rapprochement with some factions of the rebel group had taken place in recent weeks. "The ONLF is a group that has created serious instability in the region," Medhane, author of 'Political Islam and the Black Economy', said. Insecurity in the ******, which borders Somalia, is one reason why national elections held in the rest of the country on 15 May were delayed in the region until August. Peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the rebels have broken down in the past, with both sides blaming each other.
  6. Rebels approach Ethiopian govt 19/07/2005 14:54 - (SA) Addis Ababa - A separatist group on Tuesday offered to open peace talks with the government in an effort to end a low-level conflict in the lawless ****** region of eastern Ethiopia. The ****** National Liberation Front, which wants an independent state for ethnic Somalis who are the majority in the region, issued a statement saying it wanted talks in a neutral country and with an international mediator. Ethiopia's government would "respond positively" provided the rebels lay down their arms, according to a statement released by the foreign affairs ministry. The development comes after Prime Minister Meles Zenawi exchanged letters with ******'s community and clan elders in a bid to secure peace in the impoverished, desert-like region. The Muslim rebels have fought for the secession of the ****** region, an area the size of Britain and with four million people, since the early 1990s. It makes occasional hit and run attacks against government troops. United States forces have helped Ethiopian troops in anti-terror training in ******, which has a long porous border with anarchic Somalia. Last year, United States justice officials said Somali refugee Nuradin Abdi received military-style training in ****** before joining admitted al-Qaeda member Iyman Faris in Columbus, Ohio, in a foiled plot to blow up an unspecified shopping mall.
  7. Dancing to forget in Djibouti City By Lachlan Harris The War in Iraq has been described as a very big boulder dropped into the very small pond that is the Middle East, with the ripples of consequence spreading around the region in a multitude of expected and unexpected rings. One of those ripples passes over Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, rolls across the aquamarine waters of the Red Sea and washes up on the harsh shores of the tiny Republic of Djibouti. It’s not improvised explosive devices, or even kidnapped journalists that are littering the beaches of this strange little country. Djibouti's bountiful harvest is young, barrel chested American sailors, on "R n R" from combat missions in the Persian Gulf. Djibouti is a true city state perched in the middle of a desolate and brutally hot volcanic plane. There is no real agriculture in Djibouti, or noticeable botany of any kind. Instead most of Djibouti’s 23,000 Square Kilometres (about one quarter the size of Tasmania) is dramatic black rock planes, freckled with brooding black boulders and pugnaciously bright spiky green date palms. Jagged black rock mountains randomly escape from under the planes. Baked clean of life, their creator seems to have abandoned the convention that mountains congregate in ranges, and instead has scattered these at whim. Djibouti’s one ancient railway line winds its way between them like a drunken boa constrictor sliding its way home after closing time. Only the wise old camels gracefully navigating around their base seem to understand the mountains’ chaotic choreography. Rather than grow things, which is virtually impossible in such absurd geography, Djibouti imports things, a lot of things. The massive commercial port accepting all these imports, and sending them on to Ethiopia, and further south to Kenya, Uganda and beyond, is the sole reason for Djibouti’s continued existence. The well guarded French Naval base defensively squatting beside the port is the sole reason for Djibouti’s continued independence. Up until the late 1970's Djibouti was a French colony and the place is still crawling with macho French Foreign Legionaries stomping around in tight muscle shirts and sandals with knee length white socks. Good French restaurants litter the European quarter of Djibouti City like refugees from the skyrocketing price of Parisian real estate, and tired French colonial buildings stare emptily out across the Red Sea. Having failed to secure a prestigious position in the post colonial regime, the gorgeously run down relics seem to have turned their back on the locals, preferring abandoned freedom to subservience under an apparently unworthy tenant. However despite the quality of the French food and architecture, it is not French culture that the young American sailors are sent here to discover. No sir, these sailors are sent here to blow off some steam, or let off hot air, or any of the other euphemisms that we use to describe the process of searching for forgetfulness. These tough looking sailors wander around the red light district of Djibouti City wide eyed and defensive, looking exactly like bewildered Australian country boys on their first big night out in Kings Cross. Their muscly arms are