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  1. This is alittle bit outdated but for discussion purposes and luck of alternatives, here is another map along the lines of languages spoken in the country.




    Spoken living languages ARABIC, STANDARD [ABV] Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic.

    More information.


    BONI [bOB] Few if any, in Somalia (1991). Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Rendille-Boni.

    More information.


    BOON [bNL] Jilib District, Middle Jubba Region, scattered in the bush and live in settlements of 2 or 3 houses with their closest relatives. Alternate names: AF-BOON. Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East. Nearly extinct.

    More information.


    DABARRE [DBR] 20,000 to 50,000 (1992). Spoken by the Dabarre clan around Dhiinsoor District, May Region, and the Iroole Clan in nearby Baraawe District, Lower Shabeelle Region, and in Qansax Dheere. Alternate names: AF-DABARRE. Dialects: DABARRE, IROOLE (AF-IROOLE). Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Somali.

    More information.


    ENGLISH [ENG] Classification: Indo-European, Germanic, West, English.

    More information.


    GARRE [GEX] 50,000 or more (1992). Possibly several hundred thousand in the ethnic group. Dominate areas of southern Somalia, especially in the Wanle Weyn-Buur Hakaba area; Baydhaba, Dhiinsoor, Buurhakaba, and Qoryooley districts; Middle and Lower Shabeelle and Bay regions. Alternate names: AF-GARRE. Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Somali.

    More information.


    JIIDDU [JII] 20,000 to 60,000 (1992). Lower Shabeelle Bay and Middle Jubba regions, Qoryooley, Dhiinsoor, Jilib, and Buurhakaba districts. Alternate names: JIDDU, AF-JIIDDU. Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Somali.

    More information.


    MAAY [QMA] 500,000 to 1,000,000 (1992). 700,000 to 1,500,000 including the Digil dialects or languages. Southern Somalia, Gedo Region, Middle and Lower Shabeelle, Middle and Lower Jubba, Baay, and Bakool regions. Alternate names: AF-MAAY TIRI, AF-MAAY, AF-MAY, AF-MAYMAY, RAHANWEEN, ********* . Dialects: AF-HELLEDI. Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Somali.

    More information.


    MUSHUNGULU [XMA] 20,000 to 50,000 (1992). Southern Somalia, Jamaame District of Lower Jubba Region, centered in Jamaame District, and some in urban areas in nearby Kismaayo and in Muqdisho. Alternate names: KIMUSHUNGULU, MUSHUNGULI. Classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Benue-Congo, Bantoid, Southern, Narrow Bantu, Central, G, Zigula-Zaramo (G.30).

    More information.


    OROMO, BORANA-ARSI-GUJI [GAX] Gedo Region. Alternate names: SOUTHERN OROMO. Dialects: BORANA (BOORAN, BORAN). Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Oromo.

    More information.


    SOMALI [sOM] 5,400,000 to 6,700,000 in Somalia (1991). Population total all countries 9,472,000 to 10,770,000. Alternate names: AF-SOOMAALI, AF-MAXAAD TIRI, COMMON SOMALI, STANDARD SOMALI. Dialects: NORTHERN SOMALI, BENAADIR, AF-ASHRAAF (ASHRAAF). Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Somali.

    More information.


    SWAHILI [sWA] 40,000 Baraawe in Somalia (1992). The Mwini live in Baraawe (Brava), Lower Shabeelle, and were scattered in cities and towns of southern Somalia. Most have fled to Kenya because of the civil war. The Bajun live in Kismaayo District and the neighboring coast. Dialects: MWINI (MWIINI, CHIMWIINI, AF-CHIMWIINI, BARWAANI, BRAVANESE), BAJUNI (KIBAJUNI, BAJUN, AF-BAJUUN, MBALAZI, CHIMBALAZI). Classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Benue-Congo, Bantoid, Southern, Narrow Bantu, Central, G, Swahili (G.40).

    More information.


    TUNNI [TQQ] 20,000 to 60,000 (1992). Lower Shabeelle and Middle Jubba regions, Dhiinsoor, Baraawe, and Jilib districts. Alternate names: AF-TUNNI. Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Somali.

