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  1. Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland is scheduled to hold a presidential election in early January 2014. The vote will be conducted only by 66 carefully selected lawmakers and will not be open to the general public. So far over 25 candidates have expressed their interest for Puntland's top job. There is no elimination nor preliminary stages. According to reliable information obtained by Hawdian Institute for Strategic Studies, at least five of Puntland's main candidates are said to have links with current and former extremist groups including Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, Islamic Courts Union and al-Shabab. Few of them have been said to have direct link with Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom, who is the head of al Shabab's Puntland wing in the Galgala mountains. Those described as having links with radicals including: 1) Ali Hajji Warsame 2) Dr. Sadiq Eenow 3) Abdirahman Mohamed Gablah 4) Al Haj Mohamed Yassin (Iley); a prominent-wealthy business man, Al Haji Mohamed made his fortunes in the real estate first in Zimbabwe then Kenya. He is stunt believe of Sharia Law and many of al Shabab's ideologies. In a 2010 interview in Kenya, he said he will implement Sharia Law across Somalia if he ever becomes the president. He said al Shabab were targeting the former transitional leader Sheikh Sharif because he betrayed them and that was half of their problem. He said the other half is Sharia and he has the answer to both of their demands. In my opinion, the Al-Shabaab problem can be solved in two ways. First half of their attacks are targeted towards an individual Sheikh Sharrif whom they feel sold out on them. With him gone, 50 percent of their demands will have been met. The other 50 percent of Al-Shabaab demands and that of other religious sects is to implement the Sharia Law and get rid of foreign troops from AMISOM who the official opposition claims are foreign invaders. If elected I will implement the Sharia law in consultation with the Supreme Council of Religious Affairs. We will harsh out how and when to implement it given that the current parliament unanimously ratified its implementation. Lastly with political reconciliation and a competent local police and military we can ask the foreign troops to leave the country. The foreign jihadists will also be asked to disembark. [Hoping for stability, Somalia moving toward choosing new parliament and president - The Associated Press (2003) http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-78802850.html] Al Shabab sympathizers, financiers and leaders have already successfully infiltrated into Puntland's various apparatus and are awaiting for the perfect opportunity to gain full control. The upcoming election will not only be a test for Puntland but for the whole region as terrorists shift their strategies. Radical groups continue to slowly pour into all major towns in Puntland. It was just days ago, when they carried out the deadliest attack in five years in the commercial port city of Bosasso leaving at least 8 dead. The car bomb likewise left scores injured many of them life threatening. Their push into Puntland both militarily and politically is very real. The likes of Al Hajji continue to get funds from wealthy Qatari business associates under the pretext of charity or donations. The current president of the region, Dr Abdirahman Farole, remains the only true leader who has proved himself before in such volatile region. He is equally considered the guardian of Somalia's Federal Constitution unlike his closest rival Dr. Abdiweli Gas, the former Prime Minister. Abdiweli is often described as an agent of Mogadishu's central government that believes in centralization policy. The Hawdian Institute for Strategic Studies believes the region with the help of the international community should help the current President Dr Abdirahman Farole preserve and guide Puntland's stability and the decentralization process of Mogadishu. Both Mogadishu and al Shabab remain a critical threat.
  2. Suldaan Tillamook, What do you have against Politics?
  3. Tillamook thanks walaal but no I think it should be in politics because I am all about politics hehehehe. Its going to be mostly about politics while it will address all issues but its overall objective remains political.
  4. It's been only two months and her video Mil-dhahaabo (produced in Addis Ababa) already received almost 100,000 hits on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv50BQFxUhE). However, I do like to share her Lover (Loofar) video which remains my favorite. Also filmed in Addis Ababa. She recently got married in Hargeisa to her long time lover. We would like to congratulate them and say: Gurigina guri kheir, gurigina guri nagi, guullow ka yeel' Likewise, we congratulate Ahmed Weli and Asma for their newly born baby girl, which is their second girl. Masha Allah, Allah ha so barbaariyo, Amiin. Respect to our people whether politician, journalist, academia, activist, rights, artist, religious or simple nomad. We all need to respect each others and coexist and make something happen together.
  5. Spartus that's fantastic news. We need to empower our local herders and farmers to start producing local milk for the market. We should reduce foreign import. Here is my other update. Our people too often only criticize or give credit to politicians but don't understand that artists have equal if not greater role. They can mobilize hundreds of thousands and their work can have dramatic affect on whole society. Since the beginning Somaliland was always the home of Somali culture, arts and traditions. From the funky and energetic Saylaaci, Bataar to Jan-dheer our tradition remains unique, rich and ancient. Our history teaches us that the likes of Abdillahi Qarshe, Mohamed Haji Ali Guhaad (San Yareh), Mohamed Ismaaciil "Barkhad Cas", Yusuf Haji Adan, Mooge brothers, Omar Dhule, Hussein Aw-Farah (founder of Walaalaha Hargeisa) and many others including Hadraawi, Hudeidi, Mandeeq, Gacayte made great contributions to our culture and art. It has been sometime. I feel its time we updated the list. It is always hard to fill up the shoes of the legends above but we got-to restart from somewhere and today I feel there is a small group in Hargeisa that deserves credit, support and nurturing. That small group I am talking about is no other than Laab Salah, Ahmed-Weli Furinle, his wife Asma Ahmed Ismail (Asma Love), Mursal Muse, his wife Khadra Sinimo, Yurub Geenyo, Mohamed BK (Baki), Nimcaan Hilaac, Mohamed Ciiro and the beauty queen Hamda Abdi Kinaal (Hamda Queen). This young and fresh group led by Laab Salah and Furinle did not only revive our music after so long but they went extra mile to rejuvenate the passion that our people were known for their culture and music. Almost all of their songs and videos on YouTube have over 100,000 views and hits. Every person that sees them gets a piece of Somaliland today. The other day I was with a group of southern Somalis when the girls began asking me questions about Nimcaan Hilaac, Somaliland and his music. "I saw Nimcaan, Hodan Abdirahman and Asma bring the house down in Hargeisa. Ma kula tahay ina adi karno next summer," was some of the exchange. I replied: "as long as you don't carry biometric blue passport, we can escort you to Crown Hotel, owner Osman Hindi likes Hindi movies like most of you." They created huge interest amongst the people in our region and the Diaspora. Today, I would like to introduce Hamda Queen, who was introduced into mainstream music only one year ago. Below is her latest music after a year. She already made history by becoming the first Somali artist with very modern, cutting edge music video that truly is worthy of an award.
  6. They should have arrested him for passport violation and illegally entering the country's territory. I would have given him at least two nights in Mandeera.
  7. Mooge is that kid from snet (Oxymoron). His topics are predictable. His subjects are always the same calacaal about Cullusow and Co. His obsession is not a healthy one.
  8. Mooge aka Oxymoron (user) from Somalinet, how come you call yourself Mooge which is strict Lander name? You using Mooge is like kid from Gacan Libaax calling himself Callasow/Osoble or Yalaxoow. Are you a fan of Mohamed Mooge?
