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  1. D.O.C;953641 wrote: Syria was the best arab country for somali refugees. Aad baan uga xumahay waxa ku dhacay. May allah help that beautiful country as well as all the muslims around the world. Amen. When I was in Syria about 5 years ago, Christians / Muslims were so nice and welcoming - even when I was having my visa processed, I was told that a Somali passport would have made the process easier than my British PP. People there went out of their way to show you places, took time out to explain things and just talk to you. May Allah have mercy on them. I was also impressed at how they preserved their history through the centuries, every civilization that has passed through the land was evident in the Masajid, the citadels, the castles... all that is lost now, though it doesn't compare to the senseless loss of human life.
  2. ^Haha. He had that coming... You know it's summer when Londoners start acting like animals once again. Aduunkan gets odd by the day - hacking people to death and apologising to women for the offence, whilst posing for pictures??? SMH. Stay safe people.
  3. this is the new measure of success Sayid, you're nothing until you're deemed 'isku nab / qabso' worthy.. (your loving Burco tributes might come in handy ina adeero )
  4. Lovely pictures. I wish that people showed a bit more respect for the shahaada in the flag.. hadaad isku duubaysid best to make one without the shahaada.
  5. LOL.. oo qofkii noolba miyaa la isku qabsan? Whatever his personal politics, he runs a business with Somali (and none Somali) agents from many different parts of the Somali peninsula and the world.
  6. Blessed


    Those to whom death seems as sweet as sugar, how can their sight be dazzled by the temptations of this earthly realm? Physical death holds no bitterness for them, they see it as a blessed refuge from a prison cell into a glorious garden. It will deliver them from a world of torment: no one weeps for the loss of such nothingness. (Rumi) Our death is our wedding to eternity! Rumi
  7. Blessed


    Maaddeey;949624 wrote: ^ Xaaji, The Prophet (scw) too had Bakoorad laba gan leh, cimaamad, liked yam (bocor) and shoulder (garab). Sunada waa laba 1) Caada 2) Cibaadah. Sunan Al Cibaadah is the one you must follow!. True, but hijaama was highly recommended by the Prophet (SAW) as a form of alternative medicine, if you like..
  8. Xx, Caawaa maanad dhaanis tagayn, maxaad la soo fadhi weyntahay? Happy 18th walaal.
  9. You guys should read "Hablaha Geeska Afrika" by Hadrawi. It's a shame that he didn't do the same for men because it seems like you guys are struggling to define yourselves without relying on a reduction of female abilities.
  10. ^Waa runteed. Only the clan posturing and chest beating ayaad dumar ku dhaantaan, even though some women do that rather well these days
  11. ^says the kid who thinks sujuis speak better Somali than reer Miyi up North. :D
  12. You might as well keep your current accent, you're going to sound fake because you won't be able to develop native like control of an accent at your age. I'd like to think that I have a hard core Burcawi accent buy mummy dearest says I sound Qoti?!
  13. ^don't let the door hit you on your way... Tallaabo;949244 wrote: You are right Che. Rape is a very serious crime according to our Islamic faith but our traditional elders belittle its seriousness and worse force the female rape victim to marry her tormentor. I don't know how long such sham marriage last but I am sure such an arrangement will only add salt to the wounds of the victim and unnecessarily prolong their misery. I believe it is time the Somalis end this bad practice and treat rape for what it is- a crime against society. Offenders should be named and shamed and given hefty punishments like ten or more years of jail terms to deter others and send a strong signal that sexual violence against women will not be tolerated. I agree totally. Hopeful the authorities will shed more light on the issue in the coming months but the Xeer system needs to be abolished.
  14. Safferz;948680 wrote: "pray away X condition" is unhelpful and destructive. I know what you mean, Somalis 'jin diagnosis' for everything is unhelpful but spiritual healing (both religious and secular) can work wonders if used by a trained professional - if fact, it's acknowledge in mental health care plans (in the UK at least), religion and spirituality is dear to many and provides great motivation for change. Another common Somali prescription for mental health that really gets me is: 'guurso' or 'u guuriya'. Grrr!
  15. Aha.. so, this is where we lynch and burn the sujuis. Haye... Malika mooye intiina kale saf soo gala.
  16. Sadly, I've known too many brothers deal with this issue - fortunately there are many success stories out there, so don't lose hope. Alhamdulilah that this person is in a position where they can make changes but as stated the desire to change has to come from within - and is the hardest step. It will be a hard process, so take it one step out of the time - and seek out help from professionals and loved ones as well. Well put@ Safferz. Our community can be so nasty and their hostility often pushes people further - lack of self worth and motivation are one of the main issues these young men need to overcome.
  17. ^You think his retirement is more important then a dead Al Shababi. Meel baad kaga dhacday odayga. :mad:
  18. NGONGE;947268 wrote: In ever BIGGER news; Sir Alex is retiring from Manchester United. First you liken Sir Alex to Thatcher and now to Al Amriki?? We're finished Ngonge!!
  19. Hello Lily.. I wouldn't mind some rain actually, it's very hot and humid here..
  20. You're right, it's 1 year and my comment still stands. I don't know why I wrote 3 years, I've read the report a few times lol. There's been a curriculum in place since the early 2000s, not great in my opinion - it's written by UNICEF / UNESCO but it's a good starting point and covers the basics - also teacher training programme is in place in stable regions too-- this will be extended in Central-South region - which is the main focus of this current drive.. You guys need to understand that the absence of an effective central government for 22 years doesn't necessarily mean zero development in 22 years, she is not starting from scratch. Have some faith!
  21. SomaliPhilosopher;947224 wrote: Blessed as an idealist I reluctantly nevertheless agree it is a right. Lakin to put a deadline one only 3 years a way makes me question a bit. SP, I don't know how the health sector works, but a 3 year plan to send 1 million children to school isn't far fetched. As I said, the biggest obstacle in Central-South was security - stable regions have been developing their local education for some time now. They have the funding, it's now a matter of building / rebuilding schools and finding teachers who can offer basic education - and bringing those community funded schools in stable regions under the MOE. I actually think, if things continue to go the way they have been in the past year and money is spent how it should be - they can actually exceed the 1 million mark. Other countries, ie.. Rwanda was able to increase enrollment and start looking beyond basic education within 5 years post war. My main concern is the lack of clear direction for post basic education...
  22. Juxa it was weird for me too you and Lily were too close and yet too far away I wouldn't have minded you doing spa without me.. Yes, jacayl is the best thing ever, duugoobo. xx
  23. ^Mac mac iyo hugs Juxa. What did you get for me, what did you get for me?
  24. nuune;947190 wrote: Ps: you have connected two categories, waan bislaadee icun , iyo waan bakhtiyee ijiid oo toban sanoo farqi ah u dhaxeeyo, halkaas waxaa kasoo baxey new category,i cun ijiid(laakin age number uma hayo waan u soo shaaheyn), I thank you for that new category Ha igu nabin nuunow, hadii kale 'xabadu wiif wiif' ayaa dhici doonta ama wax ka sii daran..