    More information.

  2. This is utter nonsense. There is no map that could objectively present the geographical location of somali tribes. A small geographical area in somalia is populated by a cocktail of tribes. The map shown above contains only a few "tribes".


    You can't compare a tribe with a sub-tribe which is the case with the above map.


    Show me an average somali town where there is a single "tribe".


    The so called 4.5 formulae does not represent somali tribes. It is made of proxy tribes, historical BS, hear-says and does not consitute the reality.


    Caaqil bro you just cant dismiss what people are trying to learn and call it BS. Im sorry but if you havent got anything to say then perhaps you shouldnt say anything. Some of us are trying to learn something here and yes there are clans that are the majority in each region and Im not talking subclans in this case. Ofcouse people have moved around agreat deal as most nomads do but then again there are claims to geographical regions as indicated by the MP's selected in each area. For your information right now the Somali parliament is based on Clans and should be seen as it is.


    If you have an alternative to the above 4.5 then perhaps you can tell us what you think rather than come with such knee jerk and shallow response.


    Oh by the way we only have one tribe and that is somali. However, we do have a cocktail of clans spread all over. tnx

  3. Thanks for your responses especially the above brother who has managed to find agrid for the different regions and the people thought to live in those areas. I believe the above grid was structured by a foreigner. It would also be great if people who have vastly travelled throughout the country to come up with information whatever it is. If possible name the different MPs in exile chosen to represent these regions.

  4. I have been thinking alot about what Somalia's regional divides are like. I would like to know where every clan happens to be living and who claims which region. It would be great if any of you who well conversant to take part in this exercise as it would show who is who and where interms of region and land. The reason for this is bse one I have no clue who lives where and who claims what. We already have more than 296 memebers of parliament. So would this mass of MPs be representing us all and where would you put them on the map. So please for those of you who know please try and share what you know if not draw and mark the map according to regional claim and ofcouse stick on the representatives.


    After the above exercise we can see who does what and where. The power they wield interms of support too.


    Please no fanfaan nor durbaan tuumis just bare facts.



  5. personally i don't want to strike him everytime we have disagreement.
    Another think, woman can be violent in relationships to
    ...look at me.

    Hmmm somebody is pulling our unsuspecting legs here. The above just gives it away. I do believe if its a she then its made up but I have this sneaky feeling that this aint even a sister....

  6. So far I have been an observer and can only say that observations are good as you often get to understand the psyche of the people and the individual way of thinking. If there are any mistakes made by the Arabs by improving their environment and inviting foreign investments to bolster their economy which apparently only depended on fossil oils, then kudos’ to them. They are doing what’s best for them and not for us Somalis. We shouldn’t meddle in other peoples businesses and maybe we should look closer to home than moan about what is of no great importance. To discuss issues of ok but to keep on ostracizing people of their success and wealth is way too narrow minded.


    They deserve to find other means of investments and if that means making it a tourist heaven or modern American colony so be it as long as their citizen’s standard of living and religion aren’t interfered with or undermined. They deserve all the success that can come their way. As for people being treated badly, this happens in every society wherever one goes; there are always victims and poor people who are treated like badly. First responsibility of the Arab Sheikhdom is to its own people (Arabs) then to others. It’s their money to do as they wish and see fit.


    We Somalis love what is westernized ourselves and you just have to look at the pride and jubilations that come about a result of holding a western passport coupled with the free education that is passed on to us without any cost and degrees that many here are so proud of. Now why people like Smith embrace this and yet get so mad about others enjoying the same privileges that you enjoy in your home (West)? Why are we so ready to point the finger all the time when we don’t even have the right to do so? After all we are like termites we damage everything that we come across and molest anything that’s good and turn it upside down. Why cant we seek knowledge and learn to be truly proud of what we can achieve rather than carry on eith this false pride that is only good for those who can talk and write and short in action. We won’t act but we would want to be at the forefront of that mirage that covers our minds with false illusions and pride. Why can’t we put our money where our mouths are.


    Subconsciously we seem to think we are a success but in reality where do we stand?