  9. This is for those of you who requested pictures from the other region. Well I found few new pictures that have not being seen before by many. Remember this thread is not always about pictures, we will cover other issues as well. Whenever I post pictures, I will try to give credit to the photographers and equally promote their work. The following photos will give me the opportunity to promote a potentially lucrative but largely ignored industry in Somaliland and its small players. The Somaliland government does not at all recognize nor promote tourism at all. In fact, when I carefully went through their National Development Plan for 2012-2016, I did not find a single mention of the word tourism. According to the Somaliland Minister of Commerce and International Investment, Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, his government will focus on the following six sectors as priorities: 1) Banking & Finance; reaching urban and rural communities 2) Agriculture; research centers, promote commercial farming 3) Livestock; Research centers, new markets 4) Fisheries; Establish fish stock in territorial waters, establish cold chain/refrigeration/ice industry from port to markets. 5) Industry; including the re-starting of Berbera's cement factory (they have been saying this since 1995) 6) Energy; Promote investment, renewable energy The minister and the other planning ministry both under valued the tourism sector. Tourists are the best sales people who would spread Somaliland's hidden gem and unexplored markets by word of mouth, blogs, photos, reviews, discussions. The minister should review his plans and give tourism more attention. Unlike industrialization that requires huge capital, tourism can instantly take off and improve the overall image of Somaliland as a new destination. Following photos were made possible by: Safari Travel Tour and Culture. Visit their website: http://www.safarisomalilandtour.com/i Rare photos taken from the tomb of the Sheikh in Maydh, Sanaag, Somaliland. Maydh in Sanaag is the rest place of the founding father. This place has great tourism, fishery and agricultural potential that remains untapped. Somaliland is rich in history and culture. The rock paintings in Dhagah Maroodi in Gabiley and Las Geel cave painting are testimony to Somaliland's ancient history and culture. The islands of Sa'ad ad-Din in Somaliland's northern Awdal region were named after the 14th century Somali Sultan of the Ifat Sultanate. It was here and during his rule that the first written record of the word 'Somali' was inked. When Emperor Yeshaq I (Isaac/Ishaaq) invaded present day northern Somaliland including the then capital Zeila of the Islamic Kingdom of Adal he composed a poem in his native Ge'ez language. It was this poem that historians would later discover the word 'Somali' which likewise mentions Zeila and Sultan Sa'ad ad-Din. Remarkably that's the connection between Somaliland, the word Somali, Sa'ad ad-Din and Axumite Empire not to mention the man who invaded Zeila was named Emperor Yeshaq I (Isaac/Ishaaq) Somaliland's emerging small tourism market...not much to do but a lot to see. Just being away from all can bring out the best smile you never though you had it in you. This photo was taken in Wajalle near the Ethiopian border. Somaliland is completely safe. The one below is taken in Sanaag, in the far east. The landscape like its people is always full of surprises. Other travel agents that can help you make your visit to Somaliland both possible and pleasant. 1) Visit Somaliland - http://www.visitsomaliland.com/ 2) Somaliland Tour - http://www.somalilandtour.com/ 3) Somaliland Travel - http://www.somalilandtravel.com/ For this particular entry, my choice of music is no other than two Somaliland legends, the son of Erigaavo (Ceerigabo); Muse Ismail Qalinle (AUN) and his gorgeous wife Sado Ali Warsame (she was married to him before he died). Our music is ancient just like our culture. Gentlemen let us always keep it original hahahahaha. Muse Ismail Qalinle & Sado Ali Warsame - Sidi Hilaaca Sado Ali Warsame had amazing voice and today she remains largely misunderstood by mainstream Somaliland. There are a lot of dhaqan-celis kids roaming the net. They need this kind of post/thread where they can pick up a thing or two. Notes from those who have been to Somaliland: Christina from Spain Good day to all of you in Somaliland Travel & Tourism Agency office, please tell Mr. Abdinasir the manager that we are very satisfied with the tour and that we are also very happy to have Hussein as our driver/guide, he did take good care of us, and also many thanks to Mohamed Arab for being patient with us. We really enjoyed every moment of the 8 days tour and we saw many unforgettable, beautiful places in such a short time and my daughter enjoyed her time in Berbera very much and we are telling friends about you. Somaliland is indeed a very wonderful country to visit over and over again, (we have been to many countries; America, Europe and Asia) but Somaliland stole our hearts and we will surely come back! Wishing you more success and hopefully we will get in touch in the near future. Again, thank you for everything. Hung Mo from Sam tours in Taiwan Thank you so much for your kind support to our group last September in Somaliland. We received feedbacks from our guests about the tour and we are very much thankful for your service. Now we are planning one more group for Somaliland... Melisa and John from England One week ago we have skilled the best tour we have ever had, the 3 days tour of Somaliland. We have very fresh in our memory the beautiful period we've spent in Somaliland with the great support of your tourism agency... So, we are very happy for the excellent choice to visit Somaliland, a country full of hospitality and friendship, with a rich history and traditions, where we met very friendly people and important sites of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage especially Laasgeel. We have many, many reasons to come back in Somaliland in the future in order to review the wonderful places and to join once again the Somaliland hospitality and friendship. We miss you Jordan Somaliland Travel & Tourism Agency team.
