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  1. Hibo I feel ashamed of that little bity,tiny misunderstanding we had b4...but its all a thing of the past. I must admit.......u have hit the target sis..........allah ha ku daayo.......I always believed that when it women having power within their societies. the girls-n-blue have got the power,its a well known fact that somali women rule the homes of somali families,the mans job stops when he enters the front door,from there,that very brutal,tough nomad somali father becomes a fellower of the man behind the scene the real master who controls the finance and information within that family..don't underestimate the power of the somali mother..she might look poor,oppressed,kept and abused....but its not quite her....the somali mother is the backbone of the somali family...having the right to voice her opinion and in most cases inforce it......it might seem like father Cabdi is running the show but thats how it looks like from an ouside look.. The somali mother is pretty much incharge of everything.....from money-managing to external family affairs..... the father is just a figure.......he is there to be supportive.....but she doesn't expect very much from him....the final decision is her's and her's only. isn't it ironic how manful our fathers look when its our mothers who do all the work behind his shadow... most somali men know better than to argue with or abuse their women...u will always have the few idiotic ones who chew and beat their wives.....but in general terms....I have seen more abused somali men than I saw abused somali women.. and this reinforces my old theory that if feminism had a home its somalia.....where men r allusioned into thinking they're the masters of women when on the contrary its the other way around. Arawelo is a clear example....she lived among men...ruled men...mutilated their private parts....give me one single white or or one of these so-called Western-Feminists who can claim to have done anything similair? all they appear to have acheived after 30 years of feminism is to have the right to bare their breasts in public lol allah doqonsanaa ........while in Africa,Specifically Somalia women have their own militia lol...
  2. first of all...can I come in? I guess am not welcome because of my gender.....but I must agree with every single word Hibo wrote....u go girl tell it like it is girlsfriend............maybe if u somali women stop making those darn delicious laxoox's and quit playing Turub with ur Kusbands after dark lol ....may be then and only then we can have a peaceful country.. no need to throw me out.....I know where the Al-baab is
  3. is it the Jaber-bashing session at the somalionline???...or could it be the same ol'unregistered chick waging a hidden war at me?! whatever the hell u r lady.....what u think of me is as irrelevent as one of my used shoe's....I wear em.......abuse em......and then kick em to the curb....thats how important ur self-professed opinion is to me little xaliimo........and by the way have I demanded u read my post's?........am entitled to my own god damn opinion....u don't like it..oh well tough luck.. just don't be running around trying to paint me with one of ur dirty brush's(am sure u have plenty of that).....now,sister Nimco asked an innocent question,Naag-Qaawan did't mind if I elaborate on the meaning of PMS......what is worng with that????????? I didn't attempt to disrespect the sister in anyway....I answered the quetion to the best of my knowledge! now,what part of ur body is itching for Jaber??...........listen little girl....PMS is a natural thing and women between the ages of 13-40 do experience it once a month and they bleed from 3-5 days.......am not sure if u r suffering from post-PMS syndrome or what but don't take it out on me!!
