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  1. Actually, majority of the protesters are not can I ask u what's ur obsession with pirates ya ibnu HAG?
  2. So Galmudug is maamul goboleed, interesting...
  3. I don't see faroole's name. I thought he was invited to give a talk.
  4. i know warsamaale is gaal iska doon doon, but i didnt know the naxar dude was wannabe gaal as well...pseudo democratic theocracy ku lahaa...
  5. Garoodi caruurti morgan iyo gandi dhaleen miyaa tahay...
  6. The so called defense minister is a trouble maker. Am glad he was chased away.
  7. And who would my main man be if u dont mind me asking.
  8. Chimera, aad ayey muhiim u tahay in la barto luuqadada hooyo qorideeda. Waa iga talo.
  9. Haatu, I could care less block bro. I just don't like the direction this president taking the country.
  10. To u and ur cuz culusow, it isn't what u can do for ur country, but its what u can do for ur HAG people. People like u n culusow who r full of cuqdad make me sick walahi...
  11. Chimera is too innocent to understand the above picture of Culusow and his fellow HAG thugs
  12. Ninka major international conference on somalia u kaxeeystay ilma adeeradi si in gabar lo doonayo walee in uu qeyr soo wadin
  13. Why didnt the president speak somali to faroli?