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  1. four top women fantasies lol 1-nin qurux leh 2-nin wax bartay 3-nin lacag leh 4-nin diin leh
  2. Steve Austin it looks like u got plenty of time on ur hands buddy! whatever she was the thought of that woman chopping off men's private parts makes me cripple.....can u believe that ?!!
  3. Jaber


    Qawdhan lol allaw yaa hawd ku wada celiya amiiiiin dheh Baaha Don't sell me this we r all black BS....cause aint buying the xaar......we Somalis,Ethiopians,Egyptians r called the Afro-Asiatic race.....a mixture of both worlds....it is interesting that we r discussing this...let me do a little more research on the subject and I will get back to u soon..
  4. am happy to become a nomad.....back to life back to reality...thats what may forefathers did for a living.....and I intend to carry their lagacy......if god wills I'll go back home and reclaim my camels and my place between the real nomads oneday inshalallah.
  5. Jaber


    Hibo illaahay ha kuu sahlo nayaa.........u somali chicks have ceased to amaze me long ago......wallaahay at times I wonder if u lot have any maskax at all?!! what is this black&proud cause u r wasting ur time on?.....r u a neo-black-panther?....Xaliimo if what u need is to get closer to one of the BIG(physically speaking) BUT small(mentally) BROTHERS am pretty happy with my somali nationality,my sense of being a nomad. I don't need to sompare myself to some black nut who always whines about the-man(the white-man)trying to hold him down.....but when he gets the opportunity to successed he much rather sleep under a tree,eat a banana and hunt ***** for a living!! do us all a favor and move ur garbage to where it's needed. to one of em websites....may I suggest a few? blackplanet.com blackvoices.com bet.com blackwebportal.com and am sure u'll fine ur potential brother there..........as for this site.......like my somali brother Qawdhan put it best we r G.E.E.L.J.I.R.A.Y.A.A.L
  6. oday biiqay please man Nowaal Daahir is an American......she is just here to educate us nomads about America.....go easy on the lost sister..... Nowaal between u&me.......come up with ur own stuff.......this was the main topic on one of the radio shows I listened to after the math....
  7. Jaber


    I hope am not intrupting ur black party!! sorry to be rude..but I've read this somewhere in one of these so-called black websites(yet owned by asians&Latin's)... Hibo....I've on so manu ocasions tried unsuccessfully to understand how the brain cells of some of you(YO in ebonics) functions! this is where I breath in&out without fellow nomads(geeddiyaasha or geeljirayaasah).......must I logon and see this balck crap been posted in every god damn somali website?!! if I wanted to socialize with the lost tribes of Africa..all I have to do is go to one of their sex-motivated sites and read the nonsense they write about blackism! ....these r the same people who kill eachother yet call one another A BROTHER!!! ....these creatures have no culture......no religion...belong to no color........ they don't like us Somalis period. I heard enough comments about my not so nappy hair.....my flat nose...and cute but no black looking face!..they often ask me if am an ARAB!! u see to em we r no blacks...........and to the arabs we r no arabs! can we just be SOMALIS&NOMADS for gods sake?!
  8. Naag-Qaawan put on some cloths woman... u r blinding me! Nuurto I still stand behind my theory regarding women.....u r no VULNERABLE...u women can take a thirsty guy to sea and bring him back searching for water!!
  9. there is nothing I despise more than a person trying too hard to hide his or her identity in search of another! young S-men runing around wearing baggy FUBU pants that r two to three sizes bigger than their actual waist size!? aint too sure about that nylon piece they strap around their heads looking idiotic yet thinking they're on top of the world! S-women r doing it too..those tight mini skirts aren't exactly a lady wear!..it's an open invitation to every guy to take a shot at ya wether u want him or not.. This thugish..nigga-wannabe..attitude needs to stop......we need to go back to basics....I once wore that same ol baggy jeans but at the same time knew when to let go of them! channel's like BET and websites like blackplanet are targeting a particular group the AFRO-AMERICANS..let's be reasonable us&them have very little in common apart from the black color factor!.....SO WHAT?.....are sri-lankan's black too!! the only thing that connects people and draws them closer together is CULTURE and thats about it. if we want to preserve our Somali identity we need to start acting like ones.
  10. Nuurto without knowing his side of the story I wouldn't judge neither of u.........I have lived to realize that whatever women say is quite the opposite from the truth(in most cases)...am sure ur Faarah has a story to tell.......anyway hope u a speedy recovery so u can get back to the hunting game!
  11. Nuurto who's taking advantage of who? since the creation of Xawo and u guys have one thing on ur minds.....u all r on one mission,,,,,which is to make the lives of Adam's a living hell!! now am not so sure about ur beauty ratings or I could've sworn u r one ugly woman who gives it away left&right to every hungry Adam who comes her way!? women have something we men would kill for!.......most women use it to their advantage.....but yet again there're few ugly women with a low self-esteem who would give it up from Hello!!