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  1. إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ "Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return." Ilaahey ha naxaristo
  2. as usual people finger pointing the government like they are the only problem and that is big problem it self.
  3. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎ "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return" may Allah have mercy upon those who died and heal those injured
  4. the letter is a proof against you firstly its mistranslation of words secondly -it confirms that before the exile he was anti colonial whom was against placing his country under the protectorate of the english and was not willing to be changed from his status and was disrespectfull to the english but now him being exiled in far land away from his family he is willing to play along just so he can free himself and get back to his home country ,get past the language of the time all the letter says he will no longer be trouble to them. As soon he got back home he was still anti colonial that shows he was playing along .
  5. poor lad is that all you can bring . the facts nobody cant change is that The Suldaan Ilaahey ha naxaristo stood up against the strongest empire in the world and kept them a bay for long time by using different tactics while some people were happy to be under it and still glorify as the golden time .A man even his strongest enemies had respect for how he protected the people that were under his rule .A man who was anti colonial from the beginning to the end of his life . he was one of the causes the emperialist didnt settle down in the land. facts - Suldanku while in his home base no one ruled besides him as i told you many times many of the anti colonial national leaders that were in exile in places far away from their lands were using the same tactic of deceiving the imperialists by pretending they no longer want war but as soon they returned home they were still politically anti colonial and active. you are only running around that letter as you got nothing else to discredit him but it is worthless . He was intelligent ,sharp man who knew how to get out of the situation.
  6. you are just jealous but you admire how the suldan is standing and leaning proudly front of that so called queen . be a good boy and watch this history lesson
  7. i have answered all your questions in my last comment but its seems like you are just another brainwashed troll who wants to push what ever the butt hurt imperialist and their propaganda machine were pushing as they got used and abused .remember little boy reer Maakhir were in war in three fronts basically the Maakhiris outsmarted them in so many instances and that is why they still sitting on that vast land stretching from Laasqorey to Gacal guule from Bosaso to Ceerigaabo so stop whining history has been written already you cant re-write history .
  8. ridiculous you keep repeating the same shite you have caught diarrhoea .history has been written and it wont be changed , those with historical grievances can spew all they like. the facts are the sultan was apposed to anything to do with colonial rule the photograph was the end of the imperial era in Aden year was 1954 and was invation to all sultans around the world as he was representing the somalis , and what he is leaning on is his sword .that same sword he cut the rope front of the british when they asked him why his replay was we dont prostrate to humans but to Allah alone. about the letter is not begging its scheme to get what you want and deception is part of war to make it appear he quit his lust of the blood of the imperialists for as he was in house arrest in far land. read the anti colonial nationalist leaders that were in Seycheles from the Malays to the Ghananian Ashantis they all tried to deceive the brits by using similar tactics. when he returned back home he was still holding his anti colonial view and rejected somalis going under the british.
  9. its you that are trying to rewrite history . history has been written little lad just because it shows your clan was on the wrong side of history don't waste your time it wont change nothing. history has phases Suldaan inna Cali shire fought against the imperialist he was anti colonial a man the british consider an enemy whom they respected while those loyal to them they despised them and called names such shoe shiners. that picture was the end of the british empire in Aden when he came back home .where he knew he did his job which was to protect his people and get the best of the situation the end of the imperialist was on sight .The invaders didnt colonize his people ,couldn't settle even give birth in his land and the most important didnt change their religion . that is called winning considering in other lands they brought all sorts of corruption over just like some parts of the world the imperialist stripped what ever the natives had as they submitted to them. as for your letter it shows the shrewdness of the late sultan as deception is part of war hiding his real strategy .
  10. albaabyadii baa soo xirmey riwaayadii sodonka sano socotey.waa kaan midkale oo ku dhawaaqaya beryahan tolaayeey iriroo
  11. Agree completely that is something to be proud of and celebrate but as usual some people like to discredit as it doesn't suit there agenda
  12. those letters this amigo character provided are fake they were done by some one who is filled with hate and desire to harm ,tarnish peoples reputation .the line of communication were done in Arabic if there is Somali leader writing to the Europeans it was done in Arabic that is the original paper (reference) not the translated as always ones with inferiority complex could edit those and if they are true its called misleading the enemy .Somalis before the Somali script were using Arabic script
  13. The dirty invaders never put there flag in the land of the Sultan
  14. in the so called somaliland protectorate (Maakhiri country) was always independent . After the Maakhiris threw there lot with the Sayidka the backstabbing Brits met the Sultan in Berbera the deal they put fort was his country will independent but they (the brits) will establish political control to the rest of British Somaliland but he rejected that agreement and fight /war developed were lot of soldiers got killed that is what this letter is touching on if they free him it will have grave political consequence.
