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  1. So duke who is so vehemently supports the so called 'invasion' is probably more somali then you and probably u deserve the least to get your nationality striped as we cant take away your ethnic origins.
  2. Juje the problem i got with the comment u gave is that u and others who would support your views would probably advocate for somali children born outside of the country after the civil war in their thousands to strip their rights of nationality and may include members of your own family. Look at other members of SOL like somalilanders who dont believe in Somalia are as much somalis like you so again please ka jawaab suaasheyda miyaad heysata xil ah ansixid qowmiyadeed mise waa wax loo dhashaa?
  3. juje sxb you have no less right to dictate who's somali than Duke. Didnt know there's a title of ansixiye qowmiyadeed? You dont get assigned a tribe you get born into it!
  4. This girl from the Foreign Ministry took her own initiative and came dressed with our trditional clother.. Dont ask me where she got them from but probably in china they manufacture them as anything else.
  5. These are pictures from the 47th years of independence party in the embassy. Guests were ambassadors from UK,FRANCE,USA,GERMANY,NETHERLANDS,SWEDEN.RUSSIA,BELARUS,KAZAKSTAN,JAPAN,NORTH KOREA,INDIA,AUSTRALIA,UAE,OMAN,QATAR,KUWAIT,LIBYA,EGYPT,MOROCCO,TUNISIA,GHANA,NIGERIA,SOUTHAFRICA,ZAMBIA,KENYA,YEMEN,SYRIA,JORDAN,LEBANON,EAST TIMOR, THAILAND,MALAYSIA,DJIBOUTI,SUDAN,CHILE,ARGENTINA,BRAZIL and the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs. Entertainment was in the form of Sino-African Band compilled of Chinese and African artists collaborating. They played somali music too especially amusing when a chinese artist tried to sing Ala maanta ayaanta sii wanaagsan uu ciida.
  6. Besides Duke how do I delete a post because i double posted this thread?
  7. Most of the pictures inside the embassy are family pics but these pictures are events the embassy did in the compound and other events they participated in Beijing. I took some of the pictures for the company my dad works for so enjoy. From left to right: Dahir Mire Jibriil, Permanent Secretary, Minstry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation and Li Qiangmin Permanent Secretary, Minstry of Foreign Affairs of China. From left to right: H.E. Mustafa M. El Guelushi, Secretary of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya People's Bureau, Ambassador Beijing and Dahir Mire Jibriil Dahir mire Jibriil and Liu Jianling, General Manager Senior Engineer, Chinese Business Community talking about how Chinese companies can rehabilitate the infrastucture they built in Somalia prior to the civil war. And we had some visitors mostly ministers and officials: Honorable Ismael Mohamoud Hurreh,Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation. Tonson Technologies, LLC (TTL) meeting with His Excellency Hassan Abshir Farah, Minister of the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources for the Transitional Federal Government of Somali Republic Left to Right: Marc Espino, President, South America Division (TTL); Catherina Tonson, CEO & Managing Director (TTL); His Excellency Hassan Abshir Farah, Minister of the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources for the Transitional Federal Goverment of Somali Republic Discussing the companies clean oil technology which can recover oil from virtually any type of oil waste while cleaning the environment.
  8. Dont know what made me to take this picture but it made me proud to be somali something that you lack inspiration of in London. The other thing is that the guard checks if you're somali citizen or not as I was not( didnt hold somali passport but am still a moryooley) and therefore had to wait but other somalis gained acces immediately. Btw the image is of the Somali Embassy in Beijing. MOving to Beijing next month so if any SOL
  9. sxb... naga daa few demonstrators no head of state has 100% support... But at least my prime minister doesnt get searched before boarding a plane. Somalia's Interim Prime Minister Briefs Media Ali Mohamed Ghedi, Interim Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of the Somali Republic, briefs news correspondents on the situation in his country outside the Security Council chamber, at UN Headquarters in New York. Location: United Nations, New York Date: 28 June 2007 Secretary-General Meets Somalia President.
  10. I'm going there next week with some friends and I'm staying there for 2 weeks so fill me in with some info and what to do and not to do. What nighlife could someone expect and best shopping places. Thanks in beforehand.
