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  1. London, UK, October 9 – Thousands of Muslims from all over the UK have marched from London’s Hyde Park to the Pakistani High Commission in Knightsbridge. The demonstration was the culmination of the “Stop Busharraf†campaign, organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, to urge UK Muslims to add their voice to the growing chorus of voices calling for an end to Musharraf’s continued subservience to the Bush regime. Demonstrators presented a letter to the Pakistan High Commissioner, Maleeha Lodhi, demanding that she publicly respond to the demands of UK Muslims for the removal of Musharraf and the replacement of his system with the Islamic Khilafah [Caliphate]. The letter also demanded that she end her recent campaign of intimidation of Pakistani journalists that aims to ensure that no criticism of the Musharraf regime and his pro-US policies is made. It also called for an end to the harassment and imprisonment by the Musharraf regime of journalists, politicians, lawyers, businessmen, army officers and Islamic activists. Shaban ul-Haq, a leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, told demonstrators in Hyde Park, “We remind the Major Generals of the Pakistan Army of their great responsibility to remove Musharraf, establish the Islamic Khilafah and make Pakistan the fortress of Islam. We also remind them that the recent removal of Corp Commanders in the middle of their tenure reveals the true colours of America and her servant Musharraf. Musharraf intends on weakening the army, so that the army does not pose a threat to America’s colonialist ambitions for Pakistan.†Dr Imran Waheed, a UK based doctor and the Representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, said, “Thousands of Muslims in the heart of the West have issued a resounding call to Pakistan’s people of power and influence, in particular the Pakistan Army, to remove the weak Musharraf and establish the Khilafah. The Islamic Khilafah is on the horizon and the Musharraf regime will soon be consigned to the history books. A brave general is all that is now needed to create this change.†“Only the Islamic Khilafah will end Pakistan’s subservience to foreign colonialist powers and unify the vast armies and resources of the Muslim world into a single state.†[Ends] Notes to Editors: Hi-res photos of the demonstration are available from the campaign website: Hizb ut-Tahrir is an independent Islamic political party. The party works throughout the Islamic world, including Pakistan, to resume the Islamic way of life by re-establishing the Islamic Khilafah [Caliphate]. The party adheres to Islamic law in all aspects of its work and considers violence or armed struggle against the regime, as a method to re-establish the Islamic State, to be forbidden by Islamic law. In the Western world, the party seeks to explain the Islamic ideology to Muslims, to create a dialogue with Western thinkers and to present a positive image of Islam to Western society. CONTACT: Imran Waheed – Media Representative Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain Email: Phone: 07074-192400 [+44(0)7800-548843 from outside the UK]
  2. London, UK, October 6 – Pakistani satellite channels, ARY Digital and PTV Prime, have refused to air a TV commercial for this Saturday’s [October 9th] massive demonstration that will call upon the Muslims of Pakistan to rise up and remove President Musharraf and replace his system with the Islamic Khilafah [Caliphate]. The TV commercial carried clips of Pakistan’s formation and its more recent history under Musharraf’s continued subservience to the Bush regime. The decision of Pakistani satellite channels not to air the TV commercial or give coverage to the demonstration was taken under direct pressure from the Musharraf regime. The intense pressure placed on Pakistani journalists and media outlets to tow the Musharraf line, is an increasing sign of desperation and proof that the Ummah’s demand for the return of the Islamic Khilafah is gaining strength. A report by Human Rights Watch in January 2004 said, “Since Musharraf assumed power in a bloodless coup d’état in 1999, the Pakistani government has systematically sought to silence the press through threats, harassment and arbitrary arrests. Many journalists have been detained without charge, mistreated and tortured. The government has sought to remove independent journalists from prominent publications—and in several cases has succeeded. Meanwhile, the arrest of editors and reporters from local and regional newspapers on charges of sedition has become increasingly commonplace.†The “Stop Busharraf†campaign, organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, has been growing in momentum over recent weeks. The campaign has seen hundreds of thousands of English and Urdu leaflets and petitions distributed throughout the UK exploring the extent of Musharraf’s betrayal. The campaign has evoked an enthusiastic domestic and global response – messages of support and solidarity have been received from across the world, including many from Pakistan. Nadeem Khan, an organiser of the demonstration, said, “Instilling fear in journalists and media censorship are the desperate actions of a weak regime – a regime that has sold out over Kashmir, permitted American forces to establish bases in Pakistan, legitimised the occupation of Iraq, provided logistical support and intelligence to US forces in Afghanistan and surrendered control over Pakistan’s economy to multinationals. Musharraf is now doing all he can to sacrifice Pakistan’s strategic resources to get Bush re-elected.†Dr Imran Waheed, a UK based doctor and the Representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, said, “While the Musharraf regime is keen to censor and ban Islam, it is eager to promote secular liberal values through a diet of Pakistani ‘dramas’ and Bollywood movies, that bear no relation to the life of the average Muslim in Pakistan.†“Despite such bans, the thoughts of Hizb ut-Tahrir are present in the entire Muslim Ummah today. The Khilafah is now on the horizon – now is the time for the Muslims of Pakistan, particularly the people of power and influence, to work with Hizb ut-Tahrir to remove the weak Musharraf and establish the Islamic Khilafah.†[Ends] Notes to Editors: The TV commercial is available on the campaign website: Hizb ut-Tahrir is an independent Islamic political party. The party works throughout the Islamic world, including Pakistan, to resume the Islamic way of life by re-establishing the Islamic Khilafah [Caliphate]. The party adheres to Islamic law in all aspects of its work and considers violence or armed struggle against the regime, as a method to re-establish the Islamic State, to be forbidden by Islamic law. In the Western world, the party seeks to explain the Islamic ideology to Muslims, to create a dialogue with Western thinkers and to present a positive image of Islam to Western society. CONTACT: Imran Waheed – Media Representative Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain Email: Phone: 07074-192400 [+44(0)7800-548843 from outside the UK]
  3. Is the Pakistan Army Using Chemical Weapons in Wana Operation By M A Siddiqui KARACHI, Sept 26: Refugees fleeing the Wana Waziristan war theater, being bombed by the Pakistan Army, have reported mysterious deaths of their friends and family members --- deaths which they say cannot occur unless a poisonous gas or a bio-weapon was used on a large scale. Almost 15 to 20 families of various clans of Mahsud Tribes are migrating to Karachi from the war zone every day while innocent Waziri Tribesmen and their families are settling down in Southern Punjab. Interviews with these displaced families at Sohrab Goth in Karachi, the last stop of the inter-city buses, have revealed a horrible side of the Pakistan Army operation, kept closed to the media and everybody else for weeks. "After bombing by the Army on Ladha, several local civilians were killed and many more were injured," Gulrez Mahsud, a young tribesman from South Waziristan told this scribe. “Most of those dead were not hit by any bullet or shell, They were gassed in their homes and other safe places where they thought they would survive the bombing.†A bus driver told this correspondent he dropped five wounded persons in Dera Ghazi Khan for medical treatment. Their mouths and noses were affected by gases while burning in lungs and chest was also reported. And the driver did not know how they would get medical aid without any money. The refugees have sorry tales to tell as they say the death toll of civilians has multiplied since no medical help was available in places where bombing was taking place. All hospitals, schools, shops, markets, transports have been closed by the Army in the area under siege. “Majority of the wounded persons are on their deathbeds in the absence of medical aid,†the refugees say. Another horrible facet of the operation is looting by Army troops in the area. "They are taking away all our valuables during search operations. They do not even spare blankets, cots and mattresses", a refugee, Rafiq Mahsud, said. "Taking away of our cattle and livestock without any payment is a routine affair," he said. “We have been living with Frontier Constabulary for the last 54 years and never faced a situation like this. Now, it appears as if we are under siege of the hostile Northern Alliance of Afghanistan,†Dawood Khan, another Mahsud tribesman, bitterly complained. In the absence of transport, these refugees had to travel on foot for 24 to 30 hours to reach Jandola, the nearest point from where they could catch a bus for other areas of Pakistan. I saw an old woman who could not walk due to weakness and old age while infants were crying for milk and food when their buses reached Sohrab Goth. They reached Karachi after driving through the entire length of Pakistan, traveling for 40 to 50 hours. Some of them were received by their relatives in Karachi. As members of the Mahsud Tribes are better educated than others, they are moving to Karachi where they have relatives and friends. The mostly unskilled Waziri tribesmen are facing more hardships. Majority of the Wazirs have shifted to the areas of Southern Punjab like Dera Ghazi Khan, Layyah and Bhakkar where they are living in open spaces. Neither the government agencies nor any non-governmental organization is providing food and other basic necessities to these peoples who have been forced to leave their homes, the refugees say. According to Roedad Khan, a local leader of Mahsud Tribe in Karachi, more than 700 families have shifted to Karachi. They are living with their relatives already settled in this industrial city. But they say migration to Karachi is on a very small scale. Majority of the tribesmen have moved in open areas on the mountains to look for safety and refuge. The weather is now changing and with the onset of winter, greater hardships are awaiting them. "We cannot understand why our own Army is destroying us. Is it the same Army which was supposed to protect us or are they our enemies, the refugees wonder. “The army is bombing our homes and fields without any warning. This has resulted in heavy casualties, including women and children."
  4. Very good read and some very good analysis. What i deduce from this is that we work to re-establish Khilafah according to the Method of the Prophet (saw).
  5. Is eighty-three years not long enough for the Muslims to realise that only the re-establishment of the Khilafah will restore their glory? ! On today's date, 28 Rajab, in the year 1342 (corresponding to 3 March 1924), on a Monday at daybreak, Mustafa Kamal "Ataturk" the enemy of Allah, His Messenger (sallAllaho alayhi wa sallam) and the Believers abolished the Islamic Khilafah in Istanbul, besieged the Khaleefah and banished him into exile. This ugly and horrible deed was the price Mustafa Kamal paid to Britain for its acceptance of him as the ruler of Turkey, hoisted over the Muslims as a servant for the Kafir colonialists. Since that day, Secular Turkey has been in continuous decline, to the point that it now stands at the doorstep of Europe cap in hand, begging to be accepted into the European Community, having once, under the Khilafah, knocked with dignity at the doors of Europe, opening lands and spreading Islam throughout the world. As for the other Muslim lands of the Khilafah state, they were torn apart into pieces and steeped in humiliation and disgrace, just as secular Turkey was. All the Muslim countries became insignificant, not regarded as amounting to anything, almost as if they did not exist at all. If anyone of vision and awareness examined the reason for this change, he would realise that the main, indeed only, reason was the abolition of the Khilafah. And how the Ummah has suffered after the destruction of the Khilafah is a vivid reality, denied only by a person who is so blind in his perception that it