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  1. Even though I droped in to check on some friends I had to comment on this issue. First of all it is not the average Somalilander who bears the responsibility for whichever actions his government takes, it is rather president Kahin's poor judement. We as Somalilanders have an obligation towards those whom we share with common language and blood. Somalinimo a side, we also assume a human obligation to assist the less foutunate amongst us. This ill-advised decision taken by the government with no thorough consideration will only damage Somaliland's overall good reputation. Shame on the government not the peace loving :cool: people of Somaliland.
  2. I remember him as a child, H.E. visited our home , occasionaly, back then he was the Ambassador to the UAE. Early 80s before he left the diplomatic service to join the SNM movement. Indeed, this fine, human being will truly be missed just like his late brother, father of education Mahmud Ahmed Ali.. So long Tuur.
  3. Ilaahay Ha U Naxariisto CabdiRaxmaan Axmed Ali, Janadana Ha Ka Wraabiyo. I remember when H.E.
  4. Al'salaam Alykum, Where is everyone? I know its been a mighty long time since I visited this place or posted anything,but 'DAMN,'is there anyone out there who remembers me at least?!.A lot seems to have changed,too many unrecognizable names!few old timers left..I can hardly remember any to be honest.Heeeeeeeeh,the good old days are gone I guess. Si Kastaba Ha Ahaatee,not here to bring em days back am too grown to argue anymore,am back here searching for my old missing forumers I once debated with.High on the list is Lady Fatima(previously known as N.Q),Samiira,Barlin,Hibo,etc,... Please,if you do remember me,do send me a private message and let me know if u still a live&kicking :cool: ... Adios Amigos
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    Tell Why ????

    Soul-Lady A very good attempt to divert our attention from the consistant dagaal we find ourselves in. Baydan made a very good point,the 5am laxoox must be on top of the list lol!.Just kiddin lol I would say,when she comes over and hagaajis my place,washes my dirty dhar and iron 'em,but above all whenever she bakes this unusal cake exclusively 4 moi.Okay,okay I'll stop now b4 I start crying
  6. Divorce and Feminism go hand in hand!
  7. CommonNoneSense,Nop aint expecting u to attack a fly on the wall,but would love to know how u came up with all of these intelligent discoveries about me,my future-wife and my obsession with coffee(knowing am a tea-preson)and the donuts I don't even eat!?? R u Miss.Cleo by any chance?.. u know? the Jamaican psychic on TV??
  8. This thread is an insult to our brains,not too long ago there was a similar thread.
  9. I remember Marvin Gaye when he use 2 sing 4 me..He had me thinking that black was the thing 2 b!? It use 2 b black-n-proud nowadays it's black-n-blond lol.It's enough that we r burdened with all of these madow girls trying to b blond with blue eyes,now.This ugly habit is taking it's tol on the Somali community,what would ur ayeeyo think when she sees u wearing it?.The poor woman would probably think u've lost ur head along with ur hair!...Wahtever happened 2 our once Timo Dheer dumar??! Sista,just don't wear ur wig during daytime or else we'll have the Labis-Police give u a $800 ticket for traffic-hazards and disturbing the peace!
  10. Would it help if I said am a ex-londoner myself?
  11. Brother Yacquub no harm done bro,I was just shocked when u accused me of defying the words of Al-Jabaar,I can take any form of criticism but not that kind. U also failed to enlighten me with the Suura or Aaya in the Quran which tolerates or encourages bringging more children to the world when Muslim children around the world(that includes Somalia too) have nothing to eat or a place to sleep. I don't think it's fair for u and ur wife to have a ton of caruur when others r straving! As for when I wrote"if it was the will of ALLAH".Brother,do educate me and tell me what's wrong with it??? I'm not poking fun at wadaadada or (hating) on them,I simply tell it like it is,these good for nothing big-belly sheikhs r the ones who bring shame to Islam,lets examine Somali wadaads. Oneday on my way out of Salaat Al-Juma I saw a gathering of the so-called local wadaads in my area,one of them stopped me and started lecturing me about wearing a long pants and having a long hair(that was a while ago when I use to grow my hair long) and boy oh boy that guy he just wouldn't stop blabbering about my hair and pants.I mean I just came out of the mosque praying with the rest,but not having my pants short and having long hair was it for the wadaad!! I listened and listened as he went on and on and on about Al-Tashabuh Bil Kufaar he almost labeled me as a kaafir! Do u know what's the Xukum in Islam for someone who calles another Kaafir? or Takfiir for that matter? "Man Qaala Li Muslimin Kaafir Fa Huwa Kaafir" if u call a fellow Muslim Kaafir u become a kaafir yourself. And about the hair thing,most of these wadaads with their limited knowledge about Islam don't know that most of the Saxaaba Rithwaanu Alaahi Calyhim(including the Rasuul CSW) wore their hair to their shoulders. What do these wadaads do for Islam or to spread the words of ALLAH???? A big fat nothing I tell ya,they just sit on their fat asses in a air-conditioned mosque and preach about Jihaad!..Why don't they go for Jihaad and then expect us to join them?... If u ask me all they r good at is,eating food,filling up their big calools,and spending their nights chewing qaat or reading Quraan for the dead or the new-born at a rate of at least a $100,since when did reading Quran for Muslims became a job? Yacquub,I believe in in strong Islamic values and ur wadaad friends r very far from it since hair and pants and beard r their main concern. Have a nice day.