  11. Me my friend theirs no warlords in Somaliland last time i checked never heard of the infamous is-baaro in neither Puntland and Somaliland and the administrations that exist in those states waxey ku joogaan rabitaanka shacbigooda unlike the ex mogadishu warlords and these men with the new shaati-wahabbism ey dadka usoo xidhen. Red Sea walaal waxaad iishegta cadaadiska eey Puntland saarto shacbiga SSC????
  12. I dont see the need for you to rush ahead with this post as if you wanted to be the first to discuss this issue and attack it before anyone else. One of the most important things you learn in politics is that one certain political point becomes baseless if it has to be defended all the times but when facing the reality of no recognition for more then 10 years( as there wasnt majority support from the people of Burco-Berbera-Hargeysa triangle during their part of the civil war) but the african countries vehemently supporting the sovereignty and the integrity of our borders you feel you need to unleash an onslaught of people's breath Rajo-ku-nool iyo your enemy today and your brother tomorrow meelna ku gaadhsinmayso marka waxaa haboon mar hadii aad ku dhawaaqdey go'aan dee hadaadan guulo ka gaadhin dee hadaba waxaa ka wanaagsan inaad usoo labato walalahaa oo dee cadka la cuntid. '' Waxaadan helikareyn uu hanqaltaaga waxaad heysatidna yuusan ka habsaamin!!
  13. Just shows the irony of people who support these so called courts when they say ethiopian troops will be attacked if they cross baydhabo towards other cities and calling them daba dilif. Isnt it the point of ethiopians being evil and wouldnt like them to be in Mogadishu but dont mind them being in Bay or Bakool because of your believe of these alleged troops coming due to the will of these people. Often people like ubaahne use the plight of the somalis in ******ia but dont mind somalis in Bay being under control of ethiopians. Being such opportunistic and using othjer people's plight for your own twisted opinion make's me disgusted and shows the true colours of your devoutness to your religion but what seems to be the new thing in somali politics and using religion as a tool for your own purposes. What might we see later, maybe these courts attacking people in Bay and Bakool and justifying looting, raping and destruction (as in Jowhar and Balcad) but this time it was that allegedly supported ethiopians!
  14. As a puntlander and hail from Las-Canod am somali before being puntlander and am 100% sure that my brothers share this with me. ''Calankeena iftiimay, xidigaa ku caysteysan''
  15. Very good article but have to say they made a blunder when they were talking about his effors of brushing up his mother tongue which they said was 'arabic'.
  16. Here's the link http://biyokulule.com/dastuurkapuntlandpart1.htm And looking forward to the enactment of the multi-parti system in Puntland and would also be a decesive turn for an even more democratised and transparent Puntland State of Federal Somalia.
  17. Nazir a made coment that was general and not to a specific area of somalia. But what you said was that this doesnt occur in somaliland and that was wrong. But there are many journalists in south and puntland that do report everything. Go to Jamhuriya page and see what happened to the journalist trying to report on Ryaales visit to ethiopia and possible meeting with cadde musse and the journalist from Haatuf who made an interview with Ismail Hurre Buuba about somaliland who' still in jail.Oh this doesnt occur in somaliland according to you. Hope that this doesnt happen to the journalist in the somaliland.org who was brave enough to post this.
  18. HornAfrique arent North Sudanese and other north african people ethnic arabs or are they ethnic africans meaning bantu??? Walaahi if someone is in doubt if somalis are arabs then go to Salalah in Oman as I was born there and ask those people whether they are somalis? They lived there all there life but they cant speak somali only arabic but they're elders will tell you what qabil they're from as they havent forgotten that aspect. The Omanis have an almost exact version of our buranbur that they sing in weddings and when they're a conflict between clans they all sit under an acacia tree so how somali is that??
  19. Strip her citizenship and deport her back to somalia! Then she will receive her punishment for her comments.
  20. Sophist yeah it must be real as this was posted by somaliland.org and also i dont understand why they posted it due to the nature of the comments made about somaliland because o would expect them to hide it as all somalis's do try to cover up comments that are negative to their political goals.