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  1. This framework is perhaps similar to what an agreement between the Ethiopian government and ONLF might look like if the preliminary negotiation proceed to more serious effort to bring an end to the conflict in the O-g-aden region. There is only one expert on SOL in matters relating to the O region and i very much wish to see the perspective of professor ATT on this framework and the development of the negotiation between ONLF and the Ethiopian government.
  2. Its really simple, whatever might have taken place in the past (whoever gruesome or unjust) doesn't justify the separation of people who are brothers and sisters. Civil Wars happen, war crimes take place, and in the end people overcome these injustices (through just resolution and reconciliation) and work for the greater good (prosperity for all Somali people).
  3. Abtigiis;768768 wrote: Gar-haye - there are some who enjoy my talk. Just don't go to any thread where I posted. That will save you my nonesense. Do we have a deal? i enjoy your talk and don't consider it to be nonsense. i have learned much from your contribution to SOL. kindly disregard my stray comment.
  4. this an indication that things are getting better in muqdisho. workplace violence happens everywhere in the world. muqdisho is no exception. hopefully the NGO fat-cats in Nairobi don't use this as an excuse not to move to the capital.
  5. raamsade, yeah its a step in the right direction. what i like about this idea is the voucher system which negates the side effects of flooding the local markets with cash ( cash will drive up commodity prices). also it seems WFP is enabling local business to meet this new demands which kind shores up the whole local economy. surprisingly it seems they kind of trying to manage the market or resuscitate it if you like.
  6. "So far the results look positive. Research on areas where they are in existence [voucher programs] shows food tends to last longer and the nutritional health of those receiving the aid is often better. And even in the middle of a drought, those markets that used vouchers found business continued. In September, long before the rains had come, 2,682 quality goats and 14 male camels were slaughtered in Wajir to provide the three kilograms of meat that are given out to voucher recipients. Much livestock had died out in the area because of the drought but traders from outside were willing to bring in new stock as long as they could find a market to sell them in."
  7. The Zack;768683 wrote: LOOOOL@being worried about AT&T’s close relationship to the leadership. Waar ninka asagoo kaftan soo qor qoro baad aragtay (and everyone of us has some kind of hobby, i.e. smoking shiisha, posting on SOL) ee waa nin culus when it comes to serious matters. This thread is informational, it is not for debating. It is a news piece to keep everybody in the loop. We are not at the stage to question the if’s and whens yet. When the deal (if that happens), car aan kuu diido to question every bit of it. i think ugaas AT&T has been a little too talkative to be really taken seriously and for the sake of all of us somebody should tell the odayga, its time to take the chill pill.
  8. so who is the more sophisticated one here ethiopia or kenya. whose the bigger manipulater. if this is all that was needed couldn't ethiopia have approached kenya about this issue long time. clearly the incentive has always been there.
  9. as much as this sight is pleasing to those who loan for order and stability, its premature to consider it as the end of as you say "20 years of UNOSOM, AMISOM, Xabashi's, Army and all other kind of mercenaries and militia's". their mere existence is as result of the presence of Amisom troops and no one is really sure about how effective they are or will be. in all likely-hood they will be as corrupt as any of the many noneffective institution that compromise the TFI. i do share your optimism and the hope that thinks will change for the better in somalia, (IA) but i don't think that much credit should be accorded to Mr. Sherif.
  10. are they currently eliminated? they looked fantastic, hopefully in the future they can win tournaments like these.
  11. yeah here we go again with that script shit or the multiple accounts. doesn't this ever get old.
  12. JB what happen to the 300 soldiers you claimed where surrounded yesterday?
  13. JB sheekadha raqiska ah adhaa ubahane school is gee. Ngonge. is not necessary that you put yourself in such a high pedestal. talk some since instead switching back and forth.