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  1. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its salafi scholars have always been against extremist groups . Nonsense refuted
  2. Waxa Badhan Tabobar Looga Furay Ciidanka Difaaca Puntiland. Puntland opens training for 500 new recruits in the new military school in Badhan city in Sanaag region .
  3. good news for the Sunni nations . These rafidis (iran,houtis and similar groups) and the khawarij (alshabab,daesh and similar groups) are two sides of the same coin . meelkasta ay joogaan dhibaato ba ka jirta .
  4. what matters is what has been passed as a law . As of today Somalia federal government recognises the districts of every region in Somalia as they were when the date was 31-12-1990 nothing after that .
  5. the five Sanaag districts before 1990 were : Erigavo, Badhan, Dhahar, Ceelafwayn and Laasqorey as you can see above even secessionist organisations that comes under ( so called the Ministry of National Planning and Development) of Somaliland maamul admits that Somalia government under Siyad Bare , Sanaag region had 5 districts.
  6. what did I do? Did i hit a nerve? perhaps a sore point gudoomiyaha barlamaanka puntland waxuu maraayey beryahan oo dhan labo degmo oo ka mid ah Sanaag (Dhahar iyo Badhan). calaacalki 30ka sano oo ahayd xaduudkii ingriisku katagay baan soo xireynaa ma waxay ku ekaatay waa lagu mudaaharaday? weligaa ma aragtay xaduud dal oo la iska soo gelaayoh
  7. the above link is from the Somali federal government . these were the districts of Somalia as of 31-12-1990 : Sanaag region had 5 districts - Ceerigabo, Badhan, Laasqorey, Dhahar and Ceelafwayn Somalia Districts WWW.STATOIDS.COM three out of 5 districts in Sanaag region is exclusively Maakhiris (Badhan,Laasqorey and Dhahar) and Erigavo being a shared district .
  8. According to a document purporting to describe the Somalia National Peace Conference , these were the districts of Somalia as of 1990-12-31: Sanaag region had 5 districts - Ceerigabo, Badhan, Laasqorey, Ceelafwayn and Dhahar here is another international organisation (United Nations)that divides the region into four districts 2005.pdf the map i used shows details (names of places) and its refutation to your false claim that Hargeysa /Burco clans is majority in Ceerigaabo district which is the apposite when you see the towns and villages in that district and which tribes lives where in fact it shows the Hargeysa/burco clans are a minority and that Puntland clans are the majority in the district .
  9. Badhan ,Laasqorey,and Dhahar were districts before 1991 .Dhahar became a district in 1986 Sanaag region is majority puntland clan wise and Sool region is majority khatumo /puntland folks even Caynaba some of the villages that come under it the Khatumo folks own it and Sanaag Ceerigaabo district is shared district but majority district belongs to puntland clans if you look at the map the towns which are next to erigavo and south of it like Masagan,Dibqarax fiqifuliye, Kulaal ,ardaa ,,shimbiraale ,biyo gaduud,ceel dheer,damala xarago ,awrbogays,Sarmaanyo all the way to the sool border are khatumo and maakhiri towns and eastern ceerigaabo towns and villages like ceel la qoday, near the erigavo airport , ,Xabow ,dhaxamo,galool dheer JIIDALI ,Qaraar,birxamar all the way to Yube is puntland clans villages the only villages in south east of erigavo that is Hargaysa clanwise is dhoob and madare even those are inbetween puntland tribe villages and in the north east Kulmiye,midhisho villages and the area somalilandtribe is majority in erigavo district is the north of erigavo vilages like maydh and kariturwaa and even the north of erigavo there is puntland tribes such as widhwidh ,laaso surad villages. the population and land mass in Sanaag is on the Puntland clans side Hadaaftimo,Xingalool,Ceelbuh,Buraan ,Baraagaha qol ,Sarmaanyo ,Fiqifuliye these are big towns aswell dont believe the deception and forgery of characters like Amigos
  10. إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ "Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return." Ilaahey ha naxaristo
  11. as usual people finger pointing the government like they are the only problem and that is big problem it self.
  12. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎ "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return" may Allah have mercy upon those who died and heal those injured
  13. the letter is a proof against you firstly its mistranslation of words secondly -it confirms that before the exile he was anti colonial whom was against placing his country under the protectorate of the english and was not willing to be changed from his status and was disrespectfull to the english but now him being exiled in far land away from his family he is willing to play along just so he can free himself and get back to his home country ,get past the language of the time all the letter says he will no longer be trouble to them. As soon he got back home he was still anti colonial that shows he was playing along .
  14. poor lad is that all you can bring . the facts nobody cant change is that The Suldaan Ilaahey ha naxaristo stood up against the strongest empire in the world and kept them a bay for long time by using different tactics while some people were happy to be under it and still glorify as the golden time .A man even his strongest enemies had respect for how he protected the people that were under his rule .A man who was anti colonial from the beginning to the end of his life . he was one of the causes the emperialist didnt settle down in the land. facts - Suldanku while in his home base no one ruled besides him as i told you many times many of the anti colonial national leaders that were in exile in places far away from their lands were using the same tactic of deceiving the imperialists by pretending they no longer want war but as soon they returned home they were still politically anti colonial and active. you are only running around that letter as you got nothing else to discredit him but it is worthless . He was intelligent ,sharp man who knew how to get out of the situation.