    We can only learn from our mistakes and not from pointing out others faults and failures. Well almost...

  7. Ok how do u know they were not being bothered since u seem to assume they were not? You saying you know what is happening to them? Dont you think you are assuming too?


    By the way this not meant to be aping pong....I would rather not get into silly arguments here as you seem to be hell bent on doing just that.....so lets just say this would be ma last response to you.

  8. Now thats more like it ....you have started discussing rather than criticising which is agood thing.


    Hmmm Now I will show you why Im assuming bro...


    1103823964205.jpg Do you see the bald guy? Does he look like he is comfortable to you?


    All we can both go on are assumptions my friend. Neither of us knows what really happened there. Besides you did ask us what we thought did you?

  9. Sweet Gal first of all you better get your facts right and don’t base your arguments on I think or maybes like you said here…


    “Who ever said this I think it was a moderator or maybe not but whoever it was.......I re-read your post and I don’t see anywhere that you corrected other nomads at all. All you have asked for was other nomad’s opinion and OG_Girl stated hers. If you didn’t like it, you should have kept your mouth shut. My opinion on the post is simple, those who prayed on the plane, have very little knowledge about Islam and no further comments needed.



    The whole point of posting stuff on hear is to get responses and when you don't agree you argue cause if everyone agreed..... , sometimes people's knowldege of things make other people learn new things and broaden their views on things. So there's no reason that Action Jackson should shut up if he didn't like what O.G girls said...â€

    It would be advisable for you to quote who said that rather than just say 'I think it was amoderator who said …..For that would be a misquotation


    If you read carefully the whole thread, you would realize that it wasn’t me who wrote the above but Justcause.


    I believe one needs to understand what the topic is all about and try to stick to answering what is at hand than pick on users. You should talk about what you think of praying in public and what you think about it and not preach us on about what prayers are all about. I believe we happen to be all good Muslims and surely do our best to comply with what Allah asks of us as believers. I also know that one shouldn’t impose their views on others but agree to disagree wherever possible. And being someone who prays 5 times, that would mean respect and tolerance.


    Prayers are important yes but we have also been given other options when it isn’t right to pray in certain situations i.e. when traveling and in the above case, we are asked if its right to pray in public or not. The above gentlemen could have opted for praying in their seats rather than make others leave their seats probably under some duress. Islam is away of life and we do have solutions to almost anything everything. We believe that when there is no water you can do your ablution with sand and when traveling, its acceptable to pray while seated or salat safar however, in the above picture, no one took that option and in away its inconveniencing the travelers however, if they requested them kindly then that would be ok.


    I believe sweet gal didn’t read most of what Michael Jackson wrote about OG and little did she know that a few of his posts where edited due to the unwelcome nature and tone of his posts which included racist tones and hate for Arabs and this where directed to OG. As a matter of fact he was the one who spreading poison around about Arabs and how OG was a 4th class slave. The topic that should have been about prayers in public was turned upside down and it assumed atone of hate and people being called unislamic for their opinions and response. That’s what OGirl was reacting to and not the topic itself.


    And when she said

    “If you want to hear your self no need to post in public , stand front of the mirror and keep reciting it like Quraan.â€

    That was a figure of speech rather than attacking the quraan as you so solemnly put it.


    So I would suggest you all get back on track and discuss the topic rather than bite each others heads off. Otherwise I would have no choice but to delete the whole topic.

  10. If you want to hear your self no need to post in public , stand front of the mirror and keep reciting it like Quraan.

    Bro Im not trying to disrespect you in anyway whatsoever but isnt this just a figure of speech rather than what you call unislamic?? Or are you just trying to make amountain out of a stone here?


    How does the above quote attack the Quraan bro? Ofcouse one can stand infront of amirror and recite the quraan. Something wrong with that?

  11. Man do you really understand what is unislamic? Common now commenting on what people think of praying in public isn’t anti-Islamic. You called for responses regarding the above topic...however, the objections of what the users say don’t necessarily make them unislamic. You obviously want to place them in groups as noted by your response instead of concentrating on the topic which is whether the above is acceptable Islamic ally. In Islam, when traveling you can pray in any format that the Allah has offered us. It does not necessarily mean you inconvenience people regardless of what they are. I’m not saying that what they are doing is wrong but we do have other options....