  12. Why do I find myself in total agreement with the opposite sex on this issue??!! Very weird indeed!? You all r right about onething,times have changed and youngwomen seem to be more enlightened and self-reliant nowadays,perhaps I exaggerated a little? Oh well,the generationX Canbarooz might be different,one needs to test the waters before swimming and that is exactly where am going with this topic. Don't get carried away and be defensive,explain yourselves like Hibo,Indho and Ameenah did.
  13. Yacquub, Where did I go against the words of ALLAH??!.Brother please u r the perfect example of a long-bearded short-sighted wadaads we see way too many of them running around in the Somali communities everywhere,I know ur type very well,u can't read the holy Quran, have very little knowledge about our beautiful religion yet so quick to pass judments on anyone who doesn't see things from ur narrow-minded prespective! You seef laboods r something else.Yacquub I have memorised the Quran(unlike 99% of u new-born-wadaads) read Hadiiths and memorised them too,Riyaath Al-Saalixiin from cover to cover ,spent 12 years through the scholl system of an Islamic state and was taught by knowledgable group of ppl. In short,I know the Diin inside out bro,unlike u and the rest of u guys-n- short pants when it comes to Islam I don't claim to be the knower of everything. Now,where have I contradicted myself??? Seef Labood Yacquub,only if u stop for a second and re-read my post? u'll find out that am actually not questioning the will of ALLAH Subxaanahu Wa Tacaalaa. Ignorants like u give the Islam a bad name. Barwaaqo Thanx walaalo I wish u the same only a mother.
  14. I presonally would prefer a woman who can't have children!!.This way u save alot on birth-control pills and condoms...And honestly speaking who wants to bring yet another innocent child to this god-forsaken,polluted& over-populated-planet of ours???? I sometimes ask myself if I really want to have children,why should I?.Some say because it's ALLAH's wish,then I'll demand they bring me the phrase in Al-Quran Al-Kariim that says it loud&clear we should have our own children,and on the other hand If it was ALLAH's wish for every one of us to have his/her child how come some of us can't have children??! It's more of human greed and selfishness(the everyone else is doing it why not me mentality). Even if she is so crazy about children,why not adopt one??.There're already millions of poor kids who need a helping hand,instead of making one take this one in and teach him or her as u wish. Beside,can u imagine having sex without the stress generated from if she'll get pregnant oneday,just the thought itself is so sweet and unbelievable!
