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    Ngonge, No wonder ur bored, u spend too much time by urself. u need to get w/ the first halimo u see on the street and start producing little Ngonge
  2. Originally posted by Sophist: Bashi, Brown= Dhiin Dhiin is another word for guduud (red color) according to my grandmother not brown. She could not come up with a precise somalian name to describe brown.
  3. ^^^lol! being in love with some girl's body doesnt constituted w/ being in love with somebody
  4. I just wanted to know what kind of gifts some of the SOL xalomo's like/prefer: Right now i'll love if my man deposited 5,000 in my account so i can pay my credit cards and student loans. If he did that i'll forever be his
  5. ^^ sorry to hear about the depression, hopefuly you'll go through the whole treament and in couple months u'll have beautiful skin.
  6. OPRAH! dont watch much t.v.
  7. ^^ i second that..... garab does she have any control whether she has "jareer hair" or not. i gues some people are so ignorant.
  8. somealien, thanks for bringing back such good memories of that song to me. it was a high time for me when this song first came out. Lauren Hill is truly amazing artist
  9. Wutz love mean to u?? when u with that person and suddently u look at the time and it is been three hours and it feels like it is barely been five minutes. Or u keep looking at the time to see if it is not time for u to go yet
  10. ^^lol@ " u got to think like a criminal" Just plain dump if u ask me.
  11. Originally posted by x_quizit: ...don't forget to stretch b4 and after ur excercise, to help with the stiffness of the joints....and drink lots of water b4, during and after ur workout...make sure to eat proteins right after, helps to regenerate the muscles after a workout...hope that helps.... Originally posted by Devil’s Advocate: Jasmine, you always feel tired during the begining. You feel out of breath, your muscles are cramped, and all the good stuff. The good news is it gets better after a month. Thats when you have to step it up...its actually good that you are feeling tired! just don't pull or strain your muscles and Form is everything. Thanks guys, looks like u know what ur talking about. X, say what, eat protiens after the work-out, i ‘vent heard of that one before. thanks hon. AD, it will take a me month to feel drained and less tired , here i was thinking it would only take me about two weeks. thanks for the info.
  12. ^^ i agree with u, proactive is not good for black skin. As a matter of fact any topical solution tends to irrirate and cause further problems such as discloration for our skin according to my dermotalogist. i've suffered from mild case of acne for a while. the best way to combat this problem is to use combination of things: antibiotics, vitamen A, and or Zinc. U must go to dermotalogist who can tell u what the best way to treat ur skin is. Also, make sure to cleanse ur skin with mild cleanser, and moisturize w/ oil free lotion even if u feel oily. my black coworker who suffered from acne for many years tried accutane and it worked wonders for her. Her skin is pimple free and totaly smooth. Accutane is very strong medicine but if nothing else works u may want try it. Hope this helps.
  13. Originally posted by sade: For the past two weeks have been having problems you name it healthwise, financial , unexpected presentation... and on. I found myself in a battle trying to keep my priorities straight.in the end well lost valuable time because things dont always work out the way you want and especially if youve got to do it by yourself. I even started feeling sorry for myself Thanks for sharing this w/ us. i've been having the same problems lately, but when i started reading the quran, reciting duca, and keeping all my prayers it seemed like all my problems are solvable and actually going away. Good to see others are going thru the same problems. May Allah have mercy on us. p.s. count me in Nur!
  14. have to say the and only LOVE JONES.... Clap clap clap C_L_G, u have a good taste in movies, Love Jones is my all time romantic movie.... my friend has the DVD and i just saw it again last weekend. Nia Long & Larenz Tate are great....two thumps up
  15. i confess to leading few guys on that i had no interest in them what so ever because of peer pressure. Reply: macaanto..what goes around comes around...soon u'l fall for a guy only to find out that he was just playin games with u....then u'll see how hurtful that is.... Pearl, this was when i was younger, it is not something i'll do now and wish that i've never done it.
  16. i never needed to work out to lose weight or any other reasons. But about a week ago i started running and lifting weights( am taking a weight training class) so i can feel less tired. But i feel more tired than ever . my question is for the folks that work out: when do u start to feel energized and less tired from ur work outs?
  17. i confess to leading few guys on that i had no interest in them what so ever because of peer pressure.
  18. 'And best way to reject someone without being rude is.. always to start with how nice and kool they are. and then say BUT is just not gonna work out.. that way they don't feel bad.. plus u let them know they kool n all, and that there is nothing wrong with them ' i used to do that all the time. One time not too long ago when i got to the But part this guy said "But what if i am everything ur looking for?" such cocky ******* . As if i already didnt figure out whether he was what i was looking for or not :rolleyes:

    A broke man

    'Funniest episode was seeing this dude taking her to airport fence, watching over the landing and departing planes. Now, that is romantic!' LooooooooooL! i never laughed so hard in my life... am still laughing got to get hold of myself... She never seen airplanes departing and landing before :rolleyes: hope they brought air plugs for the nose.
  20. This topic is more for the guys, us girls dont make a habit of trying to pick up the guys we like. At least i never done it.... so come on guys and share the pain, the agony, and the headache of getting rejected by the 'xalimos'.
  21. *GREEN* You get along well with new people. You are not really a shy person, but sometimes you can hurt people's feelings by your words... You like to be loved and noticed by your lover, but mostly you are single, waiting for the right person. Am surprised by the fact that these things mostly describe me, especially the part about you're mostly single waiting for the right person
  22. Absolutely summer, 85 degrees all year long Having couple of kids or One kid?
  23. This bleaching problem is out of control in where i live. so many women, and very young girls use diana and other bleaching creams in order to look lighter or have better skin. what's interesting is that i've seen so many girls using bleaching creams to treat other skin problems e.g. pimples :confused: out of ignorance. This is the only skin treaments that they know of since it is so prevalent in the community.... what many of these women and girls need is education that there are other skin care options out there that would not lead to skin deformation.
  24. Lol@Caramel, somalia isn't so bad so dont be so scared! Hibo, obviously many people are interested in this position so please give us more details, soon
  25. ^^^Lol! quote: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your question has been asked before and as always the question is vague. I need some clarification on a few things first, Define: - Stay Away - Educated women - Handle What s the source of information? Because I think you'll agree that if a group of single "educated" women with zero people skills get together to ponder the situation, they MIGHT come up with a biased conclusion. Are you speaking from personal experience? How sure are you it's education and not halitosis or lack of personal hygiene that led to the "stay away"? Clarify your request and I'll be more than happy to give my point of view. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ UD, u do really deserve your place in the “ignorant squad” judging from ur response to my question. The words I used are pretty self-explanatory if u cannot understand there’s no need for me to repeat myself :rolleyes: