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  1. I hope they take a boat from Bosaso to Yemen and get dumped in the middle of the sea just like all their victims.
  2. Oda_Nobunaga The economic issues that I have raised are relevant. It has been 15 years since the dictator was ousted but Hargeysa hospital is still in the same state if not worse, I have seen that Geldorf documentary and it was nothing to be proud of after 15 years it is still in shambles. I know it is easy for you to blame others for the lack of development, but the situation will not get much better even when the life stock ban is lifted. The only sanction that the Arabs have on the enclave is the life stock ban and nothing else. All other economic activities are not banned and there is trade between the enclave and the Arab countries, the problem is this trade is not enough to support a viable state. So yes you should look at the economic reasons for unity.
  3. Rahima explain yourself, you have thrown a serious accusation at me. Please clarify your statement, how am I biased? Let’s not take things too personal sis even though we are both giving our opinions on matters that will affect our futures and that of our children. The irony here is that you believe that all Somalis have that ‘disease’ and you don’t see that that ‘disease’ is also affecting your judgement. I say this because you assume I have it too and you clearly do not see from what angle I am discussing this issue. -I believe in Somalism -I am for a united Somalia (all of the Somali inhabited regions) -I am for the abolition of Clans And I have started with myself too since I have no clan. The beef I have with Sland is not because of clans, the beef is because it will make the process unifying all Somali territories even harder and it will set the roadmap for more Somali mini-states. You can believe the most negative you want, settle for a bad situation and loose hope and that is your choice or you can have an IDEAL that you want to realize.
  4. Ibtisam, as you have said every person the right to speak their mind, I could not agree more. I am speaking my mind too. No one has made me the spokes person for anyone nor am I claiming to be speaking for anyone except me. The book I had recommended is appropriate for this discussion since it will give you more insight on the subject of the division of the Somalis, how the colonials used divide and conquer tactics to subjugate us, how they gave away our lands and how this situation is the by product of these tactics. What is LA LA land according to you? Pointing out the obvious is not LA LA land. I quote: “Somalia and indeed the rest of Africa is based on tribal lines, this has been the case long before independence. Lets just suppose that there was a united Somalia; what do you think its political process will be based on? Party line!†Somalia has one tribe, the Somalis. So we have clans not tribes. Secondly I am saying that the political process should be based on more then just our clan should have the power, because thoughts like that will only lead you to more destruction. SO YES THE POLITICAL PROCESS SHOULD BE BASED ON PARTY IDEOLOGIES. If you are suggesting that the political process should be based along clan lines, I would like to ask you whether you know how clans function. Do you know that clans divide and keep dividing until there is just one individual left? So how can you suggest that we base a political process and our future on clans? Think rational my friend; don’t build your house on quick sand.
  5. Inaadeer (sxb ma rabo in aan dhaho, sxb waa af-carabi ) Aad ayeey u adag tahay maanta in af Soomaali toosan lagu hadlo. Anigu kama hadlayo dadkan dibadaha jooga. ee waxaan ka hadlayaa dadkeena oo dhan. Barigii hore waxaa i dhibi jiray marka aan arko nin oday ah oo dhowrkii ereyba eray af ingiriisi ah ama af talyaani ah ku daraya. Taas anigu waxaan u arki jiray in ey tahay hushmo daro, ama maskax yari. Dad badan oo aan si fiican wax u baran ayaa iska doon dooni jiray in ay yihiin dad dibada wax ku soo bartay. Maanta hadii aad eegtid afkeena waxaan u maleenayaa in eray walba oo afkeena ah lagu badali karo eray qalaad. Dhibaatada ugu wayn afkeena hooyo haysata waa af carabiga. Sidi aad tiri dadku kalsooni kuma haystaan akooda hooyo. Dadkeenuna si kale ayeey u fahmeen diinta. Dad badan ayaa u malaynaya in wax walba oo carabi ah in ey ku xirantahay diinta. Dhaqan carbeed ayaa nalooga iibinayaa si ah diin tahay( diin waa eray af carabi ah, maxaan ku badal naa?). Wey adag tahay in aad dhowr erey isku taxid adoon af carbi ku darin. Marka sidee ayaan tanka yeeli karnaa? Dadka aduunyadu dadba wax ayeey sameesteen aan lagu ilaawin. masaridi waxay disteen buuraha sadexgeeska ah, anaguna waxaan dhisanay af soomaaliga. Dishamheeni ayaa maanta burburaya cid wax ka qabanay sana ma jirto. Waxa aan ku weydiin lahaa waxa weeye, maxaan ka qaban karnaa tan?