is as if he can no longer distinguish between light and darkness. The Jews dared to occupy that pure and blessed land from which RasulAllah (sallAllaho alayhi wa sallam) made Miraj and which was the first Qiblah of Islam. The armies of the Kafir colonialists, particularly America, established themselves upon the Arabian Peninsula, even though Islam forbids the settling of Kuffar upon it. And occupation afflicted other Muslim lands, before and after the occupation of Palestine: Cyprus, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and other regions besides … honour was violated, sanctities profaned, treasures plundered and sacred, pure Muslim blood was shed day and night in several Muslim lands. As for the rulers in the Muslim lands, they merely counted the martyrs and wounded, as if they were watching events in a far-off land, detached from it all and regardless of its magnitude. All of these calamities, and others besides, afflicted the Muslim lands after the abolition of the Khilafah and clearly demonstrate the grave disaster of the Muslims losing the Khilafah. O Muslims! The Khilafah is the source of your glory and the way to your strength and unity. It is your vital issue, through which all in the heavens and the earth will envy you and without which you will be as if you are alive, but in reality you will be like the dead. Not only is it a great Fard (obligation), it is the crowning obligation because the Islamic rulings are implemented through it and Muslims and Islam are glorified by it. This is what the Sahabah (radiAllaho an hum) knew from RasulAllah (sallAllaho alayhi wa sallam) and acted accordingly. And this is what you also must know and act according to: When RasulAllah (sallAllaho alayhi wa sallam) passed on, the Great Sahabah (radiAllaho an hum) became engaged in appointing a Khaleefah to rule after RasulAllah (sallAllaho alayhi wa sallam). They (radiAllaho an hum) did not bury RasulAllah (sallAllaho alayhi wa sallam) until the Bay'ah (Pledge of Allegiance) was contracted to Abu Bakr (radiAllaho an), because they knew the importance of the Khilafah for Islam and the glory of Muslims. As for you, O Muslims, eighty-three years have passed since the abolition of the Khilafah, yet neither were you moved by its abolition and nor did you shed a tear for the pitiful state in which you found yourselves. Omar (radiAllaho an) ordered the killing of the Great Sahabah- Ali, Uthman, AbdurRahman, Saad, Talha and Az-Zubayr (radiAllaho an hum) if they failed to agree upon pledging allegiance to a Khaleefah from amongst them, within three days and no more. Omar (radiAllaho an) ordered their killing, in spite of their status in the Ummah, because he (radiAllaho an) knew, as they (radiAllaho an hum) also knew that establishing the allegiance to the Khaleefah is a great obligation, glory and strength and that not establishing it is a great shame, humiliation and disgrace. As for you, O Muslim, three days have passed over and over, until eighty-three years passed since the destruction of the Khilafah, calling to you to end your disgrace through it and restore your glory by it, so that you may again become the dynamic, honourable Ummah as Allah has described you: ÙƒÙنْتÙمْ خَيْرَ Ø£Ùمَّة٠أÙخْرÙجَتْ Ù„Ùلنَّاس٠تَأْمÙرÙونَ بÙالْمَعْرÙÙˆÙ٠وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنْ الْمÙنكَر٠وَتÙؤْمÙÙ†Ùونَ بÙاللَّه٠"You are the best Ummah brought forwards to humankind, enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil and believing in Allah." [TMQ Aali Imran: 110] O Muslims! We are assured that the Khilafah is coming back by Allah's leave, and that it is closer than most people think. However, at the same time, we know very well that angels will not descend to bring it, rather a persevering, truthful and sincere effort must be made, by those who desire no reward save the pleasure of Allah. You know that you have brothers amongst you, who believe in Allah, who have been rewarded with guidance through Allah's mercy and who work day and night to resume the Islamic way of life through re-establishing the Khilafah Rashida. They make their way through the crowds, exposing themselves to arrest, imprisonment and even torture leading to martyrdom, so as to accomplish this great obligation, to raise the Ummah after its fall and to restore it to its former