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  1. “We are hypocrites who support the govt and regimes that punter to the whims of the west? The ones so ever ready to dissect people of the same faith based on minor differences?â€

    Yep and she’s one of them remember and she’s playing the card of divide and dissect.


    She’s a mouth piece for deviated Muslims who no longer happen to be practicing the faith but want to bring in through the back door what the Catholic Church has thus been fighting (Gay priests and lesbians)


    This has everything to do the woman ideals, her writings and what she advocates for which in this case giving Islam and anyone who believes a bad rap. You have to remember too that she’s indirectly appealing to the young Muslims in the west who have no clue as to what Islam is all about and through misrepresentation. Her writings and speeches are geared towards misleading and misrepresenting. It appears that the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father has engendered in her nature a state of rebelliousness. In her book she labels the Qur’an as a bundle of contradictions. Her opinion appears to have been based on her very superficial knowledge of the Qur’an. I am amazed to note that she flaunts her deviate sexual orientation so openly and so boldly.


    Infact a critic from the west (Jordy Cummings) describes her and

    “The fact is that Manji is a fraudulent opportunist not a feminist or a secularist, but a confused little bourgeois with an axe to grind, who had been used by the Israel lobby against the beliefs she professes to have.â€

    So the trouble here is not Islam but her as a person who has very superficial knowledge that she apparently disseminates in the wrong manner backed by a lobby that wants Islam’s downfall including pretenders like her.

  2. An "Operation Ijtihad" supported and sponsored by the West? How many people does she expect to go along with the idea of 'the West' coming into their religious lives and telling them everything they believe in is wrong? A well known lesbian publishing under the umbrella of being associated with Muslims who are totally different character from what she believes in. The only reason for publishing such hateful book is to try and influence the young who may think that Islam doesn’t allow for free thinking. If she didn’t publish under the guise of bashing Islam, then it wouldn’t be controversial, nobody would ever bother to buy her books, she wouldn't get much publicity, fame, money, or excitement! Nobody would care who she is and what she said. She is a born hypocrite and at heart she’s worse than what her tongue reveals against Islam. She speaks without knowledge and only caters for what the west calls free thinking which is an art used by gay feminists in the west. Cry me a river or what. What I can’t seem to comprehend is if she so loathes Islam and its teachings, why doesn't she just find another suitable religion that caters for what she’s trying to find? That is a great 'independent thought.' Why does she stick with this one, in which the very Holy Book itself tells its followers to do things and believe in things that she finds repugnant? Why would she continue to embrace a religion that will never accept her for what she is (being gay and blasphemous.


    (2:13) When it is said to them: "Believe as the others believe:" They say: "Shall we believe as the fools believe?" Nay, of a surety they are the fools, but they do not know.

    (2:14) When they meet those who believe, they say: "We believe;" but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say: "We are really with you: We (were) only jesting."

    Subhanallah! How beautiful Quran reveals their hearts.

  3. Im 100% behind Liverpool now as they go into this draw. I believe that this their best chance of winning the European championship as Milan are now dragging their feet and seem to be tired. The have so far been beaten by Juve and this was after coming from 3 down to 3>3.


    Go Liverpool.....

  4. and for those of you who can't find a seat, do not hesitate to get in touch with a stewardess who will explain how to fasten yourself to your suitcase."

    Enchanting and funny.. :D what a tickler...tnx

  5. Yes bad performance, yes we didn’t play the game that is now become synonymous with the scintillating football and yes we couldn’t play because United wanted kickboxing rather than flowing football.


    When we play so well and miss out on a lot of chances we usually lose but now that we played badly and won, it’s much more satisfying though the standard wasn’t what it should have been.


    We were lucky and losing the cup was due to united talking their chances and the ingenious of Lens Lehman.


    Should give Wenger something to think about over the break. We need a right winger who attacks from the right as most of our attacking comes from the left.


    Personally Edu is a player I would keep for the midfield as he is brilliant unfortunately though he is leaving.


    Looking forward to another grand season and this time with a full squad made of young stars.