  15. man of legacy, excellence simply tactical genius who in his time were in war with three fronts he Sultan (also known as the Garaad in some parts of Somalia) was the sole soverign regent and the government of the Sultanate. The dynasty was also called the Garaad or the House of North-East Somaliland Sultanate. The Sultan enjoyed many titles such as Sovereign of the House of North-East of Somaliland Sultanate, Sultan of Sultans of Somaliland. Note that the first rulers never called themselves Sultan. The Sultan title was established by Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire in 1897. the dynasty started in 1298 Garaad Dhidhin (1298–1311) Garaad Hamar Gale(1311–1328) Garaad Ibrahim (1328–1340) Geraad Omer (1340–1355) Garaad Mohamud (1355–1375) Garaad Ciise (1375–1392) Garaad Siciid (1392–1409) Garaad Ahmed (1409–1430) Garaad Siciid (1430–1450) Garaad Mohamud (1450–1479) Garaad Ciise (1479–1487) Garaad Omar (1487-1495) Garaad Ali Dable (1495–1503) Garaad Liban (1503–1525) Garaad Yuusuf (1525–1555) Garaad Mohamud (1555–1585) Garaad Abdale (1585–1612) Garaad Ali (1612–1655) Garaad Mohamud (1655–1675) Garaad Naleye (1675–1705) Garaad Mohamed (1705–1750) Garaad Ali (1750–1789) Garaad Mohamud Ali (1789–1830) Garaad Aul (1830-1870) Garaad Ali Shire (1870–1897) Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire (1897–1960) Sultan Abdul Sallan (1960–1997) Sultan Siciid Sultan Abdisalaan (1997 - today) Sultanate dynasty of Sanaag Clan
  16. "Riyadayda waxay tahay, [Horta] maba aha caan inaan noqdo, lacag sameeyo. Maxaad ka tagaysaa markaad dhimatid? Maxay dadka kugu xasuusanayaan? Insha Allaah haddii dadka igu xasuustaan, waxaan ahaa qof dadka Soomaaliyeed jecel in ay walaalo noqdaan, in ay noqdaan dad maanta fahmi kara waddankeenii haddii anaga waxba ka tarin, yaa wax na taraya? Hadda laba wiil baan korinayaa, Afsoomaali kuma hadlaan, anigiibaa hadda Afsoomaaliga sii baranaya, bal jiilka dambe see noqon doonaan?. Bal maxay dadkeena u dambayn doonaan?. Intaasaa is waydiiyaa. Insha Allaah Youtubka marka Google la galiyo Soomaaliya ama dadka Soomaalida, haddii wax wanaagsan ka soo baxaan intaas igu xasuusta." Alle ha u naxariisto.
  17. Madaxwaynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Farmaajo ayaa ka tacsiyadeeyey weerarkii Kismaayo ee caawa; “Innaa Lillaahi wa innaa Ilayhi raajicuun. Weerarkan argagixisanimo ee ka dhacay magaalada Kismaayo waxa uu muujinayaa yoolka cadawga dadka Soomaaliyeed oo salka ku haya in ay meel kasta ku gumaadaan haldoorkeenna iyo guud ahaan dadkeenna.” ayuu yidhi madaxweyne Farmaajo.
  18. waa ceeb iyo jaahilnimo inaad madaxweynihi dalka ku sheegtid inuu ka danbeeyey falkan xun waxbana kama faideysid ,cadoowga umada somaliyeed iyo muslimintoo dhan waa nimanka nabad diidka waxeyna ka faideystaan ineey madaxda wax xun ka sheegan sidii jaahil kasta u kaco
  19. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎ "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return" may Allah have mercy upon those who died and those injured and destroy the kharijites takfeeris. We see the same story again - these ISIS, Boko Haram al-Shabab recruits are ignoramuses in religion and are motivated by grievances: Many young Africans drawn to extremist groups know "little to nothing" about religious texts and interpretations, a UN study has found. The survey, the first of its kind in Africa, profiled nearly 500 voluntary recruits to militant groups including al-Shabab and Boko Haram. read this article Boko Haram and Al-Shabab Recruits 'Lack Religious Schooling' WWW.ISLAMAGAINSTEXTREMISM.COM
  20. yes indeed excellent news , may Allah bless and give strength to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia . The Saudi leaders,scholars and its institutions has been at the forefront of condemning terrorism. behind these khawarij groups the likes of isis/daesh ,shabab are the plots of the enemies of Islam.
  21. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته In sha Allah horay baa loo socon doona
  22. this will be upgrade there is functioning air strip that are run by puntland from what i have heard brings top dollar to the tax man daily. this is one of the reasons somaliland wants to attack and control the city . when the former president of puntland mr Gaas came to the city he mentioned in terms tax collection its the fourth largest in puntland .