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  1. How can a paper government save them when it can't even save the people it claims it rules.. It's well known that it's a IOM/EU program.. And after that stunt in Xamar airport, youngsters from Somaliland will be flown directly to Hargeysa.... Reer somalia are many times more than reer Somaliland when it comes to thariib, so that statement, that majority is reer Somaliland, is ludacris...
  2. Danm I live in a Christian country and all my teachers are Christian, I better wach out I suddenly become Christian.. Dumbest thing I have ever heard
  3. Are they trying to cut off the access to the port in Djibouti?
  4. Amin amin, illahay nabad ku soo shub Xamar iyo Somalia..
  5. There was many other candidate beside DP World and no it's not 16 million (where is that number even coming from) it's much more than that. The port is gonna be the biggest in the Africa...