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  1. I doubt, why its secret laakin and who is funding? Abdiwali (AKA Abdi Bilis) have failed the people of Puntland sxbow and no sane Person would ever invest in our fiefdom. Aid agencies including development project have been scaled down and Puntland is considered high risk area ( scale 5) almost similar to Mogadishu & Baydhabo ! maybe it’s time aan joojino faankaan beenta ah and sit down for some serious talk. Some of the MPs from Bari/Sanaag region have already started preparing a motion in parliament against the government.
  2. Government Minister reporting what X NGO or UN agency/fund have done in X village as his achievement is an insult to Puntlanders, this is nothing but PR on Abdiwali's part and it may look nice to outsiders like Odey, but reer Puntland and Abdiwali himself know too he hasn't appointed one single Minster who can deliver his/her mandate in the first to begin with (may be Ali Haji who is not in the right Ministry) I'm saying this because i have first hand experience by working with 4 different ministries in Puntland.
  3. I met one the president adviser who happens to be his former teacher not sure university or School, he invited us for a diner at Jazeera place , I asked him how much his food and accommodation cost is per month and who pays the bills ? he said roughly 18,000 USD bills are sent to Villa Somalia. when this former macalin of Qoslaaye is paid 20k per month for his cost of living and doing almost nothing for the people of Somalia! i wonder why FM bills are in question here?
  4. Looyar maahi laakin waxaan qabaa in aanu hadal kaasi hadal Qaadi ahayn maxkamad caadi ah ninkaasi cid alshabaab katirsan ama ku tuhmayo xukum caadil kuma fulinkaro. sababta oo ah go'aan baaba meel uyaala.
  5. Forole without his sons and Aran Jaan will be kind of leader Somalia needs at this moment, strong, macangag and doesn't haven't friends in Mogadishu and neither likes Alshabab. i know many won't like him in Mog. but who cares! as they said in xagaas iyo Bariga.
  6. Let us be honest for one minute shall we? in security and disputed area tag for Sanaag and Sool is in the interest of both Puntland and Somaliland, should there have been a confrontation between the two Admins in that Area ,It would have been Abdiwalis interest to divert Makhir university project to either Galkayo or Garowe and suspend of one his election promises to build a road between El-Dahir and Badhan, Likewise Siilanyo would have stopped Burco-Erigavo road for security reasons, build one in Burco and nearby villages. Thanks to the Elders and communities in Sanaag they have realized something what many communities in Somalia have yet to realize peace! ( nin aan kuu furi doonin yaanu kuu rarin) is what we say in such situations. Thanks to Silaanyo for listening the call for peace and withdrawing his troops. meanwhile Mooge iyo Xunjuf can beat their drums.
  7. According to the rumors in town. Gas was told by Ethiopia to back off on Lasanod/Sool issue, unfortunately it seems no Somali leader dare to differ on what Ethiopians wants him to do lately, including our new president Abdi Cawar ( as Xaji xujo likes to call him). He simply obliged orders and headed back home. I was told the Vice president Mr. Camay will visit Ethiopia to in order to persuade the Ethios and may be play the tolka laguhaysto Sool card.
  8. It looks like an apple Juice to me , would have been nice in a polite way. adigoo Miyirqaba awoowe.
  9. Most Somalis waa laga fiicanyahay, and they are very emotional at times. walaalyaal one thing is fact our president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is weak and corrupt leader, you either deny or accept its a fact! but let us use common sense for one minute, If Mr.presidente buys properties any where, whether in Turkey or in Tanzania he will not register his own Hassan Culusow name on the properties, Xaajidaha magacooda iyo meelaha aan ka fiirino. ninku maaha D0qon ee xamar buu joogay last 25 yrs oo ku barbaaray for him its not a crime to kill or stealing public properties waa caadi nooh.
  10. la isma xasdee horta she is way beautiful, This isagu laa waa bahal! horta waa reerma ninku?
  11. I would have given this post to Said Dheere he has what it takes, i have nothing against the minister but i don't think he has the experience nor charisma to lead the ministry. Mooge, BTW I was told he was a member of Cade's ciyal-Butano gangs .
  12. Since when UNDP become a colonizer? its UN agency ! what are you on khayqabow.
  13. Nonsense. this is UNDP MOG office FYI, and they have the right to accommodate whoever they want. and if were them i wouldn't have accommodated a somali national for own security,xenophobic ! right?
  14. I agreed with Xaglo Toosiye on his previous strategy when he joined SL that was if you can't defeat them, then joint them! that is exactly what he did back then, but now he is f...dreaming he couldn't even liberate his own village from likes of Ina Warancade, Did any body saw the pictures of his lasanod visit last week with a gun and uniform! what a fulay.
  15. At least one could see the faces of these Puntland Folks and approach them like normal being! and pose for photo shoot like Yusuf Garaad did.
  16. When a trained (supposedly)Police officer asks you qolaama tahay adeer at check points! one wonders what is the use of the new ID cards? much better than Kenyan and Ethiopian ID cards though.
  17. No disrespect to the Khatumo, but this reminds me of "maxaa layga soo helaa bariba waa lumayaaye". Brothers welcome to the tolka land.
  18. Don't you think that is not the interest of Puntland People and Abdiwali as their president, I believe it was one of the Faroole's downfalls by not engaging with Federal Government as he should have, Puntland would have received their share in the Turkish Aid money, would have been part of Somalia and Somaliland negotiation team, Faroole would have been re-elected lol . I know Qoslaye may not agree with Puntland on issues like Federalism model, changes on the Federal charter and fight against Alshabab any time soon, but still Puntland needs Federal Government more than Qoslaye needs. And Abdiwali should meet and have a serious discussion with the President Qoslaye on many issues.
  19. Not bad at all, my only concern is your business may attract unwanted P.R since your Mogdishu people are bit conservative compared to Puntland and Somaliland. otherwise
  20. what I don't understand is the new Ministers haven't yet been presented before the MP's for approval but some of them already took over their respective ministries (Ali Haji)isn't that it self a disrespect to the Speaker and MPs?
  21. Do you know where the problem lies? 90% of our Xalimos don't have skill set to qualify them to hold high posts, I know Somali Men are to blame on that partly. Secondly Somali women have done excellent work in keeping our families together and being the breadwinners for the past 24 years, but in politics trust me they are more corrupt and clannish than most men.
  22. Faroole will be missed big time. there is already a demo. in Bosaso against these appointments. on different though, did any body saw the new minister for Women and family affairs, she is young, hot and she looks intelligent, I don't know her personally but I hope she will be next Casho Gelle in the making. Couple of close friends got posts though, glad i have this good connection now. Thanks Abdi Bilis as they call him.