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  1. Originally posted by Duufaan: How many members do you have? I give credit the Secessionists, they probably in hundredth's or one thousand out of 240 thousand somali in U.S, still they have big confress and inviting lot people from back home. Call it extrimisem, these individuals are working hard for their cause, whether they sponsered churches or gay organisation . duufan bro, you forgot they also hijack conferances to theire caouse, 2 years ago a strange incident took place in our city, We were a small somali community that were very active in our city, Some members of the somali comunity, dire hard fascists organised a conferance called "somali culture and poetry" they invited all somalis weather they are from the north or south. They also said this would a no-political conferance. At the conferance we were shocked, somaliland flags everywhere, all the organisers from secceionist triangle towns hargeisa, buro, berbera. Foregin norweigian journalists were invited to see how many somalis wanted "somaliland". More then 90% of the people felt they were used and stormed out from the conferance. These fascists use clever deceitfull tactics to see a divided somalia.
  2. well written, This informative aryicle will crush those who try to potray the meles regime as an friend to somalia
  3. Originally posted by Alle-ubaahne: Puntland has ordered its army to stay alarted by the Islamic forces who are trying to cleanse the roadblocs in there by bringing peace and justice in Mudug. Puntland has been under the Ethiopian influence and still maintains a close relationship with it. Now it is going to be a war, but a different war which will unite the Mudug inhabitants in defending their religion from wolves and the stoogy leadership not only in puntland, but also in Somaliland. I heard in the next two weeks, the headlines will surely read something like 'puntland state falling in the hands of people through the help of the Islamic Courts of Somalia' insha-Allah. Guusha waxaa leh ilaahey iyo maxaakimta diinta dhaqan galinaya!! Guul Guul Guul, Allahu Akbar 3 times! This is an absolute worst scenario that can happen to Somalia, I find it strange mr alle-ubaahne that you actually wish renewed conflict in somalia that would only spill somali blood on the soil, , Somalia doesnt need courts against puntland or courts against baidoa, It need talks, another round of talks.
  4. I really do hope that these courts are defated, They will only bring more chaos, and religous based tribalism (a sick term I myself hate to use) The sad thing is that the these qabyali courts are vicous power hungry militia, Why caoture Beledweyne when a legitmate government elected by somalis themselves exists?, Why hint to capture Gaalkacyo? Why couldnt they just hand over power to the government. The are so many unanswerd questions but a clear message from the courts are they are power hungry and will do everything to get it. We were 2 years at a peaceconferance, The outcome was a elected somali government, We should stick to that, That the safest way to peace and stability,
  5. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: i see we are still looking for salutions to fall from the sky. To expect a entire nation to adhere to one piont of veiw, ideology or religion will be difficult if not impossible. Our salution is to understand small pragmatic step we can take to be a nation again. How bout stop shooting others. That hardly needs relgous convictions to understand. Naxar Nugaaleed, Why try to see Somalia as a countrey that have went through the historical secular changes like Europe did, As I understand it, Somalia is a "munawaric society", Meaning a society built upon nomadic knightly values, We are in other words a a society that is still struggling from a 4000 year old way of thinking Islam could play an important role in this, Keeping the nomadic invidualism within the correct balance.
  6. the courts hunger for power seems to grow day by day, It's truly sad to see so called muslim shaykhs attacking towns and taking over it, Instead of gping to poor beledweyne why didnt they go to marka and brawa, We know the vicious crimes that Siyad Indhacade has gone to those poor villages, Why dont they just give power to the TFG, It's all about power, It's time we realise that these new islamic "oriented" warlords are just a new jabhad trying to find the missing pieace of cake in Somalia, It's not something new that warlords turn ti religous pr in order to to get massive support from the public, A good social example is Afghanistan, Every warlords political organisation begins with "islamic..."
  7. Originally posted by Abdi2005: quote:Originally posted by Sakhar: ...All the warlords have ceased to exist and are on their run. Ilqeyte together with the minister of religious affairs have found refuge in Baidoa! The Union of Islamic courts will soon inshallaah announce an "Islamic government" in Moqadisho! Not all warlords unfortunally, Aidid and Cusman caato are still there and they controll some parts of muqdisho. If we putt aside Cusman cato who have few militias under his controll unlike Aidid who is one of the biggest warlords in Muqdisho. Some of have the accused the courts of belonging to the clans of Aidid and Cusman Cato, The news that they have not captured areas controlled by the warlords aidid and cato really makes me doubt, Anyways, 3 warlords gone, 2 to go Heeeeeeyah!
  8. Originally posted by nuune: The latest tactic, which in fact is not a tactic at all by the so called Anti-Terror Group, they say they captured a man who is Arab and belongs to the Islamic Courts, just check the man they are talking about. Does he look like Arab? why is he smiling and looks happy? did they took the picture while he was armed? impossible? endless question can be asked about the picture! Thanks to the great editing software tools available nowadays, a failed attempt, this rather looks like a US soldier stationed in the gulf countires Do they actually think that the somali nation is ****** ? as horn afrique said, This picture showes clearly the desparation the warlords are in. May god give them defeat.
