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  1. Fardo jooga Gaaroodiga Fardo jooga Gaaroodiga Qurbaawi dhexjooga fardahii Gaaroodi Fardo jooga Gaaroodiga Fardo jooga Gaaroodi Fardo jooga Gaaroodi
  2. Dalkaaga daawo dacalada Sawiro muujinaya bilicda degaankeena iyo xoolaheena. Sawiradan waxa laga soo qaaday degaanada hoos yimaada degmada Sallaxley ee gobolka Hargeysa. Daawasho wanaagsan ! Adhi daaqaya banka Qoolcaday Adhi daaqaya banka Qoolcaday Hablo caws ka guranaya banka Qoolcaday Maqal foofaysa aroortii Balli Beer ku taala Qoton dabo
  3. Originally posted by OogBoi: ^^^ VLC will play you anything, its really brilliant Fyr-Kanten, we can always register there Unfortunatelly non of the links provided work it seems am late again.. can you not like pm me a link, I know am askin for alot but I really wanna watch it.. cheers ^^ You can’t register, you’ve to be invited and I have used up all of mine invites. Sorry bro!
  4. Originally posted by Ducaqabe: Is it just me or was the file only an audio? I was expecting a video but all I got is audio file 29:24 minutes. I downloaded the whole file 243MB in 11 minutes and opened with WMP 9.0 for W2K. The file is correct for the program and I can hear the whole thing including Somalis but no video, just the audio. Quick Time and RealPlayer won't open. I don't know why but it might be because it's GeinAr.avi file. I thought Quick Time can open avi files. Any suggestions please? Your WMP needs divx codec or an update, but you can use this video player “VLC media player†it doesn’t need any codec to view divx files. VLC Media Player
  5. Originally posted by OogBoi: Damn, seems Im late too! Can you post the torrent link please? Sorry mate this torrent file is on a private tracker, it’s only for members.
  6. Sorry mate all I found was x-rated stuff.
  7. If there is any UK or U.S show or documentary you would like to see but don’t have access to the channel it airs on, then please PM me with a request I might just find that particular show or documentary you like for a download.
  8. Sorry people my fault, I completely forgot about the 10 downloads limit. But don’t worry here is another link for you to download from. If the link doesn’t work for you just post it on this thread so that I can give you a new link with 10 download limit. Geldof in Africa Originally posted by Cabdulmalik: Dont you know netpocket only allows 10 downloads(10 gånger) after that the link doesnt work. can you putt the file on "delade filar" and give me the Användarnamn and Lösenord for that map "delade filar". I will soon upload lot’s of documentaries and new stuff on “Shared Folder†after that I’ll PM you with login info. "Cabdulmalik" Fyr do you have the 10 gb storage? Its very cool service from bredbandsbolaget i have friend in USA sending me video files, i gave him the program and my user name and password and you can login from any where to download and upload from the map I was on the 10 GB service but realised that I didn’t need that mush space and changed it to 5 GB. Thanks Fyr-Kanten It took me 5 hours to download the 250MB file. beautiful pictures LoL it took me about 4 min to download it. Fyr-Kanten Did you record it from Digital source? I ask because the quality of the video was exceptional, almost compareable to DVD. No I didn’t record it, this was courtesy of UK-Torrents crew. I have video from my trip in 2000 to muqdisho. If some one is interested i will capture the video and put for download joust let me know. If other people have videos from somalia and want to share i can give them my username and password to my netpocket(10gb) so that he can upload the file and then every one can download. Can you PM me with login info so that I can download that Mogadishu video?
  9. As I promised yesterday to upload the first part of six-part series by Bob Geldof for those who were interested in seeing it, but doesn’t have access to BBC ONE, well here is it. Now I hope everyone respects my request not to post my link on any other websites or forum, it's just for you people. If I find my link posted on any other website or forum other than SOL I’ll remove the file. Right click on the link and select “Save Target As†Geldof In Africa Enjoy it!
  10. For those of you who don’t have access to BBC ONE, I’ll be uploading the first part of 6 part series for you to download when it comes out on IRC or BT. This is strictly for those who haven’t seen it or hasn’t got access to BBC ONE channel. I’ll be updating with some release info so hang on if you’re interested.
