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  1. Read here............This is how Islam reached the whole world with a 1.6 billion adherents(believers)......
  2. Originally posted by WaTerLily: By the way Femme, what made you think God hasn't provided for them? Corruption and misery are man made. Most developing countries could really feed their people if the wealth/resources were equally distributed? I know it is difficult but I trust in the greater wisdom of Allah, He knows what we don't. I think she came close to what I had wanted to add.Where this individuals reside lies corruption, mismanagement and unfair distribution of wealth...The guys who ate their resources are happily settled in the west with their families... More so....I hate plain sperm donors who ain't responsible..It surely causes great anguish to our sisters.. Behave!!!..I said Men behave...
  3. Originally posted by LayZieGirl: quote:Why would she be a prostitute? Because she was going to work in the morning? You're a sick one. ^^^Since the last person this individual has come in contact with lastnight was that of a prostitute, it explains why he would rush to judgement and scream out "prositute" because its the only thing still playing on his head this morning. Acudhu billah..If she was innocent..Illah ha unaxriisto.. we don't groove with playa-haters aka prostitutas
  4. Family honor stories ow what? Was the 19 year lady a somali prostitute..??????Acudhu billah..
  5. Originally posted by RendezVous: Find out yourself....and enjoy This is getting serious in the blog comments
  6. Originally posted by murefu: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk@rudy....i dont know what to say? kwani umeona nini?
  7. Originally posted by B0B: quote:Originally posted by JUSTICE: Modesty your right 100%. Somalis tend to depict the Saudi culture, which is so backward and outdated. Salam Aleikum W.W There's no such thing as "Saudi culture" except sharia law and if you find the sharia law to be a backward and outdated then no need to call yourself a Muslim (assuming you are one). Peace, Love & Unity. Just like the pope who was "critical" of ISLAM by quoting a 12th century monk..Why does he need a quote..let him blank say ISLAM is "Rubbish"..and that is all. Saying Somalia culture is close to Saudis..n Saudi culture is primitive..Why don't you say ..I am finding "shariah" and Islam primitive in one way or the other.. and Mod..You ain't more western than us anywayzzzz...
  8. Originally posted by ExDane: Also Magool I remember hearin her a lot when I was younger! She cool & her voice is truly unique! So you are old??? Did someone mention the Old Durdur...Sahra Daawo thingies..Taxliil is ok..A bit romantic
  9. ^^Wearing their Hijaab ain't freedom, I have come to show them how to be liberated..and stoop very low Is she saying so..
  10. Second degree adverts.. Why don't you pay for proper advertising materials..employ Northerner and me to do some proper research for you.. Northerner: Our Territory
  11. This is getting serious...... Why is everyone suddenly against Islam.. Is it because Islam is against all fawaahish(bad things) that are happening in the world today? Sex, Prostitution, gambling, corruption, interest(Riiba), Apartheid, discrimination, caste system(India), treating women as tools(for fashion),Family life, abortion, Condoms and many more.........
  12. Originally posted by LayZieGirl: quote:dont u worry girl u can go on and do yr thing , i aint here to stop u. Madam Preacher, this is a new low, even for you. If you read what I wrote for what it really was meant for, then you wouldn't have came at me with your cheap shots, instead you would have answered my question. I never once said what you said was wrong or right, I just pointed the obvious to you. The obvious being, you held a sunday sermon without wanting for anyone to notice. All you had to do was say what u said, without tip toeing around it. Why are you scared? nothing wrong with preaching. Lazy, loooooong time...So You have been alive and sound? The Sheikh has just arrived also
  13. Acudhu Billaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! We have put ourselves into this mess..Now everyone is taking Our Religion, Islam for mockery, Our Prophet Mohamed(Saw), as mockery..This is a real duty for muslims anywhere they are.. The Pope, The Denmark, The Bush(Islamo-fascist)..Now TOM, DICK and HARRY can say anything about Islam... But why???????????
  14. Originally posted by England girl: Hey what clubs in london does anyone in here go to? Are any of you into drum and base, hip hop and rnb? ......I'm thinking of going out in lieciester square (area) sometime soon, and wondering if there are any nightclubs you can find alot of somalis at!! Originally posted by NGONGE: We have evolved since. We now know that clubs are the dens of evil, fornication and alcohol. We know it’s wrong to have Somali fashion shows and ogle at bikini clad girls or half-naked boys. Take my brotherly advice and don’t go to any of these nightclubs, my young sister. SPIRITUAL INFORMATION FOR ALL. 057.020 YUSUFALI: Know ye (all), that the life of this world is but play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting and multiplying, (in rivalry) among yourselves, riches and children. Here is a similitude: How rain and the growth which it brings forth, delight (the hearts of) the tillers; soon it withers; thou wilt see it grow yellow; then it becomes dry and crumbles away. But in the Hereafter is a Penalty severe (for the devotees of wrong). .......And Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the devotees of Allah). And what is the life of this world, but goods and chattels of deception? END...
  15. Originally posted by Femme: Modesty, I love most of your threads, your refreshing and real but you have some deep rooted problems with arab people that could only be resolved with years and years of therapy. Honestly - the sad irony is that you don't see yourself ' kissing' the gaalo by wearing the their western clothes - which I'm 100% sure you do. People who only pick on one race for their hate always amaze me - the same problems can be found amongst somalis and hundreds of other people. Why do you specifically choose the arabs? Some quotes are near perfection Kacabso
  16. I am a somali man who is really supporting the idea that our ladies should marry outsiders.. I advise Somali ladies, Marry an outsider and see the difference.. ... Hablaha free halaga dhigo..
