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  1. People get help for your Somaliland snydroum lool
  2. First they said Somaliland did make speech lool Somaliland snydroum
  3. Don't argue with somalia this old man will argue weak points over and over. You through facts on what Somaliland got and this guy talking about umbrilas, white man, recgonization even thou this conference was not about lool. Somaliland syndrome at its work
  4. Somaliland saw world leaders check, gained more economic source check, gained the support of Somaliland population check
  5. Keep bring that weak arguman lool he meet world leaders, uk foreign minister, and the prime minister lol. Don't let Somaliland syndrome make you crazy
  6. Old man take a page book from you, but u are jumping the gun lol. King for u do like me or are you stalking or trolling me lool
  7. Libian you sound bitter lol Somaliland syndrome at its worst lol