  4. Hamida why is my point of view idiotic??...and on the other hand Mr.Cowboy Steve Austin's copy&paste is intlectually beyond belief?!!.. few words from a gaalboy and y'all r overcomed with joy&happiness??! look little xaliimo-came-lately u got the hots for Steve?......leave Jaber out of it!.......don't use me as an excuse to get to him... I've seen ten's like u come&go.....apparently u r no different from the rest..........just pass me by lady will ya?
  5. MNkid am not dissing him bro.....u see there is this thingy called humor!....find out about it.. EX-Dhilo-n-Proud of it can u read english???........read absorb then open ur exhausted big mouth!!.
  6. ilayn Geeljire waa Geeljire lol(just kidding waryaa) have u heard of the saying"u can take the Geeljire out of the hawd but u can never take the hawd out of the Geeljire" this is so true in ur case...........I didn't say anything offensive to the sister......nor have I insulted her in anyway.......u Geeljire people take things out of the Caano Geel concept lol
  7. of all of the somali songs....there is one when I listen to xididada jidhkayga kaga dhaq dhaqaajisa....here r the few lyrics I still remember haduu beerko qaybsamo badh baan adi ku siin lahaa wadnahayga bidixdana waan kuu bedeli lahaa kaagana waan la bixi waa booli dhiiguyee.....kaa la maa baqayleene nafta laba bahood noqon badhkaagaan ku siin lahaa iyo hadaad cabayso bisinkaan ku dari lahaa faataxana waa kuugu dari lahaa ilaah waxan baryaa aduunyada baraariyo farxad inaad ku waartiyoo aakhirana bishaariyo janada inaad ku baaridaa -------------------------------------
  8. Naag-Qaawan u have stressed the point beyond belief....thumps up WorldVisionChild r u an orphan? well,anyway......I have a question for ya since u won't be caught dead wearing that thin see through diric.......is it okay as to speak for u to wear a tight mini skirt? another thing......am not asking u to wear diric in public nor am I asking somali boys to wear macawiis outdoors.....am simply asking u to wear normal,casual cloths....not this hip-hop menia.
  9. listen up u bone-head called star I'm not at all shocked to read ur narrow-minded,psychotic caqli lix saac as hibo said.. yibir's r human-beings just like the rest of us........atleast they didn't take up arms and kill their fellow neighbors......did u just woke up not too long ago and found out that u r a member of the reer jaamac waal community? well if thats the case.......goodluck with ur new founded identity as another haber jeclo nut case.......even though I had so many habr jeclo friends but I have yet to meet a sensible one who thinks before taking any actions! FYI trabalism is why we r here!!
  10. DixonNigga brother when r u going to get rid off the nigger part of ur name?!!......and what is so great about being a nigger? in one of the old dictionaries Nigger means the following.....Stupid creatures who can't think or don't think too well! r u proud of being called stupid?......even african-americans hate to be called niggers by whites and other races yet find it cool to yell nigga nigaa in public!! Dixon bro........I have respect for u and hate to see u losing ur sense of somalism ........we r from Africa,Somalia ...nigger is a term widly used by whites to further degrade blacks and what u r doing is helping em acheive their goals of dehumanizing Africans.
  11. qawdhanaw Jaber nin dhag u dhiga iskudirayaasha maaha I have my own mind to make up......haday naag-qaawan kugu daadisay sorry....too bad.....try the next one....maybe nimco? naag-qaawan how about if I say "invitation accepted"??? can the hot laxoox's warm me up?.......u know what they say"the proof of the pudding is in the taste"?.......therefore I have to taste it to believe in it! am I still a welcome visitor?
  12. Jaber