  6. We are finishing the season in blistering form and have sent a clear signal to Chelsea that, although deposed as Champions, Arsenal will be back strongly next season and the Blues must aware that it wont be a walk in the park as it has been in the past season where they sneaked through unnoticed. I hope that the scintillating form that we are in now make ManU see stars rather the ball…




  7. Very Sad indeed. Prejudices based on such silly things like clan is the cancer that’s eating away at the Somali society and should be rooted out. We should all fight this with the vigour to stamp out this cancer. Bigots will always be bigots and like any bigots in any society i.e. KKK and others around the world. They have no place in society and will never win.

  8. Nothing wrong with sharing a strange site though looking at the site and after mulling over the contents the word ****** comes to mind. But hey perhaps ones way to prove that when we assimilate we sure fly rather than walk.

  9. The game was amazing and Chalsea got ataste of its own medicine which is always score one or two goals and defend all the way. Im afraid Lpool did the same to them and now Muhooohoooo knows what it feels like. I love the result but boy was the last Gud shot almost gave me a heart attack and I can just imagine what the real Lpool fans felt like.


    Well done to Lpool......Im sure they can take on AC Milan without aproblem esp. after last nights perfomance against PSV. I would have been worried had it been PSV but AC! Naaaa Donkeys I tell ya.

  10. What is missing is coordination. In this day and age Somalis all over the world should have coordinated these protests around the world so that they could more of an impact than what has happened so far. Just imagine a day of protests all over the world at every Saudi Embassy.


    Oh by the way the Canadian weather sucks.. :rolleyes:

  11. Knowing the kind of culture we come from and the way we pre-judge people, the guy deserves a medal for being able to come out and speak about this horrible disease that many hide and are unable to talk about just because you would have nothing but negative vibes from most brothers and sister who think this doesn’t exist.


    A little education can show you that AIDS is not only caused by Sex but also anything to do with needles that not sterilised and shared among many who happen to be into drug. It should also be known that when you happen to be ill and happen to be in a hospital that isn’t sanitised or blood products not checked well, then chances are you could get infected through blood transfusion. You may even get it from a doctor/dentist treating you for your ailments. So let’s not be hasty and first of all learn that there are many people out there who have never even met women or men for sexual favours as most would think.


    I believe it’s important to learn what the causes are and ofcouse help out the brothers and sisters who are suffering as this may not be something they ever contemplated of getting. Anyone who suffers should be given the support needed and we should pray that it never happens to us least of all when it happens to someone who is innocent enough not to know where it came from or how it happened.


    The brother should be thanked for being open minded and for having the guts to be the example many have coward from.

  12. My deepest condolences, to OG family for losing their dad...


    May Allah SWT help & guide you through these difficult times..


    Just cherish the memories, and in our heart they live forever.


    May Allah SWT give you (and also all of your family) special light within your souls, give you hope, faith and courage...



  13. I am a firm believer that true love is not and has never been measured by the number of children that a woman has. I stand by the firm beliefs that love is a gift from Allah that should be shared by all. I have never limited my search to a woman with no children. In fact, I have a great deal of respect for a woman having the courage to maintain deep strength of keeping her children together in a loving home without the assistance of a man.

    As for the brother, one shouldn’t even try to analyse his motives rather bless him for even thinking of the prospect of taking on the responsibility of looking after the kids and ofcouse sharing the mother’s life. She would certainly benefit from a relationship from a man who is single and has no baggage. For one he could be a true Muslim for wanting to do what is right by her and in Allah’s eyes. Secondly he may be in love with the lady and her kids. Where the question of children arises, he will only marry another woman because she is presently disabled in some way from having any kids for him due to either the biological clock no longer ticking or perhaps if she so feels like not adding to her burden. Either way it’s their decision to make one way or other.

    As a Muslim, marrying a single mother and helping her raise her kids is not only gutsy in this day and age but also has plenty of thawaab. Allah is merciful and will bless any man who goes a step further and marries the single parent. Let’s not forget how Islam feels about a man who marries a single mom. Unfortunately sometimes Islam is not the only issue, the responsibility that he has to carry is also a factor not to be taken lightly. I would like to believe that when you love someone that feeling can overcome everything but that would be like living in a dream world created and based on feelings and only feelings. Cause lets not forget; every Muslim men needs a Muslim women and every Muslim women needs a Muslim men to complete there lives. But Allah swt knows best.

