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  1. i would have to agree w/ the people that said talking would not do any good. Girl, take it from a girl who's been through this talking would not do much. i went w/ a guy for two yrs who was obessed w/ touching i told him numerous times i wasnt into that kind of stuff, but it seemed like it went from one ear and straigh out of the other. i broke up w/ him because of it five different time s. every time we got back together he swore he'll change his ways but not before long he started all over. to make this short after two yrs i realize that he wasnt ever gonna change and this was causing much stress so i ran. and i would suggest the same for ya.
  2. Originally posted by somealien: why do black guys always date these busted lookin fat white chicks?seriously, whenever i see a inter-racial couple its alwaysa fat whte woman an a black dude. is this some kind of fethish that the brothers are cultivating to match up with these white girls fetish for black dudes? i cant answer you cause i really dont know how crackers think. I was wondering the same thing!
  3. i came back from vacation yesterday. i was so tired this morning that i had to dragged myself from bed to go to work! i didnt want come to work at all. i wanted to stay in bed all day and watch Hindi movies Damn life is not fair
  4. Flying-Still, Mac is opening a new store in uptown mpls this saturday u may want check it out. later
  5. LOOOOL! Jewel, never agree to go on a blind date w/ anyone that's atleast the lesson i learned. Here's my story, this girl i worked w/ wanted to set me up with her cousin cuz he was new to the city. She described him as tall, handsome, educated w/ a nice car. when he pick me up for our date the only thing that was true was the car. He was kind of short, very skinny, and a face full of zits. if that wasn't bad enough he didnt say a word except to compliment me how good i looked. like i didnt know that already :rolleyes: It got worse, our plan was to eat and go to the movies. After he picked me up he drove around for a long time like he didnt know where he was going. Finaly, he took us to this cheap family restraurant where kids were running around all over the place. To top it off all he talked about was school and how well he's doing. How boring :rolleyes: I wanted the whole thing to be over so asked take me home because i wasnt feeling well. He completely igored me and suggested to go shopping w/ him while he picked out new air conditioner. yes air conditioner. i had enough of him by than so i asked him to take me home before i killed him. He took me home and i run away from the car as fast as i could.
  6. what's this facination w/ having just boys. i personally want have two girls: the two most cutest girls
  7. did somebody say the missipi bridge. Am on that bridge atleast twice a week going to mpls. Girls i'll wave at u next time The one city that visit often is Toronto am there every summer. Its like my second home.
  8. i'll be going to Toronto, the one and only
  9. I laahay ha u nacariisto, i havent heard any thing about it. i live in minneapolis/st.paul area and its scary to hear something like this could happen.
  10. Class of 2003 for college. Cant remember which year i graduated from HS . Kidding i was class of '98.
  11. Class of 2003 for college. Cant remember which year i graduated from HS . Kidding i was class of '98.
  12. Zadie Smith: White Teeth (2000) It has been a long time since I read a novel. However, two weeks ago I was given this book by one of my schoolmates as a graduation present. I had a rought start because it wasn’t gripping at first but after a while I was amazed by the author creativity and how well she portrays the realities of immigrant people. What what I found most appealing was the constant strangle of people against each other who some how get involved in each other’s business. I though it was interesting how people from different ethnic backgrounds can essentially become family. The main characters are Samad Iqbal and Archie Jones. Archie is laid back all English man who an an ethiest. While Samad is trying to be a good Muslim in England. One time Samad tries to explain his frustration in living in foriengn land ““I should not have come to this country. It was the start of all my problems. Who can live in such a godless wasteland? Who can raise children in such a place? “ Sounds like something my father would say Yet despite their differences they’re best friends they go their children’s parenting nights together and spending most of their time hanging in an Irish poolroom which was turned into immigrant café. While their children Irie( Archie’s daughter) and Millad ( Samad’s twin son) smoke weed at school and try not to associate with their parents as much as they can. It was interesting to discover British Slang and am becoming a fan of Zadie Smith's writing.
  13. i know one person in SOL who's very social outgoing and popular person outside of SOL but on SOL she has a hard time expressing herself. As for me am new to SOL so am not sure if my true colors have shine through SOL yet
  14. Originally posted by opinionated: I guess I'm 2% of the population! I ended up with a cat in the Dominican republic ...but the part that got me was there was no fruit that started with T... LOOOOL@Opinionated. I got the same thing. The fruit that starts with a T got me too but after a while i came up with tangerine.
  15. i hate to see you leave i am terrified of........
  16. i cant think of any ramdom thoughts right now but when i was little i used to think the whole world was a stage and everyone was in scheme to decieve me including my parents! what a strange though for 6 yr old.
  17. i rather be in bed, never waking up this morning to come to work. darn it work is so boring, dont know how people work for years doing the same thing over and over.
  18. my mistake clown....never mind.
  19. ATL_BOY, Wlc to mn bro. this place is the home of the maryooley am sure u'll feel right at home
  20. LOOOOOOL! Superman. St.paulChick, alrite so it is not all about physical appearance. Well then in that case i wish i'll win the lottery.
  21. -S- You are secretive, self-contained, and shy. You are very sexy, sensual, and passionate, but you do not let on to this. Only in intimate privacy will this part of your nature reveal itself. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role or any game, and take your love life very seriously. You don't fool around. You have the patience to wait for the right person to come along. That does not describe mio at all.
  22. Clown, from reading ur posts, i swear i though u was from mn. something told me u we're from mn, something i cannot quit put my finger on.
  23. am a shopaholic. i shop when am broke, when i dont have any money. which remains me i got pay those credit card bills they're due today.
  24. St.PaulChick let me say first hi neighbor if ur talking about St.paul mn. good for reprsenting St.paul. if i had to change something it would be.... nothing... am absolutely happy the way god has created me