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  1. Hahahahah evils people wish on each other, so how many Somalis should die before recognition ïŠ @ xarago General question: Why does everyone Misunderstand Rahima Maf Kees She is right on this issue. All their supporters are just as guilty, the cheerleaders and apologists are just as bad as the perpetrators. Those who financially support the war are as much of killers as those who pull the trigger. Without Somalis in the Diaspora sending money to their clans this war would be less deadly.
  2. Rahima about peace, unity and love, which is precursor to which, well its a chicken and egg story. You are right with your way of looking at and so am I, so we are stuck on that. About delusion well, arent we all crazy? Allot people have failed, but one only fails if they loose hope. You should always rise above these emotions. See your end goal and work for it, I mean just talking to people in daily life and making them think is enough. No need to be gun toting. Also shutting down the lies of those who want to divide us even further is a priority. In this topic you have seen how all the pro-seceion arguments have been discredited. There is no argument for secession except CLAN and if they want to use the clan card to divide Somalia so can they be divided. These lies make everything worse, but to push their agenda the clannish entities will always try to create mistrust and animosity. Thats how they function, thats how they survive.
  3. Mr. Red Sea, people will always be divided if you look at it from that perspective. If you say we are already divided and lets settle for it. Unity does not come if your only waitfor it. If you say to me that you want unity, why don't you work for the unity of your people. Instead of just saying I WANT IT. Don't want it, do it!
  4. Ghedi is most incompetant Somali PM ever and it takes allot to win that prize. The TFG not negotiating with the ICU is just plain ****** , what does one have to loose by negoiating? Aren't the TFG supposed to be bringing peace and reconciliation? Anyhow I am tired of these stalemates. How about this all out war that they have been promising us since 1993 Just do it and get it over with it. We will obey the winner and thats that.
  5. Watch out Qudac! We the Somalis have always been the original inhabitants of Somalia. Your ignorance is wind in the sails of the GAALO MADOW to the West of us who claim our land belongs to them. Keeping up the myth of us being arabs or coming from somehwhere else but Somali is suicidal. We the Somalis have always lived in this land and these burial grounds are burial grounds of Somalis. This is OUR HISTORY do not deny it. I have also seen these burial grounds, There are hundreds of them all across North Central Somalia. They are the remenants of an ancient Somali culture.
  6. If Zidane did that on purpose then its colddddd. aAAH to hell with da frenchies, the only reason I supported them was just because of the black faces. Well Zidane can always look forward to the next november riot.
  7. We are Soomaalida Rahima, and you have not answered my question, are we not the same people? The hate and the killings are mostly being done by paid moor-yaan and jirri who work for blood thirsty warlords or equally incompetent politicians. The people do not hate each other. The people just want to live. Peace is not a precursor for unity nor is love. Unity is a precursor to peace and love. Yes wanting each other is important. I ask you how can we know who wants who; if all we do is tell ourselves that region hates that region, If we divide them and never look at what unites them? Plus why start with others while we can start it over here on SOL Why don’t you join us in our unity, peace and love? Just as a fellow Somali who wants to see the IDEAL realized
  8. Damn those Italians Zidane is still my hero. And Le should be called Le Noir or Le Afriquen Cause Africa was playing the final tonight. Just 3 athochtone frenchies.
  9. "about that rethorical stuff, my sense of humor is not well developed so be careful MATE" this was meant as in becareful TAKE IT EAsY WITH ME. The emphasis on teh MATE was because of your aussie way of speaking. Anyhow I understand, when people are on war path they see things differently
  10. hahahahah@ theats OMG, easy sis. It was a joke; it was never intended as a threat but thanks for the laugh. About my people ïŠ You say that I should work on ‘my people’ as if Somali people are not my people. As if the people from the North West are not 'my people'? If you are saying that ‘my people’ are not Somali people, I wonder what I am then. If you are calling a clan my people, you are wrong because I have no clan. I am Somali period. So who are these people that are ‘my people?’ About unity If unity is the ideal and disunity is the reality. Working for unity would be an admirable cause. A perfect example you have brought forward is that of our prophet scw. Uniting the people of Mecca and Medina and eventually all the Muslims. This is am example worth following and I am glad you are on the same boat as me when it comes on the issue of unity. What troubles me is that you say that UNITY IS THE IDEAL, yet you treat the divisions that are among our people today as impenetrable barriers that divide us. The Somali people are one, one Nation. By saying you and them, by treating ‘regions’ as different from each other and pretending they have nothing in common you are creating barriers. Or at least recognizing illegal barriers that should not exist among brotherly people, you are ignoring the basics of WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Recognising that what unites us and working on strengthening it would be much better for us all, as Somalis and as Muslims. Unity is not one flag or one land, it’s an idea and it’s an idea that transcends all those barriers that you are so willing to recognize. Clans do not divide us, nor do warlords or fiefdoms. If you believe in all of us as the same people, then that’s all it takes. So Rahima, are you and I part of the same nation, same people and the same race or are we different? About my way of talking or arguing well what can I say? I not perfect far from it actually, but I believe in the right thing and nothing should ever discourage those who believe in higher goals. Ps. I wish I could copy paste like you can.
  11. Siad Barre was no Attaturk, but I wish he was. Look at Attaturks legacy and look at Siad Barre's legacy. Attaturk might be blamed for allot of things but, but he saved Turkey, without him Turkey would be another struggleing country in the Middle East and they sure would have been coloinized. Ataturk was a great man.
  12. You are against unity thats all. I mean even if you don't believe it can be done. You can atleast say its the right thing and that its an admirebale cause. Whats wrong with saying that? I mean you pray for peace, why not pray for unity about that rethorical stuff, my sense of humor is not well developed so be careful MATE!
  13. lol...Rahima, I expected nothing else from you. You where defending a cause you did not believe in. The reason you where argueing was just because of 'PRIDE'. You did well I must admit
  14. I am not Somalia. Can you not see the difference? I am an individual Somali, just like the people you making out to be differnet who are also individual Somalis.
  15. How do u mean U urself? Am I not united within myself?
  16. This is a cry for help. We hear you sis. We hope you find mid ku xalaalaysta
  17. People with diseased hearts and minds should not stop you from wanting the right thing. Find those who think like you and start there, do not hope to be changing the mind of a clannish person overnight. You don't even have to change their mind. They will change their own mind when they see an alternative. Work on the alternative or atleast support an alternative ideology then accepting the clannish reality, just because they seem strong today. Clannism is a weak ideology and it can be destroyed, especially if you look at al the wrongs it has done, clannism has discredited itself, I don't think there is anyone who can argue that clans are good.
  18. The people are st-upid, they will follow whoever leads them. Do not concern yourself with the people. Ask yourself what is the right thing? And do the right thing. Don't shy away from the right thing just because there is no support today. If those who care about Somalia as a nation would work just like those who care about division are working we would not be in this mess. The fact that people with brains just like your self are not willing to do the right thing just because of few obstacles shows you the reason why these diseased minds and hearts seem to be in a majority today. Speak out against evil because silence is consent.
  19. That is weak Rahima, How can you abandon all that is good, just because it’s hard? Why don't you give as much energy to a cause that is JUST and GOOD, as you have given defending these clannish entities? You say its delusion, I say its an IDEAL and nothing is for free sis. All good things must be earned and fought for, so please have faith, please believe that we can change all that is wrong and replace it with a nation for us all.
  20. Dadkan aan dhaqankooda jecleen anaga ayeey dhibaato noo keenayaan. Meel walba waa nalagaga dagaalamaya baryanan. Kuwo hub noo isticmaala iyo kuwo afkeena iyo dhaqan keena la dagaalama. Kolay maanta Soomaali dhibaato ayeey ku jirtaa. Kuwa gardheere yaasha ah, daqan carbeed ayeey u moodeen in uu yahay diin. Kuwaas haba i soo ag marin. Laba wadan ayaan arkay oo arintani ookale haysato. Hollan iyo Bilgin. Labadu isku af akeey yihiin. Hollanndiisku afkooda uma ilaaliyaan sida ay reer Bilgiku u ilaaliyaan. Hollandiisku wey iska jecel yihiin in ay erayo af fransiis ama af ingriis ah ay ku darsadaan afkooda marka ay iska hadlayaan, marka sanad walba eray cusub oo af qalaad ah ayaa ku soo biira afkooda. Bilginku wey iska ilaaliyan taas. Eray cusub oo af kale ah haduu soo baxo, waxay u sameeyaan eray afkooda ah. Marka labadooda af wey kala f********, midna waa af toosan, midna waa af qasan. Afkeena hadii aan eegno wax waa laga qaban karaa hadii aan hel no maamul ilaaliya afkeena. Maamulkaasi wuxuu qaban karaa. In sidii hore erayo Af Soomaali ah loo sameeyo wax walba oo cusub intii aan af kale ka soo qaadan lahayn. In warfaafinta lagu adkeeyo in ey af toosan ku hadlaan. In buugaagta lagu qoro af toosan. Caruura wax baranaysana lagu guubaabiyo afka fiican ee toosan. Shaqaalaha lagu kale doorto afkooda. Sida dhulalkanba loo dooran qof af xun. Warfaafina qoran waxaa lagu xidhi karaa in eray kasta oo ey qoraan in lagu xidhayo in ay bixiyaan lacag. Marka kolay dhowr maalmood marka lacag lagu xiro, yagaa dantooda u baranaya in ay ka fogaadaan erayada qalaad. Waxa aan ku werydiin lahaa waxa weeye, maxaan ka qaban karnaa tan hada? wax aan anagu maanta qabankarnaa ma jirtaa, mise waa in aan maamul sugno?
  21. hahahahaah@rudy. leave da xalimo's man, who will make us laxoox? american gal can't make me laxoox
  22. Rahima, YES I AM PRO-UNITY under every circumstance. I believe in our people and our land. It is funny how immoral allot of people think and side with those whose aim is to destroy us while they neglect even mock those who care about higher goals then just clannism. All the mini-states are built on clans. By accepting the mini-states you are accepting the clans by default. You are rewarding discrimination and disunity. By rewarding clannism you are saying that people who are a minority clan have no rights to be a part of that entity. Because clannism is what made a million people flee Mogadishu, because they where a minority. It’s what made hundreds of thousand flee the North West region and all other regions. We can not reward hate, discrimination and disunity just because the evil people got the guns today. Clannism should never be rewarded under any circumstance. Clannism has caused this misery if we reward it; it will continue to keep us dividing. Mr.Red Sea, I have been exposed to this topic for a long time, I used to ignore it before, and I have even been pro-sland once in my life. I have grown up and I have realized that we can not accept clannism pretending to be a state. I do not blame you for doing nothing I blame you for not seeing the problems and the solutions. It’s not hard to figure out where the problems are. Problem: Corrupt politicians using clans to divide us. Problem: Lazy people not caring enough to criticise the wrong doings of the corrupt politicians and actually taking it further by criticising those who try to think outsize the box. Problem: people held hostage, by a corrupt elite. (You can say whatever you want but the leaders are all friends no matter how much they pretend to be enemies, we are the pawns. Exmples. Osman Ato in Laas Caanood, Basghir Rage and M’med Dheere in Bosaso, Abderahman Tuur running to Mogadisho after his defeat in Sland, too many examples actually of politicians who are one day mortal enemies and the next day they are best friends. Those guys pretend to be each others enemies one day and the next day they are drinking whiskey together. So who is st-upid here, them or us for believing their little games and hating each other along clan lines?) Solution: Have a vision and IDEAL and work for it. Solution: Think about real solutions and don’t settle for the next best thing. Solution: Never reward evil. Solution: wage an internal jihad and purify your soul ïŠ
  23. Mr. Red Sea, I totally disagree with you; Somaliland has not been more successful then other regions in Somalia i.e. Puntland. Yes Ethiopia bullies the authorities in those regions. All initiatives to ban khat are being sabotaged by them and those with business interest in the drug. Somalis are the ADDICTS Ethiopia is the PUSHER. You can try to put your head in the sand and ignore this, just because it makes you feel better. What I do not get is, you say that you will leave everything to Allah and that you are a religious person yet with the same breath you are saying that dividing people is ok even though, these people have no problems with each other except as you said ‘politicians’ trying to break them apart for whatever reason. Unity is the Islamic way, while disunity is the devils way. The reason why you can not build on qabiil is simple and by now you should know it too. Qabiils are not a solid unit. A clan might not like another clan but inside there are troubles too. Clan A has sub clans that are all rivalling for the power and within the sub-clan there are sub-sub-clans that are also rivalling and you can not deny this, enough examples of things going wrong within the clans, let alone an external clan attacking them. So I do not understand a man like you who knows how clans functions still trying to ignore there biggest weakness and not realizing that we can not build a state on a clan. Yes Somalia today is bullied and that is because of the disunity. Somalia before the civil war could not have been bullied, because we were a strong nation. And a united Somalia can once again be a strong nation. The mini-states however will have a bigger trouble defending themselves against a bully like that. The mini-states are also internally disunited, they have more to fear from a bully then a united Somalia would. I quote: “According to Who Maslow,listen aint listening anything from crazy Psychatrist, how about according to Allah or his prophet?†Qur'anic Evidence (1) Surah al-Imran (3:103): "And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah and be not divided." Surah 3, Aayah 105 105 - " Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into dissensions after having received clear guidance; for them is a dreadful penalty." Our continuous disunity and fights is what is making it easier for others to use us against each other. So one can not claim to be with God and the Propher scw and yet reject the Islamic teachings on unity. Oda_Nobunaga Please stop this simplicity, what is this ‘the south’ that you are talking about? The rest of Somalia has a bigger economy, bigger agricultural; land, rivers that are full of water all year long. And a population that’s 3 times the size then that of the North West. So yes compared to the North West region the rest of Somalia is an economic powerhouse.
  24. Human beings are inherently corrupt. To prevent the misuse of power, there should be a system in place that makes the misuse of power harder. So we should mistrust al those in power and limit their powers or at least divide the powers. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Martin Luther King Jr. said "What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anaemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love".