  6. Mr. Red Sea, Why do you support clans and object to unity? I am perplexed by your consistency when it comes to clans. You want the North Western clans to secede, you want the North Central clans to have their own administration, and you want the North Eastern clans to have another administration. So where do you stop, when does division stop accrding to you? Because the only problem these people have is not that they belong to different clans, their problem is that there is bad administration. And one good administration would solve those problems. They don’t care if it’s their brother ruling the country as long as they can have a productive life. Their children can go to school, that they have a job, that when they get sick they can go to hospital and afford it, that their property is protected and that they feel safe. People want to live thats all. It seems to me that you have too much respect for clans. Leave this clannism pro, its time to think for the good of us all. because we either go down togther or we all prosper. LA MA KALA HARAYO!
  7. Mr. Red Sea the discussion is about unity. It just happens that the people of Sool and Sanaag are for unity. I am for a United Somalia and with this discussion I want us to share our opinion and to come up with new ways of looking at the problem. So far we have had many arguments and with each argument we demystify a certain aspect of the discussion. If we go on like this will sooner or later come to the core issues of this problem. So lets take out few more pro-sland arguments.
  8. My friend any secession is wrong because it is not in the interest of my people to be divided even more and especially along clan lines. You call it 'SUCCES', I choose to disagree. Unity, peace and prosperity for the Somali people are the ideals and they would be truly a success. The secession on the other hand is a temporary solution that will in the long run lead to more misery for all Somali people. I chose to think things through and I came to the conclusion that we are better of staying united. The reasons are: - You can not build on qabiil, just like you can not build on quick sand - We will become smaller states that get bullied by our neighbours (Ethiopia) - Economic development in the mini-states will be minimal since we will get increasing populations, more unemployment, Poverty and jaad addictions. And if you want to stop the jaad or ban it, the bully (Ethiopia) will not allow it since it is one of its main exports. -Minimum agricultural lands in the North, how will the people be fed? Imported food? -In years of drought how will the people survive? Should we forever be slaves to Western Aid? -The remittances from the Diaspora will not continue for ever, the second generation Somalis abroad will be sending allot less money back home and the third generation won't send anything. Only a miracle can make the Somali mini-states a success. And you can not disagree with me that things will get harder if we live in mini states then if we live in one state. Because every little state will try to collect taxes however they can so that they can afford public services, such as free education, health care, defence, law enforcement etc. etc. So what will they tax? Because without taxes no government will survive. -They will tax all imported good, including goods from other mini-states and this will damage free trade among the Somalis. -The government can not tax its own people because we Somalis hate taxes and are willing to fight over it and most people are too poor to pay any taxes. So if they can not collect taxes how will they afford any schools, hospitals or police? Well we can always go private sector but how many people can afford it, only well of people will be getting any education and healthcare and even private militia. So the majority of the people of the mini-states will forever be locked in poverty. Yes the mini-states are peaceful compared to the death triangle and yes no one is starving now. But are those the only two criteria we are looking at? According to Maslows pyramid we are on nr.1 and 2, we are fighting for our biological needs and safety. (Maslow's pyramid) 1. Physiological (Biological needs) 2. Safety 3. Love/Belonging 4. Status (Esteem) 5. Actualization Our aim should not be we have food today or we are having a peaceful region, our aim should be the advancement of the whole Somali nation. We should think creative and come with solutions on how we can make sure our race survives (Yes us Somalis are a race). It is in the interest of us all to work together and to make sure we all survive. The matter at stake is not mini-states only. IT IS SURVIVAL, survival of our culture, survival of our language, survival of our race. And we have a better chance surviving this world by working together and being united with one goal in mind ‘the advancement of the Somali race’ then being divided. This way we will die out one by one. We are on the brink of extinction. Everything that is Somali is under attack. Our language gets new foreign words everyday and pure Somali words are lost Our nomadic culture is dying out (our dances, our songs, even day to day artefacts that nomadic people use are no longer hand made, they have been replaced by cheap Chinese plastics) Our land is being divided Our people are divided and they identify themselves more with a clan then with a Nation. So we should fight on all these fronts and make sure us as Somalis survive and come through these hard times intact.