illustrated with colourful and aggressive tattoos that somehow look cartoonish on such clean and well mannered young men. The only obvious sign that they are soldiers, not an American high school field trip that accidentally caught the wrong plane out of JFK airport, is that their hair is cut so badly I am left wondering if the obscene aftermath littering their scalp is some mysterious experiment in psychological warfare. Following them through the heavy padded doors of Club Golden, or Le Barfly, or any of the countless dilapidated and dingy “night clubs†that form a debaucherous scrum in a dark corner of Djibouti City, I couldn’t help but think for a second that I had actually slipped through a hole in the time space continuum and landed back in a seedy Saigon gogo bar, circa 1969. These night clubs look like a set straight out of a remake of Stanley Kubrick’s classic Vietnam War movie Full Metal Jacket, only this time produced by the creators of Beverly Hills 90210. The young pretty prostitutes dressed in fancy, but fake, western clothes are there. The loud and outrageously dressed Madame greeting you as you shyly walk through the door, all fake French accent and over applied eye shadow is there, and of course the tough looking American sailors are there to. But rather than Private Joker’s jungle fatigues, these sailors are dressed to the nines in the latest gangster rap outfits, with two white wrist bands around one arm and long shorts so baggy they give the impression of being two ankle length denim kilts sewn together. The sailors look like they have just stumbled out of the MTV music awards, not retreated from the most technologically advanced war in human history. Only their embarrassed looks as they glance at every person coming through the door, as if they expect their irate mothers to storm in at any moment to grab them by the ear and drag them out of such a disreputable “entertainment venueâ€, warns me that these quiet Americans definitely ain’t rap superstars. Inside, rather than milling around the fringes of the dance floor, like good girls would, the Ethiopian bar girls, living in Djibouti to earn hard currency the hard way, stand behind the raised bar eyeing off their customers like submerged alligators eye off a wildebeest drinking from a nearby river bank. Walking up to the bar with fifteen of these wise to the world beauties staring down at me, I feel like a decidedly untalented actor auditioning for the lead role in a well funded Ethiopian film based loosely on Casanova’s autobiography, History of My Life. The outrageous price of my first Heineken does nothing to ease my discomfort. By the time I have ordered my first drink, some unspoken delegation has taken place and a girl casually plonks herself down beside me. She asks me if I want to buy her a drink. No more, and no less. But some how the look in her eyes, and the seriousness of her tone, leave me in little doubt that if I say yes, I will get much more than a vodka lime and soda. Rather than face my demons at the bar, it seems safer to retreat to one of the couches guarding the locked fire exit in the back of the room. The couches look like they have seen more action than a projectionist in a Hong Kong movie cinema, but are a better option then the well worn booths that line the wall closest to the dance floor. The tightly packed row of booths, light by a single naked globe hanging at head height above each long narrow table, look like something pilfered from the special high security cell block at Abu Ghraib prison. Afraid that Private First Class Lynddie England may be hanging out by the booths waiting to ask me for a light, or even worse a dance, I gingerly plonked myself down on one of the couches. Sipping on my cold can of beer, I took some time to ponder some of life’s imponderables. Didn’t these sailors know that the HIV infection rate among Ethiopian prostitutes is estimated at 30 percent? My guide book warned me, so why didn’t theirs? Maybe they did know and didn’t care, or maybe they didn’t know and really would care if they did. Looking around that bar, packed with young men who do brave and unspeakable things for honourable reasons, bargaining with young women, who do brave and unspeakable things for honourable reasons, it was hard to decide which would be more tragic. Having such dark thoughts as your drinking partner always lends itself to depressingly long, alcohol soaked nights. In Djibouti’s bars that outcome is all the more likely. You see there is something about the bars in Djibouti City that makes it that much easier to forget about the promises and commitments you made in the outside world, to forget about the risks and the assaults on yours, and other’s dignity. It's easy to forget about all stuff inside these places because that’s what these places are all about, forgetting. If for a second you can prove to yourself that you haven't been were you have been, haven't seen what you have seen, haven't done what you have done, and aren't going back to where you are going back to then this bar, this drink, this woman have served their time humoured purpose. That’s what these bars were all about in Saigon in the 