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  1. SmithNwestern, It's heartbreaking really to see such things in a Muslim dominated society. Your post reminds me of a hadith by our Prophet, in which he said: "You will follow the ways of those who went before you (i.e. the People of the Book), foot by foot, and inch by inch . . . even to the point where if one of them crawls into the hole of a lizard, you will follow." (Ahmed Ibn Hambal)
  2. The Somali community should try to guide the brother back. Perhaps having healthy religious discussions with him. Show him the good character of a Muslim, be pleasant with him, give him invitations for dinner. Being gentle is the only way. Calling him a filthy gaal will only strengthen his conviction. A somali gaal, I am yet to meet one. And to think growing up, I believed all black people to be a Muslim
  3. HOBK my dear, Don't worry about these 4! Get some new prey, and you shall be a much happier woman
  4. Nuune dearest, Add me to your list walaal. Another soon be nurse