  10. If PM Shirdon was incompetent, lets be fair so was his boss. What did Shirdon fail that Cullusow hasn't? This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. In Waqooyi they say: wa dameer iyo labadiisa damood. Let's see what the new PM does that Shirdoon couldnt. We know Cullusow doesn't even know how to find the first gear and no matter who he names, they will not hold his hand like AMISOM.
  11. Jacaylbaro, Well said brother. Egypt adds no value to Somaliland. It is a symbolic victory over them and their long policy of anti-Somaliland stance in order to protect its Nile waters but it has no intentions of ever becoming a genuine friend of Somaliland. So it was good meeting but lets not rush and import their viruses which will only disable us like Israel's great virus against Iran's nuclear system. They should take Nasr BS and their al Azhair salafist center to Mogadishu. Not welcome here. Our people are democratic and liberal-conservative lefties.
  12. Just something different some of you might find it worth knowing. Here is a rare already edited picture of Gaafaane Fuel Station in Hargeisa. This is the most modern fuel station in any Somali speaking territory including Djibouti. It cost him several good millions. The last time I was in Hargeisa it was under construction. It is on the Boqol Jire road on the way to Borama, just opposite Ilays School and just past Omaar Company warehouse before reaching the Check-Point. From economic and business perspective, that main road has several close by very decent and modern fuel stations including the French owned Total, Khalid Fuel Station, Boqol Jire Fuel Station and now Gaafaane. There is enough traffic for all of them and people re-fuel before and after a long trip to Xeedho, Arabsiyo, Gabiley, Borama, Wajaale. Ina Gaafaane, some say its actually inaa Gaafaane (Gabadh) who runs the fuel business for them, made his money from qat like Ina Afdile who is estimated to be worth $300m in Ethiopia (top ten richest in Ethiopia with his wife Suhura Ismail Khaan). For our people to switch business not only for the long term interest of their own business but for some of them to realize dirty business such as khat should be something one should quit when he or she gets the opportunity. I welcome Gaafaane's investment in our people and for him to innovate and diversify his business strategy and products/services. I encourage others to follow.
  13. Sxb no need to get sensitive when I destroyed your little claims and slanderous attacks. I have destroyed many things. Don't take it personal. If you call this politics, Dahir Callasow would today be a senior professor at Harvard University's political science faculty. Maybe this emotionally charged slander will get few D-blocks jumping up and down but not actual politicians. Go back to your desk and come up with a better conspiracy. That's already copyrighted by WaagaCusub.
  14. Mooge u can't use Abrar's case to further the D-block conspiracy. War ninka hada neceb tihin usheega straight up. You don't need to hide behind some unknown lawmaker oo tiisi heshay. Abrar is Lander gal and dacaad. She never said there was a plot against her on her life. The corrupted Walawein tried to blackmail her into writing letters to international banks, funds and agencies to release frozen funds. Her case with Walawein is no different than Pro. Samatar. More Waqooyis seeing the light.
  15. This is nothing more than slander and false accusations. If Cullusow can kill and wants to kill------he would kill Shirdoon, Godane, Madoobe, Farole, etc. He would not waste his ciibaado and risk missing out on Jannah Fardowsa over some unknown 'lawmaker'. The D-blocks need to focus on the reality and come up with a better conspiracy theory than this Dahir Callasoow/WaagaCusub tabloid-style rumor. "Somaliland Uma Qosle" is no doubt the enemy of SL but he so far has clean hands. He is one of few Konfuri politicians with clean hands so far.