splendour and glory. They are like candles that burn, illuminating the darkness with their light. So will you not work with them so as to earn the favour that Allah grants the sincere pious men? If you abstain or were prevented from working, will you not at least support and back them so that Allah may grant you mercy and by Allah's will, your good actions will erase your bad deeds? Outside of these two matters there is no good in this path: either to work for the sake of implementing the truth and glorifying the Deen of Allah by establishing the Khilafah Rashida or to be supporters and back them, to earn from the reward they will get and to be supported by the support they will get. وَلَيَنصÙرَنَّ اللَّه٠مَنْ يَنصÙرÙه٠إÙنَّ اللَّهَ Ù„ÙŽÙ‚ÙŽÙˆÙيٌّ عَزÙيزٌ "Allah will certainly support those who support His cause, for indeed Allah is full of strength, exalted in might and able to enforce His will." [TMQ Al-Hajj: 40] As for those who stand as obstacles before the Khilafah and fight it for their benefit and position and to satisfy their Kafir colonialist masters, their end is nigh, their thrones will diminish and they will leave their authority humiliated, by Allah's will, their plight being described in the noble Qur'an: كَمْ تَرَكÙوا Ù…Ùنْ جَنَّات٠وَعÙÙŠÙونÙ. وَزÙرÙوع٠وَمَقَام٠كَرÙيمÙ. وَنَعْمَة٠كَانÙوا ÙÙيهَا ÙَاكÙÙ‡Ùينَ. ÙƒÙŽØ°ÙŽÙ„ÙÙƒÙŽ وَأَوْرَثْنَاهَا قَوْمًا آخَرÙينَ. Ùَمَا بَكَتْ عَلَيْهÙم٠السَّمَاء٠وَالأَرْض٠وَمَا كَانÙوا Ù…ÙنظَرÙينَ "How many were the gardens and springs they left behind ; And corn-fields and noble buildings ; And pleasant things, wherein they had taken such delight, thus was their end ; And we made other people as inheritors of all that they had ; And neither heaven nor earth will shed a tear over them, nor were they given a respite ever again." [TMQ Ad-Dukhaan 25-29] Hizb ut-Tahrir 28 Rajab 1425 13 September 2004
  6. An open letter from Hizb ut-Tahrir - Britain and the Pakistani Community in Britain to the High Commissioner for Pakistan We write this letter on behalf of the Pakistani community in Britain to express our grave concerns regarding Pakistan’s steadfast support of America’s war against terrorism, which by all accounts is a vicious crusade against Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Nonetheless, what troubles us most is not America’s crusade against Islam but the Musharraf regime’s inability to stand firm against this unjust war. If a small nuclear power like North Korea could reject American demands then what prevents Pakistan, a nuclear power with a large army, from taking up a similar position? Pakistan could have further diminished the American threat by using its close relationship with China to neutralise the perceived American-Indian advances. Instead, Musharraf gave America precious access to Pakistani air bases and waterways thereby alienating China. We would like to ask the High Commissioner how is it possible for the Musharraf regime to maintain it had no choice in siding with America’s war on Islam? The Musharraf regime’s complicity in the crusade against Islam does not stop there. Until now Musharraf has maintained categorically that the only way to counter terror and remove backwardness from Pakistani society is to reform Islam. To describe how Islam should be moulded to conform to western standards, Musharraf has invented a new term called ‘enlightened moderation’. We would like to ask the High Commissioner how can Islam be blamed for the ills of Pakistani society, given that since 1947 Pakistan has only implemented secularism and western inspired solutions? We believe that the only solution to the backwardness and decline faced by Pakistan lies in the system of Khilafah Rashidah, which was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). When the system of Khilafah Rashidah was implemented it raised the Bedouin Arabs to new heights and brought forth an enlightened civilisation and culture which the world had not witnessed the like of before. Even non-Muslims looked at the Khilafah system with a mixture of envy and awe. We would like to ask the High Commissioner why the present government is opposed to the re-establishment of the Khilafah Rashidah and why it is so eager to imprison those who call for its return? We, the Pakistani community of Britain, demand a public response to these questions.
