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  1. well..what you did was kinda foolish in the first place judging the girl before you even got a chance to know what kinda girl she was..So i dont think you got any right beating the dude up..or trying to get the girl back. Think of this as a lesson next time don’t prejudge someone
  2. mother was pretty cool mom, very easy-goin....the one thing i would do differently would be less nagging..
  3. LadyLuck

    Breast Cancer

    Thanks for the tips. I never thought about breast cancer, until I saw a show on T.V. where this young girl got one of her breast removed. I think alot of ppl associate breast cancer with an older age group but it could happen to any girl/women anytime in her life. So know ur bodies ladies...
  4. whooooa..whats wrongs with thoses kids....what ever happen to one on one fist fights...
  5. Thanks for your replies everyone…and the welcome On personal note, I would never consider being a surrogate mother because I would feel to attached to the child that was growing inside of me. With the second question I have mixed feeling about it on one hand I feel that she does have some sort of claim even though it isn’t her child due to the simple fact that she gave birth to the child and carried/took care of the child while she was pregnant. On the other hand if she was paid then I don’t believe she has any right. I wouldn’t use a surrogate mother if I wasn’t able to have any children, because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with another women having my baby and experiencing that connection a mother has with her child when its in her womb. I didn’t know that surrogate mothers were forbidden under Islamic law, thanks for letting me know that. However I have other question I wanted to ask yall. If a couple tries having a baby the natural way god intend but doesn’t work because of the women/men age, the women body is unable to handle birth, or there is something wrong with the egg or sperm. What are their options other then adoption., that isn’t haram ? Also is it haram to use fertility pills, and in-vitro etc to get pregnant? I started thinking about this topic when one of my aunts couldn’t have a another child after her first born, which she is very grateful for having.
  6. Well for me its the feeling that I have when I accomplish something...also a lil bit of competition... :cool:
  7. Hey yall...Hows everyone doing...This is my first topic n hopefully this topic hasnt been discuss before. I wanted to know what are your opinions about this subject. So here are a few questions I wanted to ask yall... 1. Would you consider being a surrogate mother for a couple? 2. Do you think that surrogate mothers has any claim to the child? 3. Would you ever use a surrogate mother if you werent able to have a baby...and other methods didnt work? P.S. Here is short explanation about what a surrogate mother is ( if you didnt know)is a woman who carries a child for a couple or single person with the intention of giving that child up once its born... Thanks for ur inputs ahead of time...
  8. From reading that post, this site sounds like fun and interesting forum. Fidel thanks for the welcome.