  11. GELDOF IN AFRICA BBC One, 7.30pm Instead of focusing on deprivation and disease, Bob Geldof celebrates “the most extraordinary, beautiful and luminous place on our planetâ€. His journey begins in Somaliland, a model African country that combines modern and traditional ways of life — despite the fact that it does not officially exist. He talks to a doctor, for example, who replaces a man’s forehead that was destroyed in a car crash using the hip from a goat and modern antibiotics. Of all people, Geldof is well aware of the chaos that creates destitution in Africa, but at the same time he is overawed by the wonder and beauty of a continent that burns with light. TimesOnline
  12. Geldof in Africa Mon 20 Jun, 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm 30mins The Luminous Continent New series. Life in Africa has always been a battle against nature, climate and geography. Bob Geldof follows the evolutionary trail of mankind from our Rift Valley origins in the Laetoli Gorge, Tanzania, to the point on the north-eastern coast of Africa where people first left to colonize the rest of the world. En route he travels through the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Masailand and encounters a group of the last few hundred remaining Hadsa people who still live as man did 50 thousand years ago. His journey finishes amongst the warlords in the harsh burnt lands and disputed border territory of Somalia.
  13. Total’s Action Is An All-Out War Against Somaliland’s Economy Somaliland Times, Issue 176, June 4, 2005 Total’s Action Is An All-Out War Against Somaliland’s Economy Berbera, Somaliland, June 4, 2005 (SL Times) – TOTAL, the oil company that provides oil to Somaliland, suddenly stopped selling oil to its customers on June 2nd 2005. Gas stations in Berbera and around the country and individual customers complained about TOTAL’s behavior, and the absence of any information to explain their sudden decision to stop selling oil to the public. A source close to the oil company, who wanted to be anonymous explained, how the company was busy lately to root out any competition from other companies. For instance, he mentioned how TOTAL demanded from RED SEA Company; a small privately owned oil company will be allowed to use the fuel tanks only, if they paid $500,000 or deposited oil of equal amount in the fuel tanks. At the beginning of March this year, RED SEA Company decided to bring a tanker to the Port, in order to use the fuel tanks, following TOTAL’s initial demands. TOTAL refused to allow the tanker to use the fuel tanks. According to our source, the Port Manager, Mr. Ali Xoor-xoor intervened and gave permission to the tanker, after two days. Another bizarre act by TOTAL was to dismantle five sophisticated, state-of-the-art oil pipes, built by the Soviet Union during the late seventies in Berbera for refueling purposes and later rebuilt by the United States military to refuel, during the 1980s, when they used Berbera as a military base. The pipes were built to provide quick supply of fuel to tankers, vehicles and aircraft all at the same time. According to some political analysts, the EU advised TOTAL and its government sponsors about the high cost of repair and maintenance of oil pipes. In addition the EU estimated that Somaliland uses only 2000 tons of oil each month and that small amount of oil can be used by only one pipe, they argued. TOTAL decided to dismantle the sophisticated system, in order to use an old system, built by the British Shell company in the 1950s. Other analysts, call the dismantling of the 5 pipes high noon robbery. They accuse TOTAL of selling the five sophisticated oil pipes to the Arab Financiers of the Port in Djibouti for the amount of 90 million dollars. How else can you justify the elimination of such incredible oil pipes and replace it for an old pipe that has to be maintained once every five years, they say. Many intellectuals call TOTAL’s action an economic war, geared towards hurting the Ethiopia – Somaliland agreement on May 28. According to these groups, TOTAL, which is based in Djibouti has an economic stake in the area. They argue that TOTAL was the only oil company serving Ethiopia’s oil needs from Djibouti, during the past decade, and that Ethiopia will be free to deal with other oil companies, if it uses Berbera as her main port of entry. . Therefore, when Ethiopia decided last week to use Berbera port, TOTAL began to sabotage the agreement between the two countries, by destroying the main oil pipes and, essentially forcing Somaliland's government to use its oil fuel tanks for local consumption purposes only. Furthermore, Somaliland’s inability to handle Ethiopia’s economic needs, will force her to use Djibouti