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  1. Call Pretzel.Bush and tell him your husband is working with the "Evil-ones"!!..They'll have your phone tapped in a matter of minutes if not seconds. Problem solved. Next,please?
  2. The song's named "Saamiya" and it's in Abdi Jabar's new album with the titled "Dhaqan",I love it,listen to it in my car everyday,it got some ciyaar somali songs with modern music added to it,a little spice doesn't hurt,check it out girls,u might find your name in one of the tracks!!
  3. YusufAddie Brotherman,I consider u the best fourth thing out of the Carribean,right behind Bob Marley,The infamous Jamaican chilli and Mrs.Cleo!! I agree with you on the"we shouldn't wait for someone else to do the job for us" part,but again we should keep up with the shaytaan,know what he is upto,and that is why I posted this thread.
  4. Oh,another guy with a bleeding heart pouring it on the girls-n-blue,in case u r wondering who r the girls-n-blue it's a terminology I exclusively came up with 4 somali chicks. Brother Jibriil,at first you came across as an a-hole(excuse moi) only if u slammed on the brakes 4 a while,waited untill u properly healed and ur anger freezes to post this,then,put it in a form of a debatable question,it would have been an entirely different story.You ruined it waryaa. Women everywhere are all the same take it from a knower,u might think other women r better than what u have at home,but it aint that green on the otherside my brothah,they too *****,whine and complain no matter what u do and on top of that u don't get to eat laxoox or kimis.And what makes u think somali folks don't go 4 other chick? I know alot of guys who did and they all regret it,as a matter of fact,my 68 year old seaman uncle who's been married to an english lady for three decades,finally,two years ago decided to break ties with his old lady and tie the knot with a canbarro,man oh man u should see the smile on the face of that old man,he even looks younger and younger by the day. Anyway,if you still feel like jumping over the fence,feel free bro,as for me and alot of other Cabdis,Faaraxs and Jamacs,we gonna have a hell of a party with canbaro,xaliimo and hibo,feasting on an unlimited supply of bariis,hilib,pasta,xalwo shaah maca xawaash and some pretty darn good home-made laxooxs
  5. Last night like the millions who watched prez G.Dubya unleash his plan for the next year,as usual the war efforts were on top of his agenda followed shorlty by the weak economy and praises for those who attended the address(including his wife Laura-Bush),one of the most visible guests was Afghanistan's newly-elected interm prez Hamad Kharzak who seemed so enthusiastic clapping&bowing his bidaar at a rate of 30 bows a second! Next to him sat Mrs.Bush,the whole goverment was present with the exception of the interior secretary(just in case anything goes wrong)..The crowd spent the night cheering whenever Bush opened his mouth and spitted the simplistic of words??.No questions were asked...No clear answers were given to put an end to the current recession or to the widening of the war scoop to include contries like Iran,Iraq and North Korea.The prez also mentioned the U.S. warships patrooling the coast of Africa(specifically Somalia)..Nothing new,like his father,the Texan is enjoying the support of the blind to the fact "American citizen" with over 83 in a poll he as his father before him said"not over my dead body will they raise your taxes"...Well,history will be the judge of that.Sooner than he may think,Carwford,Texas,his ranch and two cows will be delighted to have him back,listening to that man say"evil" a 1000 times during one speech was more amusing than watching 'friends' or 'everybody loves raymond'.
  6. That poor cabdi spent countless nights and hours,carefully construting these wonderful words only 2 b dumped by gacaliso lol... naf aan seexanayn iyo maskax ku gu maqan iyo caqli ku gu sahwiyeeiyo indha suuradaadi meel kasta u sudhnatahay ayaan kuu sidaa saldhigaygo waa nabad aan ruux ba la gu sirin...sambabkaygo waa gogol aad ku seexan doontaa...wadnahaygo waa subag saafi aad ka leefi suxulada...suuryadaydo waa sadex qayd aan adiga kuu sido...intaas oo sareed ah somalinimo gobnimo ku sugan tahay waa saad aan dad wada helinee ilaahahayaw ku sugan sii iyadooy saq dhexe tahay samada dhamaanteed xidigiho ku safteen dayaxuna dul sudhan yahay...marka sagal daruureed maalin iyo habeenimo...saadaashaa waabari soo baxa cadceediyo...saadaay,daruuruhu quruxday sameeyaan sawirkaa yaabka le ayaad ii la simatahayeeeeeeeee ilaahyaw ku sugan sii bal car gartaa heestaa aan waxyaaba badan ka khalday...