  9. Somali politics is so messed up and so fragile in its ever twisting political alliances that I promised my self I wouldnt put so much time on it, But the truth is that what ever I do Somalia is my beloved countrey, The political orientation it takes is important for us. So whats happening now? In a more broader perspectiv? What I know is that things shouldnt be like this, according to the Mghati ( is it Maghati)?. It has gone now 2.5 years since it was formed, and please do remember the maghati peace accord was not the beginning of a peace conferance, It was supposed to be the final peace accord that completed the factions that rejected the outcome of the arta peace conferance, the TNG- government... Coming the point, Seing the high hopes we had for the peace conferance things are not going so great The TFG government led by Ali ghedi under preisdent Abdullahu Yusuf has failed to even get some of recignition in Somalia, to add to this, The armed factions leaders that weather we like it or not are vital for a peacefull somalia are openly rejecting the the legitmacy of the TFG, Just as they did in the arta conferance, Modishu is seing fightings between factions thats the worst since the the early 90-ties.. And whats more confusing is that a global battle is being carried in somalia when somalia itself is in a civil war, "Secular" warlords know see the US as milking cow and saying there terrorists in Somalia and the "Islamic courts" see themselves as knightly somali talibans. Man, I really do hope the situation gets any better, But things dont look good... But one thing is for sure, Our government can not and will not survive if it does not got aid from the World... May god have mercy on us,
  10. soo maal, I am not sure but isnt the remains of the great cushitic civilisation?
  11. They sure like to travel then tackle some serious problem the TFG is facing... These diffirent travels by diffirent factions of the government makes be belive that the TFG is not functioning as a unison government. Have not parlament members allready gone to Boosaso and Garoowe?
  12. Originally posted by General Duke: Four Somalia Government Ministers Resign By Alisha Ryu Mogadishu 24 May 2006 Audio report in English... In a severe blow to efforts to establish a functioning government in the Horn of Africa country of Somalia, four elected ministers, all based in the capital Mogadishu, have announced that they are quitting the government. The minister for national security in Somalia's struggling transitional national government, Mohammed Qanyare Afrah, says he and three other ministers agreed several days ago to withdraw from government, currently located in the provincial town of Baidoa, 240 kilometers west of the capital. Wednesday was the deadline for the ministers to formally join the parliamentary body, which has the backing of the United Nations, but remains largely powerless. Qanyare tells VOA that he is quitting his cabinet post because the government of Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Gedi and President Abdullahi Yusuf are not interested in restoring security in Mogadishu. "They are not considering the job we are doing. Mogadishu has no security. We are working on security to fight terrorism. They are against us because they are siding with the terrorists," he said. The other three disaffected ministers are the minister of religion, Omar Finish, the minister of the disarmament of militias, Botan Ise Alin, and the minister of trade, Muse Sudi Yalahow. Yalahow accused transitional government leaders of being ineffective and lazy. Yalahow says the government does not want to come to Mogadishu because it is happy doing nothing in Baidoa. He says the people of Mogadishu do not need a government that does nothing. Yalahow, Qanyare, and their two colleagues are powerful factional leaders in the capital and senior-ranking members of the newly-formed, 11-member anti-terror group, the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism. The group's aim, they say, is to rid the country of Muslim extremists, who are attempting to turn Somalia into another Afghanistan. But many Somalis say they believe the real reason why the four factional leaders are pulling out of the government is because they are angry over recent comments made by President Yusuf. President Yusuf accused the United States of funding the anti-terror alliance, adding that Washington should be working with interim government leaders to bring stability to Somalia, not giving money to warlords to chase down terrorists. The alliance flatly denies it is receiving U.S. help. The United States has long viewed Somalia as a potential haven for Islamic militants. But U.S. officials say the United States is not giving direct assistance to the anti-terror group. Somalia's interim government was formed in neighboring Kenya in late 2004, but internal splits have always threatened to scuttle the 14th attempt to restore central rule to the country in 15 years. Source: Voice of America, May 24, 2006 Duke, How is it great news that the power brokers of Somalia leave the fragile Peace government? This only puts Somalia in a more rotten complex situation... Duke, The Arta government failed becouse of the power brokers were against it.
  13. Originally posted by THE EMPEROR: when i go through multiple forums and read the topics with sad news coming from somalia i always noticed a sense of anger and a feeling of being hopeless cause we are cursed with ignorant leaders with the state of mind of 500 BC why can't their be a recruiting system that recruits somali men from the diaspora into an army i don't like the idea of foreign christian troops setting foot in somalia so why can't their be a recruiting and training system for somali men who want to better their country and give security Allah (swt) won't help a society untill it helps itself nice thoughts, But who are the diaspora your talking about? What makes you think that the diaspora is anyway better then those who live in Somalia? Remember bro, A plane moved them, But the plane didnt move theire mentality, But Your correct, Western grown up young somalis would be a force to reckon with I guess..
