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  1. Futuh Al-Habasa all over again. E-factor has lost the initiative. The tribal alliances have been dying for a while now and the Somali people have been waiting for a unifying ideology wether islamism or nationalism. Lets hope the courts play this game wisely. The courts have the initiative and the enemies of Somalia are in 'check'. In the future keep your eyes open for other popular oprisingins the rest of the country. especially in the North-East and the North-West.
  2. I hope that the people see through this stunt by the warlords. The wadaads will benifit Somalia because they are the only real alternative power that can unite all Somalis at this moment. Islam an qabiil politics cannot go together. I hope that they destroy the 4.5 ideology and the baseless federalism. I also dont expect that divide and conquer politics by somalia's enemies will work with these guys. I hope that they recognize how popular they are today and that they dont mess up. Something very good can come out of this but it can also turn very very ugly. I hope they stay away from qabiil politics. I hope they stay away from radical ideologies I hope they get qualified people to run the country. I hope they bring forward a plan on how they intend to govern teh country. If I had the choice i wouldnt vote for these guys but today we dont need a democracy we need guys like these. Democracy is open for manipulation. As we have learnt in teh past 16 years its better to have a bad government then not a government at al.