1960's and that's what they are all about in Djibouti in 2005. The bars haven’t changed, and the horrible reason for their existence hasn’t changed either. Sitting in that bar, watching these sailors who have seen so much, but act like they know so little, I found myself wondering if it’s possible they have changed since those dangerous days in Saigon. Even as they stumble outside, drunk, satisfied, forgotten, they seem to have a core of seriousness, a steely purpose in their stumbling gait that reeks of a man, or a boy, on a mission. Did conscripted soldiers plucked from the poverty of the Bronx or Detroit Michigan have that core in Vietnam? They didn’t seem to in Dear Hunter. As the night drags on, Heineken after Heineken, the dance floor slowly fills with more drunk and stumbling soldiers who have obviously agreed to buy their new found girlfriend a drink. The rap music blaring across the dance floor is so loud and so angry it is obviously a key ingredient in the amnesia conspiracy that lie at the heart of all these places. But despite all the volume, and all the violent “pop a cap in your *** †lyrics the sailors slow dance with their partners, gently shuffling their feet from side to side, head sadly resting on a sadly offered shoulder. As I sat their watching those guys dance, clinging to their girls as if they were afraid letting them go would mean they would be pulled away to some cold and lonely place, never to feel the warm embrace of a woman again, one line from that great Eagles song released a few years after the end of the Vietnam War, Hotel California, kept on looping through my head; "How they dance in the courtyard Sweet summer sweat Some dance to remember Some dance to forget." The Cud
  8. Fyr

    Sci-Fi Friday

    Well I still believe that the Wraith will enter the milky way soon to feast on the primitive humans, they may clash with the Goa’ul over territory and human slaves a bit but I have good feeling that they might just team-up with the Goa'uld to try to defeat the Thari- Asgard alliance. I heard also that they were introducing a new enemy form the ancient time called Ori or something, who featured in season 2 or 3 I really don’t remember but hope they are cool and really wicked.
  9. Fyr

    Sci-Fi Friday

    Come on Haddad that’s why they call it science-fiction, not being realistic is the main reason I watch this show. I got enough realistic consciousness in my daily life bro! plus it has become somewhat a getaway from my realistic daily life to experience some good old fashion science-fiction. Discreet1 There is hardly any system lord left after the replicators finished them off, but there is the case of my favourite character Anubis who is now fighting Oma for his life. But I think the Goa’uld would make a comeback around mid-season. The Wraith is no match for Asgards my frined so no worries there. The Warith characters will involve at the end of the season if not sooner, but hope for sooner rather than later. Apophis time was long overdue and it was good to cut him off to make room for newer characters. Having said that I still love the guy, he was a true enemy if not the best after Anubis of course . Se7en LOL
  10. Fyr

    Sci-Fi Friday

    The long awaited Sci-Fi Friday has finally arrived to my computer screen since mars this year when season 8 of hit sci-fi franchise series Stargate SG1 ended, Oh what a relief for my dull saturday mornings. I’m hoping that there are some sci-fi Somalis in SOL whom share the same refreshing aura about the new season of the Stargate SG-1 with its new characters and enimes and twists. Though the sci-fi Friday night isn’t limited to just Stargate Sg-1 but also includes Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica which in my opinion isn't good as SG-1 but good enough to waste some 40 min of your day. For all of you US residents who is lucky enough to have the sci-fi channel I say you fortunate *_* and have a happy friday night. SCI-FI LOVERS PLEASE DROP IN AND PUT YOUR 2 CENTS ON THESE SHOWS. STARGATE SG-1 STARGATE ATLANTIS BATTLESTAR GALACTICA
  11. Thanks for the good news Suldaaanka
  12. Originally posted by OG_Girl: Innallil Allah wa Inna Ellaihi Raji'oon. I know the guy and his family. Allah Yarhamah. The story I heard from his family different than the one here. They said here some one killed him to rob him. And the crime wasn't hateful crime cause he used to go and back there without any Discriminations..Allaho A'alam Salam Thanks for the clarifications of the heartbreak incident, it’s really hard to find out the truth these days when people twist stories to there own fitting. Even when you said what his family believed hade happened to him, they still choose to believe the one circulating on the net. I still believe in Somaliland’s justice system as this disgraceful policeman faces justice now or in here after. Somaliland justice system is becoming comparatively, it wasn’t long ago when I read an article about a Syrian man who is suing his Somali boss for not paying his salary and his not even a Somali. So I’m really confident that this policeman will get the maximum punishment for murder. May Allah bless him
  13. Security Council: Open meeting on the situation in Somalia.
  14. Mohamed Hussien H. Ali “KHAN†Hargeisa, SOMALILAND Email: mohamedali2020@hotmail.com I came across an unprofessionally written article about the commendable Somaliland Convention that was recently held in Los Angles under the auspices of the esteemed SOPRI. The article in question is an editorial by WardheerNews titled Clan Politics: a Solitary Journey to an Empty and Solitude Pride. What a travesty to objective journalism!! Someone who has known you since childhood has already forcefully responded to you. However, I will throw my hat into the ring since you foolishly and callously attacked a clan that has courageously fought for its birthright of living in justice, equality and freedom. Having analyzed the said article, I find it worthless and reprehensible. It is devoid of the basic rules of civility and responsible journalism, and spews nothing but hatred and baseless accusations. The views in it are myopic and self-defeating. What is the grudge WardheerNews has against Somaliland? It is obvious that it is jealous of Somaliland’s venerable achievements in communal harmony, peace-building and democracy. WardheerNews, I have systematically and meticulously scrutinized your arguments. I’ve found them repugnant, shameful and full of holes. You may read on my rebuttal below: o If you live in a glass house, it is not wise to throw stones at others. It is well known that the views on your WardheerNews are much clan-based and clan-oriented. One may promote the interest of his/her clan as long as he/she does it objectively and without trampling on the rights of others. You’re a hypocrite to accuse others of clan politics when you’re involved in it yourself o You may deny it as much as you want but truly Somaliland is NOT a clan-based country. It has gone way beyond clan politics and is a nascent democracy committed to the pursuit of the common good for all its citizenry. Somaliland belongs to all Somalilanders equally – one and all. In spite of your envy and your denials, Somaliland is here to stay as ONE distinct nation living in harmony o The SOPRI-organized Convention is an event that merits to be acknowledged by any one with a sense of decency (which you obviously lack). It has brought together officials from the government and the opposition to debate issues of national interest in an atmosphere of respect and dialogue. This can ONLY happen among Somalilanders to discuss issues in civility. In most other Somali conventions, fistfights and the throwing of chairs at each other are the norm o Somali nationalism is dead as a dodo. It has been dealt two terminal blows. - One in 1977 when Djibouti wisely opted to stay away from the Somali “Union†after it gained independence from the French. Djibouti took heed of the fate of Somaliland. It is worth quoting here a thought-provoking Somali folklore. Remember what the fox responded when the Lion enquired how she came to be so versed in the intricacies of fair dealing after she gave the lion’s share of the carcass to the King of the Jungle? She replied, “Isha Cumar ka laalaadda†is the lesson I learnt. - The final coffin in the so-called union has been the brutal suppression of those fighting for their freedom, the reckless killing of the innocent men, women and children, and the destruction of cities in Somaliland o A flag cannot be sacred as you claim. It is nothing more than a piece of cloth and has no sanctity since it is not an inspiration from God o You foolishly discredit all the colours and symbols of the Somaliland flag. Since you’re ignorant, be reminded that the green colour has an Islamic significance o You lamented that red stands for defending Ethiopia’s orthodox religion. Let me ask you this: What did the red stand for in your despicable uncle’s Red Beret? o You claimed that the Somaliland flag does not capture any ones imagination. It is NOT meant to capture the imagination of fools. Never has, never will o You wrote the Convention “is taking place in our backyardâ€. I wonder here what backyard of yours you’re talking about. Don’t you know that you live in the USA? Are you claiming to be more American than