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  1. Carafaat I believe history will look back fondly at the men you have named (President Sharif and many others included). Because all you have to do is look at Mogadishu - look at the heads of state who have visited and peace that is slowly coming back. Mogadishu is not what it use to be, and people will look back and see that this was the era in which most changes had occurred. I don't think anyone here can deny that we have seen massive improvements. Then again, secessionists will always find something negative to say.
  2. No no, actually Xaaji you are the one missing the point. You have made it clear that you think our Prime Minister should not have gone to Garowe and other cities! How can you possible look negatively at the PM touring other parts of his nation? It makes absolutely no sense. The one and only reason you have commented negatively on the Prime Minister visit, is because you know how good it looks to the international community eyes. As it shows that there are many other places where the TFG can visit outside of Mogadishu and greater distances then so-called Siilaanyo. In terms of our Prime Minister performance thus far. Give it a rest! He has been in office a little over 6 months. To judge him so early is wrong! Especially calling him a failure. President Sharif deserves most of the credit for bringing Mogadishu under his control. However, I find it interesting that the biggest improvements in Mogadishu's safety occurred while PM Abdiweli's short time in office.
  3. Che -Guevara;768842 wrote: ^Yet you commented.....lool XX...While you have presented some real issues, your constant use of "Garowe Enclave Tribe" words and this article makes you seem bitter. I concur! I have never seen this side of Xaaji. He honestly seem's frustrated and the fact that he is attacking the TFG like never before is shocking and tells me that his secessionists dreams are over. Xaaji, you are talking about the Aid workers that were gunned down when this has occurred all over Somalia including your inclave. In fact one of the most gruesome and brutal attacks this year was the slaughter of a family while they slept in their homes. This resulted in Mr. Taani's losing his in the NW Somalia goverment because of his involvement in the attack. Why else would he have been fired by Siilaanyo if he was innocent? Why hasn't Siilaanyo visited? You talk about Clan Enclaves is hiliarious because the protestors in Borama made it clear that Siilaanyo is running a one tribe government. That's not me saying it, but the people he supposedly preside's over.
  4. Lol, the fact that Xaaji would actually comment on Somalia's PM and his trip to Garowe and other cities is proof how frustrated secessionists are. The current TFG government are now able to travel throughout the capital like never before. Forget about the other international visits with other heads of state and the UN head quarters. Xaaji is upset because Somalia's PM in his Puntland visit is capable of travelling greater distances (Mogadishu to Bosasso) in his country and stay longer then Siilaanyo can in his so called enclave where protestors all over have rejected the tribal government there. The TFG Puntland pictures are proof that the TFG has support outside of the capital and Xaaji knows how damaging this is to his secessionist goals. Xaaji the TFG is stronger then ever before, if your secessionists dreams could not achieve any recognition in the past, it will never do it now.
  5. Of course you believe this and think it is the truth because the editor supports you secessionist dreams. You and I both know that no tribal fighting or pirate attacks have ever used roadsided bombs on their attacks. NEVER! However, it has been the weapon of choice by Al Shabaab. Last time i'll say it. The site you tried to hide is bias against Puntland, atleast even JB know better then to source secessionist sites. Just like we know not to do the same!
  6. This is probably the result of followers who support Godane. As he has been responsible for similiar attacks all over Somalia. Including his place of birth of Hargeysa.
