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  1. Zack how do you know we're you inside lol, you have no idea what he said to the world leaders plus themselves know the situation in somalia and Somaliland so don't count your chicken as they say lol
  2. Proud we at least got economic aid, in your case i am interested to if the TFG will give up on power lool.
  3. i through facts and like deaf cat you dont hear the facts lool. Its like talking to a wall with you lots
  4. First off my friend, Here are some facts: UK aid to somaliland-(The press release stated that the president Siilaanyo and his delegates met with Andrew Mitchel, UK International Development Secretary at his office in London. The two sides agreed upon strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries and increasing the aid that UK provides to Somaliland. UK secretary reiterated their commitment to establish an aid particular to Somaliland government. The Secretary was accompanied by senior officials from UK department of International Development. President Siilaanyo spoke at the meeting and took the opportunity to brief Andrew Mitchel the important strides that his government achieved for the short time in power and thanked the UK government the aid that it provides to Somaliland.) British meetings the Somaliland president officially launched the newly established (Somaliland International Cooperation organization). Finally increased USAID add to Somaliland. Concerning Somaliland being separte, The UK, US, EU knows somaliland posistion A DEFACTO Independent State.
  5. ^^^ clowns somaliland as economically gained alot from their trip lool.
  6. Is the Somaliland syndrome destroying your mind lool love it
  7. Duke love your hate keep hating old boy choke on it we done something that shocks you which is out last your wishful hate of Somaliland lol cry old boy cry lool
  8. U forget dude we meeting mover and shakers Somaliland all the way
  9. Hater he asked no requested we come to be what he say yes share our experience I peace and democracy with SOmalia lol. He came to you cause you killing each other lol we came to him to save you lots and benefit our people
  10. Somaliland haters don't surprise me with there logic, I think is Somaliland syndrome lool
  11. Lool you hater don't make me laugh big crowd even in the run you may want to down this thread but we know it's making you haters mad. Know go back to your star bucks ok lol
  12. Duke, as always you talk like person with minimum brain cells, this conference is about stoping the ills of Somalia. Somaliland is there for two important reason, having face to face talks with the movers and shaker in the international realm and secure good economic investments with the UK/ so Pleas chill fake predictor lol
  13. Younger then you old man looool . Sorry had to do it you give me a good opening asking him his age
  14. King do you believe in the Easter bunny Lol cause your whole act is funny tro ll lol