    You on the other hand are doing what is likely not to be Islamic and that is character assassination and trying very hard to make the Arab world a laughing stalk. So when talking about Islam, you should behave accordingly and not try to divide and make others seem to be lesser of Muslims than you are.


    This is a discussion and should remain just that and yes I do know the rules here and anything above is contrary to what they say.

  12. First of its not so nice to keep generalising rather than talk about your own experiences. Secondly, try not to be so animated in your responses and just attack rather than talk about praying in public. Your responses are of aggressive nature and aimed at attacking a user here rather than what you have experienced being a so called expatriate.


    Hey my fellow users what is this if it isnt apersonal attack on a user...


    you will do everybody here a big favor if you stick to brown nosing your Arab masters rather than spewing your ignorance left and right in SOL because you evidently you haev as much knowledge of islam is as my grandmother has of rocket sceince....

    Now do you really think the person you directing the above to is a slave and so damn..... common bro stop your uncalled for insults.



    Would you all kindly refrain from being rude to each other and just discuss......cant we all just get along and discuss in the right spirit.

  13. I believe a discussion is not about personal attacks but rather discuss the topic at hand. Im tempted to get rid of any topics that seem like getting out of hand from now on. So anyone who thinks they are above the policies of this website should be bare in mind that personal attacks of any format wouldnt be tolerated.

  14. Zla there is no such thing as 100%. Perhaps you an alien to the footballing scene.....every good footballer needs acheck up and I would suggest you get one ASAP :D


    Oh by the way what do you see in this rat looking fella with stamps all over his face icon_razz.gif


    768290-navy.jpg Now this is going to be the training kit


    As for the boots 308234-102.jpg

  15. Champions League: Last 16 draw




    The draw for the Champions League was held at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland on Friday December 17 at 11.00 GMT.


    Pot One: AC Milan, Arsenal, Bayer Leverkusen, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lyon, Monaco.


    Pot Two: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, FC Porto, Liverpool, Manchester United, PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid, Werder Bremen


    Teams from the same country cannot be drawn against each other. The group winners (Pot One) will play the first leg away from home against a runner-up (Pot Two).


    First Leg: Tuesday, February 22, 2004


    Real Madrid v Juventus


    Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen


    PSV Eindhoven v Monaco


    Bayern Munich v Arsenal




    First Leg: Wednesday, February 23, 2004


    FC Porto v Inter Milan


    Barcelona v Chelsea


    Manchester United v AC Milan


    Werder Bremen v Lyon




    Second Leg: Tuesday, March 8, 2004


    Inter Milan* v FC Porto


    Chelsea v Barcelona


    AC Milan v Manchester United


    Lyon v Werder Bremen




    Second Leg: Wednesday, March 9, 2004


    Juventus v Real Madrid


    Bayer Leverkusen v Liverpool


    Monaco v PSV Eindhoven


    Arsenal v Bayern Munich




    *Inter Milan v Porto will take place on Tuesday March 15.

  16. Man U V AC Milan and Chalsea V Barca are two games to reckon with. The Samba boy against the Ivorian....wonder who would be still smiling this time.... smile.gif


    Oh as for Arsenal could just be the chance they needed to get into the finals. So guys dont hold your breath.

  17. Well Im ready to kick some balls if anything Zla...oh btw Roko has just landed the best job of physiotherapist and guess who would or wouldnt enjoy that :D


    North did you say two balls.....u only got to legs mate if not and half but wonder you gonna kick anything ... :eek:


    BOB not to worry...Im sure I can defend as well as I talk .....n anyone who gets in ma way would be something like "if you miss the balls dont miss the base"

  18. North hehehheheh U must be dreaming my friend. If there is anyone going its Liverpool especially since they are now being tortured by the likes of Portsmouth and the likes.


    The only two teams that are likely winners are the ones you think are already out. Dream on son