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  1. i think it's an old somali name...i could be wrong
  2. welcome to modern times lol, the old site was drab
  3. Originally posted by MAXIMUS POWERS: No! Some Parts of the Somali Peninsula have diverse peoples like Somaliland! If she is from somaliland, she could belong to a number of different clans! By the looks of it, I reckon she is from Las Qoray, Somaliland Sheeko - since when was Lasqoray considered Somaliland? btw Pretty girl mashallah
  4. Nunne- Nisar who is carrying out the research on this project will be shortly posting background info about himself and the research questions
  5. Hello all, I would like to start a new thread on the subject of the Las Qoray Jetty Rehabilitation project that is ongoing in Las Qoray, Sanaag region. I have a personal interest in this project and I would like to introduce Nisar Majid who is doing some research on the project and the Somali diaspora. He has prepared an introduction to himself and some of his research questions below.
  6. Thanks once again Ducaysane - I can/cannot confirm whether or not i can do niiko, let your imagination do what it want's to do lol *Hatu - I assume it's bad what ever was meant by the so-called gift hmm Ownership? :eek:
  7. Originally posted by NGONGE: M Lady, I am afraid you have failed the test and we can not at all confirm if you are male or female. Besieds, the idea of your being the SOL gift does not have to be dirty (as I said several times already). That is the test. Take it or leave it. I have failed because i refuse to follow your command miyaa? I repeat whatever needs to be done can be done publicly. Take it or leave it :cool:
  8. Jamal 11 that is a good idea lakin waa qarxis lol Mr fidel wanabee news flash i'm not here to earn gold stars from you, sida aan oo arko waxaa tahay oday fraustration oo dhintay
  9. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ It's not MY test. It's a SOL test. We send any new 'girls' to A&T's PM and if he comes out (hours later) confirming she is a girl, we all accept his word. Like I said, nothing rude takes place. You up for it? Send A&T a PM saying 'Hi, I'm your SOL gift'. Send A&T a PM saying 'Hi, I'm your SOL gift' . Ngonge da pimp - Sorry i will not go to his luuq and say that, if i do it will sound like im selling myself and i am not a pawn- ta very much. Any test that needs to be done can be done publicly in a dignified manner. Sidaa iyo nabadgelyo
  10. Muchos Gracias Juxa i am sure we will get on like bees on honey. My style is usually not this defensive but i was pushed in a corner by a certain individual, markaas waa defense mode in la gelo. Theres loads i can tell you about me but one main thing is i'm all about peace and love
  11. Ngonge have you been summoned by Castro as a backup lool. To answer your question even though i do not have to prove myself as i KNOW i am 100% all woman lakin i will not have serious allgations being made against me. Therefore i will undergo any test/s needed to squash this fabricated story by a man who secretely is hoping that i am a he/she so that he may indulge one of his sick fantasies. Small print - The last comment is a fact not a fabricated rumor lol I am awaiting your 'test'
  12. Originally posted by Jafe101: quote:Originally posted by Aaliyah416: good song ....can motivate you whenever you feel discouraged or just gloomy I can feel da music when they sing, celine is simply the best. awww you like Celine you seem romantic Jafe101
  13. The Fav's on my current playlist is a mixed bunch
  14. Thank you all a very nice welcome indeed from most of you, some not so e.g. Mr Fidel castro wanabee lol and no last time i checked i was not a man. Jamaal11 aad baad oo mahadsantahy waxee ilaa tahay in aan inabti nahay, meeshan sii fiican baa welcome layga dhigay, it's good for your self-esteem baan ku irii (probably won't last after that comment lol) Jafe thanks walal i will have sharaab. I grew up in a culture where tea drinking is a daily ritual lakin i believe shaah gabadh in ee cabtoo ma fiicna - hadii kale dhib weyn baa hadow kaa imanasaya meeshas lol Nuune your last comment sounds like habaar to me, what did i do to deserve such an ugly sentence from you man lol