  15. Caydiid waamaxay Buraanburkan aad wado? Waar raga ha ceebeyn buraanbur lahayne ka carar meesha Allah ku dooriyinwaaye Waa ninka yidhi sidii dumarkaan u buraanburayaa Walee Waa Aakhiro Al-Zamaankii la sheegi jirey
  16. Just as I expected some r ready to sweep generalization and lose track of the question in hand,case in point"Commonsense" this woman hadly knows me,yet she so mysteriously found out about my marital status??!!! CommonNoneSense You don't know me that well,even though it's none of ur business am a young Somali bachelor in his mid twenties(soon inshallah) unmarried and on top of that I don't like eating Donuts nor drinking coffee!!.So there falls ur mountain of assumptions to the ground!...A word of advice next time try and stick to the question in hand instead of waging a personal attack on the poster!? To the rest of u ladies....Thank u for making sense and also for not taking questions personal. Hibo&Indhodeeq You've made ur point and I must agree u women do wonders around the house(some of u do)...However,saying that men r a total failure before they get married is an absurd logic my dear,most of us do take good care of ourselves before marriage without the help of a xaliimo,we wash our cloths and iron them thank u very much...Most single Somali men who share homes do cook for themselves(who else do u think feeds them???)...About men being sexholics,oh please!..We all know u guys crave the stuff too how else can u explain the poster of Shemar Moore on ur wall or on ur girlfriend's???...The only difference is we men r straight forward about our "needs" and believe me they r not many like yours! As I wrote before all men want the same things and we want them on a regular basis,men have and will want three eternal things till we all meet our creater ALLAH, 1- Food(the closest way to a man's heart goes through his stomach). 2-Sex(lots of it,it's enough that we r banned from it for a whole damn week every month). 3We want you to leave us the hell alone after preforming the previous two tasks.No nagging no remote-control grabing. Baydan Walaalo,I admit to having a bloody past back in the old Somalinet,but again we all change and grow up am no longer that immature jerk some of u seem to always remind me of!!.I came along way from the days when I use to address women with certain qaab daran words,now am more careful in my selection of words.As far as being unique goes I believe we all r unique in some way or another,again most of us appear to be comfortable being followers rather than leading the crew to a save shore.I love each and everyone of u in a brotherly way(I know at times I might show it in a cruel way) but nontheless it's nothing but pure love. Honest questions deserve honest answers,I never mean to be mean,I call the shots as I see them.
  17. I spent sometime reading all of these new topics,alot has changed in a short period of time. However,onething never seem to change,that being "women's-want"...That ever-expanding list of "wants" and "needs' they always gotta have at any price!! Am not here to point the finger at anyone or involve myself in an endless war between the sexes,but can I get an honest answer from some of u ?(or is it too much to ask 4?) What do the average Canbarro bring to a relationship to make it seccussful? From the Meher money to the toilet papers is Faarx's responsibility,add to it the "new-needs" of the in-laws scattered around the globe!. Poor Faarax,takes on more than he is prepared to handle,and not having a helping hand or a woman make it even tougher to swim in a sea of "wants"! Add to it a nagging wife at home,who spends her entire day gossiping about what that other Xaliimo wore to some wedding,and another who's pregnant for the fifth time in two years?!... He comes home seeking comfort in her arms,only to be greeted with a sad face who wnats this and wants that without asking where the bling bling will come from! Folks,u may think am exaggerating,but this is the daily life activities of a large group of Somali households everywhere. So,young-n-fresh,generationX Canbarroyin,what is it u planning on to make it work? Honest ideas r most welcome,swearing and finger pointing r out of the question... Gotta run. Later
  18. Rockets,balls who cares as long they r pointing towards u?! Aaliya All u need,is to stop eating that oily pasta and bariis...Stay away from food with high% of fat...eat more salads and yogart and drink lots of water..try to excersize by walking for about an hour a day or better join the gym and get rid off fat forever.I've done it so can anyone else!!
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    Only in Uganda!

    Thanx LSK Hibo Am here Canbarro!
  20. Someone's imaginations r runing wild ...I hope this is not the direct result of watching too much TV(days of our lifes and the bold and the quruxbadan) too much rap music is also to be held responsible too,hence that new single hit by whatever her name is, Tweat was it??!.."oops oh my....." .there goes my diric over my head,oh my...there goes the googarad down to my knees,oh my,etc,etc... I have always believed that rap music and that evil box the "TV" contribute significantley to the downfall of humanity!!
  21. Allahy Akhbar...Allahu Akhbar
  22. Jaber

    Subxan allah

    Allahu Akhbar is what comes to mind.
  23. True love can only be described as the unconditional,eternal love which only exists between a mother and her child.
  24. Flight 13 In the mornings eat 3-4 egg whites,4-5 pan cakes or a minimum of 6 laxooxs with a large cup of milk. At right around 11am or noon eat a can of tuna with an OG(orange juice) or half a bread case with peanut butter&jelly. Comes 4pm a plate of rice or a pasta with any kind of meat,goat,beef or even fish. At 8pm dinner time,half a chicken with green peas mash potatoes and a soup. 6 weeks on this diet and your ass will need help getting up!! joking but u'll certainly feel the huge difference.