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  1. indeed a bright future in sha Allah.
  2. "In May 1991, after the Somalian civil war, the northern Isaac clan declared its independence and established the Republic of Somaliland, according to Liberty Times".
  3. some parts the above article. ''As for the people of Sunnah, then they have two positions: Firstly, those who say that one physical moonsighting suffices all the Muslims regardless of where they live―and secondly, those who say that each land has its own sighting. These two positions of Ahlus-Sunnah do not harm their unity because both opinions (or ijtihāds) are based on the Sunnah and the understanding of the Sahābah. As for those who rebuke us, oppose us, and utilise moon phase calculations, charts, diagrams and predictions, and come with the saying that when there is a contradiction between the physical sighting and the moon phase calculations (and predictions), then the actual physical sighting cannot be relied upon! What they mean is that acting upon the Prophetic narrations should be rejected in favour of calculations (whether they realise that or not). This is the peak of opposition to the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam)―and these opposers wish to unite the Muslims on the calculation method, and that is not possible because there is no unity upon falsehood.''
  4. Read this beneficial article till the end and listen to the audio as well as it covers topics such as when Ramadan begins and ends with the sighting of the moon.Calculations and astronomical methods.Is it a must that we all have a united start to the month? If the Moon (Hilāl) of Ramadān is Sighted in a Land, Does Everyone Have to Follow? Or Should Each Land Have its Own Moonsighting? – Abu Khadeejah : أبو خديجة WWW.ABUKHADEEJAH.COM If the moon is seen in one land, is everyone obligated by the sighting of that land? It is possible that people in different lands will begin their fasting on different days in accordance with thei…
  5. you not gonna see the same turmoil that has been happening in certain muslim countries in recent times such as the fitnah of the so called Arab spring in Saudi arabia. All praise is to Allah. Saudi Arabia is prosperous ,secure and peaceful nation that looks after it citizens .The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lot of haters from the outside its getting attacked from every direction .may Allah give strength to the land of Tawheed.
  6. 'Built-in resilience' First, some perspective. The coronavirus pandemic has wrecked economies all over the world and Saudi Arabia is no exception. It does have a sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund, to fall back on, with an estimated value of $320bn (£260bn; 295bn euros). It also has Saudi Aramco, the majority state-owned oil company, valued last year at $1.7 trillion - equivalent to the combined worth of Google and Amazon at the time. By selling off just a tiny fraction - 1.5% - Saudi Arabia raised more than $25bn in the biggest share listing in history. "Saudi Arabia has quite a lot of resilience built in," says Sir William Patey, former British Ambassador to Riyadh between 2007-10. "They have a lot of reserves to keep them going and they could still come out of this oil price slump with their market share intact or even improved." from the same article
  7. ma sha Allah dekeda cusub ee Garacad shaqo culus baa ka socota horey u socda .
  8. Badhan district had for the last few years large internally displaced who have lost their livestock and livelihoods due to droughts .this relief is a good step. before you start spreading misinformation get your facts right wasiir Jamaal waxaa laga soo doorta degmada Dhahar not Badhan the population of Badhan district in the UNFPA 2014 population estimate were 238,855
  9. waxaa wanaagsan inaad ka hadasho deegaan aad waxkataqaanid . xoolodhaqato badan baa xoolahoodi ka dhamaaday abaarihi la soo dhaafey baa soo degey degmada iyo tuulooyinka hoosyimada. lacagtana danyartaa baa lagu caawinaya xaqna wey u leeyihin.
  10. militias related to eastern burco clan has declared its objective in western sanaag in response to the injustices that is happening in the secessionist clan enclave of somaliland. they have declared they will contact the federal government of somalia.
  11. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its salafi scholars have always been against extremist groups . Nonsense refuted