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  1. Originally posted by osman_nz: Inspector...can u deny that puntland is doing nutritionally better then other somalis in the region? do u deny this? if you do then u deny the united nation study and from that we can assume u r either insane or have an agenda.. Whether u want to acknowledge it or not, puntland is doing the better then other somali regions and that the map indicate..and that was the point of this post You are pathetic, what is there to deny or acknowledge? It's like a homeless person braging to another homeless person that he has less holes on his coat. That map above shows nothing to be proud of, the whole of somalia is classified as being in a state of "FOOD ALERT"! I don't see how any reasonable individual could see this as a source of jubilation. But then again somalis inherently don't care how low things are in the global context just as long as they are two centimeters ahead of other somalis which inturn produces opportunity to gloat internally while the rest of the world laughs at the pitty state that is Somalia. Had you come with a source clearly stating that Puntland had no food shortage and is indeed "the healthiest state in the horn of africa", then i would agree with "Masha-Allah", but what you posted was outright lame.
  2. Exposed myself on what, this is a discussion forum, LOl. You really are obsessed aren't you? There is a whole world out there, you know? i recommend you to take some brake and fresh air from this messageboard, coz frankly you are starting to show symptoms of being senile and paranoid.
  3. ^^ Oh, since im a puntlander i'm not allowed to comment on issues or critisize nonsensical information provided by other puntlanders, is that what you are saying?
  4. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^You are very weird now go and change your id. Adeer you have been exposed. What do you mean exposed? You are not the ruler of Puntland, i don't need to ask you or anyone permission to associate myself with the region of my ancestors. You need to chill and stop being so defensive all the time.
  5. General Duke wrote: Why are you so upset? Puntland is healthy and progressive. At least this type of threads bring out the haters and the pretenders, Masha Allah indeed. So you are basically happy over the information on the map above which shows the whole of somalia suffereing of food shortage? Uttering the words "Masha-allah" on sad news is very weird IMO.
  6. Do you guys even read the links people provide? Masha-allah on what?? The pdf link he attached says nothing about puntland per se, let alone puntland being "the healthiest state in the horn", it illustrates the opposite, that is most of somalia is in a state of alert food shortage. You people are unbelievable, like ostriches who put their heads under the sand, Masha-allah great news kullaha on famine information.
  7. Your Harmagedon whishful scenario of Puntland is futile. Puntland is a state that cares of it business, if the rest of somalia (not including somaliland) had the same mentality as puntland then for sure Somalia would have been a model state in Africa. I'm not saying Puntland is flawless, it defenitly has some barriers to overcome, but considering it's youth and accomplishments without relying on the global monetary system and external investment, it sure has made great advancement. Remember the place was a barren desert just a decade ago unlike Southern somalia and Somaliland, and today no other region in somalia is above it in terms of economic activity.. No people starve, no population displacement, no major conflicts (riots with two deaths are the greatest news of violence) presence of a plethora of education institutions, peacefull elections, central governed police force and public officials, peacefull religious clerics, booming cities despite the limit of international finance and loans. You see Puntland is just to great to become a victim of patronizing. Imagine if Puntland was a sovereign state of it's own with acces to the international capital market? Whoa, just the the thought makes me to excited, so i will drop it and return to reality.
  8. I support Kenya, southern somalis should stop defecating on their land and later invade neighbouring countries. kenya has taken more than enough of it's share of somali refugees. Infact the speaker of Parliament in kenya is somali, the chief commissioner of Police is Somali, the chief jurist of law and higher court of kenya is Somali, the defense minister is Somali, all are from northern Somalia, Puntland and somaliland. Kenya has nothing against high quality somalis, they just don't like the continues influx of lowlife southern somalis, i don't blame them, they have enough internal difficulties as it stands no need to put more weight on them. Personally i highly respect kenyans, they have never showed grudge against somalis and have always wished the best for their northern neighbours.