naturalized Somalilanders? It seems you have mistaken the sounds of the waves of the Pacific Ocean with the sound of the dusty whirlwind that is common in your hometown of Wardheer o You talked about some negative energy at the SOPRI-organized convention. Instead, you’re the one who is wasting his energy. Why are you spreading gloom and doom about such a decent convention? Surely, you could have written about many positive and constructive highlights on the event and its participants o TimaAdde, having better intellect than most of his generation, prophetically anticipated the doom of the “union†(not a union of two equals but a sellout) even though he praised its hoisting so eloquently with the kaana sib, kanna saar. Exactly 10 days later after his famous poem of hoist that down and hoist this up, he had another prophetic one in which he expressed his profound disillusionment with the so-called Union. Read on and see it for yourself: Ri’ dhashaaba layskaga daraa rubuca jiilaale Ma riwaayadbaa calanku sow ruuxuun kuma reeyo A lactating sheep can be a source of energy in the lean season Is it a hallucination? How come independence does not benefit even a single person? TimaAdde did not stop there. He put together one more poem elaborating a little more on his disappointment with the “merger†and prophesying its downfall. Waa taa sidii buul duqeed daaha loo rogaye Ninowna dawladbaa Xamar fadhida haw durbaan tumanin In similitude to bringing down the curtain on an old woman’s hut No man should pin any hope on a government seated in Mogadishu A favourite of the Kaba-Cad just after the ill-fated union was the followingt lyrics: Gaajada ka baxbaan guntida u furtee Ma haddaan galay geerashkeedii My intention was to eradicate poverty Oh my! Did I end up in its den o You reminisce about the greatness of Qarshe and TimaAdde (both from Somaliland) while the blood of the most popular Somali singer, Mohamed Mogeh, is on your hands. Don’t you have any conscience left? o Let me remind you that: - TimaAdde hails from Gabiley where it is documented that sadist Tuke burned a Gabiley resident alive, and threw others alive into a waterhole. These were victimized not because they took arms up against your ****** . They were ONLY guilty by clan association It is obvious you’ve lost your bearing since you’re commenting on a dead issue (as dead as a dodo) that does not even concern you in the least. Better expend your energy (your positive energy, if you have any left) on issues of your Wardheer. Charity starts at home. Address the serious problems of your clan. A case in point is the grave schism between your clan elders and the terrorist ONLF that terrorizes on your behalf. It seems you’re still nostalgic about the rights you usurped in Somaliland when your uncle was calling the shots before the Giant Freedom Fighters came in from the cold to hunt him down. How much have times changed! You’re vengeful because you lost your privileges of having the same rights as any other Somali in Hargeisa and Mogadishu even though you did not belong to either. In fact, you had more rights than all. You’re vengeful of losing your residence in JigJiga Yar of Hargeisa where I coincidently reside now without fear of the notorious knock on the door at midnight. WardheerNews I finally say to you: Af noolina wuu hadlaa, eeyna wuu ciyaa. You’re barking for no other reason than having a vendetta. It is obvious that your attack is – among other things - in retaliation of the elimination of your uncle in the gorge. You foolishly wrote: Clan Politics: A Solitary Journey to an Empty and Solitude Pride I proudly write: Far from clan politics: Not a solitary journey, but a voyage in solidarity, dignity and self-respect of a checkered history, and to a rosy future