  9. Saaxiibayaal aad ayaan uga helay in aan helo qeybtan SOL. Waxa aan idin waydiin lahaa waxa weeye. Af Soomaaliga ma in aan ka ilaalinaa erayada qalaad ee sanad walba ku soo biira. Sanad walbana waxaa luma erayo fara badan oo Af Soomaali toosan ah, erayo fara badan oo afaf kale laga keenayna wey ku soo biiraan afkeena. Marka waxaan idin weydiin lahaa, maxaad ka qabtaan arintan?
  10. The problem is not letting others be, the problem is will the others let you be. Sland is claiming lands that do no belong to it. That is the issue that you have missed Rahima. We have solved the main issue and when you see this issue we are done.
  11. I wonder how those Vetnamese people handled it. We can't even take one American movie. How many movies where made of them? And I bet ya they were complaining that Chinese people where acting them.
  12. I wonder how those Vetnamese people handled it. We can't even take one American movie. How many movies where made of them?
  13. Your right, I am not good with these polls, I will lookin to it nextr time. Thanks
  14. This poll has several questions linked to apossible foreign intervention in Somalia
  15. Remmember Colin Powel showing pictures of RV's and saying they where mobile WMD labs. Dadkan wax walba wey ka suurto gashaa. The media is biased. They have made Somali warlords look like saints by calling them Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism while calling the wadaads Radical Islamic Fundementalists or Extremist Muslims. CNN, FOX, AP or whoever it doesnt matter they are biased just like Shabelle.
  16. Hahahahha, those guys are clearly Somalis. Come on this is no evidence. And what is incriminating about this video anyway? Well the reason for Iraq was they have WMD. The reason for Somalia will be there are Arabs there and the funny thing is they could have chartered a plane gone there with some arab actors and said LOOK ARABS here. But no they opted to show a nightvision video with Somalis much more cost effective.
  17. Come on Duke, No arabs fighting in Somalia and if they are it won't be more then half a dozen misguided individuals. Please think about the consequences of these remarks.
  18. Come on Duke, No arabs fighting in Somalia and if they are it won't be more then half a dozen misguided individuals. Please think about the consequences of these remarks.
  19. Come on Duke, No arabs fighting in Somalia and if they are it won't be more then half a dozen misguided individuals. Please think about the consequences of these remarks.
  20. Yes I am a simpleton and this discussion is simple actually, the problem here is that the water is too muddy and allot of people really don't see how things are. Secondly you say that UNITY is the IDEAL. I agree with you. So if unity is the ideal why not work for the ideal, why not achieve that ideal? why settle for a reality that is bad. Should we give up on the IDEAL? If we give up on the ideal and settle for a reality that is bad what is the point of improving lives. Why don't we let everything in the world be as they are since that is how reality is.
  21. Are you ok brother? Calm down, keep the name callings to yourself and join us in this discussion. These vulgar comments that you are directing at me seem beneath you, keep your composure.
  22. hahahah@araweelo, I knew this would happen. I knew these comments would come. I maybe what you claim I am but this post was intended for Guhaad he might understnad what I am talking about. Don't try you can understand how us men think or see things, just as I wouldnt dare to try to understnad how women see things.
  23. Suldaanka welcome, I thought you deserted your cause since you couldnt defend it anymore.
  24. Rahima the problem here is the vagueness of your arguments. You are not holding any position. You agree with everything. You agree with secession, you agree with unity. You don't mind being occupied as long as Muslim occupies you. and you said yourself ""I don’t need a history lesson, what SL does is their business and really if the whole of Somalia with all their illnesses wants to break up into families, I could not give a rat’s a’ss so long as the killings cease and peace is achieved"". Do you think that there will be peace if Sland is recognized? In my opinion there will be no peace, actually there might be a bigger war. The fact they the secessonists have not got the recognition they are after is a blessing in disguise for the Northen communities otherwise we would have already had ourselfs a nice war similar to the one in the death triangle and we don't want that. You keep repeating in different words that you don't care about Somalia or the Somalis. In your opinion, we are diseased, ill minded, sick in the head etc etc. You are very kind. So what are you arguing for, what are you for and what are you against, if we Somalis are diseased ill minded why do you care so much. Choose a position sis, to help us, please make clear what you stand for and what you want or hope for in your next post. Please continue to ignore this discussion about the unity of Somalia, the morality, the legality of the secession and even the catastrophic outcome if this stand off continuous. And ofcourse you say Awdal is pro-Somaliland, like the people there have any choice, do you think that people overthere can voice their opinion wiuthout being accused of treason? and maybe you forgot the war of 'liberation' in Borame.