  7. I would like to pose a question that looks at the reality of the relationship of America with Pakistan, Is Pakistan the 52nd state of the United States of America? To answer this question it requires an understanding at the relationship Pakistan has with America. In particular I will focus on the current reality of President Musharraf and George W Bush, but these points can be applied in some way or another throughout the history of this relationship but this relationship has outstripped all previous relations between these states. If we understand the relationship of the states that make up America we find that they are federal in nature where they have slight autonomy as separate states but unite under the general leadership given by the Bush Administration. So each state would be able to spend its revenues how it wishes, decide its own laws and decide its own governors whilst accepting the general ruling provide by the Republican system. If we then look at what areas Pakistan has influence over and what areas America has influence over then we can decide whether Pakistan is the 52nd State or not. Looking at the foreign policy of Pakistan we can see that it is being dictated to by America, George W Bush said “you are either with or against us†and Musharraf duly obliged when other nations such as Turkey said “Noâ€. This acceptance has meant that Pakistan now has a hostile neighbour on its West (in the form of the Northern Alliance that control Afghanistan, which are ably supported by India). The Kashmiri fighters have been ostracised as well as those in South Waziristan under the popular guise of “terrorismâ€, when before they were seen as legitimate Mujahideen. Looking at the Economic Policy we can see again that it is being dictated to by America, As soon as Musharraf sided with America on its ‘War on Terror’ the IMF suddenly released loans that previously it said that Pakistan could not have due to poor reforms. This argument suddenly disappeared when America flexed its will. As well as receiving these loans in the tune of $6 Billion of which Shaukat Aziz is constantly stating how the economy is performing better belies the fact this is due to the greater reserves that this $6 Billion cash injection of naturally provides. However this hides the true reality, that much of this is rescheduled loans which will still require paying but in 20 years time. All the while accruing the self defeating interest rates, putting this into context we can see that for every $1 that Pakistan has borrowed it has paid back $12 yet still owes $16. There are other aspects of the economy such as privatisation (which Pakistan is obliged to do as attached to the Loan agreements with the IMF) which, yes, has raised the Production in the country but has allowed foreign companies to purchase and produce and then take out the profits back to their own countries, meaning the wealth that is generated using the resources of Pakistan are filling the accounts of the Western nations. One final point on the Economics is the control of the Budget that again comes from the IMF (America) it requires that Pakistan raise more revenue and reduce public spending hence you see the exorbitant rise in General Sales Tax on commodities that the common man needs yet simply cannot afford. Looking at the Educational policy we can see that America has decided what curriculum is to be implemented in Pakistan hence we have seen the prohibition of teaching Surah Taubah of the Quran and we see the Madrassas are being clamped down on. Looking at the internal security situation we see that the FBI has imbedded itself in the nation with it opening at least forty offices in the country, the result of this presence is the continuing fighting in Waziristan. Endless reports of how Muslims are being killed and creating turmoil in the region. These are the few areas that highlight the influence America has over Pakistan due to the nepotism and compliance of the rulers and Musharraf has been unstinting in this. America wants to fight terrorism and therefore Musharraf wants to fight terrorism, America wants peace over Kashmir and therefore Musharraf wants peace with India and America wants to maintain its dominance as a Nuclear power and therefore Musharraf reduces Pakistan’s To answer the question then it is clear that Pakistan is not the 52nd State of America because it does not influence even the basic areas that an American state controls, meaning Pakistan is not even able to lay claim to this low status, it is nothing but a subservient entity that acts according to the wishes of America. This shows the appalling situation that befalls us today, therefore the call is for the removal of Busharraf and the system of Busharraf to be replaced with the Khilafah and directly call on the Military to make this happen. The Muslims in Britain inshallah will raise their voices for this call by taking part in a mass demonstration from London’s Hyde Park on the 9th of October at 11am to the Pakistan embassy. This call aims to strengthen the call for Khilafah and mobilise the military to respond and remove Busharraf. Muslims must realise that the direction of their destiny needs to return to their hands and without rising to this call then we will remain a pitiful nominal state. Make your voices heard and take part in this demonstration and this call for Khilafah.
  8. The Hizb has not undertaken this action and all its actions in the method haphazardly it has looked at the Quran and Sunnah and derived it method from there. So we see that the Prophet (saw) established a state and followed a clear method this is the method (only) that the Hizb undertakes in emulation of the Prophet (saw). As to your points on the state of the Ummah again we look at the Prophet (saw) and his (saw) example. The reality of Medina (where the state was established) was that the majority of people were kufr yet they wanted Islam to solve there problems. What we have today in the Muslim world is that the Ummah is looking for a solution to solve its problems, the Ummah is looking for food, shelter, clothing and it recognises that it is only Islam that will solve this. Hence the Ummah is ready for Khilafah, yes many do not understand the full nature of the Khilafah but they want there problems solved and know that Islam will solve them. Im not saying that the state would be amazing, it would have problems, many but it would be able to undertake practical steps to solve them and Inshallah with the help of Allah (swt) would overcome them and establish the deen of Islam. In itself it is a detailed discussion yet a simple solution.