    habrjeclostaraw ninyaw cid kasta qolay ka dhalatay...saw waxaad garatay maaha.....adiga mooyaane cid kale oo forumkan magac qabiil ku soo gasha ma argtay? jawaabtu waa maya..........Hibo way kaa leedahay garta waayo waxay soo bandhigtay a logical arguement adna hebarjeclo ayaad ku meeraysanaysa,,,,,,,therefore she is points ahead of u.. Hibo, walaal run ahaan waan jecelahay hablaha dhiibta fikradooda iyo waxay arimaha ka qabaanba,,,,,u have an unqueationable right to ur opinion....in this case we disagree on this particular issue....but it doesn't mean we've become to the end of the road.....no hard feelings from my part... ------------------
  13. Naa Hibo, thumbs up....now this is a poem one can relate to....not that black nonsense.....anyway soomaalidu waa sunta ayaxa and u know it markaa ha la yaabin qawdhan iyo kan la baxay habarjeclo star.....waad argtaa oo shaadh qabiil ayuu xidhay isaga xagaa ku parking'garee Hibooy this time u have hit a home run.. xagaa ka wad dadaalka oo gabayada wadankeena iyo dadkeena ka sheekeeya soo qor ...take care
  14. Jaber


    Nimco allaw yaa u ku soo dhaweeya aan madaxa kaa dhunkadee waxaas baa habla ah I have been trying to install these simple words into their black,arab,amxaaro-loving brains........waar yaa muslin ah oo dadkan wax u sheega WE-HAVE-NOTHING-TO-DO-WITH-D.A.D.K.A.A.S..................they're different from us for Allahssake!!........why do u Somalis love to kiss the butt of every Matthew,Mohammed&Mike of this world!!? why do u all pretend to be what you're not? Somaliyeey sidan isu dhaama oo dadkan aad daba cararaysaan oo aad futada u salaaxaysaan iskaga hadha allah idin dhooriye
  15. Cabdi mind ur own business faduuliyahaw faduuli kale jirin lol Naag-Qaawan how about if I tell u that I prefer to go Dutch? would u happen to have a plan(B) to accomodate the geeljire?!........what do u have in store beside the laxoox and sabaayad knowing I can get em at any of my sister's houses? Oh before I forget........as little boy I remember my dear hooyo mentioning something about diric or googarad Tennis ah....yet again what do I know?am only a faarax!
  16. mid baan kaa ilaaway Nimcooy carabtuna waxay u taqaan"Al-Caada Al-Shahriya" I hope I was of help to u sister...
  17. waar hayaaay......hablayahaw kala fadhiista bal aan idin dhex dhexaadiye! Nimco maxaa dagaalkaba keenay maan anigu kuu jawaabo waa xagii naag qaawane........pms gaalado waxay u yaqaanaan "bloody Mary" soomaaliduna waxay u taqaan "calanka cas" lol wax faah faahin ah oo intaa ka badan dhinacayga waa edeb daro
  18. Steve,Who are the peace-loving people of the world u keep mentioning?......Uncle Sam? NaagQaawan oo sidaaso waa aynu isbaadh baadhano oo af carabi ah lol.....Naag-soo-shaqatagtay I don't mind buying u diric Tennis(I,believe it's of significance since I've heard it from hooyo gacaliso),googarad,garbasaar,malkhabad, oo what the hell fuudadna ku darso lol first. whats in it for the geeljire?.....don't take it persoanl...but a nomad is gotta protect his investments.
  19. Jaber


    Hibo Black iyo Baaha sorry I've been busy .....but here is what I have come across......we r what they call the HAMINTES...........got it the Hamites.... African people of caucasiond descent who occupy the Horn of Africa(chiefly Somalia and Ethiopia),the western Sahara,and parts of Algeria and Tunisia.They are believed to be the original settlers of N Africa.The Hamitic cradleland is generally agreed to be in Asia-perhaps Aribia or possibly an area farther east.The Hamites entered Africa in a long succession of migrations,of which the earliest may have been as far back as the end of the pluvial period.They are commonly divided into two great branches,Eastern and Northern.The Eastern Hamites comprise the ancient and modern Egyptians.the Beja,the Berberines,the Oromo,the Somali,the Dankil,and most Ethiopians.The Nothern Hamites include the Berbers of Cyrenaica,Tripolitania,Tunisia,and Algeria,the berbers of Morocco;the Tuareg and Tibu of the Sahara;the Fulbe of Western Sudan;and the extinct Guanche of the Canary Islands. I also recommend a book titled"Black spark White fire"by Richard Poe a half Mexican half Jew writer.. Baaha walaal understand me........I have nothing against dadkan madow it's just that we r two different people......color doesn't mean a darn thing.people change evolve!...kala af....waynu ka dhaqan duwanahay .......dadkan shaqa iskumalihine ha u nacamlaynin inan yar oo ku kurtay FUBU clothing kuna riyoota Ja Rule iyo shaydaan baas
  20. Naa Naag-Qaawan I quote u said"I think that woman deserved t" and "if their women r being seen half naked they should be killed with rocks"!! isn't this a bit too hypocritical coming from NAAG QAAWAN herself? l can we all pool in and buy naag qaawan a nice diric or perhaps a googarad so she can escape the stoning to death punishment next time a Taalibaan sees her naked lol
  21. Jaber

    Finally a Nomad

    hang in their Bullet and ur turn shall arriveonly if u r still alive! geelihii iyo banaanadii hawd'baa ee yeedhaya
  22. Naag-Qaawan allah dumaraw khalyaaliga iyo been beenta jecelidiin hablayahaw hadmaad guursan doontaan is the name of a riwaayad lol question to the sisters.....how come every xaliimo wants the same qualities in Mr.Right?.....aren't we all individual's? have ur own standards ....don't let the society dictate it to u my dear xamiilooz....or else u can wait until the Weather-Girl's arrive and annonce at half past ten IT..IS..RAINNING..PERFECT-MEN
  23. another Araweelo u must be kidding! yeah right.....another one and we all will be walking on two legs just like our female counterparts...
  24. Nowaal Daahir our most respected American citizen on nomadland lol if I showed u some naxariis u will be walking all-over me by now lol.......just kidding......don't take things personal(I know u women do!)......let's just exchange Idea's in a civilized atmosphere...but indeed I know how u women think.....and tahts why I tend to be a little harsh on u softies!