  7. Raula First of all I thank u 4 trying 2 hook ur fellow nomad up.However,when u say "waakuujirtaa walahi",do u mean a big-girl?.Personally,I got nothing but jacayl 4 all women,but,my preferrence has always been sisters with a dhex-dhexaad-jidh,not too skinny nor too koosan with the exception of one or maybe two skinny sisters...Anyhow,thank u raula As far as the upper department is concerned,it still remains one of the most crucial turning points for me...It is like this,u look at any somali sister's face,u say mashalah,u look down under at the hips and again it is a big mashalah..Then u look at the upper department to find out that there's a great portion missing??most of the racks r average or below average,but there is always the exception to the rule here,I once sat in a college class with this breath-taking somali sister,she had two of the best rockets I have ever set eyes on.that girl will sit on a chair and her two firm naasood will look me right in the face!!...After so many attempts I managed to take her out on a date few times,everything was perfect until she started talking about marriage and that was the end of that!
  8. Waar Libaax,let me trun the table on you.What is your reason for avoiding commitment? Mine is simply put,I haven't found my special Canbaro yet,you know,the one you click with from iska waran,combined with a fear of commitment.No hunter likes to be deprived of his main hobby!..Plus,I think I have few more sanado in me and few more wadnos to break,before I for the very last time re-load and settle on my final victim. To be domisticated,or not to be domisticated?should be the question,nomad.
  9. Nowaal,the respect and admiration is mutual,babe
  10. I don't discriminate my brothah,I regulate,even though we all know what a chubby before marriage canbaro turns into after having a baby or two.....A word of talo,Canbarooyin,you really oughta give that upper department of yours a little extra attention for god sake!
  11. Humans have the habit of never being content with what they have,take me for example,at age 18 I was in the best shape of my life weighed less but had the adorable 6 pack and eveything I wore no matter what looked good on me,still I was unhappy with my looks and wanted to gain few extra mass pounds and workout alot,I joined the gym and did both infact I gained more than I needed to a whopping 221lbs and I sarted to feel different,my cloths don't fit me no more,I can't run as fast as I use to,no 6 packs no matter how hard I try,I do a 100 situps and 65 pushups b4 I go to bed evernight with no or little success,now am trying to lose what I gained!...There you have it buddy,we never seem to be happy with what we got.
  12. Big Daddy from Cincinnati!! Some of'em Ethiopian girls really do look Somali,for example,when I use work at a mall,during my breaks I would hangout at the food court area,Mr.Field's, where I ate alot of cookie&drank coffee, there worked this cute little Ethiopian chick I thought was a Caraweelo,she wore a hat which made it impossible for me to distinguish the difference,I paid a close attention to her name tag that sounded unsomali,so I aksed her politly and she said am a habasha!..From that day on we took our breaks at the same times,I didn't mind knowing she brought with her free coffee and my favorite caramel cookie.We'll sit allday and talk about everything including why Somali guys don't date habasha girls and this very topic you're discussing now came up,habasha girls Vs Somali girls,I tried to convince her to no avail, that there's no difference whatsoever,except for that little timo factor!!
  13. Cadnaan you've made a deadly mistake,a big one! Number one rule is----->...1-Never,ever give your home # to a girl you wanna date. Ask for her's,that why you hit three birds with one stone,a) she'll feel desired by adiga(trust me on this,women like to be chased),b)you saved your face value,c)you got the darn number!!
  14. Jaber


    Xafsa,parents just don't understand!! Seriously though,your parents must dislike the guy for a reason,am sure that every two sane parents would like their daughter to date such a good guy who prays five times a day! Are you certain that he is not what he claims to be? cuz us men are great actors when we want something,put on the nice guy's outlook until he wins the vote of confidence from your parents and later he is back to normal,sister,your parents r the ones who brought u to this life,listen to them and try to convince them in a good way,invite the guy over to your parents house more often,so they can get used to him.Or try to have one of your close relatives talk to your parents about this,in the Somali culture this works.
  15. 1-Feed us. 2-Make jacayl with us. 3-Forget us.
  16. Ameenah nahaarik minayil bi sitiin neela wu khabarik akhbar ya setil haanim I told u stay in my harem u'll be protected otherwise wax iska celi
  17. I refrained from this topic,for the simple fact that we've discussed it to death back in the somalinet forum. For the last time,I'll throw in my two shillings worth of opinion regarding this subject. If you would've asked me,personally,about dating ousiders,lets say a year ago,I would not have hesitated to say,yes! Quite farnkly,and out of curiosity I jumped over the fence to see if the grass is greener on that other side,here is what I found after an adventur that lasted over a year. Being a teenager,you don't really care much about who she is or where she is from as long as u get your kicks every now and then,its only when u grow up and realize that there's more to life than what meets the eyes,is when u start re-evaluating your stocks according to is it really worth it on the long term?? Lets take my friend Faarax(an imaginary name) my best friend is been dating this white lady for a while,boom,bam,she got pregnant,the brother paniced and(according to him)decided to marry her,few months down the line and she gave birth to this beautiful,charming little nayaa , here is the problem,her mother is Christian to the bone,and our Somali brother is your average Faarax who does everything and yet claims to be a devot Muslim! Since the affair ended shortly after the girl was born,she wanted to her daughter to follow her religios believes,and Faarax wants her to be Muslimad and he wishes he never messed around with the cadaan woman,its an eldless nightmare. There is too much at stake here,and marriage is serious business,in order for it to work both partners need to be compatible,have things in common,cultural,religios differences are too great to be overlooked,the dream of a rainbow,color-blind world is far from reality my people. I look at it this way,pancake are good but laxooxs are what I enjoy eating in the morning.
