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  1. kkkkkk @ Inaanta niqaabka qabta... afweene aad ixasuusisay
  2. All in all, its pity for them, my friend, that they have no other argument in here, despite their valiant and singular attempt to hide their "clannish finger-prints" that is all over their argument, other than to settled for, at the end of the day, what we always knew these lots were "really" about, in the first place. Regards, Oodweyne. Afkaaga caano lagu qub! If somaliland is recognized, I bet peopel from Bosaaso will run into las canood to get somaliland passports...
  3. First you didn't answer my Q...I do't understand text..I need numbers Somailland 1$ = 6200...still stable! I am new here & I dont stand the "dabayaac" way of dialog you have here...lets move from one point to another I wont comment on Buro, farooole or clan areas, untill I hear your answer on: 1$ = 6200 SL past 6 year it was in teh range (5700 to 6500) Can I ask you about the walaween money? 1$ = ?? and How it was stable in last 6 or 5 years?? say I don't know or asnwer (with numbers plz)
  4. AL shariif has kicked Ethiopia to adiis and ina yusuf to yamen, I have 0 doubt he will sent shayatiin back to Toora Boora Qaat= QUUT AL AWLIYAA I am agaist Qat in civial area...but it war its yes...Makes them stronger...Good exapmle: since ONLF used QAT, they made great advances in west block... If Sharif fails in this war, Somaliland will be the next to fall! Thats what we call wihsful thinking...what I said was dacaayad to wake people up...but thanks to allah you showed some of the hate from out mouth...(& what is hiddin in their heart is more) and this is a message to all somalilanders who want to get dirty with the south...To fight AL khawaarij is a MUST in islam otherwise, they will continue to make fasaad everywhere. Like today: in yemen today, the shytan who made the sucide attack was from somalia's Al shayaatiin This is a call to ALWIDAYA wherever they are...
  5. I think if u check the past of Hasan turki, al shabaab are moryaans too.. the site you mentioned is not neutral + unknown...everyone can refer to his homepage if we go your way
  6. 1$ = 6200 SL past 6 year it was in teh range (5700 to 6500) Can I ask you about the walaween money? 1$ = ?? and How it was stable in last 6 or 5 years??
  7. This reminds me of the story about the ******* and his wife...
  8. we saw the head of wardheer news in the VOA talk, could't say a thing...bashiir nailed him, so I dont know why now they running around after one week cop pasting on game that is already over?
  9. Shankarooni


    Thanks for the welcome RedSea as a new bie (without quotations plz ) I having several problems: - Who Is male who is female? (very important) - The rule saying "Luqad la fahmi karo ku hadal hadii lagu dhaho" I think they mean "*******" which common somali, right?? - The rule saying: "Don't mention even Qabiil name"... why not just say if you insult qabiil then OK u broken the law...but saying I am from qabiil hebel for example should never be banned...thats not a golden rule, thats qabiil-phobia!
  10. Too Much delegations from EU... Allow kheer ka dhig...sharkoodana nadhaafi
  11. Chicken scream only when the sun is about to shine The more they scream the brighter it gets.. Throughout all my life, I have not seen a signal Somalian opposed to somaliland without using an ill tribal daydream scenario. This makes me more confidant that those who call for unity most of them are clannish and thus with very low mentality. Makes me love somaliland more...
  12. Kulmiye, Qaran, Ucid are just covers for clans. But let's assume they are not for the sake of this little talk we are having here. If you notice, these two lines above served nothing! You just made your post less cohesive & more irritating... 1st: it is not a good practice in a debate to START with a naked claim and then directly say: lets not talk about it! what is the point?! 2nd: Our topic was criticizing UDUB gov not personal with much originality and not copy/pasting from the opposition parties.Our topic is not who is more involved in Qabiil among somaliland parties. 3rd Ucid, Kulmiye and Qaran and all have different views on qabiil...putting them in one basket is a sign for a lazy political analysis that does not want to win the ultimate truth but rather looks for what goes on in their minds with an earlier personal opinion What have Riyaale's clique and the so called opposition done other then in ay ku qayilaan lacagta Ingiriisku siiyo Shankaroon? Again..a naked claim...where is your prove that the opposition shares money with riyaale when they are this close to declare war on him? I started to feel my first days here in SOL is not as hot as I thought it would be. & I don't know what is the culture here in SOL. But I think there is big difference between honest dialog and the Maqaaxi talk where everyone says what sees his daydeams for the seek of winning an argument even with naked lies which have never been said be4 ever! How can you Shankaroon folks ever develop if you can not question your believes? What you meaaaaan? Are you talking about (Union,Independence)?? AGAIN!!! I can not believe you! Look, I have a very good answer to your Q, but you promised not to talk about(Union,Independence) & my time is more important that repeating that topic I hope u find someone who has the time for this Remember you said: This thread is not about the union now. Now Back to my Q ( which much much related to the thread): So, the Objective Q is : what would u do if u r in the place of riyaale You failed to even try to answer that Q... Instead you talked bout (AGAIN) the same point which you promised not to talk about (Union,Independence): What have these groups suggested other then the same old ...we need recognition chanting? Does recognition build roads? does recognition create jobs? 18 May is around the corner and it will mark another lost year for those lulled into sleep. Maybe Shankaroon should adopt a lullaby for their anthem . So lets see what we have: - You didn't answer my Q - You made a naked irrelevant claim on political party without any detail on their different approaches to qabiil - You could't keep you promise not to talk about(Union,Independence) but about 60% of your last reply was about it. After all above, I can say I am less interested in your thread right now...and all I left to say is what Imaam Al shaafici said: {after Sunset!}
  13. Dear I will continue the debate as long as u promise its not about Independence vs union Ok... The whole thing you mentioned is what we (Kulmiye, QARAN & UCID) has been saying the last years...try to be original and come up with a new argument about the problems in somaliland. We blame the government & their personal directly with names when there is elections a conflict or such...but generally we either criticize a policy or encourage one without mentioning names, ie objectively... So, the Objective Q is : what would u do if u r in the place of riyaale
  14. I think rules are there to be broken, thats the reason behind them..if there is no rules, the modes will be jobless as for u saysing "As far as Somalis, it is never good intentions with qabiil talk" Thats not true about ALL somalis... U r hiding something...u hate to talk about Qabiil because u have secretes, negative feels etc to hide so u don't wanna the topic to be opened...but if u heart is as clean as mine, I am sure u will enjoy it