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  1. Is there a point behind this if I may ask? What's your opinion, do you want there to be no patrition between males and females in the mosque? Are you saying islam favors men over men? Do you want to outlaw polygamy? It seems this is nothing more than thinly veiled attempt to insult islam.
  2. Ashkiro What was it I said do you disagree with? I believe i have articulated my thoughts clearly and most people besides the so called somali intellectuals/librals will agree with me. Do you not agree that a you're ethnicity/culture is dependent on you're father? Also, I have a bachelors degree and I have no accent and I speak like a civilized human being.
  3. What about abdullahi yusuf? He is a warlord, he brough ethiopians(historical enemy of our people) to somalia not once but twice. How can such a traitor be the president of the somali nation?
  4. Ibtisam I'm condemning the disgusting comments made Mr sayid somali, those comments have no place in this forum. They were misogynistic and uncalled for. I hope you agree with me walaal.
  5. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: quote:Originally posted by Rahima: ^Well yeah KK. quote: Badankood ha igu soo roorin waaye, caku foolxumo eh...Maxaaba jirkii lagu gaaraa, wajigiiba hadaan la fiirin karin? I honestly don't see anything uncultural/uneducated about this statement...Run lee sheegay...Badankood (Ganeeska) wax indhaha uroon ma'aha...If that means I am slightly less cultured/educated, it is ok... You're a racist! What kind of uncouth comment is this? You're basically generalizing a whole group of people, the ghaniise as ugly.
  6. Originally posted by *Blessed: Why did you quote that Ayah? It doesn't support your racist position. It talks about all Muslim men and women regardless of race. My initial point is that as a community, we ignore the many children that our men father and abandon who end up growing up without Islam and Somali culture. They are Somali only through lineage. And, yet people like you make a song and dance about sisters who are married to and are raising Muslims. Secondly, wasn't it the role of mother to teach and educate the children? Obviously, the kids of a Somali woman will pick up on her culture, language. quote: As for religion and culture, religion is part of culture. All cultures share a system of believes together, custums, etc which makes them unique. Religion is that system of believe. Indeed. So considering that Islam is a way of life, a convert brother shares more with you in terms of believe, customs and ideals. Whereas, the only link you have with a Somali that was raised in a different believe system is his lineage. It's what the pagan Quraish were to the Ansar at the Prophets (saw) time. There's even an ayah in the Quraan about it. Dig it up! You are confusing yourself, I'm not saying to be racist nor am i racist, but we are as muslims encouraged to preserve your culture. My point still remains true that the offspring of an ajnabi and a somali woman will be ajnabi. A mother's culture will influence the offspring, but they will still be whatever there father is. Is that not correct? Now we're talking about people who live together, not some fathers who abandoned their children. That's irrelevant. You're culture and your ethnicity is determined by who your father is islamically no matter what, even some dark african looking saudi's in the house of saud are still considered saudi because there fathers are. Otherwise things get confusing and there would be no such thing as culture or ethnicity. Islam encourages that we recognize each others tribes and races. Why would allah make us of different tribes and nation if not to preserve our nations and tribes? It's a not a matter of one group being superior to other, but making sure there is diversity and unique people. "O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allâh is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa. Verily, Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Aware"
  7. Ibtisam, Che Guavara, Kool Kat Can you ladies please take the off topic comments to the troll topic, it's against the rules here. Thanks.
  8. Originally posted by unknown1: last year a somali girl married a swede. How did that make you feel?
  9. Kool Kat I though we had a truce. No trolling in this topic please.
  10. Originally posted by Cadaan: quote:Originally posted by Mr-Peace: Well, sorry to say but you're half caste children are not somali and will not be accepted by the somali community mr Cadaan. Actually, the only person who hasn't accepted them is you, so good luck with trying to be the spokesman for the Somali community because you obviously need to work on it. Don't let these so called somali liberals fool you my friend. Most somali's do not like their daughter being married to foreigners.
  11. Originally posted by Brofessor_Geeljire: wth is wuxu sayid qoray? was it deleted? I dont see jack.......... He basically said that Cynical lady made this topic because she wanted Gheele T to come into her hut like the chineese women in the article. Very saqajaan comment on he's part.
  12. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: peace-You say something intelligent. I shall argue for or against it. If there is nothing intelligent here then why comment? I'm getting tired of your off topic one liners. Go trol somewhere else, this is a serious topic.
  13. Originally posted by Afr0 GirL: ask your ugly asss momma to shake her assss ....d!ick sniffin' *** whole walaal there is no reason for that kind of language in this place, it's infantile and has no place. We can have differences, but be respectful and remember the golden rules.
  14. "please once again, let us not bring religion under this discussion" We are muslim, religion is the foundation for all our decisions. Islam is a way of life.