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  1. fanisha's I can asure you my clan is not in the TFG I merely disagreed with that conclusion interms of number. Mystic's A single person who is a member of the TFG doesn’t represent his clan, why should they? Reasonable? This might be true for the TFG.However, if you are speaking of the parliament then the only problem would be your disregard for the premise that the Somali parliament representation is based upon the 4.5 formula.
  2. I would think so too.He served the populace of Muqdisho well, and would have served them better if he had not become mouth-piece for Sheikh Awey's agenda.I wish him well.
  3. This cant be it, I sincerely hope this is not true.Kii hore oo sheegtay kan baa ka daran,war ileen anagaa wax aragnay.
  4. Obviuosly many benefitted from the chaos that ravaged Somalia, and find it hard to come into terms with Legitimate governance.The status quo that have empowered the likes of Indhacadde is slipping away and to some that translates to fading political existence.Folks get used to it, stop this ********imo disguised in wadaadnimo. My only question is and remains, why did the UIC disarm all and any warlord in their reach except folks of relation to Sheikh Aweys ? If not disarm,why empower indhacadde even more ? Fanisha, Qabiilkaaga hadduu isku raacay inuu dawladda mucaarado, taasi wax wanaagsan oo lagu faano maaha.Midda labaad, qabiilkaaga ii shegg anaa kuu sheegaya toban dawlada ku jirta.
  5. Goldcoast, Neocons are those self-righteous folks that supposedly possess higher moral authority to dictate what is beneficial for Somalis.
  6. There is no airhead shortage in the midwest. BTW, the following is an actual event at the Columbus airport. Lady@theairlinecounter:But, sir your name is on the terrorist list....please step aside while I process the rest of the passengers. Somaliperson: shouldn't you be calling the authorities ?
  7. And why should I not enjoy this mayhem,the same that condoned the illegitimate take over of Kismayo some years back, and turn it to a coal warehouse are crying wolf.
  8. One thing ,for a fact, that the ICU seems well disciplined organization that produced specific results.They have under-taken some serious tasks and produced appealing outcomes. It is matter of time till sheikh shariff makes good on his words, it is also matter of time till Sharif and Indha Cadde bump heads.I guess,my point,it is a bit too early to be skeptical;considering that they brought about the most dramatic change in Somalia. Ina Yusuf fursad weyn buu iska lumiyey,I dont quiet understand his quarrel with the ICU.Ironically,his best shots at succeeding came from his adversaries.Firstly,they cleaned up Xamar for him and recognized the government.If A/Y cared even a bit,he would've made good on that offer.Secondly,Bin Laden showed up on Tv supporting the ICU.Had A/Y been the ruthless and savvy person that we make him out to be,he would've capitalized on that and gathered some solid backing from the "terror-dreading" Int'l community. I am disturbed by his tendencies to turn everything into a one-man show,all about the limelight, how he consistently undermines the gov instituitions and the parliament.I am also concerned by the lack of aptitude on the part of the prime minister and his cabinet. Listen,what ever the outcome might be, we DO NOT want him to come back to P'land.Send him to Addis since he seems to enjoy them ET's so much.
  9. I'll tell you what is shame my brother,its shame that these sheikhs would readily exploit these poor folks to further their causes.It would be nice if these sheikhs serve the masses and not their interest. Is it true that Jowhar airport was looted? if so,any idea who committed it ?
  10. Islaamnimada ka maqan Puntland ay sheekhyada kusoo kordinayaan maxay tahay ? I heard the sheikh Sharif speak time and again, and I assure you he said nothing about imposing anything on anyone.Matter of fact,he insists that they were provoked to take over the afro- mentioned cities so they could bring about some positive changes. Nimanyahow, Them attacking Hiiraan has changed the whole ball game.Many that gave the ICU the benefit of doubt cannot understand why they would choose to liberate hiiraan while Idha Cadde milks Marka. As for Puntland,filimkan waan soo galnay.They'll be welcomed if they wanna come without weapons,even show them love and hospitality.If they want bang,then so be it.Ninkii geedi ku imaado ayey geeri dhibaysaa.
  11. Wax laga naxo weeyaan. The point,crime was done in Somalia done onto Somalis by some Somali knucleheads and any Somali(or otherwise)should be able to comment without being accussed of insincerity. I hope someone goes down to Bacaadweyn and fix this thing ASAP.
  12. CHE


    I liked it and thought I would throw in few verses that pertain to death. DEATH mesmerized I am by what i fear the most thought it had no place in my rite in this life just to realize its death that will depart me to zero life I trusted that my poor soul will incarnate itself in midlife ala snake shedding off skin not knowing the fallacy of this premise might lead to rift between the life in me and the death that draws nearer It dawned me late that death intends goodwill promised to set me free once I overcome this obstacle they call life I do not long for death but sympathise for I misunderstood it understand, I do that worse deaths loom; what if I was lost on wit, lost on happiness, lost on heart, lost on love, lost on beautiful mind, lost on manhood.
  13. Xiigdheer baa igu dhacay and they gave me hennessy,or some sort of liquor.We experiment with every damn thing,even if it means intoxicating an infant.Somalis take risk, they got heart and nuts to go with it.
  14. Hola! But who knows where gangster rap will go from here? Even with so much negative response by the public, the music will still be bought and played... Rap enjoys more success than any other genre.Most rap sales are made to white folks by white labels.If we are to do at all, it should be capitalism and the white record labels that should be called to account.Rappers are not blameless either.Young Buck,who has known more hoes in his lifetime than decent women,will call a hoes,hoes.But then, that becomes a matter of being discourteous,and that is the extent it contributes to the misfortunes of black america. Please understand this whole dang on nation thrives on negativity.Bad image sells like a madarfakar. I wonder how would Malcolm X feel about this, if he were alive today? That negro is tossing in his grave,guarantee! and it has more to do with Jesse Jackson raping the Negro Cause than some negro calling things as he sees.The black plight not-looking good for a ton of reasons,and rap vulgarity is the last to be blamed. As for rappers, many mean well,respect and uphold the virtues of the black woman.BTW, NAS is coming out with a new album.
  15. Kashafa, I aint got that from Fox.Some of us lived in that region long enuff to undertand Pashtuns(almost all Talibs were Pashtun)have some abhorable practices.The Pashtun tribal Jirga never acknowledged the wide-spread of child molestation.Some members of this Jirga were known to have committed child-rape and child-rapers were impune.Now, some of those folks were incorporated into Taliban.Man can redeem himself and repent.But thats not what happened here,Kashafa.Talibs, being the moral authority that they were,continued to ignore child-rape because this was an Afghan sin and not one conspired by the west to corrupt muslims. These are the same folks that hushed fans when they rooted for their teams and encouraged rooting during public execution. *Jirga= local assembly.