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  1. It's all good, but it's nothing but idealistic rhetoric at the moment. How will all this be implemented?
  2. Is this guy serious? What are you gonna suggest next, that the displaced people should be branded and put in internment camps auschwitz style? That being said, your honesty is commendable even if it's just raw emotional outbursts. Too many people here act like politicians, instead of being real.
  3. Originally posted by nuune: If pirates are protecting our sea, how come they hijack ships that are destined for Somalia to distribute food to poor people! You can say they hijack the ships then they pay the ransom, and then distribute the food to poor Somalis, that is horrible, that ship will never come back to Somali shores, who is the victim now!! I would prefer they didn't hijack aid ships, but they have my support for hijacking illegal trawlers and ships that dump toxic waste in somali waters. That's where they get majority of the money, anyways.
  4. Let them make their money, they are protecting somali waters as far as I'm concerned.
  5. ^ They are also sacrificing innocent people's lives in the process, whether it's suicide bombings or stoning of mentally ill women. They are scum, and only a delusional moron would think they are capable of governing anything.
  6. The way forwards for somalia is independent regions, controlled by local people, not some crazy islamists who's priorities are reckless stonning and other trivial pursuits. It's time we abandoned the concept of somalinimo, because it's truly dead.
  7. Runta hadii la sheego, somaali waa dad is neceb from konfuurta to waqooyi. Personally, when I heard the story of hargeisa being bombed, I did not care much because it did not affect me or my family. Of course, I felt bad for the death of innocents to a degree, as much as I would if it happened anywhere else in africa. But the bossaso bombings did, and I think for most that's how most somali's feel. For most somali's , the nationalist rhetoric is only spewed when their corner of somalia is being ravaged or when there is agenda they are pushing, hence the careless attitude of posters in the politics section. Also, I think for the most part chaos has been synonymous with the south, so when suicide bombings or some other tragic event usually caused by al shabab moreyaan deviant terrorists, occurs in the south, it's not as shocking because it's been happening for years now. While northern cities have had a semblance of peace.
  8. Originally posted by J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o: Somaliland way soconaysaa ,,, bring bombs, bring jets or bring Xalwad .... nothing is gonna stop. lol. Somaliland just like you is a joke. A clanist enclave run by corrupt individuals, it's not going anywhere and hasn't gone anywhere. That being said, allah ha unaxaristo the innocents that were killed.
  9. I think sometimes somali's and others enjoy being conspiracy theorist for the sake of it. There is no 'stance/debate' on global warming. Without even looking at the scientific data, one should be able to conclude by common sense that emitting harmful chemicals(greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere, deforestation etc is gonna have an affect on the earth's temperature. It's not about muslims or gals, even countries like the UAE from what I've read are starting to look at ways to reduce pollution etc through the use of green technology. That being said, the real effects of global warming will not affect me, so I could care less to be honest.
  10. So to sum this up. A 14 year old bantu girl, who could very well have been traumatized and mentally ill due to being raped at the age of 13, was stoned to death by 'islamists'. Allah ha unaxaristo the miskeen girl. There is truly no justice in this world.
  11. I have some new name ideas: NoIctiraafland Khatland Hargeisaland New-dark-England
  12. Allah unaxaristo the dead. The al shabab deviant Moreyaan terrorists need to be stopped!! Suicide bombers driving two cars laden with explosives drove into two separate government compounds in the self-governing region of Puntland, northeastern Somalia. The two bombers and a female victim were killed in the explosions that rocked Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS) compounds in the port of Bossaso, the region's commercial hub. Gen. Adde Muse, the Puntland leader, told reporters before flying out of Bender Qassim International Airport in Bossaso that the attackers are "not from Puntland." He claimed that Puntland officials know the identity of the suicide attackers, adding: "The problems in southern Somalia have now reached Puntland and Somaliland." PIS security forces stormed the house of a local cleric and detained him as a suspect, with unconfirmed reports saying the man was "wounded" when he was arrested. There are ongoing efforts led by clan elders to release the cleric from jail, the sources added. No group has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings in Somalia's most stable regions, but al Shabaab insurgents were behind a Bossaso explosion that killed 20 people last February. Source: Garowe Online
  13. If Obama doesn't win, then clearly there is undertone of racism in America or his big lead could put some people off. Most of the polls have him up over ten points, either outcome should be interesting. Of course in the big scheme of things an obama presidency doesn't change anything in the word, his rhetoric about hope and change is just that, and jews and big corporations will always run the west. But, white people might just change the rules even if he wins as chris rock said, they'll be like "you got the most votes, too bad you lost. we used to count votes, we count bacon now"
  14. "Today, the H awiye people’s armed struggle in Southern and Central Somalia continues to prevail decisively to victory; while for all intents and purposes Ethiopia has lost the war it launched. America and European superpowers have conceded that the Ethiopian occupation was of limited utility (if at all useful), and now an abysmal and humiliating defeat. Moreover, militarily speaking there is not much the Ethiopian conscript army can do to influence events in the Resistance-held South Somalia. The whole Occupation has become “operationally dead” in the face of a growing, popular and more determined protracted insurgency. The useless Ethiopian allied war criminal Da rood “TFG” entity has already self-destructed into mutually unintelligible parasitic pieces; whose ugly demise was foretold long before the ongoing defeat of the Ethiopian occupation army." Interesting. At least the man is honest, I believe a majority of those opposed to the TFG and Ethiopians are opposed for clan reasons, and if A/Y was not president, they would be staunch supporters of the TFG. It's the somali mentality.