  17. Originally posted by Nur: Nomads After 4 years since the eNuri and company addressed the PolyProblem, on many topics, I expect that some of the single readers have since tied the knot, some married ones may have divorced and yet, some may be Xalimos may still be waiting for their Faaris Al Axlaam. Let us visit the topic again, We can't re-visit the topic again coz of threats and hard feelings expressed by the bosses towards some of the nomads contributing to the thread..I hope with maturity and humor this time, moderators will exercise some restraint and let nomads go about businesses as usual. Salaams Serious
  18. .................. Some nomads are so obssessed with mis-translation of articles their own ways..a need to "express their hatred for anything close to Islam"..If these are muslims..what about the Non-muslims.. No wonder the whole world has a problem with Islam "NOW".. The Mufti was just trying to say...Be modest and Fear your Lord(God)..God doesn't like people who are nude or semi-nude..The way "wannabees" like to dress(which is moving them away from their creator anywayz)..God wants his servants(people) to dress modest (like muslims), Man/Woman, I guess..Being Modest will reduce the chances of getting attraction from Men/Women...which in turn will help reduce Rape and Gang-Bang...Both Women/Men(Muslims and Non-Muslims)..Period Real Facts... I remember one young somali lady(a refugee in Kenya) gang-raped in the streets of Nairobi sometime back in 98' after clubbing the whole night in Florida2000..albeit, dressed semi-naked(was she a prostitute)..????? & Then More freedom turns to Rape......... Originally posted by Khalaf: quote: Rape Charts prove 59% of rapes go unreported. America has the largest cases of rape(In the world) not Saudi Arabia: Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, this is result of their immoral culture. Aids is least spread in Islamic countries Alhamdulillah, Somalia Included.... And this is in America which has law enforcement, judicial system, resources, what about the countries who have none of this in place? Do you think it would be safe for women to walk the streets in mini-skirt? No that is why hijabed is prescribed, mahram, islamic guidelines which protects the women. Some serious Quotes Originally posted by Paragon: Beyond what the sheikh has said, do we dispute the fact that a half-clothed woman doesn't arouse a man? All men in the world agree that a semi-naked woman will arouse them with all factors being constant.. Originally posted by AAliyah416: The shiekh might have went a bit too far, but to think about it , if we women wear tight clothing or mini skirts what do we expect?? Molestation..Rape..Gang-bang..and even filth Originally posted by Cara: A woman is safer in a miniskirt in New York City than she would be in a burka in Cairo. Is that what they "taught" you..I am in arabia..and there was no a single rape reported in my place.. Originally posted by Khalaf: Cara Originally posted by Valenteenah It's sad for Muslim society that learned men have become advocates for rapists and adulterers. ] Ahura I think you are misunderstanding. All the Imam said was these women who uncover and show their bodies do attract negative attention. Just look at when a woman with revealing clothing walks by men look at her back and front and compare it to the reaction a covered women gets no one looks at her sexually. Those were just "similitude" of words...Not real meat
  19. Originally posted by Cara: quote:Originally posted by RendezVous: quote: Originally posted by Northerner: Where are the 'freedom of speech' brigade? The Freedom Brigades!!!!!!!!! who said there is freedom of speech and "Drawing Cartoons" as showing Prophet Mohamed?????? You misunderstand the concept of freedom of speech. It does not mean you do not face public condemnation if you say something racist, sexist, or just plain stup!d. Freedom of speech means you shouldn't be killed, physically harassed/threatened, etc for expressing your opinion. No one is going to burn down embassies or call for the beheading of this "mufti". Atleast you now know the limits of Freedom of speech...When they were abusing our Dear prophet..Everybody was saying..Jyllands Posten was within Freedom of expression limits..Were those not "Racist"..cartoonists????? This time though, let them not cry coz as expressed "These are real meat"..& millions concur with the sheikh..By the way, it was just a "similitude"..of expression..Not real things.. Issues that touched them down their ways of sorry... ...The sheikh is expressing freedom of speech...just as the cartoonists. Please Burn down our Embassies.... or Do I say?
  20. Originally posted by Northerner: Where are the 'freedom of speech' brigade? The Freedom Brigades!!!!!!!!! who said there is freedom of speech and "Drawing Cartoons" as showing Prophet Mohamed??????
  21. My Egyptian friend is spot on when he suggests British women could learn a thing or two from their compatriot Muslim sisters. Instead of attempting to drag Muslims down to the lowest common denominator Britain’s leaders should encourage their citizenry to respect the morals and ethics espoused by Muslims that are so sadly lacking in society at large. Until contemporary times those same morals and ethics were the mainstay of British life. I still remember how my grandmother would make sure the bottle of sherry was out of sight when the vicar made an impromptu visit and would wear a head scarf or a hat when attending church on Sundays. The traditional British way of life that Muslims are being blamed for eroding disappeared in the 1960s. In fact, Muslims in Britain today could even be perceived as the torch carriers for the values inherent in the Britain that once was. Now that’s a thought.
  22. ....... "Though he had gotten married back in 1947 when he was about thirty years old, he was able to say to me: “I do not recall that I ever once got angry with my wife or that she was even once annoyed with me. And if I had a headache, it was impossible for her to sleep until after I fell asleep.†......... Real family