  9. Why should i not be serious? You don't like the truth, Moqdishu and it's vicinity stinks, that region has destroyed the somali name beyond reperation, those are just facts like it or not. What, you want people to tell you that Moqdishu is the pride of Somalia, and has conveyed a beautiful and positive image to the world? Sorry bud!
  10. Terms like Puntlander comes handy when we don't want to be associated with filthy Moqdishu. Most people are ashamed of the term somalia today, and rightly so.
  11. Apparently the anarchists are not satisfied by spreading insecurity and hell in southern somalia they now also feel the need to take this practice with them to PL. Either they should behave as guests and respect other peoples land or get the hell out, PL has no resources to babysit chronicle anarchists. President Farole said the loss of life was "unfortunate" during the Mar. 23 incident, but indicated that a committee was set up to report on the incident. Further, the arrested cleric, Sheikh Osman Shire, was transferred from the PIS over to Puntland's local police force where he is currently under investigation. READ: 2 killed in Puntland riot sparked by cleric's arrest But the Puntland leader had tough words for the rioters, saying that the "majority" of people who participated during the Bossaso riot "came from regions outside Puntland."The Internally Displaced Peoples [iDPs] were welcomed to Puntland, allowed to live and work, but they have brought negative practices such as insecurity, because most rioters were not Puntland natives," President Farole told Radio Garowe, while indicating that the IDPs situation has been discussed with the United Nations. Source: Garowe Online
  12. He is very pragmatic, he sees things as they really are. We somalis will only prevail as a people if we cooperate but not control each other. No one needs to be above or below anyone, all clans and people should be given the same chance to prosper. Federalism is the only system which caters for this equall opportunity to develop. Infact since somalis are in nature very competitive internally this will further boost somalias development. The south has greater and more fertile land than the north so controlling this land will naturally give them a greater leap ahead and also economic advantage. I don't see any reason why anyone in the south would be against the federal system (of course not counting in the selfish ambitions of warlords and religious extremists)
  13. How can we be sure that we won't end up like Nigeria, physically rich but chronically poor? I don't trust Somali old men, regardless of region. I think the general population should thoroughly settle this issue before any attempt of excavating these valuable commodities.
  14. Originally posted by Sir-Qalbi-Adeyg: quote:Originally posted by NABAD x 3: quote: What about the kidnapings, burcad budeeds, human traficking in puntland? Or the khat chewing, election-rigging, killing the oppositions in somaliland? Sir QA, still much better than the southerns hellhole, no comparison what so ever. war i dagayso, south somalia is the breadbasket of somalia, hence it's more desirable then the desert you call home. Breadbasket of Somalia? Is it April already? You can't show me one single image of people starving in Puntland i however can show you thousands of images from southern somalia. PL is a self-sustaining state, while 98% of World food program destined for Somalia goes to southern somalia, PL recieves less than 2% and it goes to IDP's in PL from southern somalia. What kind of breadbasket is that?
  15. For how long are they gonna continue to embarass us? Nothing seems to work with them. It's 2009 for god sake!! Every morning that i tune in for news concerning Somalia it's always the same theme, "11 killed in clashes", "30 000 displaced in recent clashes", "heavy fighting claims 15 lives". I'm so tired of these negativ news. I'm relly starting to become racist against southern somalis, they don't seem to posses any sense of shame. For how long are they going to continue to descend into the abyss of mayhem, does there even exist a point when it becomes enough? As it stands it doesn't seem so. Thy don't care about civilian deaths or the image they convey to the world, bestiality seems always to prevail over other important aspects, like dialouge, compromising, finding common grounds, but excuses to behave as mindless savages is in great abundance. The somali name seems beyond reperation as long as these people are roaming around freely like untamed beasts with modern weapons. I thought the election of Sheik Sharif would give Somalia a new fresh start and hope, but apparently i was wrong, there is something more sinister in this senseless conflict, it's maybe some genetic deformation of southern somalis, i don't know.