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  1. Any way brother and sisters. I have come to the conclusion that LIFE IS TO SHORT AND THAT WE ARE HERE FOR A SHORT TIME. I am preparing to change myself and become a better muslim. If i offended anyone while i added to these debates, i apoligise and ask you to forgive me and not hold anything in your heart for me.i wish you guys all the best and inshalah i pray that you all find peace and Allah. As i prepare for my own personal individual struggle to improve myself, i ask you to pray for me that inshalah i become successful in my struggle to become a better MUSLIM and better servent of allah. THIS IS YOUR BROTHER GAAROODI LOGGING OFF. ASALAMU CALYKUM !!
  2. hassan tarabi ba qoray. lakin saxib waxan wan ka dalay. im turning to my religion.
  3. young pirate duke... if warabe wins, kiss bosaso and your pirates den goodbye the man is hot tempered and will invade at will with no remorse. I know his type, cause i am the same. little do you know and a second thing young pirate when you say the election of NW Somalia it just shows the shallow, selfish xasid culture which you come from. anyway young pirate-walker, arrrrr anda good day to you maty !!
  4. Sherban Shabeel, Shuuuban shebelle! thats rich comming from people who were once used as bridges. Is that why you call yourself shebelle, you miss lieing face first in the water while a white man walks over you. saxib, MY STATE EXSISTED BEFORE YOURS. My forefathers acheieved what other africans couldnt dare, saxib. "yaa naga calan dheer". "Cuqaal talisa Boqor caaddila iyo culimo miisaan leh Ilaahi Carshiga Nuuriyoow kaaga caban mayno Caddaankaanu wada loollanaa madaw cisaynmayno" saxib, read the history books, and sit back down. as for my friend peace-now...looool ! the funny man. You work in banking ayyy.....loool ! do you own your own investment company, noo. I have my own company saxib, in healthcare recruitment. Do you know who bank roles us. The richest public company in the world the NHS saxib. Keep working for another man. Thats were we are different i work for myself. stay face first and abused like your friends shuban biyood.
  5. loooool, little do you know, white man lover. little do you know. God made me muslim dumb*ss first. Thats why my loyalty are to my muslims first, secondly my state. you took a personal insult at me, but comming from a guy named peacenow i dont really think much of you anyway. I AM CANADIAN in London. Graduated with a 2:1 degree from a top london university politics and international relation. Have my recruitment company. Growing up in canada I dont believe in welfare. So that answers your question? As for Arabs, loool, arabs are arabs, they have been living off of dates and milk for the last 5000 years, i introduced them to meat, i dont care about there countries cause Allah blessed me with my own. They are masters of there realm i am master of my realm. Answer me this question, white man lover? are you a gal or muslim? are you one of those confused homosexual somali's in North America and the U.K. embrassing christianity cause saxib if your a fruit be a christien clearly we have no use for you. you cant fight, you cant have children seeing that women are not your cup of tea. embrace it and say hi to st paul in hell for me when you get there.
  6. 170 million by 2050, that is ridiculous because you are looking at those statistics as if Ethiopia was a Healthy state. Ethiopia has the second largest H.I.V. death rates with i think it was 40% of the overall population infected with Aids. I doubt the Ethiopian government can provide aids drugs to like 20-30 million people so they will die including what ever children they have. The population increases are probably in the muslim regions, as somali's god has blessed us with beautiful sisters, no wonder why we breed so much, The anfar as well, the oromo may god have mercy on them, breed like cockroaches walahi. They are the majority of the Ethiopian population and will probably experiance huge birth rates. So Muslim majority in Ethiopia, will eventually force the christiens to except muslim rule within the next decade, if not Somaliland should turn Ahmed guray on them. SOMALILAND THE LEFT HANDED HAS JUST CONQUERED ADDIS ABABA. OR EVEN SOMALIA...HAS CONQUERED ADDIS ABABA. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT BEFORE I DIE. I WOULD GO TO AXUM WITH A FEW BULL DOWSERS. LOOOOOL !
  7. Next top...mount everest saxib we should take it to everest. But who will. can you imagine the Somaliland flag flying over the whole world. walahi amazing. "HEAR YOU ARE OH LORD THE VERY WORDS YOU GAVE ME". LA ILAHA ILALAH MUXAHAMUL RASULULAHA !!!
