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  1. How about them trolling Somaliland and there statements but ok I be nice
  2. Duke is funny for awhile I thought you and dr were the same person lol
  3. Somalia itself is already dead and gone the more u understand the better you be lol
  4. Don't care what old people think, but curious why pirate spend there money on houses, alchoal, and prostitutes lool
  5. If you cheering for this killer only shows the state of your Somaliland snydroum wow. Get grib people
  6. This girl is suffering from Somaliland hate snydroum lool
  7. Dr keep crying oil in our region and you can spin crazy talk all u like loool
  8. Indeed plus we got more money coming to Somaliland
  9. Dont argue and these haters will spin it to what they think it is. You can show them a blue box and they say it's green lool. Somaliland snydroum at its best