facilities. This will in turn, force Ethiopia to use TOTAL as its main source of oil, they maintain. TOTAL will not only dominate Ethiopia’s oil needs but the company’s aim is to control Somaliland’s economy by becoming the only company that owns both the wholesale and retail of the oil in the country, the intellectuals conclude. According to reliable sources, TOTAL rented several gas stations around the country already. They are also in the process of eliminating the competition entirely through their refusal to use the fuel tanks. If they succeed in doing that, they will become the only source of oil, which makes them a monopoly. In a free market economy, monopoly is not allowed, because it cripples the economy which leads to stagnation and political instability. The economic ties between Ethiopia and Somaliland will come to a standstill, if TOTAL gets away with its sinister moves, many analysts argue. It also reminds many people of the economic and political hurdles that Somaliland went through during her recent past, including the international ban of Somaliland livestock, and the role EU played. It was the EU’s research claims about Somaliland’s livestock trade, which was published on March 1997 that led to the livestock ban on November 1997. Many people are wondering if TOTAL’s war on our economy is a result of EU’s advice to limit Berbera Port for local consumption only.
  14. Reer Hargeisa joke that Kismayo practice sixir on them. LOL heard that one too
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    Gacan Libaax

    Lions and Stories Gacan (hands) Libaax (Lion) is aptly translated as Lion’s paws is the legendary meeting spot of lions, hyenas, cheetahs as a far from Ethiopia. Gazelles still roam the fields of Gacan libaax, people say cheetah’s still walk around, but rarely seen. One particular animal, playful and fast is what the Somalis call digdig, it’s a tiny deer looking creature that could dash like a road runner! All the residents that welcomed us in the village warned us of hyenas, they said that there’s a hyena quarter where the caves are located. We didn't dare to explore. The evening was cold, luckily not so dark, because the moon was friendly enough to shed light that night. It was so peaceful, no phones, no internet, no TV and radio, just the crisp wind and the hymn of birds. You need light, there's the moon. You need to get warm, you can always make fire. Simple and basic. We gathered around the fire, sipping tea and coffee as we listened to stories. Stories about Warabe la hadal, someone who could communicate with hyenas. Hyenas are said to be very clever that they can tell the future.They could talk to them and tell you your future. The civil war in Burao is said to be predicted by hyena's as one warabe la hadal told one of his friends about the hyena's message. True? magara nayo (I don't know). Apparently, Gacan Libaax is not only famous among lions, it was also a critical spot to rebel fighters during Siad Barre's time. It is said to be the camp site of the country's liberation fighters, the Somali National Movement (SNM) before they launched their attack to Mandeera prison and they released all the political prisoners. Local residents said there's a secret road all the way to Berbera that will only take you 1 hour to reach the coastal town. Again, we didn't dare to discover. There are still a lot in store in gacan libaax, places to explore, people to meet and stories to be told. Well, maybe some other time, there's always a next time. Posted by Yvette Lopez
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    Gacan Libaax

    Walk in the woods: The view: A good climb for rock climbing enthusiasts. The Night Sky
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    Gacan Libaax

    Gacan Libaax I gazed at the green trees sporadically laid on barren hills and realized that the desert presents a serene and comforting beauty. Orange and yellow flowers stood gracefully amidst the rocks, confident, proud and still. Our engines roared through the desert dusty tracks; suddenly a pack of baboons ran wildly, surprised and disturbed. Gazelles walked slowly, peering through the bush seemingly curious about these giant vehicles intruding their space. Nomad boys in their teens wave, their camels, black headed sheep and white goats in tow. It was a long journey to Gacan Libaax, the legendary meeting point of lions coming from as far as Ethiopia. After four hours of travel the company of 14 people, 4 vehicles and 5 police escorts were all relieved to make that final stop, we've arrived. Lunch under the tree. After a hefty Somali lunch of goat meat, rice and pasta, we proceeded to explore what this place has to offer. British ruins: Caves: