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  1. Northerner I think that you have not been reading what I wrote or you where wearing those prejudiced glasses again. I am not a TFG supporter nor am I a warlord supporter. I am Somali from then North West and a concerned citizen. So please spare me those accusations because they do not concern me. Why is it that the secessionist always throw these accusations at the people who are against the secession, do you think that all Northerners are automatically pro-secession. Does being a Northerner equal to anti-unity? You can give your own answer, but to me being a Northerner and being pro-unity go hand in hand. Northern Somalia is like any other part of Somalia and its people are no different, so trying to argue that there is difference between Somali people and that this difference calls for a two state solution is absurd. Originally posted by Northerner: Can one be considered part of the ummah when he openly supports oppression against that same ummah? ie support for the warlords? When have I supported any warlord? Have I not been consistently against anything that is anti-Somali and anti-unity? So back your accusations with facts brother. But you on the other hand said Originally posted by Northerner: Since when did we become concerned with muslims and the ummah? This quote gave me the impression that you do not care about Islam and the ummah. About the topic and the articles, it is self explanatory but let me break it down for you. There are voices in the secessionist camp that are pro-Israel. I have post two articles that show these opinions; some pro-secessionist SOL members have also supported those pro-Zionist sentiments. My argument here is that elements in the secessionist camp are willing to do anything to get recognition, including jeopardizes the security of Islam’s two holy places by renting Berbera Military base to Israel. This is wrong and must be stopped. So Northerner, condemn those in the secessionist camp that are promoting anti-Islamic activities. Northerner Brother the time for division is over, let us heal our wounds and be one again.
  2. Come on don't tell me you believe devilagle's BS. Us Somali guys are Perdy too(right?) Anyone who disagrees is a hater.
  3. There is no such thing as the people of 'Somaliland'. We are all Somali's.
  4. Lets all pray for our country. The lifting of the weapons embargo is good news and its also bad news. Allot of people will be killed in the time to come God bless Somalia, God save Somalia Foreign Troops is not the solution, let him build a Somali National army from all Somali regions with educated officers. God save us all.
  5. This is also another link to it
  6. OK I will come again C u den
  7. Dude your bored arent you?
  8. I am asking you what your opinion is. You are so willing to defend this cause so please be brave enough to say what you believe. Its simple, you either say Yes I am pro-unity or No I am against unity
  9. Mr. Red Sea, I appreciate you coming out against Qudac's remarks and condemning those 'intellects' from the secessionist camp that are writing this rubbish. I am a Somali that is against the division of his country and his people; I do not appreciate you saying me being pro-unity is clan motivated, just as I wouldn't dare to say that clannism has made you a pro-secessionist.. You probably have better reasons then just clan My brother Red Sea, I truly value your opinions and respect your position; however I do not seem to understand why a man of your intellect would support a cause that will lead us to more misery I hope that one day we will be fighting side by side for a bigger cause, instead of being divided by these petty differences.
  10. You are a 100 years late my friend. Where was your kind when the last Islamic empire was falling apart due to the treachery of Arabs? It was Arabs that destroyed the Ottoman Empire. And these same people are now to be claiming to be fighting for Islam, while those who die for Islam are today Afghani's, Somali's, Chechens, Bosnians and Kashmiri's while those who betrayed the last Islamic empire are living the virtual reality in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the whole of the Gulf. So please calm down Ataturk is a hero and history will not forget those who came to the rescue of their people in the hour of their greatest need. Secular or not he was a Turk and he served his country well. It is in the character of the so-called religious ones to demonize everything that is nationalistic. The Ummah will come inshalah but it will have a different form; it will be a United Nations Ummah, instead of one Empire Ummah.
  11. I know many Turks including Islamist Turks. They do not deny the heroism of the man that saved them, yes he was ultra secularist but he was a Turkish Nationalist. Today Turkey is ruled by an Islamist party. They are not denying the greatness of this man. Yes he went too far in his crack down on religions but he also made sure that the country did not desintegrate. So one can argue that he was a Great man, in my book he stands next to Ghandi and Mandela. He fought for the liberation of his nation and founded Modern Turkey from the ruins of the Ottoman empire.
  12. It says coming soon Sophist. Great idea though Saynab, keep up the good work LondonSomaliCircle. This is what has been missing. I hope you succeed in your efforts.
  13. lol@azmaya Nahhh I pass, koob shaah ah would do though . and the concubine comment...hahahaha you are funny. Qudhac I did not have to uncover anything, you admitted yourself. Don't make me quote you again. Think about what you say in the future.
  14. Originally posted by Devilangle: quote: Originally posted by me: Big forehead: This is a sign of well developed frontal lobe. The frontal lobes have been found to play a part in impulse control, judgment, language, memory, motor function, problem solving, socialization and spontaneity. well developed!!huh?? Certainly, the civil war is prove of that well developed frontal lobe u talk of Lol@devilangle…….come on you can not deny we are as good at creating a mess as we are finding ways to get around the mess we created. The civil war is a perfect example in Somali inventiveness, perseverance and ruggedness and without the civil war you wouldn’t have met these other races that have captured your imagination In the long run the civil war would be the best thing that has ever happened to us.
  15. Hizb this matter is just as a pressing matter as others. When will this become a pressing matter according to you, when there is a fully equipped Israeli military base in our country? Shouldn’t we voice our concerns about these developments while we can still influence the process? Because when the base is there it will be already too late.
  16. Mr. Red Sea, I did not ask you a trick question. So please answer.
  17. hahahah@tyj Dhoore nimo taas waa dhaaftay, reer mi'i ee maree. Ilbaxnimo meel kasta waa lo galay, ma tiri? ilbaxnimo afka ha u hagaajiso. Ilbaxnimo ha ka saarto
  18. Keynan, ask yourself what will Israel do with that base? Recognizing Israel is not the problem; the problem is that if we rent that military base to them that they would use it for purposes that would jeopardize Islam’s two holiest places. We are not choosing between Israel and the Arabs, we are choosing between Islam and Zionism. Ask yourself what will they use that base for?
  19. Do you Hizb disagree with the renting of military to anti-Islamic forces? Do you think that its wrong to rent a strategic Somali militery base to Israel?
  20. There are no accusations here. These people are openly advocating for renting of Strategic Somali military bases to the enemy of Islam, so people need to speak up against them. Hizb Are you suggesting that we accept Berbera military base becoming an Israeli outpost that can threaten Islam’s two holiest places?
  21. Originally posted by me: Somaliland: The Israel in the Horn of Africa by Rashid Nur, USA (from Oda_Nobunaga I hope that this quote answers your questions. This article has been written by a secessionist, it was carried by Awdalnews and many other pro-secessionist media outlets. So before accusing other people of lying about you first get your facts straight. Originally posted by Northerner: Since when did we become concerned with muslims and the ummah? [/qb] Haven’t we always been a part of the ummah and are you suggesting that we shouldn’t care and that we should jeopardize the security of two of Islam’s holiest places? Mr. Red Sea please do not feel offended if you are against renting of bases to Israel or are against anything that is anti-Islamic, then speak up against the ones in your midst that are openly advocating for these things. This has been going on for a while 15 years to be exact and still some sections of the secessionists are advocating for renting of the Berbera military base to Israel and effectively giving Israel control of the Red Sea and the quote below from Rashid Nur’s article sums it up. So please before you accuse others first condemn those who are doing these things The State of Israel would gain the friendship and the gratitude of the people of Somaliland for decades to come, not to mention the strategic value that Somaliland (access and control of red sea) will provide to the interest of Israel. [/QB] Originally posted by Qudhac: am even confirming to you myself we see absaloutely nothing wrong with having full deplomatic relationship with them, am not sure why you needed these fake documents. if we feel like we may offer our ports to whomever we choose fit now what exacly is your point So Mr. Red Sea, what did I say that is wrong? I just showed you how some sections of the pro-secessionist group think, how far they are willing to go and that Islam in not a part of the equation for them, if you are different then speak up against these wrongs that are being done in your name. Say I Mr. Red Sea do not agree with these people. You defending them makes u an apologist for anti-Islamic actions.
  22. It is hard being civilized isn't it? What fake documents? It was written by Igal, it’s a fact that for the past 15 years the secessionists have been begging Israel to rent the Berbera military base so that Israel would have a presence on the South coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The secessionist media is saying the same thing as you can see in those two articles that were by the way published this month and you are also not denying it. So why are you being so worked up if you agree with all this? I am not the one defending those who are jeopardizing the security of the two Islamic holy places, YOU ARE. I am not pro-Arab in any way or form but I am a Muslim and it hurts me that people that I consider to be my brothers are so willing to betray the Islamic cause.
  23. Qudhac, My dear friend once again I would like to ask you to stay civilized, name callings will not help anyone here. I welcome your posts and your opinion is valuable to me. Let’s have a proper discussion on these issues that affect us both without any name callings, In the quote below you can see what my POINT is Originally posted by me: There is one thing having diplomatic relationships and it’s another offering a strategic base that could harm Islamic interests to the current enemy of Islam. That’s the problem my friend, nothing else. With this I hope to have answered your question, Thank you
  24. Your pessimism is almost infectious thank god I am immune to it. I believe that the people have no choice, as long as there are elements in society that are benefiting from these divisions there will be no peace, so first we need to get rid of those, because they are the obstacles to peace and unity. If we let them continue to create these divisions and sow the seeds of even deeper animosities we will have conflicts that will haunt us for generations to come. The beneficiaries of this chaos will do everything to keep things as they are. It is exactly a chicken and egg story. Unity brings peace and prosperity. Without unity there will be divisions and with divisions come conflicts and conflicts are the opposites of peace. Prosperity and conflicts hmmm... do not go together except in the case of war profiteers. Peace bringing unity and prosperity Without peace there can be no unity because what’s there to unite if there is no peace and people are killing each other how can you unite them? So no peace without unity and no unity without peace. So it’s simple, don’t ask the people anything just fight the evil ones, unite the country and then ask questions. A perfect example would be a movement just like the wadaadyaal. Just do it and ask questions later. If the ICU moved through the whole country and unites all the regions then that’s it. We will have a unity of command and unity of heart will come later. And about clan it’s everywhere, I am not disagreeing with you on that but what I am saying to you is clan should not be used to kill for (killing is wrong no matter what reason) nor should clan be used to divide a nation.
  25. Calm down my friend. I have not insulted you so please stop being so childish and emotional. I just copy pasted some relevant articles. About the diplomatic relationships There is one thing having diplomatic relationships and it’s another offering a strategic base that could harm Islamic interests to the current enemy of Islam. That’s the problem my friend, nothing else. The fact that Berbera is offered on a plate to the Zionists by an unscrupulous group of mercenaries willing to sell their soul for clannism What do you think it is that Israel would do with Berbera?