  15. This warlord has to be the most brainless warlord among them, LOL he is probably one of those Somalis who will show up at your wedding without being invited or maybe one of those who will show up at your doorstep without even calling you first :mad: Somaliland did a good job by sending his sorry azz back to Mogadishu. [ July 12, 2005, 07:13 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  16. Hargeia(The Rep)- Seven out of ten bridges destroyed during the war for the reclamation of independence were rehabilitated by the European Union at the cost of one million dollars in 5 months. Seven bridges destroyed in the war between the regime of the former dictator of Somalia, President Mohamed Siad Barre and the Somali National Movement (SNM) which was struggling for the liberation of the former northern regions of Somalia (Somaliland) were officially opened on Wednesday, at a special ceremony held on Qoryale bridge, which is 60km east of Burao. “The reconstruction and rehabilitation of these bridges between Sheikh and Ainabo on the road linking the port of Berbera going through Burao and Las Anod were destroyed during the 1988-91 war†this was said by Minister of Public Works who spoke at the ceremony. The Minster also added that the reconstruction of the bridges that cost $ 1,100,000 (One Million one hundred thousand dollars) is part of the EU programme to rehabilitate roads and bridges in Somaliland. He said, “The 7 bridges were reconstructed within 5 months. There are 3 more bridges to be rehabilitated, before the EU begins the long awaited Berbera Corridor (A road which links the port of Berbera to Wajale village town, on the Ethio-Somaliland border and the Mountainous road linking Berbera and Sheikh - which is between Burao and Berbera) In a press release here Wednesday by the European Union the rehabilitation of the bridges and roads was described to be essential for the mobility of goods within the country and neighbouring states. “The rehabilitation program will boost trade, provide employment and reduce poverty†this was stated in the press release by the EU press release. The celebration was attended by EU representative in Somaliland Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Ahmed-Washington) and Minister of Republic Works Mr. Said Sulub Ahmed. The EU had been financing road and bridge rehabilitations projects, which were implemented through local construction companies. Jamhuuriya Online
  17. LOL Skön låt! Se7en va hände! Skulle inte du ringa mig? Men skit samma jag ska om en stund åka till hassan i alla fall, men vi ses imorgon.
  18. Thursday 7 July ITV 23:00 Rageh Omaar's Tsunami Journey Former war correspondent Rageh Omaar travels to communities devastated by the natural disaster on Boxing Day 2004, investigating its effect on the religious faith of those who lost family, businesses and homes. He meets survivors from different backgrounds and asks whether the inability to explain the tragedy, which claimed an estimated 300,000 lives, makes them question their beliefs and prevents them accepting their loss 6 MONTHS ON IN THE TSUNAMI HELL ZONE
  19. Is this the channel 5 website? http://www.five.tv
  20. Originally posted by Jazmine: but i say a programme on of the channel 5, at 12.00 this morning that was by a somali british guy who for the first time went back to somaliland; What was name of the program?
  21. These videos aren’t vulgar or unpleasant as you may think, it just shows attacks on U.S military humve and convoy attacks by roadside bombs. And some suicide attacks on coalition bases, military personals etc. If there were some body parts or some blood I wouldn’t watch it or post on the forum, I’m too grossed out by those things. Car Bomb Takes Out Humvee Armored Vehicle Blown Up By IED Compilation of Iraqi Resistance Operations Fallujah Insurgents Strike U.S. Military Convoy Suicide Attack on Sadeer Hotel in Bagdad Assassination of Iraq's Interior Ministry in Baghdad (IED Bomb) US army camp under mortar attack. Suicide Bombing Video - Attack On US. Military Convoy
  22. Originally posted by Jason: This is so beautiful. I love all that greeeeeeeeeeeen. Is Salaxlay a village in Hargaysa or is it part of the greater district? It's part of the greater Hargeysa district.
  23. Originally posted by Haddad: Hopefully, Iran will officialy become a nuclear power during his administration. second to that.
  24. Geel jooga gaaroodi Geel jooga gaaroodi Awr ka doobyaya gaaroodi Qurbajoog dalxiis ku tagay Ballimataan Birta telefoonka shirkada Telesom ee Sallaxley Masjid Jaamaca Sallaxley oo la dhisayo Source: Hargeysa.org