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  1. ^^^ don't major in Biology. One, that major will require you take a lot of classes that you can do without. And your GPA may not be as good as your competition. Two incase you don't get into medical school BS/BA in Biology really sucks in the real'll mkae no $$. Major in something else, something very easy and which can be a backup incase medical school goes bye bye. In this case you'll have a great GPA and your income potention will be great should anything happen.
  2. ^^^ Hopkins is getting too old, in my opinion his best days are over!
  3. Isn't that the same as gambling since you pay a fee to play and win something if your team wins?
  4. Under dogs season... Skins...skins...skins!
  5. make the Addan, the iqamah, and lead a single prayer? If no, what are the reasons. Thank you!
  6. "Donkey" is very harsh during Ramadan. How is he going to know where the planes are coming from and going, so he can shoot down with his "ZUU". I didn't know Yalaxoow had radars, Mise awliyada xamar joogtaa u shegeysa!
  7. Originally posted by A..J. Timacaddeh: A couple of fancy huts here and there hardly accounts for a housing boom does it? Last time I checked couple meant "TWO" and there are more than two houses in those pics. "USC technicals" That should be the real concern. May be those houses should came with private militia along with their own technicals. Hey how came there are no visible roads between the houses? Talk about traffic headaches in the making.
  8. 1924: The Turkish Caliphate is abolished. Insha-allah another Caliphate will be again.
  9. Qaadka wuu macaan badanyahay. Wuu ku caateeyaa oo jiim iyo orod uma baahnaaneysid. Ilkaha wuu kuu midabo roggaa --cadaan, jaale, cagaar, madoow. Dantiiste uma baahnaaneysid sababtoo ah adoon ka war hayn bay iska dhacaan. Hurdada badan wuu kaa daaweeya oo inta badan wuu ku soo jeediyaa. Hawsha badan ee timaha, jaridooda, saliid mareentooda iyo shanleentoodaba wuu kaa nasiyaayoo bidaar aadan u dhalin buu ku gashaa. Foolka ay timuhu ka guuraanaa dumarkaa ka heloo, caqli badnida iyo bidaarta waa walaalo. Qaad adoo haysta ma cid kalaad u baahantahay?
  10. Originally posted by Quruxleey: P.S Shirwac maxaad heysa xalwad ii keen too Ladnaan. Xalwo iyo ka badanba waa laguu keeni doonaa hadduu ilaah idmo
  11. Shirwac

    Yankee retards

    Originally posted by Sky: The nigga saying the next country should be Italy had me rolling. Even the homeless want to attack some country
  12. Shirwac

    Yankee retards

    They were tricked, I mean Australia was labeled IRAN.
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    If anyone of you has the time, could you please post how a muslim/muslimah should treat his/her parents, and what they can can do for their dead parents.Thank you!
  14. Originally posted by Quruxleey: P.S Dadkii oo wadanka maraykaanka joogaa....Get ready for my arrival dhamaan lol...Shaax iyo buskuut&red carpet ii soo diyaar garoow Insha'Allah.
  15. The NFL is very intersting this year for real. Check out the REDs and Bengals maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
  16. It is one of the oldest sports in the world. It is a manly man's sport
  17. Yoonis thanx for the waanada. Guys we are talking about just "MUSIC" right?
  18. Originally posted by Sky: Shirwac , never thought it was possible that someone from my hometown Bacaadweyn would be into Rock music. Personally, I can't stand this garbage. My older brother was into that stuff, that is how I know about.
  19. One big reason, for me atleast is not wanting to get hurt!
  20. "Hargiesa has recently being voted for the safest city in Africa" Waaw. Who voted? Hey, can anyone go there or just the natives.