  9. A leader that ruled by the Quran and the Sunnah would have the courage of his convictions because they would be based on Islam. Look at the likes Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Abdul Aziz, Harun ar Rasheed, Abdul Hamid. They were the Khaleefs who stood up to the tyrants of there times. The call of Hizb ut-Tahrir is clear to the people of power (the muslim armies) remove these puppet rulers and replace it with a ruler from Islam.
  10. Thats the point they are all the same - only a sincere leader who was ruling by Islam could and would respond to the leading superpower.
  11. Responding to a question, Musharraf said he knew President George Bush, and had "a personal relationship" with him. "He is a friend, and I like him very much because of his sincerity and straightforwardness," Musharraf said. Source: “And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor will the Christians, till thou follow their creed. Say: Lo! the guidance of Allah [Himself] is Guidance. And if thou shouldst follow their desires after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, then wouldst thou have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper. (Al-Baqarah 2:120) [TMQ]
  12. What do you mean bring back Saddam Hussein and the Real Rulers - who put them in their positions? America.
  13. Who has not seen the tragic pictures of the mother of Ken Bigley, the British worker pleading for her son’s release? Many will be moved by the concern of any mother for her child. Once again we face confused emotions and the pressures of the media trying to extract a response from our community. Some have condemned any hostage taking and killing outright. Some have even agreed to swap places with Mr Bigley. Some have sent missions to Iraq to advocate the cause of Mr Bigley. Some may feel no remorse for those kidnapped and killed in such a situation. What should be the reaction of the Muslim in such a strange and confused time? Of course, we try to look at the Islamic viewpoint in all areas of our live – not what pleases one faction or another in the society – be they media, government or even our emotionally liable brothers and sisters. This is only an offering of an understanding from this viewpoint. Firstly, Iraq is a war zone. Its people do not recognise what is happening there as a liberation. Rather it has all the feeling of a brutal occupation. Dr Allawi has fast become known as ‘the new dictator of Iraq’ installed like the other western backed dictatorships in the Muslim world. We are told that January elections will deliver a democracy, and in the meantime the interim government has legitimacy and real power. Yet the interim government is overruled by the US and UK on the issue of freeing women prisoners, and Donald Rumsfeld tells us that elections may not be for the whole population. Daily, Iraqis are killed in large numbers or are mistreated by the occupying forces, which all goes unreported and the current regime does nothing to represent their interests. In such a war zone, people legitimately seek to fight against occupation, and in such a climate soldiers and those civilians who maybe seen to be legitimising the occupation become targets in the war. It is sadly, that men such as Ken Bigley can become embroiled in this mess. Certainly, he would have been convinced by the government and the media here that he was going to help people. The reality is he was probably unwittingly caught in a neo-colonisation of Iraq. Secondly, in a war situation, prisoners of war will inevitably be taken on both sides of the conflict. Islam recognises this fact and legislates for this. What has crudely been labelled as hostage taking is no more than that. However, the example of the Prophet (saw), and his Companions, was that they treated them humanely – feeding them first before even themselves. Allah (swt) says; ÙˆÙŽÙŠÙطْعÙÙ…Ùونَ الطَّعَامَ عَلَى Ø­ÙبّÙÙ‡Ù Ù…ÙسْكÙينًا وَيَتÙيمًا وَأَسÙيرًا. Ø¥Ùنَّمَا Ù†ÙطْعÙÙ…ÙÙƒÙمْ Ù„Ùوَجْه٠اللَّه٠لَا Ù†ÙرÙيد٠مÙنكÙمْ جَزَاء وَلَا Ø´ÙÙƒÙورًا “And they, though they hold it dear, give sustenance to the indigent, the orphan and the captive. (Saying) we feed you for the sake of God alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks.†[TMQ Al-Insan 76:8-9] Either they were released humanely or ransomed – for example for the price of educating others. As Allah (swt) mentions; ÙÙŽØ´ÙدّÙوا الْوَثَاقَ ÙÙŽØ¥Ùمَّا مَنًّا بَعْد٠وَإÙمَّا ÙÙدَاء “Then bind strongly the fetters. Then afterwards either the release or the ransom.†[TMQ Al-Muhammad:4] Muslims and Islamic states were never characterised by values that lead to prisoners of war being treated like those at Guantanamo or Abu Gharaib. However the execution of hostages is absolutely forbidden by Islam. Allah (swt) says: يَا أَيّÙهَا الَّذÙينَ آمَنÙواْ ÙƒÙونÙواْ قَوَّامÙينَ بÙالْقÙسْط٠شÙهَدَاء Ù„Ùلّه٠وَلَوْ عَلَى Ø£ÙŽÙ†ÙÙسÙÙƒÙمْ “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves…†[TMQ Al-Nisa:135] We should never lose sight of the fact that although murdering hostages is indeed unjust, and the fact that Mr Bigley was probably sent out under a false pretence was unjust, the invasion and occupation of Iraq was the root of all these injustices. Every Muslim individual and group should spend their efforts explaining to the wider society that this foreign policy is to take the heaviest blame, and that the end to interference in Muslim lands is the way to prevent these injustices from recurring. Dr Abdul Wahid
  14. How to Waste time It seems that in the Muslim world that this has been the perennial problem where constantly time is wasted on discussing, issues that are not issues but help to achieve the agenda of the colonial powers. We had the debate on the what league should the Muslim world have ranging from Islamic to Arabic all of which were conspired by the colonialists to divert the attentions of the Muslims from understanding the real issue and its correct solution. Since the destruction of the Khilafah state in 1924 the Muslims have been oppressed by there colonially imposed/supported rulers where we have seen the Muslim world rank the worst in everything imaginable from wealth inequality, poverty, corruption etc… for 80 years we have had western solutions thrown at us to solve our problems but they have always been in the interest of the colonial powers never in the interest of the Muslim Ummah. All these years the Ummah has craved food, shelter and clothing and yet we still find ourselves to be in the lowest of positions a position where our leaders are happy for us to stay because it is what the masters in the West wish. Little has changed in this millennia where the debate of our time is whether Musharraf should remove his uniform or not. When the real issues are have been diverted by this mind numbing discussion when the Muslims are in a diabolical situation. We find that the policies of Musharraf go unchallenged, his whole agenda is left for him to agree with Washington without the mainstream political parties able to affect this discussion. The real issue is what is Musharraf about? From his policies we can clearly see that his objective has been to aid the re-election campaign of George W Bush whether this be threatening an internal civil war by killing the Muslims in South Waziristan, allowing a hostile neighbour in the form of the Northern Alliance cover a once friendly border through to privatisation of the key utilities (ask the western populace on their thoughts on privatisation – nothing but a failure). A serious question needs to be asked what has Musharraf actually achieved other than being liked in Washington and London. These are well known enemies of Islam and the Muslims yet here we have our leader being coveted by them. This factor alone should raise the question who is Musharraf looking out for? This not an issue that requires time to be wasted on it because it is not an issue the Colonialists would like the Muslims to raise therefore the answer is clear for all and is only a discussion for those that would sell themselves for the colonialists. Musharraf has showed his colours to be other than that of the Muslims and therefore must be removed.
  15. “Pakistan stands for peace, recognising the right of Israel to exist, as also the right of the Palestinians to have their own homeland,†Gen Musharraf said. I wonder if Musharraf would give rights to somebody who stole his land under the premise that the thief has a right to exist? Under Musharrafs analogy the thief can as long he leaves a nominal amount of land that Musharraf can still call his “ownâ€. If anything this highlights that Musharraf does not think for himself but is told what to think by his Commander in Chief George W Bush.