  14. Our President Abdullahu Yusuf sure likes to play the Presidential ceromonial acts, But the sad thing is that He is the persident of a nation that does not exist.. It has been now 2 years since the TFG was formed, Despite the horrible agony of the starving somali masses it has failed to give to function as a one single body.. What is now left? Abdullahi Yusuf has 3 years more left, We will see if he actually acomploishes his mission within these 3 years instead of flying around the world...
  15. Politics come and and go, But I never thought that someone could belive "war" is some kind of hope, War just breeds more hatred, More hatred creates more fighting, The equation is very easy to understand. I do agree war can create a more temporary peace But the problem in somali wars is that neither faction in a conflict wants an all out war, You will never see a complete victory for any side in somali clan wars.. the circle of violence continues.
  16. I would call a man who started the first pan somali freedom movement a hero, Sayid Maxamed Cabdille Xassan killed a lot of somalis and very few facists, But no one could and can question is intentions that are forever enscriped in his poems.... I considetr him a hero
  17. I could call the somalis trend poopers, They certaintly follow the trend pooping in politics, Every clan has a X-LAND, So should we? But agree with soo maal, It's better then chaos, By the way, Isnt it not embarrasing for all the somalis copying the "land" word in the so called x-lands that exists today? The word "land" doesnt even exist in the somali language, It's like the chinese renaming bejjing area as Bejing-land... Ignorance is truly evil.
  18. Originally posted by HornAfrique: You are the bearer of bad tidings aren't you sxb? There is plenty of positive news around Muqdisho and indeed in the whole country. Why don't you for once post something on that rather then this shock-and-awe titled posts' of yours. I am not being harsh on you and neither am I accusing you of hating the people of Muqdisho or other ludicris suggestions, but post something positive about Muqdisho for once. Infact I dare you to. Well hornafrique, I honestly ask you you what is the positive things about mogadishu? A city without a proper governance a city in ruin? We have probably heard this before, But its the only city in the world ruled by chaos, That tells you a lot if you think about it..
  19. My friend from Gambia is preparing his hajj, May Allah accsept his Hajj.
  20. I dont know why they call it Somali-land, But Why does a nation that is somalis add the "the land" to the name of the nation. Name and ethnicity are very important, It' just seems strange that somali areas are being named "somali-LAND", "Punt-Land", And the the one that is comical of them all "MID-Land" (Belive it or not "Mid"land stands for "Middle"! A more suitable name for Somaland is "Northern Somali Republic". The elders of bari atleast gave some historical hint into why they namned it "Puntland". It's true It is called by ancient egyptiologi "Punt", But a Better term for it might be "Puntia"`? Thanks you all, I'll not even go into the ridcoulus name "Mid-land" Cajiib1
  21. I dont know why they call it Somali-land, But Why does a nation that is somalis add the "the land" to the name of the nation. Name and ethnicity are very important, It' just seems strange that somali areas are being named "somali-LAND", "Punt-Land", And the the one that is comical of them all "MID-Land" (Belive it or not "Mid"land stands for "Middle"! A more suitable name for Somaland is "Northern Somali Republic". The elders of bari atleast gave some historical hint into why they namned it "Puntland". It's true It is called by ancient egyptiologi "Punt", But a Better term for it might be "Puntia"`? Thanks you all, I'll not even go into the ridcoulus name "Mid-land" Cajiib1
  22. something is missing in those websites, It's the same thing about them, Increase the rituals, Forget the ixsaan. It's very sad.
  23. Hi guys. I've become philosophical these days I've been thinking lately, About Somalia, Our beutifull countrey. The war (If it is continuing) has going on now for 16 years!. If You think about 16 years is a lot of time.... The war broke out, All clans fought each other during the 90-ties. The fightings forced Somalia to go its pre colonlial clan borders.... If you think about it, Somalis are a speciall people, We are the only people, The only nation that is at civil war with no fucntioning government for 16 years..... Some intelectualls are even questioning if Somalia exists among the somalis themselves.... There is Somaliland, Puntland, And the sporadic fightings in "southern somalia" Maybe Somalis do not want each other, Maybe our culture, Nomadism is not fit for nation building. Sadly, I have to admit, Poor african nations as Uganda, Congo, Sudan are in better position then us, They exist as a nation depsote civil war is ranging in that countrey. Maybe It's time for the world to view somalia as "former somali republic". Just as former soviet republic, former Yuguslav republic Some out of desparation would like to deny this, I have even heard somalis say "well things are not so bad, despite we have a civil war we have the best telicommunications some newly built photos of apartments show this. Well, It's true in some cases that the telicomunnications has gone better. But true cold facts show that somalia is one of the few countries in the world that is not developing, It is going down. If this current government fails it is the last chance I think that somalia is gone, Former somali republic is the future. This is the definatly the last chance
  24. Brothers, It's sad that this thread is not receiving any form of intrest, Remember that the somali regional state of ethiopia is twice the large of the state of somalia. Dont any of you guys have comment on that article?