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  1. Sure grand dad I bet you got your heart mess with you . Anyway we light ways ahead of you guys.
  2. That's the pot calling the kettle black lol you two are the king of trolls lol. So relax and don't get your undies in bunch
  3. This wha you get in dealing with people from that region anger hate and envy, ain't no body killing innocent people but rag tag maltia lol no wonder Somalilanders can't stand you guys lol
  4. Grand pa please did you forge to take your medication or is the Alzheimer's kicking in. Somaliland compared with the rest you guys has surpassed you, politically economically and physically lol. Who do they is is Africa's best kept secret mmm I know it ain't pirate land grandpaps lol
  5. Mario you funny dude, you talk like you have insight but really talk from your back side, which I must say I love . For Somalia did you fight in ww2 just curious grandpas
  6. So you calling yourself out lol
  7. Timur what would I expect from a puntland person lol apples and oranges keep thinking that . Somaliland has bussiness interest there we have close clan links so please with the garbage. For Somalia lol old man the only broken is your glasses pops lol
  8. King so who is the fool and who is the wise man
  9. Dr you really need to sema real doc cause you sound nutty lol, plus ain't your pirate leader going to djibouti copy cat And pathetic copy Somaliland leader lol
  10. Copy cat, cause Somaliland was there you copy and follow lol. Pay back this how you sound so making receive how you sound
  11. Welcome back! For somalia old man stop trolling lOl
  12. Somaliland haters out in full choke on your hate lol