  14. For your perusal.....and ofcouse share your wisdom too if you may. This is an article that brings to attention what maybe the cause of underdevelopment when it comes to science and development. There afew facts here that rise an eyebrow for those who want to know reasons as to why science and developments arent taking off.


    In the Middle East for example, people live in a fantasy world where they have been coddled and pampered by the West like a spoiled child who never has to struggle for anything but has everything handed to him. Just as the child loses his connection to the reality of having to make choices in order to live a productive and fulfilling life, so the Mideast has lost its connection to the consequences of the ideas they hold - death and destruction. The only thing the Mideast produces is oil and the West sends billions of dollars in aid thereby propping up regimes that are antithetical to our interests and safety. However, Arabs did not even know what oil was before European and American oil companies arrived to discover and develop it. Then in our benevolence we handed it over to them (to this day there are hundreds of westerners helping them manage the oil production) and now we pay to import it.

    For the full article read below:


    why Islam is backward when it comes to science.

  15. All the misgivings and stereotypes are coming out of the closet. Atleast the last poster said that she doesnt trust the women hence the men being moreless the same. smile.gif


    Personally its on a person to person level depending on their merits and demerits. I tend to approach it like when designing a database and drawing the Entity diagram. Based on the best ways to meet my needs and hers ;)

  16. Genealogical lines of descent are taught to children from an early age. The family clan history is told and retold throughout life, including its relations with other clans. The family will maintain their bias without thinking of its consequences. Chances are that the children will take after their parents’ paranoia and segregative nature without really thinking for themselves. All said would be taken on a wholesale manner and at some stage the same sick beliefs will be past on to the children and they would never correct it either despite knowing it’s wrong to do so. I personally I’m not at ease with the way we treat our Somali brothers and sisters belonging to the midgan clan if it so happens to be a clan. The caste mentality is a sick one and is still important to many unashamed Somalis even in communities abroad.


    To be a Midgan-Madibhan, or an outcaste person, in Somali society is to suffer life-long indignities, to be deemed impure, unlucky, sinful, polluting, and thus meriting the disdain, avoidance, and abuse of others. Even small children shout insults at both child and adult Midgans. Many Midgans have been denied food, medical treatment, and protection just because of their outcaste status by many other Somalis. The only other groups in Somali treated similarly are the Jareer and Bantu descendants of slaves brought from East Africa over a century ago.


    Midgans have been beaten brutally, wounded, raped, kidnapped, and forced into slave and unpaid labor just because of their outcaste status. They have no weapons, allies or lands that they control and can escape to.


    Its time we should recognize that these practices are barbaric and out of touch. Time we fought for our brothers and sisters and made sure no one ever said anything bad or negative about them as they are not only our brothers and sisters but also Muslims who should enjoy the privileges all Somalis do enjoy.

    May Allah forgive us all for being silent onlookers and spectators to their odeals.

  17. They often say in the west that Refugees are a drain on a countries resources as they take welfare and dont often work but to many somalis this has been a transition period and a learning process about the new environments. Today we see all kinds of small businesses springing up from all corners of where they happen to live in this western world. Suffice to say that most of these businesses are still in their infant stages. There is obviously alot to learn and improve on ways of going about asuccessful business in cosmopolitan cities like London and Mineapolis.


    What fascinated me most was the fact that the increase in their numbers in places like Lewington was somehow creating adifferent kind of niche for many goat herders. One of the staple foods for somalis happens to be goat meat and diary. Im not so sure about the later but it could just much be an acquired taste. Below is an article that shows that Somali presence in that part of the world looks to be creating alot of interest where goat farming is concerned and this inturn creates jobs for not only the somalis but the farmers in the area hence their presence being ablessing in disguise for the dwellers of that city.


    Please read on....

  18. Im sorry for her luck of originality but at the sametime would add that she deserved what happened to her. May she rot in Jail for what she intended to do. If the husband was falsely convicted this guy would be in Guantanamo for something he never did for years to come. Luckily enough, the British tend to do justice through thorough investigations. Most civilised people talk about personal issues and not resort to jungle tactics that tend to backfire like it did in this case.