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  1. it's interesting to see alot of people here where already outside somali before the fall of muqdisho to the rebels. i was in Muqdisho during until it fell to the rebels then on to kenya by car... it was a very exciting ride. for a long time I thought the civil war started in muqdisho but... i guess that was when it started for me.
  2. What do the terms mean and how do you tell if a transaction is 'riba' ?
  3. I like chinese food. These urban myths (or truths) about asian food and cat, dog, rat, and even human meat have been around forever so they're not gonna stop me. the fact remains asians got good food and am gonna keep eating it. "that’s not chicken in your chicken chow mein"
  4. looks like it didn't quite work out the way she expected it to
  5. yeah, bush's 'one finger salute' (yes, that's what he called it, a one finger salute) was a good laugh. It's frightening to know that someone that ****** has so much power. Blog's were getting alot of attention in the media lately, there are a growing number of muslim blogers and it's interesting to read their perspectives.
  6. Here are a number of interesting muslim blogs I've been reading that I wanted to share. If you have some you would like to share, do so. veiled4allah Hijab madness Baghdad Burning I still can't decide if she's really in iraq, but a nice read nonetheless.
  7. the title is interesting but it's too long.. please sum up your point in 3 prgrphs or less. there should be = access for those of us with ADD
  8. why don't you just edit your profile and change it????? You don't even have to tell us about it, just do it yourself... maybe you did it yourself so you make this post.
  9. Changing "Camel Milk Debate" section to "Camel Milk Discussion" Recently the names of section in the forum have being changing (and changing back). I had a suggestion I wanted to make. I think we should change the "Camel Milk Debate" section to "Camel Milk Discussion". The reason is that debate implies disagreement and hostile argument, and I think the section should be a place were we can share ideas and discuss them and develop them together, in a positive setting. Please consider my recommendation and let me know why if you decide not to change the name.
  10. True it's old news. But thanks Femme_Fatale for bringing it up. I remember when the whole Abu Garab thing came up and everyone was acting like that was the first time something like that ever happended, it reminded me of that kid. But I alwasys believed it was Canadian soldiers? Any it's good for everyone to remember what kind of people these cadhaan are.
  11. Americans kill wounded Iraqi fighters.
  12. nafta makes a great point. This will create a divide.
  13. it seems to me like everyoen just missed the point of my post. ok, let me ask again, is the world running out of oil? is oil production close to peaking?
  14. i can't believe i fell for it... i should of known.
  15. it looks like the fighting is spreading to all the sunni-arab populated areas. the usa is planning on using the doctrine of overwhelming force invented by Colin Powell to crush resistance throughout the sunni regions. if you think falujah is bad, wait till you see what happens in Mosul where the Allawi government, the usa forces, and the kurds have basicly formed an alliance against the sunni-arabs.
  16. interesting thing, today on cspan Newt Gingrich (once leader of the Republican party in the House of Representatives; that’s like the house of commons for those in the UK) was talking about the need for immigrants to be assimilated into American society and American values. He wants Republican to make this a goal now that they are a majority in the US government.
  17. i kind of like 'off-topic'... when they fist put it in i spend like 2 minutes looking for the general link before i realized they changed the name
  18. Legend of Zu.... i got tired of waiting for it and now i lost interest in master chief:(
  19. People make it sound like science and religion have to agree when they really don't. They are not the samething and they are not based on the same premise. religion is from God and science is from man. what possible advances in science do islamic scholars fear? I would hope none. Muslims only fear Allah. But what about genetic enginnering and the theory of evolution. Do we reject these views? If they disagree with the quran and sunnah then we reject them.