  7. Good ole google translate: وأضاف مفتي الجمهورية- خلال لقائه أمس هرسي علي حسن وزير شئون الرئاسة لإقليم صومالي لاند والدكتور محمد عمر وزير الشئون الخارجية والتعاون الدولي والوفد المرافق لهما - أن دار الإفتاء علي استعداد للإسهام الفعال لنشر الفكر الوسطي المعتدل في إقليم صومالي لاند وتقديم الدعم في مجالات التدريب والتثقيف والإرشاد في جميع النواحي الشرعية وتقديم الدعم الفقهي للمؤسسات الإسلامية في الإقليم للحفاظ على الهوية الإسلامية والوسطية ومنع أي محاولة لتضليلهم بالشبهات والأفكار غير الصحيحة والتي لا تمُت للإسلام بصلة. من جانبه أعرب الدكتور محمد عمر وزير الشئون الخارجية والتعاون الدولي لإقليم صومالي لاند والوفد المرافق عن تقديرهم وامتنانهم للدور الفعال الذي يقوم به الأزهر والمؤسسة الدينية في مصر لخدمة الإسلام والمسلمين في أفريقيا. The Mufti of the Republic - during a meeting with Hirsi Ali Hassan, Minister of Presidential Affairs of the territory of Somaliland, and Dr. Mohamed Omar, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the delegation accompanying them - that the Fatwa is ready to contribute to the effective dissemination of thought moderate in the territory of Somaliland and support in the areas of training, education and counseling in all aspects of legitimacy and doctrinal support for Islamic institutions in the region to preserve the Islamic identity and moderation and to prevent any attempt to mislead suspicions and ideas is correct and that has to do with Islam. For his part, Dr. Mohammed Omar, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the territory of Somaliland and the accompanying delegation expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the active role played by the Al-Azhar, the religious institution in Egypt to serve Islam and Muslims in Africa. ووجه وفد إقليم صومالي لاند في نهاية اللقاء، الدعوة لفضيلة المفتي وعلماء دار الإفتاء لزيارة الإقليم، معربين عن شكره العميق لمصر العظيمة وللمؤسسة الدينية علي ما تقدمه من عطاء لخدمة الدعوة الإسلامية في جميع بلاد العالم مؤكدين علي اعتزازهم بالروابط التاريخية التي تجمع بين مصر وإقليم صومالي لاند المستقل، مؤكدا أن مصر تعد أحد أهم الدول الراعية لمصالح الأفارقة والتي يعول عليها الشعب الصومالي في الخروج من أزمته. The delegation of the territory of Somaliland and in the end of the meeting, invited the Mufti and scientists Fatwa to visit the region, expressing their heartfelt thanks to Egypt's great and the religious establishment for its of the tender for the service of the Islamic call in all the countries of the world, stressing the pride links the historic gathering between Egypt and the Region of Somaliland independent, adding that Egypt is one of the most important state sponsor of the interests of Africans and reliable of the Somali people to get out of its crisis. If this news is true Abdiqasim should not have any issues with other territories strenthening their Islamic ties with Egypt.
  8. Xaaji Xunjuf;768278 wrote: But thankful it did happen we all know there are piracy activities in the garowe clan enclave we also know there are tribal tension you act like if Somalilandpress lied or something. No actually, we are talking about roadside bombs, which has nothing to do with Piracy or tribal issues. The site you are trying to hide is implying this. Also, people in Gaalkaayo do not "struggle for daily survival," this is proven by the fact that 10's of thousands seek safety in the city. Xaaji, tribal tension happen everywhere in Somalia, probably the worst attack in years happen in your enclave of NW Somalia, where a family was slaughtered brutally in their homes. You site is bias, you know it and that's why you did post the source.
  9. These are the kinds of pictures that the international community needs to see. The PM has already shown the world how much Mogadishu has changed by playing soccer on the beach. Now he is showing that his government can still travel to other sides of the country. Well done! 2011 has been fantastic!
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf;768246 wrote: ^^^No one talked about ictraaf but Somaliland Egypt are talking after 20 years its a start and we will see how it goes and let the losers cry Like it has been said many times, you never show us news reports from the other side. Why isn't Egypt commenting on it? It's always coming from Somali media.
  11. Saalax;768254 wrote: LOOOOOOOL, pure diplomatic protocol if I may say so myself. This must be a one of the top professional cameraman in the world. The picture clarity is astounding loooooooool
  12. Most of these improvised explosive devices (IED) target Bosaasso and the central town of Galkayo where individuals struggle for daily survival .................Locals strongly blamed the insecurity situation in Puntland on Islamic insurgency, piracy and tribal tensions in the region. The article has some truth to it, however, it is a anti-Somalia site which adds information that is not true in order to make the entire region look lawless. Please don't hide the source You and I know it is not reliable, just like me providing a non-NW Somalia source.
  13. Indeed, there is mountains of work to be done. It's easy to list the problems However, 2011 has been the most successful year of any TFG government in decades. From other heads of states (UN head) visiting, Mogadishu coming significantly under the control of our government. The secessionist region has had a uprising - where people have called on unity with Somalia and rejected a clan government. I agree there is many division still, but we have never been at a better point!
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;768141 wrote: Well there are times to travel and times to be effective Abdi weli has been traveling the Middle east doing nothing giving interviews to aljaazera making a fool out of him self.He's the TFG prime Minister he needs to do his work correctly and be in the Capital and work closely with the security forces and mps and establish law and order his aim is to defeat Alshabaab in southern Somalia, not to travel around In Bosaaso doing what exactly? taking pictures with the governor of Garowe Mr Faroole hellow time is ticking the TFG mandate ends in 2012 august. This is not the Middle East, Xaaji. This is his country and he has a lot of support in Puntland. This is showing the international community that even though Southern parts of Somalia are still being eradicated of Al Shabaab the President and Prime Minister still can travel to other ends of Somalia in the North.