  18. As Somali-Nomads we tend to have more than a single name!!.Well,Jaber is one of my many nicknames,some misspell it and address me as Jabber others call me Jabster,Jabero,whatever!
  19. Ameenah,the sort of a man who talaqik bil talaata,inti taaliq,taaliq,taaliq ,iska qabo budhka
  20. Hibo,don't mislead Lady-F,I,precisely and specifically meant blue as in the Somali flag diric, and a red as blood googarad,ask me why? Us men r a little more complex than thou women ,when we say things we really mean'em... Blue is a clear color,you can always see through it,red is a defining color it defines the body,and black is somewhat like red.Now,what is this got to do with our little discussion? Pardon me,before you buy a product,one needs to check it out,examine it closely from all angles. First things first...Connect the dots!...Check the chick..
  21. Bless you Hibo,nope,I remember re-naming u to Hooyo-Hibo,so from now on am going to adress u as Hooyo-Hibo.If u don't mind? Your bariis recipe is great,unfortunately,am a very lousy chef to be honest,I bought this cooking book a while ago and its still setting on the shelf,after so many unsuccesful attempts at it,I decided to give it a rest and eat out,this way I don't have to burn the kitchen down or food-poision myself! What other alternatives,does a nomad bachelor have?...Dating women who cook,this might seem selfish but its the wise,realistic option for someone like me,so I date this sister,hoping that I will finally get a chance to swim in a pool of bariis,pasta,sanoonad,hilib,falfal,xalwo,etc,etc,....Unlucky me,I hooked up with an inspiring Somali model(and gosh do we have many of'em nowadays???),who starved and me with her in the process!!..This girl,and I mean literally,lived on Yogurt,salad,water and ocassionally she'll cook this bariis qarax and expect me to eat it!! Out of niceness and gentleness,I would shove down that bariis down my throat with a big smile on my face,deep-down saying"Allah Kariim". I hope,the GenerationX of our women pick up few tips from the likes of Hooyo-Hibo and their mothers,so,WE-CAN-EAT-PROPER-FOOD!!
  22. Lulla,I don't mean to rain on your parade,but,most of the stuff u've mentioned r for gaalo ppl!..How about the nomad ways of seduction?? For the Canbarrooz All you have to do is wear your blue diric,the red flashy googarad and a black bra,walk by the brother and give him your meanest"Who do u think u r?"look! For the Cadbiiz Wear your baddest macawiis,a white shirt,cumaamad,sandales,and dooooooooooon't forget the bakoorad cuz its what turns the sisterz on,walk in like a libaax,oh yes with ur chest in the air like u just don't care....and qufac you make your self noticed by the females!
  23. Waryaa Abdinuur iska waran? To answer ur questions,from past experiences,I would say Somali girls r very different from women of other cultures.For instance,buying a Somali girl a"thong" or a "V-Sting" is a veeeeerrrry,very,bad Idea if u ask me!...The flowers r nice,but,nomad-chicks prefer things that last,things like a diric she can wear to aroosyada,a dahab she can show off with infront of her girlfriends,who could blame'em,after all flowers die! Brother,I say buy her a diric and a matching googarad and some uunsi to go with it and you might get lucky
  24. Honesta ana bardu qit?...macalesh,rabina yi samxik ya qita ya suuda Hibo A great humanitirian u r,oh,well,What can I say but taankyoo feerry maaj Speaking of old Somali songs,there is one that I always liked,they play it at almost every aroos,recently,I xaday the tape! The words r a little hard to memorise unless u r a native Somali-speaker from the old geel-school?..Anyhow,here r the few words I managed to recall. Amiin Alahayaw Amiin....tatatam tatam tatatam tatam..
  25. Waar Libaax Saaxiib She isn't lovely at all,perhaps she is? But not to me,you see,we Somalis are blessed with countless beautiful women,the best on this planet,on the other hand the less fortunate ones,parade around the few good looking ones they have. Alicia Keys,Alliyah,Faith Evans,etc, As a boy I used to fantasize about Toni Braxton,only to grow up and find out that she is fake. The hair,nails and the body is bleached. Don't let it fool ya bro!!