  15. Speaking about stoning, the Quran, the ultimate book of islamic guidance does not mention stoning as punishment for any crime, so it's not as clear cut as people are making it here. Stoning mentality ill women, destroying old churches, attacking and killing innocents is a clear indication that these so called wadaads are out of their minds.
  16. Why is it whenever so called sheekhs take over a city, the first thing on their agenda is stoning. Also, considering this woman would turn herself in to be stoned is a sign of her diminished capacity.
  17. I support the man's goals and galmudug. This is the kind of regional endeavors somalia needs.
  18. Whether President Yusuf gets an extension as president of somalia or not , it's good new for puntland, Col Yusuf's exit might very well be a blessing in disguise. If he does leave, hopefully puntland will not be wasting anymore resources in the south and we can focus on our own internal issues instead of worrying about mogadisho. We should be concentrating on continuing to make Puntland a more stable and prosperous region, making sure the oil deal favors the people, and continuing to build business relationships with the middle east etc. That should be our primary focus. I believe the idea that somalia's success is dependent on the stability of mogadisho and the south has gotten us no where. If he remains president and I would not count him out because he has politically, militarily overpowered and out-maneuvered many foes in his life, then his base(puntland) will support him, either way it's a win-win strategy for puntland. I personally prefer the first option because i truly believe regional autonomy is the only solution for somalia, and not a big centralized government operating in the south.
  19. Originally posted by Baarud: quote:Originally posted by Supremacist: And they dare call themselves an independent country! Forget oromo people, these secessionists leaders are also known to deport fellow somali people from somali galbeed, I'm guessing those behind the deportations are getting paid for it. Anyone who supports somaliland secession supports these disgraceful acts that is good and all but really did it have to come from you? you know your record stands here and you are clearly one who advocates for far worst things than that. i am sorry but your hypocricy smells bad. Weak argument chief, my record is not up for debate, but the fact most of the secessionist are looking for excuses instead of condemning these acts is telling of the secessionist selfish immoral mindset.
  20. Let's hope all parties involved stick to the agreement, and there is finally peace in mogadisho and the south inshallah.
  21. ^ New Hampshire primaries was a perfect example of the bradley effect, obama was up over ten points in the polls only to end up loosing to clinton. I wouldn't easily discount the bradley effect, this will be a lot closer than the polls are predicting.
  22. The McCain Campaign is getting desperate: McCain/Palin campaign volunteer Ashley Todd of College Station, Texas, has admitted to police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that her report of a mutilation attack there by an Obama supporter was a hoax. In an apparent attempt at race-baiting to draw white voters away from Obama, Todd initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM the night of Oct. 22 by a tall black man who became enraged, beat her, and carved a "B" into her cheek after seeing a McCain-Palin bumper sticker on her car. Todd said the man told her he was going to teach her a lesson for supporting McCain, and that now she was going to be a "Barack supporter." Police later said, however, that details of Todd's story kept changing, prompting them to give her a polygraph test. Other problem in Todd's story included the fact that the "B" scratched onto her cheek was reversed as though done in a mirror by Todd herself, and the absence of any video surveillance or bank records verifying her claim of having carried out an ATM transaction immediately prior to the alleged attack. Finally today (Oct. 24), Todd confessed to police that the attack never happened, indicating that her wounds were self-inflicted. Todd is now facing charges for filing a false report to police (see AP, KDKA, Huffington Post). An incident such as this is exactly what I would have expected from the grotesque circus the McCain campaign has become particularly since the arrival of Sarah Palin. McCain/Palin rallies, and particularly Palin rallies, have turned into festivals of hate as attendees shout "Terrorist!" and "Kill Him!" at each mention of Obama's name and vent their rage at the media by attacking reporters. An obvious wingnut, willing to use racist tactics in a sick attempt to make white voters nervous about Obama, Ashley Todd is precisely the type of personality I would expect to be drawn to Palin. Indeed it isn't hard to imagine the 20-year-old Todd as a younger, less fortunate mirror image of Palin herself, and I wouldn't be surprised if Todd identified personally with Palin in ways a psychoanalyst would find fascinating. Her willingnes to mutilate herself suggests anything but good mental health, and the pathological feelings about African Americans her actions reveal put her in good company with the other crazies we have seen turning up at Palin events. Fox News executive vice-president John Moody wrote hopefully in his blog earlier today that "if Ms. Todd’s allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists..., but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee." On the other hand, Moody observes not so hopefully, "if the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting." Unfortunately for Mr. Moody and Sen. McCain, the latter would seem to be the case.
  23. And they dare call themselves an independent country! Forget oromo people, these secessionists leaders are also known to deport fellow somali people from somali galbeed, I'm guessing those behind the deportations are getting paid for it. Anyone who supports somaliland secession supports these disgraceful acts
  24. Originally posted by Suldaanka: And each voter is given an ID card which shows the persons full name, place of birth and DOB as well as his Photo. In the computer database, a finger print of the indivitual is stored so as to eliminate double registration of indivituals. So in essence, it is a farcry from how the situation was in the previous elections. This time, there are a lot of prove for a credible and more transparent elections to take place. And who exactly is funding this fingerprint database? Somehow I doubt, somaliland with its tiny budget can afford this kind of rigid voter registration system.
  25. This is good news, more ethiopian peacekeepers to keep the unruly southerners(mostly al shabab hypocrites) in check.