  15. Xaaji rarely hides the sources of his articles but when he does (like now), it is because he is getting it from an unreliable and bias site from his secessionist enclave. Who want to undermine the positive developments that are happening. Atleast provide the source Xaaji like you always do!
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;768081 wrote: Whats the point of him touring Bosaaso should he not be in Mogadisho and taking care of things? What's the point of a leader touring other cities in his country lol. I know the pictures hurt xaaji, particularly the fact that the President and PM are able to travel such far distances within Somalia.
  17. Som@li;768003 wrote: I think the reason is to do with the few possitve developments recently in SOMALIA, plus a vast country, untapped, unexplored, and some see opportunity hthere. IT is not only Turkey, Uk, but CHINA, US, India, and more coming soon Maybe, but their leader is the first practicing Muslim Prime Minister that modern Turkey has had. For someone like him to openly pratice Islam in a place like Turkey says a lot. Also, he is guiding Turkey into becoming a regional power. Addressing the Somalia situation will bolster his prestige. In my opinion his Islamic beliefs play a significant role.
  18. Huh? Did you see labels in gave certain tribes? It was outrageous! Even if someone was to say it about people from another country it would be unacceptable but to to say it about your own people - particularly when it is coming from someone raised outside of Somalia like many of us. This is definitely not a documentary that will unite us.
  19. Come on Zack! You are not giving Somalis the credit they deserve. It is quite obvious that there is no way that less then ten thousand Amisom troops could ever send Al Shabaab running and hiding from Mogadishu. The majority of the heavy fighting was done by the Somalis. The small number of Aminsom troops and the huge progess that has been achieved do not add up. It was Somalis that did it the bulk of it! Yes Aminsom provided logistics, training and combat. However, their numbers are too small to have solely been the factor responsible for the accomplishments in Mogadishu. Amisom - travels with the president everywhere in SOMalia, Nairobi is in another country.
  20. Carafaat;766508 wrote: Thankfull read my post above. I did, and you make it out to be that the clan elders decesions in 1991 was final! Clearly it is not, as a growing number of people are public supporting unity with Somalia!!! Therefore anyone who does not in my eyes - is a secessionist, unless recognition is given. Look, you started the thread, so you need to expect questions to be asked. Finally, I keep bringing up the Borama issue because I have yet to hear any of our secessionist give their opinion on it. (Except for the same comments "demostrations means we have democracy, because only democratic places shoot live bullets to intimidate.")
  21. Carafaat;766460 wrote: No, I am not so dont call me one. "Secessionism" like you call it took place 21 years ago, I was a child back then living in foreign land. If it took place today and I supported it, then you could call me one. It's interesting that you say that because if you remember the huge protests in Borama a few weeks ago, the vast majority of the crowds were undoubtedly children when the so-called "Conference of Northern Clans" took place. So the young adults in Borama- who have their whole lives ahead of them - made it clear that they do not want to be part of enclave run by one tribe. They were even waving their state flag! Is it fair to the youth in Borama that they have to abide by the decisions that were made by a bunch of elders 20 years ago? Also, you said that you support the self-determination of peoples - then logically you support the protesters in Borama right?
  22. AfricaOwn;765860 wrote: ^^ Show her the pics from last May 18th celebrations around Awdal. These west pics are filled with people like Aaliyah who attend these meetings. What matters the most is what the ground situation is like...Bottom-line. Who care's about those grainy video's from that date, especially considering on that day we had also saw protest iin support for Awdal State. But, did you not see the protest two weeks ago in Borama? Where the crowds made it clear what they thought of your enclave? The strange thing is that it would be expected that counter protests would have come about immediately showing solidarity with the Hargeysa admin. However, we did not see this! I think we can agree that for your independence goals, that demostration (and Erigavo) showed clear divisions outside of the triangle.
  23. The website Xaaji is trying to hide.
  24. It appears that the roles are changing, it's now the secessionists that must rely on the diaspora's support rather then people on the ground. Also, these women with their gold jewlery do not resemble the same economic status as the disenfranchised young adults who protested in Borama. None of them are probably from Awdal!
  25. The Hargeysa admin is trying everything now!!! Indeed,The people of Erigavo and Borama have started a revolution. Particularly the brave protesters in Borama who made it clear what they thought about the enclave and who was really running it. Also, lets make it clear the protestors didn't demand justice from Siilaanyo's Hargeysa admim, nor did they demand for anyone lose their job. In fact, the protesters completely rejected the entire "democratic country" propaganda as nothing more then a sham. I 100% agree with Duke, the stronger Mogadishu becomes and the more legitimacy it has, the more disenfranchised groups in the secessionists enclave will revolt.