  8. looooooool, saxib peacenow dont talk to me heye...walahi this dude is strange. Your one of those online European secret service agents, cause i know no somali would say that. Hey wanna know were bin laden is, he lives in my basement, come and get him the guy is making a huge mess downstairs. you related to iman or ayan xirsi .....? looool ! Saxib European are the biggest fools, read what the ancients said about them when they came to jerusalem and Cordoba islamic spain. "they drank their own piss and smelt like feases". Thats your beloved white man. There entire civilisation was built on the back of islamic intellect. Combenthia - in spain was the first form of multiculturalism The founder of Oxford university was educated by muslims in spain. 12345678910 - the very numbers you type with are islamic saxib, before they met muslim they were writing this. XXXXXXXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXXXXIIIIII dame fools, there civilization is nothing more then debt, there cars, there houses, there t.v. are all debt. dont tell me about the so called greatness of Europe. These people are nothing more then drunk, highly charged,pagans who use to drink there own piss before muslims tought them soap. Islamic spain, Bagdad, Damascus and Mecca had street lighting when the people of paris were sleeping in the marshes. The islamic STATE stretched from Spain in the west to the gates of China to the east and Russia to the north, you tell me what civilisation reached that many people and instilled on them 5 daily prayers and a code of ethics followed till this very day? no one. ISLAM....WILL SWALLOW EUROPE IN 50 YEARS. We already have the middle east and south east asia, Russia is taken seeing that in 25 years there 23 million muslims will double and make the majority. in 5-7 years Islam will be the largest religion in the world. out doing the false cross and St pauls bull.
  9. 52 million muslims in Europe the number will double in the next decade to over 120 million muslims in Europe, while white people have cats and dogs as children. loooooooooool !!! Allah is amazing saxib. Gives you victory in Europe to take over the world.
  10. wow, looooool ! peace now you are one weird individual. But saxib you we are all insignificant in this debate. Europe will have a majority muslim population in 50-60 years. So switzerland there is no point cause that little choclate eating, watch matching bi-lingual SOB's will have to submit eventually. ISLAM IS TAKING OVER EUROPE SAXIB, WITH CHILDREN ! first Holland in 20 years, then Sweden in 30-40, then France Germany and Britain. We will then come back for Al-andalusia Spain and all this will be done peacefully, just make sure you all have 4.8 children minimum. looooool !!! watch this video by the child molesters ( the vatican and the catholic church) they are scared. Peace now, saxib of all the countries of Europe i can say as ugly as it is, god bless England. you can wear a hijab, a niqab, we have over 1000 mosques to choose from.
  11. I am open to all three political parties, just give me a man with a vision who says this is my plan in writing with his signature and if i like it i will vote for him, i dont care were he is from. But when it comes to Kulmiye, its etheir they are organising a demo for youth telling them to burn tires, or hiring all of the cities CHACHABANS (chewers) to wait for them at the airport or he is somewhere holding a clan conference asking for money or making calls to our enemies. Dahir Riyale is human, he is not perfect, but he has created a powerful army, has led the way for three free elections, has increase our presence around the world and has encouraged small businesses in Somaliland to flourish. Everything is not perfect but, when i went to hargaisa i saw roads being paved, saw hospitals re-furbished and restored and a booming private sector. Thats what i saw, with my own eyes back home. I dont need posts to tell me otherwise. Silanyo is what 75 years old, veteran of the SNM struggle and even that is disputed saxib, some say he was the problem with the SNM. A 75 year old who could die 3 days into his term, is really not a good idea, especially someone as controversial as Silanyo hated by so many yet loved by many others. I agree we need change, but what kind of change, we need someone who is unheard of, Silanyo in opinion would not be change we would be going back to the old days of SNM politics. Im still waiting for there manifesto's but its probably going to be Ucid or Udub?
  12. very sad, i gave up on Somaliweyn along time ago for the very reason why i know it will never materialize. Human nature, *********, the clan mindset of somali's and the ultimate truth of lack of vision, one side runs one way while the other runs the opposite and even if they dont say it, they all want what everyone else has yet dont wanna share theirs. all these little protests are is a waste of time and for one dude to be on t.v. saying. "Aboowi ala iga rali ahow, waaallaaaal waxan ku so dowaynayna jendai fraaaazirrrr, sababto qadaay bari horee no qataay". looool, funny people !
  13. Just spoke with my Aptio in Hargaisa use to be the spokesman for the Kulmiye party overall, left and has now joined Udub. the guy had so much hate for Kulmiye, i have always hated the kulmiye party and the calan cases for a long time. The guy was going crazy, said that Kulmiye wanted to destroy everything he worked hard to build. He even said that he use to sit down next to Silanyo as he made calls to some of our countries worst enemies. I know there are alot of Kulmiye supporters in this forum, what do you guys think? I wanna ask every supporter of you hail from East Burco and if so, why does everyone from East Burco support the Kulmiye party surely Ucid and Udub have something to offer? or is it because your uncle is chairman, And another question, if Silanyo was chairman of Udub would you vote Udub? drop the clan business, we are becoming a democracy, people should get elected because they have a plan and a vision. In all truth, a political party can only be judged on its manifesto, Udub doesnt have one neither does Kulmiye the only party with a manifesto is Ucid. Even though we are months away from an election. So why are you guys supporting a party who is still yet to even publish their manifesto. I know what you'll say but i still say you support the guy cause he is your uncle. looool.
  14. A Somalilander student has taken the flag to the highest point in South East Asia.