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    what u saying is right fartun, Naturally women gain weight when they give birth, but inorder to lose that weight, you will need to burn more colories than usual. In opposite our women stay home to take care of the child and they eat more than usual (soup and boorash) so what happens. Do the math, your burning lowered down and your food consumption increased.
  2. Are you Okay Man? other than posting those stereotypes on hourly bases, what else you do for living. Some of comments read "clan courts" so what you consider ur self or whomever ur supporting "clan government" may be? anyways brother ask your self if qabiil will help you in Aakhiro. And let's stop this ethnocentric beliefs of Qabiil inequality. We all the same pple. Xoogaa is daji caadifad qabiil ey ku qaadin. dont get me wrong, coz I don't support my own tribe by defeating others. Everyone whose mind is Tribe based, I consider ignorant, so do better than qabiil support, i know u can do better.
  3. You guys are all ****** qabilist. Get a life and fear Allah, instead of wasting your time, North and South, ***** and ******, and other nonsense shitt. We all somalis from one country with one religion, let's see ourselves as ONE. The minute die, nobody from our qabiil will help but God. Please Is Xisaabiya inta aan Leydin Xisabin.
  4. Beauty does NOT equal naked. These were the ugliest of all even with dem wearing 5 lbs of make up. But yea somali gurls are gorgeous, not because of those "For Sale" pics, but all in general.
  5. pple just answer what she asks, or else don't bother to comment. Ibtisam, ur always (-). Yes Somali women in general do not have Sex Drive, because of the Firconi circumcision. But nowdays, as you see more teens and and early twenties were not subject to that circumcision, therefore they have a sex drive as any other women around the world. Another force was the cultural beliefs back in Somalia where women are ashamed to mention sex in any case. So even those that do have, try to hide it and eventually lose that psychologically. Thank God it's changing now. Question 2. Yes somali men in general spend their time with other men in the community such as the Halal meat market, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, etc. You barely see the with children and wife except some days like Eid, or going to Tarawih. What can we do? I guess nothing, but time will change.
  6. Hunguri, Isn't Bac Madow only effects only those in Western countries where the men has less power than women? I was thinking of moving to Dubai by the time I marry, so now where to go? lol. I expect argument occurs between the couples, but throwing someone outside is not the solution. I wouldn't get out of the house easily, but once I do, NEVER gonna go back.
  7. CC- is your 13th B-day yet to come or was it last week? hhmm just wondering. Quick link for relationship ( area. Disclaimer- It's your responsibility to deal with any outcome of that relationship including, but not limited to, Deaf person, Handicap, Same sex, P.C. Hacker, Your lost aunt/uncle, Illegal Elien aiming legal document, Your horrible neigbor, Your Dugsi teacher, ETC.
  8. If a girl tells you she lives by herself, what's so funny about asking her to come over and chill? Obviously she pre-invited me when she said she's alone. Technically she's asking for it by living alone. We men love to "Qaraabo Salaan" when Eedo Xaawo travels to Africa with the little kid and the only home is Khadro. "meet me in house, Guaranteed is goind down waaye.. lol
  9. ^^ Who cares what she beleives, that just sounds personal issues. But I feel her somehow that she needs a man, but someone that cares about her. Don't we all need that?hhmm. Good luck with your search. Ibtisam, I don't know if you keep ur secrets inside, but U always seemed that a Man in never an issue to u, like you don't even need one camal. lol. I heard kuwaasoo kale aa ugu daran.
  10. Waraa ha caayina gabadha, anyways, crystal it's all about the featrues + shape this days. For your information, I'm into brown skinned xalimos. Are you still Africa?
  11. Aideed qualified to be demoted for being politically incorrect. I don't know how he managed to say that, but indeed it takes effort to convince any somali citizen to carry an Ethiopean pass. Even Meles laughed when he was asked about that idea. General Duke, I recommend you to be less biased of your threads as many readers are enough educated to figure out your point of view and where you coming from. "Do you really support TFG or AYA? Be happy that Aideed is demoted for his lack of management, not his lack of Reer Qurac or reer Qansax.
  12. If I ask u the same question, why mothers lied to our grandmothers ? This is just obvious coz there're things ur parents do not have to know and instead u lie to them, coz from girls side telling her mother she's on date hurts more than a lie. Plus don't forget that parents have a feeling that ciyaalkooda date, they don't care as long as u don't let them know.
  13. If you have all these in ur mind, adigaaba problem qabo sis. but some funny ones are in there. lol
  14. it's Portland, Not Lewiston. Buuxo, It's true that some guys do that, but I think we do that coz some girls think it's cool, so we attract them. lol, Basically, everybody does something valuable to a group that he/she belongs in order to get recognition within that group, so if you don't fall under that category, may be ur neighbor or cousin is into that type. Adigane, may be ur into another Farax that wears Armani Suit.