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  1. Good idea, it is however limited by how many people in there actually know sign language!
  2. Originally posted by Nayruus: C$N, you know the implication. How come the leader of the main opposition party does not bother to visit his constituent for more than six years? When you are attempting to comment on this question, wouldn’t it be fair if you adopt the mental status of the SNM gangs that claim that they live in a democracy which the “hired pen” described as the best kept “democracy in Africa”? I mean put yourself in their shoes. Tell me in the history of a democracy where an opposition leader has chosen not to bother to visit outside the country let along his hometown for that long… Compare that with waraabe waaraabe’s travel routes for comparatively similar time.. This is not "waxa la yiri". This is the truth..the man is under house and office arrest. He can not even visit Berbara. Him not visiting Burco for 100 years does not mean he is under house arrest. He was chilling in the UK last year: and that took me exactly 5 seconds to google.
  3. Now why would the clouds do that? What are they trying to prove? And what if the said formation occured in a non-arabic country? Will all the clouds' efforts go down the drain? Or would they have the intelligence to form the name in English/Swahili/Hindi/Chinese..etc? Why/How would the clouds know how to write in arabic anyway? Oh well...
  4. Waa mudantihiin Dhulqarnayn and Badda Cas. There were lots of images on the first page of this topic, where did they all go? Edit: Seems my machine is on something here, I could swear alot of posts were missing. Anyways, thanks everyone and please contribute.
  5. Very nice pictures indeed! Here are some: The village of Oog (in Cayn in the Nugaal region then), this was taken back in the 1800s-1900s. Oog in 2006: Degmada Caynabo, Cayn:
  6. Dont act coy with me now. [big Grin] But,dont you think Theres gotta be a reason(& Believe yeah) as to why they would preach such intense revulsion & distaste to such people? Not that i am excusing their behaviors but....remember you said its all a Belief There is no reason to hate. People can come up with all sorts of arguments (different skin colour, faith, hair-dp...etc) but at the end of the day you know its all crap. I can understand the point in which some people would rather preserving their unity and all that, which can be a good thing, but hating someone just because they have different faith to yours is just plain ******. Hate goes both ways, and I understand there are examples as bad on the other camp but I think you agree that our muslim brothers are usually the quickest to fire they bullets
  7. Faarax, LOL. Hate to disapoint you but I aint a white chick, waa ku sidee? I was refering to the subject of Muwaalaa in which some people preach hate towards anyone believing in anything different to their own beliefs.
  8. I never "ran" away from any debate in that particualr discussion . It was unfortunate that the brother on the other end had absolutely no knowledge of Arabic which turned our discussion into a fruitless shouting match. my interest was for once the former Muslims here as they call themselves to put forth an arguement against Islamic aqeedah since they have never done so, we will then be able counter it and overall show why atheism is false. And there was me thinking you were trying to return your lost brethren into the rightous path Anyways, Its nice to be humble.. good on you. My only advice is to respect other people's views on matters as you'd like them to respct yours, dont fall into the trap that is the notion of right and wrong, its all a waste of time and money my friend.
  9. Khalaf, could you elaborate on what false sources I was using at the time? I see you didnt join the discussion because you were giving space for "the more knowledgable" as you like to put to talk, right? You have never been the one to argue in religions matters, why start now? Faarax, you're a very respectable forumer, I applaud you my friend, (couldnt say brother for obvious reasons ).
  10. Catalyst, "IF" is just a wishful hope. In faith and religion there is no room for "IFs". You take it wholly and believe it. Faarax, thats funny because many people view the whole religion thing as one big "IF" I agree though, its a matter of belief.
  11. Amin this, amin that. What if, just what if all your prayers were to a non existing deity? How would that make you feel? You guys need to learn that some people hold different beliefs to your own. If you choose to believe in Mohamed then thats your business, just dont force it upon others. Wasalaamu calaykum waraxmatullahi wabarakaato
  12. Well, now we know why he keeps his trademark beard! Oh, and he is the one in the middle incase you guys havent noticed.
  13. Catalyst


    Informed by history, the one thing that has always bugged me about the way bad guys play out in dramas is that they seem so... bad. So irritable, and unpleasant, and humorless, and often arrogantly ******. This is actually a dangerous thing. When you teach people that evil wears a mask that even an ***** could see through, people don't try really try to pierce the smiling, paternal, populist masks that evil actually tends to wear when it reaches toward power. Thus: Forest Whitaker = genius. Whitaker's Idi Amin was ultimately a monster who lived up to the historical record. But he was also funny. Impulsive. Imaginative. Passionate. Persausive. Sharp. And even, in the earlier parts of the film, inspiring. This was no one-note performance; it was incredibly lush, and rich. And most importantly: it sets a standard by which all historical "bad guy" roles should be judged by. Being evil is not so hard. Being charismatic, charming and persausive on TOP of being evil is incredibly difficult -- and the sort of thing we ought to give a little more thought to when we try to identify the good guys, villains and incredible rogues gallery in between that populate the real world's geopolitical stage.
  14. MKA Yoonis. I have, on the matter of Hassan Al-Askari pointed out without much argument that the man indeed had no children. That is not the end of the story however which is why I had to try and educate you on the subject matter here and why the very claims to Hassan al Askari from all around the world can not be descredited like that. You clearly didnt read my Arabic text in my very first post herre which contained my whole argument. Its your lack of knowledge, it seems, in the Arabic language that is causing you all the confusion. How could you engage in a discussion with me when you havent read the post I started this convo. with? Dont let your hatered blind your eyes my friend, I can post a link where your family are asking Arabs to recognise them as Ahlul-beyt (wonder who they're trying to copy here?) and to be honest with you I dont really know what our Arabian friends found so funny but they seemed very amused .